Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Pull-ups and Get Results In 30 Days

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When it Comes To Gaining upper Body Strength With Body Weight Workout, The Very First Thing That Comes to Mind is Pull-ups But To Improve Your Pull-ups You Need to Know More than How Many You Can Do. You Can Perfect Your Technique or May Be Change Your Workout Routine or Modify It But Nothing Will Change the Fact that Improving Your Pull-ups is Difficult.

Pull-ups Are considered to Be the Upper Body Squat For a Reason. The Level of Neuromuscular Activation Achieved During Pull-ups is Extraordinary So You Should Improve Your Pull-ups

Here are Some Reasons to Improve Your Pull-ups:

Let Me Put Forward Reason Why You Should do Few Pull-ups

  1. It will Improve Your Posture Greatly
  2. If You are Teenager then It Will Help You Gain Height
  3. It will Help You Build Your Biceps
  4. It Will Help Grow Your Lats
  5. Pull-ups are Great For Building Strength and Endurance
  6. Pull-ups Will Help You in Building Your Gip Strength
  7. In My Opinion, Doing Pull-ups Will Make You Feel More Strong

Top 15 Ways to Improve Your Pull-ups

Improving Your Pull-ups are Crucial But Improvement takes Time, So You Have to Be Patient and Do Your Best While Integrating these Tips.

1. Understand the Proper Technique

Most of the Time When Trainee Start Doing Body Weight Exercises In Order to Get Fit, They Forget one Essential thing that Like Workout In the Gym Bodyweight Exercises also Have a Proper Form and Technique and One Who Fails to Understand this Loses Essential and Useful Energy.

So Before You Start Doing Pull-Ups You Should First Learn How to Do them Properly. There is More to Pull-ups then Pulling Yourself up. Here’s a Video to Teach You How to Do a Pull-up Properly.

Moreover, If You Want Text then Here are The Steps:

  1. Grab the Bar at Least Shoulder Width Apart
  2. While Pulling Yourself up, At First use Your Lats and then Biceps
  3.  Make Your Chin Go up the Bar
  4. When You are Going Down Resist a Bit Don’t Go Down With the Gravity
  5. Keep Your Elbow a Bit Bend

2. Know How Many Reps to Perform

There is a Lot of Chance that You will Perform as Many Repetition as Possible But this is Not What You Should Do. While Doing Pull-ups You Should Set-up Your Rep Less But You Should Perform Maximum Sets. For Example: If You Do 20 Pull-ups in a Row Then Do 6 Sets of 5 Pull-ups

In this Way, You will Maximize Your Total output. Moreover, If You Try For Maximum then You Will Hurt Yourself and According To the Recent Studies Doing Pull-ups Until Failure Results in Lower Growth.

3. Increase Your Grip Strength

Since You will Be Grabbing the Bar with Your Hand While You are Performing Pull-ups then You Might want to Increase Your Grip Strength. Increased Grip Strength Can Help You In Many Ways at the Same Time it Will Increase Your Pull-ups.

In order to Increase Your Grip Strength Check this Video out:

4. Use Variety of Grips

Use Variety of Grips While Performing Pull-ups, You can Do Chin-ups i.e When Your Palm is Facing the Bar or Pull-ups When Your Palm is Facing You with Different Width Depending Upon Your Strength.

Moreover, You can Pull on Bars, Rings, Towel, Rope, Eagle loops etc

5. Integrate Weight

By Far the Best way to Improve Your Pull-ups is to Integrate Weight While Performing one. When You Practice with a Little Weight attached to You Then Your Neuromuscular Response is Increased Beyond Average, as a Result, More Strength Is Gained.

Think of this In this Way If You are able to Do 6 Pull-ups with 2 Kg Weight Attached to You then There is 90% chance You can do 7 Pull-ups without any weight attached to you.

6. Vary Your Reps

Don’t stick with the Same Number of Repetition Rather Vary them After a Fixed Interval of time In order to optimize Your Pull-up Game. Most People Don’t Change Repetition Even if they are Not Happy with the Routine.

In My Opinion, The Best Routine is What Gives You Most with the Least amount of Pain and Maximum Satisfaction. So Adjust Your Reps Accordingly.

Don’t Forget To Keep them Changing.

7. Pull Your Chin Up the Bar

One of the Most Deadly Mistake Which I Observe in the Newbie Is that They Don’t Understand the Importance of Moving Your Chin Up the Bar. While Doing Pull-ups You Should Move Your Chin up the Bar.

Your Pull-up will Never Be Complete If You Don’t Pull Your Chin Up the Bar.

8. Spend Some Time While Hanging

When You are Doing Pull-up Don’t Be Quick Like Flash But Rather Be Slow Like Barry Allen. Perform Your Pull-ups as Slowly as Possible to Activate Your Muscle Fibre to the Fullest.

Just Give this A Try: Take At least 30 Sec to pull yourself Up and 30 Sec to Pull Yourself Down and then Tell Me Whether it is Hard or Not.

9. Integrate Breathing Exercises

Breathing is The Very essence of Life and In order to Enhance Your Gains, You Should Better Be Prepared to Integrate It Into Your Sets. Try Holding Your Breath When You Do Pull-ups, You Will Realize that You Could Do only 65 % of Your Original Repetition.

As the Time Will Pass On Your Number of Repetition will Increase And Your Muscle Growth will Skyrocket. Just Try This Amazing thing Right Know.

10. Drive Your Elbows Down

To Get Most of Your Pull-ups Drive Your Elbows Down and Back While Pulling Yourself Up In this Way You will Get Your Lats to Work along with Biceps.

11. Initiate Your Lats

When You Start Doing Pull-up, Be Sure that You Use Your Lat’s First lats First and then Your Bicep. Using Your Lats to Pull yourself Up will Increase You Strength and Posture and Will Help Your Gain the V-shape That You Desire.

Moreover, If You Have Trouble Feeling Your Lat’s Then Rub Your Lats Slightly Before the Workout.

12. Keep Your Elbow Slightly Bend

I Don’t Think This Need Explanation When You Start Doing Pull-ups Make Sure that You Keep Your Elbows Locked and Slightly Bend In order to Avoid any Injury.

It is Advised by Experts to Keep You, Self Lose, When You Go Down But in My Opinion Doing that Will Create Tension on Your Ligaments and Tendons and Harm Them.

13. Start In Proper Position

If You Know the Right Form then You Know the Proper Position, But Before You Start Doing Pull-ups Make Sure that You Warmed up Properly so that You are In a Right Position to Go all out.

Not Doing a Warm up Before Pull-ups Can Cause Injuries and You don’t want that To Happen.

In My Opinion, Before Doing any Physical Work, You Should Warm Yourself Up.

14. Take Time While Pulling Yourself

I Understand You are a Complete Newbie and You are Not able to Do a Single Pull-Up and You want to Know What To Do. In My Opinion, Start By Giving a Bit time to Pulling Yourself Up. Even If Your Are Not able to Do Pull-up at Least, You Tried Every day.

After a Week or Month, You Will Definitely Do Your First Pull-up I Promise.

15. Don’t Go to Failure

long Time Has Passed and You are Not able to Add a Single More Rep and Know You are thinking That Bodyweight Workout is not For You. Don’t Go to Failure Have Faith in Yourself and Do it every day You will Definitely Gain Result Just Try these Techniques out.

As Long as You Wish For it and You are Ready to Put in the Work You can Do it.

PS. Don’t Give up I Know Bodyweight Exercises are tough and You Don’t See Result Even If You Train Like Hell. But Don’t Lose Hope Eventually You will Gain Growth The Only Thing You Have To Do is Not to Give Up.

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