A Guide On Wearing Rings For Men | 4 Rules of Wearing Rings

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Why do you want to wear a ring? Is it to upgrade your style? I wore it to upgrade my style game. If that’s you, then let me tell you a little secret about wearing rings. Every ring you wear will send a message.

For centuries, men have worn rings to signal status, wealth, association, and ideology. So, if you are wearing it just as a style statement, people will still interpret more than you bargained for.

Personally, when I started, I didn’t care about the symbolism and idea behind wearing rings on certain fingers. I wore as many as I wanted and anywhere I wanted.

I even wore a ring on my wedding finger even though I am not married.

However, knowing the general rules of wearing rings and how to wear rings will improve your confidence along with style.

In this article, I will explain the symbolism and general rules behind wearing rings:

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Symbolism, Meaning of Ring on Each Finger

These are not untenable rules related to wearing rings. These are just traditional and potential cultural significance of rings worn on certain fingers.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t wear rings otherwise. It just means people will assume certain things based on how you wear rings.

Moreover, you have complete freedom to wear your rings as you want. You don’t need to feel bound by any rule just to prevent confusion.

The Little Finger (Pinky)

Signet Rings
Credit: VQYSKO Signet Rings

The pinky finger doesn’t have religious or cultural associations, however, historically, this finger was reserved for signet rings.

This finger represents communication and socialization, wearing a ring on the pinky often isolates it from the body, making it more of a statement. You can wear signet rings, association rings, club rings, statement rings, etc on the pinky finger.

The Forth Finger (Ring Finger)

Class ring
Credit: King Will Glory

It was believed that a major vein ran from the heart to the ring finger of the left hand. As a result, this finger became associated with romantic relationships.

This finger symbolically is associated with the sun and generally represents the source of beauty and creativity. You can wear wedding rings, fraternal rings, class rings, etc on this finger.

The Middle Finger

Silver Ring
Credit: Stamped Sterling Silver Ring

Due to its central location, this finger symbolizes balance, personal responsibility, and order.

You can wear any type of ring on the middle finger as it does not come with historical baggage. However, you should avoid wearing a bulky ring as it can hinder the functionality of the finger.

If you are thinking of wearing one, start with something small and simple. This will help you grow accustomed to wearing rings on the middle finger.

Then if you want, you can transition to chunkier rings with ease. You can wear statement rings, signet rings, class rings, etc on the middle finger.

The Index Finger

TIGRADE Titanium Rings
Credit: TIGRADE Titanium Rings

The index finger represents authority and leadership. It is identified with the self since it is the most active and functional finger.

Historically, rings that designate authority, prestige, power, and position were worn on the ring finger. You can wear class rings, signet rings, statement rings, etc on the index finger.

The Thumb

King Will ring
Credit: King Will Ring

In my 23 years of life, I have never seen anyone wear a ring on the thumb (they are pretty unusual). The Thumb represents strength and status and is associated with the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon.

Even then, wearing a big chunky ring may reduce the functionality of the thumb as your thumb has only two joints (fingers have three major joints). You can wear statement rings, oversized rings, etc on the thumb.

4 Rules of Wearing Rings

You know the message you are sending by wearing the rings, you know about the symbolism, however, that is not enough. Knowing about how you can use rings to upgrade your style game is also important.

Only a small percentage of guys wear stylish rings, and in this small minority, only a handful know how to wear rings properly. By learning how to wear rings, you are going to be a part of a very small mainority.

All you have to do is keep in mind these 4 rules before buying your next ring.

Since these rules are aligned with style, following them will help you upgrade your style game. However, ignoring them will affect your style adversely.

Here are four rules you should keep in mind before selecting your next ring:

1. Keep Proportion in Mind

You can skip other rules to some extent but not this one. Without proportion, no matter how stylish or expensive your ring is, it will look bad.

A general rule is, if you have a large hand, wear big rings. If you have small hands, maintain proportion by wearing small rings.

Moreover, if you have slim fingers, keep your rings compact and thin. If you have broad fingers, you can wear large rings. That’s it.

2. Accssoriese Yourself With More Than Just a Ring

You don’t have to wear just rings. Accessorize yourself with bracelets, necklaces, hats, watches, etc. Wearing too many rings with no other accessory is not the best style choice.

For best style results, try wearing one or three rings with a watch or a bracelet.

3. Match the metals

This is not as important as other rules, however, it can give you an edge.

The rule is simple: If you have a cool tone and your veins are visible, wear silver. If you have a warm tone and your veins are not much visible, wear gold. However, you don’t have to stick to this style.

I have dark tone, however, I like wearing silver rings.

4. Wear Your Rings With Confidence

If you have never worn rings before, you may feel uncomfortable wearing them outside. This may impact your body language and overall confidence.

However, there is one trick to help you wear your rings with confidence.

Start by wearing the rings in the house for the first few days, and then once you get used to wearing the rings, you will feel comfortable rocking rings outside.


Rings are a great way to showcase your style, send a message, accessorize yourself, and more. However, you should avoid overaccessorizing yourself. Overaccessorizing is the worst style mistake you can make.

Moreover, Take your style in your grasp, accessories yourself, play with rings, have fun with outfits, and see how your life changes with each upgrade.

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