Top 10 Tips to do 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner

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Push-ups are the Best Body Weight Exercise When It Comes to Gaining upper Body Strength. They are Easy to Do and Can Be Done in any Place of Your Choice. But For a Complete Newbie Doing Push-ups is Tough But With our Help, You Can Do 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner, Sounds Good Let Me Explain to You How to Do it. But First I Should Explain Some Facts Which Will Motivate You Enough to Do Follow the Tips.

There are Tons of Benefit of Push-ups, So I am Gone Provide You with Few of them So that You can Get a Clear View on the Exercise. Here are the Benefits of Push-ups:

  • Push-ups Increase Your overall Functional Strength Via Full Body Activation.
  • Enhance Your Cardiovascular System, In Simple Words, It is Good For Your Heart.
  • Provide You with Good Posture.
  • Help Build Your Triceps, Chest Muscles and a Number of Other Muscle Fibres.
  • Protects Your Lower Back From Injuries ( By Increasing Its Total Strength)
  • Makes You Feel a Lot Younger

Due to These Benefits, It is Advised By Literally Every Fitness Trainer to Do Pushups on a Regular Basic. Now Let me Provide You with Top 10 Tips.

10 Tips to do 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner

These 10 Tips Will Provide You with a Proper Routine to Follow at the Same tips Provide You with Vital Information to Help You Gain Enough Strength in 2 Months So that You can Do 100 Push-ups In a Row.

1. Learn the Proper Way to Do a Single Push-up

You are a Beginner trying to Do More than 100 Pushups in a Row, So it will Make a Lot of Sense If You Learn the Proper Way to Do it. Doing 100 Push-ups In a Wrong Form or Way Means Waste of All Your Hard Work. Doing Proper Form will also Mean More Strength and Less Chance of Injuries

You Should Focus First on Learning the Correct way of Doing Push-up and then Slowly Climb up the Ladder. Watch this Video to Learn the Correct Form For Doing Push-ups:

2. Do Various Types of Push-ups

There are Literally More than Hundred Type of Push-ups and Doing them Periodically Will Enhance Your Control Over Your Body and It Will In Return Help You Get to Your Target of Doing 100 Push-ups Straight.

Doing Every Single one of Them Each Day is Impossible But If You Do any 5 of them Each Day Then Your Strength and Endurance Will Reach Newer Level.

100 Types of Push-ups are Given Down Below:

Watch This Video and Choose any 5-10 Type of Push-ups and Do Them Consistently

3. Add Weight While You are Doing Push-ups

Adding Weight During Your Push-up Training is one of the Best Way to Gain Strength, You Will Reach a new Peak With Body Weight Push-up Training and If You Add Weight at that Point You Will Reach New Limits. But Make Sure that You Don’t Over Train.

Moreover, Make Sure that You Don’t Injure Yourself While You are Training With Weights Cause One Injury Can add More Days to Your 2 Month Challange.

4. Inculcate Breathing Exercises While Doing Push-ups

Most of the Professional Trainer out There Ignore Breathing Exercises while Training. But Since Doing 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner Require You to Pay Attention toward Your Oxygen Consumption When You are Training. Breathing is a Crucial Part of Training.

Let Me Give You a Hint How to Inculcate Breathing Exercises, Just Take a Deep Breath a Couple of time ( 10 times At least ) and then Take a Deep Breath one More time and Then Do as Many Push-ups You can Do. Do this Exercise 3 times Every Day. For Better Results

5. Increase Your Back Strength

When I Way Trying to Reach 100 Push-ups Target The Very First problem I Faced Was Back Pain. Doing Push-up Consistently Resulted in a Bit of Back Pain. I thought as The Time Will Pass My Pain Will Be Reduced But My Assumption was Wrong I Was Able to Hit 100 Push-ups Target But the Back Pain was Getting Worse Everday.

In Order to Avoid This, I Think You Should Inculcate Various Upper and Lower Back Training Exercises. Preferably Lower Back Bodyweight Exercises. Doing These Exercises will Result in Fewer Chances of Back Injury and More Strength.

6. Increase Your Hand Strength/Grip Strength

Increasing Grip Strength is Important! What? I Know What You are Thinking But Let Me Explain Why is it Important. In My Opinion When I Was Performing a Lot of Push-ups It resulted in a Pain In My Wrist and Palm.

You May Be thinking it’s Far Fetched But Doing 100 Reps Result in Pain in the Palm and The Wrist. If You Train Your Wrist Then The Pain Will Be Less and You Will be able to do 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner.

7. Increase Number of Reps In  Fewer Sets

In the Beginning, You Will Be Doing 10-15 Reps in a Set With 10-15 Sets Bit In the Later Stage You Will Be Doing More than 30 Reps With 4-5 Sets. Cause You are Trying to Do 100 Push-ups in a row.

Moreover, Mentally Prepare Yourself For it From the Very Beginning and try to Increase 1 Rep at Least Every day.

8. Gradually Increase Your Reps

The Target is Pretty Big But If You Know How to Achieve it Then It Becomes a Piece of Cake. In order to Achieve The Target add Two More Reps every day. That is If You are Able to Do 10 Reps Then Tomorrow Do 12 Reps Push Yourself As Hard As You Can.

9 Know When To Take Rest

The Thing about Gradually Increasing Your Reps and Adding 2 More Reps is that You will Underestimate Rest. So Take Rest after Every 5 Days Take a Day off Completely and Just Relax.

Go and Watch Some of Deadpool 2 out There and Relax.

10 Have Belief In Yourself that You can Do it

100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner is Quite Impossible to Achieve If You Have No Belief In Your Self. Have Faith in Yourself. Look how Far You Have Come and See How Far You Can Go. No One is Born Great, Greatness is Forged Like a Sword in Fire. Go through the Fire and When You Get out of it You will Be a Blade A real Sharp One.

Faith is The Key to Impossibility.

Complete Workout Routine to Do 100 Push-ups In 2 Month/60 Days

Let Me Give You a Quick Workout Routine So that You Don’t Lose Yourself In the Mess.

Day 1-10: Do  8 Sets of Push-ups With 6 Set of Push-ups As Many As You can and 2 Set With Breathing Control

Day 10-20: 10 Sets of Push-ups With 8 Set of Push-ups As Many As You can and 2 Set With Breathing Control

Day 20-30: 12 Sets of Push-ups With 10 Set of Push-ups As Many As You can and 2 Set With Breathing Control

Day 30-40: 14 Sets of Push-ups With 12 Set of Push-ups As Many As You can and 2 Set With Breathing Control

Day 40-50: Try to Do 100 Push-ups in a Row, Do at least 4 Sets

Day 50-60: Try to Do 100 Push-ups in a Row, Do at least 2 Sets

This is the Workout Routine Which I Followed to Reach the Target. Check it Out. Doing 100 Push-ups In a Row Even If You are a Beginner Will Be a Piece of Cake

PS. In Beginning Doing 100 Push-up May Seem Impossible But as You Grow Yourself and You Follow the Workout Routine Then There is Nothing that Can Stop You From Achieving Your Goal Just Have Faith In Yourself That You can Achieve it. This Belief Only Helped Me To Get to 350 Push-ups Mark In a Row.

Moreover, Subscribe to Our Newsletter Cause This Month Workout Routine is Coming Out Soon. If You Have a Query Related to Anything then Just Contact Me I Will Be More than happy to Help You.

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