5 Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements Reviewed

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Do you know how long it takes to lose just 10 lbs? 5 – 16 weeks depending upon factors like age, sex, metabolism, diet, workout, and lifestyle and if you are complete beginner chances are you may even need more than 16 weeks

That’s why a lot of people try other weight loss solutions like natural supplements, drugs, pills to lose weight

As they can assist in weight loss in more than one way like by curbing your appetite, enhancing your mood, or by boosting your metabolism, etc

But with hundreds of weight loss supplements in the market finding the right one for your body can sometimes be a challenge

So, here is a list of 5 popular weight loss pills and supplements you might wanna check out!

1. Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is one of the most popular brands of weight loss supplements on the planet. They produce several weight loss supplements including shakes, gummies, pills

Hydroxycut’s most popular product is a pill which is also called “Hydroxycut” 

Hydroxycut contain

  • Caffeine
  • Komijn extract (Cuminum cyminum)
  • Wild mint extract (Vaccinium myrtillus)
  • Lady’s mantle extract (Alchemilla vulgaris)
  • Wild olive extract (Olea europaea)
  • Also contains calcium, vitamin C

A study on Hydroxycut showed that it resulted in 21 lbs (9.5 kg) of weight loss over a 3 month period

2. Resurge

Resurge is a first-ever clinically proven natural weight loss supplement formulated by fitness trainer and workout coach John Barban. It helps consumers rest soundly and lose weight overnight by enhancing their metabolism

Resurge contains

  • 15mg of zinc
  • 50mg of magnesium
  • 150mg of ashwagandha
  • 10mg of melatonin
  • 200mg of L-theanine
  • 100mg of hydroxytryptophan
  • 1,200mg of L-lysine
  • 1,200mg of L-arginine

According to John Barban, each of these components are combined in such a way that they create a synergistic entourage effect which promotes weight loss and deep sleep

You should consider consuming resurge if

  1. Your diet is unhealthy
  2. Your lifestyle is sedentary
  3. The pace by which you are losing weight is too slow
  4. If you don’t have enough time to train every day

How to consume resurge?

Taking Resurge with a glass of water an hour before bed is enough to promote weight loss overnight

Moreover, resurge can also help you in maintaining your current weight

Features of resurge supplement

  • All-natural ingredients with no artificial fillers
  • Raises metabolism
  • Zero side effects
  • Can be utilized by both men and women
  • Aids in weight loss
  • No dietary restrictions required
  • Money-back guarantee
  • FDA approved

The Resurge Supplement can be used in conjunction with an after-dinner ritual to help you burn fat and accelerate the weight loss process overnight

Visit the resurge official website for more information

3. PhenQ

With over 190,000+ satisfied customers, this new dieting formula combines multiple weight loss benefits in a unique blend that has been scientifically proven to assist in weight loss making it the ultimate, all-in-one weight loss pill

Here are five different ways PhenQ helps in losing weight:

  1. By boosting your body’s metabolic and thermogenic rates to speed up the fat-burning process
  2. PhenQ contains various ingredients that help in stopping the production of new fat
  3. PhenQ has mood-enhancing properties
  4. PhenQ contains various energy-boosting ingredients to prevent energy dips
  5. Curbs your appetite making calorie-cutting easy

With all these properties, PhenQ combines the benefits of multiple weight loss supplements in just one pill and targets weight loss in five different angles

How to consume PhenQ?

Take one PhenQ pill with your breakfast and one with your lunch

Key Features of PhenQ:

  1. All-natural ingredients
  2. PhenQ is made from 100% vegetarian and vegan ingredients
  3. Can be utilized by both men and women to effectively lose weight
  4. Ingredients prepared in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the US and the UK
  5. 60 Day money-back guarantee

According to Jason HughesVeganLiftz, “PhenQ is one of the only fat burning supplements that is both effective and vegan-friendly, thus it gets a solid thumbs up in my book!”

You can visit the official website of PhenQ for testimonials and customer feedback

4. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber found in the roots of the elephant yam. Like other soluble fibers, it promotes weight loss by absorbing water

As it absorbs water, glucomannan turns into a gel-like substance and stays in your gut and promotes a feeling of fullness

A study on glucomannan showed that it can help people lose 8-10 pounds (3.6-4.5 kg) of weight in 5 weeks when combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle

Here are four ways by which Glucomannan helps in Weight Loss

  1. It promotes a feeling of fullness when consumed
  2. It delays stomach emptying
  3. It reduces the absorption of fat and protein
  4. It is very low in calories

If you want to try glucomannan you can check it out on amazon

green tea

5. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a concentrated form of green tea. It’s a great source of antioxidant especially an antioxidant called EGCG, epigallocatechin gallate, .

EGCG can assist in weight loss, reduce inflammation, prevent various chronic diseases, and can even slow the signs of aging

Moreover, green tea contains catechins & caffeine. The combination of these ingredients has been shown to assist in weight loss

Green tea can also boost thermogenesis ( A process in which your body burns calories to digest food ) making your body more effective at burning calories

A number of studies on green tea have shown that it aids in fat burning especially in the belly area

Here are few benefits of green tea extract:

  1. High in antioxidants
  2. Helps in lowering blood sugar levels
  3. Good for your skin
  4. Promotes heart health, liver health & brain health

If you want to try green tea extract, you can check it out on amazon

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