Wim Hof Method Complete Guide to Breathing Techniques

Before Wim Hof Came Into Picture, Controlling Your Nervous System Consciously Was Consider Impossible But With Wim Hof Method Developed By Wim Hof Himself, Controlling Your Immune System Looks Like a Piece of Cake.

Frankly I Tried this Method and I Have Been Following His Instruction for Last 3 Months and In My Opinion, it Works.

I Would Like To First Throw a Light on The Iceman cause Without Knowing Him

Journey to Impossible is Not Possible

So, The Iceman

Who is The Iceman?

Wim Hof is the Person who is Called the Iceman, Not Because of His Appearance But Because of His
Talent. Wim Hof holds 26 official Guinness World Records. His Records Include Running Full Marathon in the Arctic Circle where Temperature was Around -20 C, Climbing Mount Everest 22000ft in only Shorts and Shoes, remaining submerged neck-deep in an ice bath for 112 minutes.

I know These things Seems Impossible for a Normal Human.

According to Wim Hof, Any Human Can Perform these Feats The Only thing they Need is His Method.
Quite Frankly His Method is Simple Even a 15-Year-old Could Perform it. But The Results are
Astonishingly Great.

Wim Hof Method Created By the Wim Hof Involves Couple of Breathing Technique Followed By the Cold Shower.

Before I Explain the Method Here are Few Lines From Wim Hof about How All This Started.

“That’s how it all started. I lost my wife
but I found conscious happiness from there,
bit by bit, by taking away emotional trauma
and reversing the process into mood control.
That energy flows through your body and through
your mind. I know how to empty myself and become
clean, fresh, new… happy.”

Wim Hof

The Importance of Breathing

Every Single Human or Mammal Knows the Importance of Breathing. If You Don’t then Let Me Give You Details on Importance of Breathing. Breathing Is Important Cause You Can’t Live Without it. You Can Surely Live Without Wine or Smoking But Without Breathing there is Not Possible Way That You can Exist. You can Exist Without Breathing only and only if You are a God and I am Pretty Sure You are Not.

But When We Discuss about Breathing in context to Wim Hof Method.

Everyone Notice one Thing For Sure, That Why is Breathing is That Much involved in the Method?

Scientifically Speaking Breathing is Important Cause This Method Involves Overloading Body with Excess of Oxygen and then using it to Perform various Physical Tasks.

Not only that Excess oxygen Is Consumed In Keeping the Body i.e Regulating the Body Temperature.

You can Also Understand the Link Between the Method and the Benefits By Taking into Account the Fact that When we are in a Life-Threatening Situation Your Breathing Is Increased Several times as Your Body is Preparing For Fight or Flight Response.

Faster metabolism

Trust Me, Try This Wim Hof Method You Will Be amazed by the Benefits.

The Wim Hof Method

Let Me Give You a Complete Step By Step Explanation on How to Perform the Wim Hof Method At Home. You Just Need a Carpet to Get Started.

Step 1. Get Comfortable

The Very First thing that You Need to Do is Get a Comfortable Sitting Position or any Position which Makes You Feel more comfortable, Comfortable in a Sense that You can Take a Deep Breath Easily. For Me Personally Lying Down on the Yoga Mat Works well.

Step 2. Taking 30 Deep Power Breaths

Know For the Very First Exercise You Need to Do is Imagine that You are Blowing up a Balloon. When I First Read this on Wim Hof Official Website I Was Kinda Confused. Imagine that Your Lungs are a Balloon and You are Blowing Air Into Them. Take 30 Consecutive Deep Breaths, Breath in From the Nose and Breath out From the Mouth. Slow and Steady. You Don’t Need to Rush this Step. Like Me, You May Feel Tingling Sensation. Trust me and Wim Hof those are Normal.

Step 3. Retention after exhalation

Know That You Have taken 30 Deep Breath. Your Whole System is Overloaded with Oxygen. Know You Need to Take One More Deep Breath and then Exhale Immediately Slowly. And then Hold On For as Long as You Can. Don’t Force Yourself To Hold it Even When You are Getting Gasp Reflex. The Main Goal of this Step is To Hold it Till Until You Feel the Gasp Reflex.

Step 4. Recovery Breath

Every Single Person who I Know, Tell Me that they Feel the Sensation Pretty High in the Previous Step. But Trust Me this Step takes the Sensation to Next Level. In this Step, You Have to Take one Deep Breath. Imagine that Your Lungs are Expanding and then Hold it For 10-15 Seconds. I Personally Hold For 20 Seconds. After that Perform the Whole Process 3-4 Times.

Step 5. Enjoy the Sensation

In this Step, You Need to Enjoy the Feeling of Breathing. That is When You Perform the Above Steps, again and Again, i.e for Approximately 3-4 Times. You Just Enjoy the Sensation. Trust Me, I Don’t Do the Wim Hof Method For the Benefits. I Do it For the Sensation. You Will Get Addicted to that Relax Sensation For Sure. Moreover, There is No Negative Effect to This Wim Hof Method.

Connection with Nature

wim hof method

This Connection Can’t Be Explained But In Simple Way I Would Say that It’s Just Peaceful. Nothing to Worry about. Nothing to Complete. Just Me and the Nature.

Health Benefits

When It Comes To Health Benefits’s Because of The Wim Hof Method then There is a Long List

But I Will Just Provide You About Those Health Benefits That Are Backed By the Science

  1. Stress-Free Mind: Performing the Wim Hof Method Regularly Has Shown Decreased Level of Stress in the Performers.
  2. Faster Recovery From Fatigue: Since Wim Hof Method Involves a Lot of Breathing Exercises as a Result, Performers Have Shown Capability to Recover from Fatigue Faster.
  3. Increased Mental Clarity: Personally as Well as Scientifically, This Fact Has Been Proven That this Method Let’s You Clear Your Mind Completely.
  4. Better Nap: Reduced Level of Stress Results In Better Sleep. Moreover, Breathing Exercises involved in this Method Let’s You Relax Properly.

When Not To Perform Wim Hof method?

when not to perform wim hof method
  1. While Drinking
  2. After a Meal
  3. While Driving
  4. Kindly Don’t perform the Wim Hof Method If You are Pregnant or Suffering From Some Disease. Moreover, Kindly Consult to the Doctor.


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My Opinion

If You Consider My Opinion on the Wim Hof Method then I Should Probably Explain Why I Have this Opinion Cause I Can’t Just Say What Ever I Want. Rather What Ever I Tell My Audience I want it to be Backed up Properly.

I Have 4 Conclusion Which are:

  • Wim Hof Method, Let You Break Your Normal Physical Limits. Cause Ordinary Men can’t Just Climb Mount Everest in Their Shorts
  • I Think Wim Hof Method Boast Your Whole Personality Not Only Your Immune System. Personally, The Sensation and the Feeling of Energy is Kinda Addictive.
  • I think By Using Wim Hof Method You Can Also Enhance Your Endurance, Agility, and Strength.

Performing Wim Hof Method Let’s You Connect with the Real You.

If You Need Further Information on the Wim Hof Method or Maybe You Just Want to Contact Me For a Nice Long Discussion on Human Body and It’s Capability.

Then I am Ready For The Discussion Just Contact Me By Commenting Down Below.

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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