Complete Guide to Training Your Calves | Best Exercises for the Calves

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Slower Reps Followed By Higher Volume is The Best Way to Train Your Calves. Exercises for the Calves are Based on Intensity and Volume Rather than on Weight. Weight Training is also Effective But Recent Studies Have Shown that Duration For Which You Train Your Calves is More Important than How Much Weight You Train With

You May Be training with Huge Amount of Weight But Still, it is Uneffective Cause these Muscles can Tolerate More than that

Calves are Better than That

So, How about a Workout Routine that Hits the Calves the Way they Grow

Higher the Intensity of Your Workout Routine Higher will Be the Growth of Your Muscles

Why Training Your Calves Is Important?

exercises for the calves

Calves Play a Great Role in How Fast You are Gone Be, In Brief Running, Jumping and All other Fast Movement Require Strong Calves. To Some Degree Calves also Play Role in Standing and Walking. But Overall Calves are Involved in Providing Support in Fast Moments.

Moreover, Without Strong and Big Calves Your Legs Can’t Be Considered Developed. It’s Quite Easy to Develop Calves Muscles If You Follow a Proper Workout Routine

In General, Training Your Calves Will Help You In Faster Movement Plus with Superior Agility

Calf Muscles are Slow Twitching Muscle Fibre So Training them With Slower Rep and Higher Volume is the Best way Indeed.

Mistakes Limiting Your Calves Size

There are Few Workout Mistakes Newbie and Even Pro Make Which Make it Lot tougher to Grow these Stubborn Muscles. But the Major 7 Mistakes You can Make which Can Limit Your Calves Size are:

  1. Limiting the Range of Motion of Exercises: Range of Motion of Exercise is Crucial when it Comes to Activating the Muscle Fibre
  2. Limiting the Duration and Volume of Each Exercise to Conventional 10-15 Reps: When it Comes to Training Your Calves Volume is More Important than How Much Weight You Lift.
  3. Focusing on Weight Rather than Intensity: Don’t Commit Newbie Mistake of Focusing on Weight Rather than on Intensity
  4. Training with too Much Weight: When You Train With Too Much Weight Your Range of Motion For Each Rep Decreases Severely.
  5. Not Working All the Calves Muscles: There are Two Muscles that Makeup Calf Muscles Which are the gastrocnemius and the soleus
  6. Improper Foot Placement
  7. Training Calves at the End of Leg Workout: At the End of Your Workout Your Energy Level is the Lowest and this is Literally Not the Time to Train Slow Twitching Muscle Fibre.

Best Exercises for the Calves

There are Best Exercises When it Comes to Training Your Calves. You can Try Literally a Lot of Different Exercises But When it Comes to Training With Exercises Purely Best of the Best then These Should Be Your Choice

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is an Exercises Suitable For Every Age Group. It’s Basic Movement Puts a Lot of Stress on Your Calf Muscles. Performing this Exercise at The Beginning of Your Leg Workout Helps in Activating all the Calf Muscles.

Since the Calf Muscles Require Higher Duration of Training, This Exercise is The Most Suitable one When it Comes to Warming this Muscle Up


Skipping is the Number one Exercise to Build Endurance and Lose Few Pounds Easily. There are a Lot of Benefits of Skipping Including Building Leg Muscles. Since the Calf Muscle Consists of Slow twitching Muscle Fiber

When it Comes Down to Best Exercise for The Calves, Skipping is Easily the Number one

I Personally Perform 150 Skipping Everyday With Each Leg

Try Skipping one Leg at a Time It’s Tougher then it Sounds

Single Toe Raises

Perform Single Toe Raise to Build Strong Calves But Make Sure When You Perform it You are Using Weight. Put Little Bit of Weight on Your Shoulder and Give it a Try. Trust Me You Will Be Amazed.

By Doing Single Leg Toe Raises You are Training Both of Your Calf Muscle along with Building Endurance

Calves Workout Routine

For Calf Muscle Workout Routine I Would Recommend Volume Over Weight. In Order to Make Sure that Even Newbie Makes Most out of the Workout Routine, I Have Made Three Workout Routine Tailored to all type of Athletes

Beginner: Newbie Special

  1. Warm up With Jumping Jacks 100-200
  2. Skipping with Both Leg: 200
  3. Skipping with Single Leg: 50 Both Sides
  4. Toe Raises While Carrying 20 Kg: 30


  1. Warm up With Jumping Jacks 200-300
  2. Skipping with Both Leg: 300
  3. Skipping with Single Leg: 100 Both Sides
  4. Toe Raises While Carrying 30 Kg: 40

Elite: Pro

  1. Warm up With Jumping Jacks 400
  2. Skipping with Both Leg: 400
  3. Skipping with Single Leg: 150 Both Sides
  4. Toe Raises While Carrying 40 Kg: 50

Kindly Repeat The Workout Following Exercises 2-4 Three Times to Make it More tougher

Best Way to Train Your Calves

So, What’s the Best Way to Train Your Calves? If I Put it Simply It Depends Upon Various Factors. If You are Pro Bodybuilder or You Want to Be Pro then Give try to Above Exercises. Moreover, Go through this.

But If you are Average Joe and You Just Want to Develop Your Every Muscle Properly

Then I Would Recommend You Doing Jogging and Skipping

You can Also Try Above Exercises

Why Slower Reps, Longer Duration and More Volume is Effective?

exercises for the calves

If We Take Science into Consideration, Calf Muscle Consists of Slow Twitching Muscle Fibers. It means In order to Train them You Should Perform Exercises that are Slow and Puts Stress on Your Calves For Longer Duration.

In Brief, If You want Your Calves to Grow, You Have to Perform Each Exercise Slowly and The Amount of Reps Should Be High


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Conclusion: Best Calves in One Go

In order To Get those Strong Calves, You Have to Perform Each Exercise Slowly and The Amount of Reps You Perform Should Be Lot Higher than Your Usual Muscle Training. Remember the Amount of Weight You Train With is Not Important

Important is How much Longer You are Willing to Train. Moreover, You can Train Your Calf Muscles Longer than Your Usual Muscles and You can Even Train them Multiple time a Week

P.S. If You Want Any Help Related to Training Your Calves Just Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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