Top 10 Secret to a Perfect Grilled Steak Make it Damn Tasty

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Anyone Trying to Get Ready For The Summer Knows Few Things Straight and One of those Thing is Getting Ready to Make a Perfect Grilled Steak No Doubt about it. Moreover, This is One of the Thing Which You Can Easily Mess Up Even If You Pay Attention. You Gotta Do More than Paying Attention You Need to Feel the Grill and Know the Secrets about Grilling.

I Know It’s Tough to Find a Grilling Mentor These Days But With Us, You Have Nothing to Fear, Maybe I am Bragging But My Grilling talent is to Good to Be True. So For this Reason, I Think You Can Use a Little Help Maybe and Know My Grilling Secrets to Get it Grilling.

But Before I Disclose 10 Secrets Firstly Know

How to Grill a Steak?

Let’s Start to Know But First Let Me Ensure that You Know How to Grill a Steak Basically Cause If You Don’t Know How to Grill a Steak then Those 10 tips to Perfect Grilled Steak Will Be Useless. Get Your Meat Cuts Ready For the Grill.  Watch the Video Down Below To Know how to Grill a Steak.

If You Don’t Need Video Tutorial and Prefer Steps:

  • Get Your Meat Pieces, Make Sure that They are of Appropriate Cuts ( Just Make Sure that They are Not to Big Not too Small )
  • Sprinkle Some Salt over the Steak, In My opinion, Use Kosher Salt It Just Gets The  Most Flavor out of the Meat
  • Put Some Pepper For More Flavor and Better Taste
  • Put It Over the Grill and Control the Fames
  • Use Thermometer to Check the Temperature
  • Let it Rest
  • Slice It Up

10 Secrets to a Perfect Grilled Steak

1.  Take the Meat out of the Freeze Little Bit Early

Most of the People Out There Don’t Know This That Your Meat Temperature Before Grilling Should Be Near the Room Temperature. So It is Adviced that You Should Take the Meat out of the Freeze Half an Hour Before Grilling So that It’s Temperature is Perfect

If You Skip this You Will Be Disappointed at the End. Most People Who Face Difficulty While Grilling Is Due to the Fact that Their Meat Temperature is Very Below the Room Temperature and So When they try to Grill it. Its Flavor is Completely Destroyed.

Trust Me Take the Meat out of the Freeze.

2. Make Sure that The Meat is Not That Much Thick


How Should I Put this, The Meat Should Not Be Thicker than 2 Inches. One and Half Inch to Two Inch is Acceptable Beyond that and Below that Is Not What You Want. The Thickness is Crucial to the Whole Process Cause It Ensures that it Will Gain Ideal Char From Outside and a Perfect Temperature From Inside.

Moreover, Pieces of Meat Bigger than 2 Inches Will Not Be Grilled Properly at the Same Time You Will Face Difficulty While Cutting and Eating Them.

Just Telling!

3. Do This When You Get Your Steak out of the Grill

Melt garlic and pepper into butter and brush it onto your steak after pulling it off. This is a steakhouse trick that will blow your mind. Trust Me the Flavor Will Sky Rocket and Then You Will Be addressed as the Master of the Grilled Steak.

People Sometimes use Butter to Smother Steak. But the Sloppy Butter Doesn’t Do the Job Properly Smother Your Steak in Garlic Butter.

4. Never Place Your Steak on the Flare-up

Do not ever place your steaks on top of a giant flare-up. Yes, you want a hot zone but not a flare-up. The fat rendering off the steak will fuel a fire below your steak, even with the cover closed. This will burn your steak and give it an off flavor. Deal with the flare-up first, then put your steak on the grill.

Monitoring your grill doesn’t mean interfering with the steaks. You can temper flare-ups without moving the meat. Don’t make this rookie mistake.

5. Never Spray Oil Over Your Grill

Spraying Oil Over Your Grill is the Last thing You Want to Do When It Comes to Oiling. Rather Oil the Grill with Paper towel. If You Spray Oil Over Your Gas Grill It Will Blow up on Your Hand Only its too Dangerous to Even try.

6. Don’t Lift The Grill Too Much

I Know You are Curious Like You I was Also Curious  But Repeatedly Check Up on the Steak is Not Required. Lifting the Grill up Doesn’t add anything Rather it takes Out the Flavor.  Oven and Gas Grills Lose Heat When the Lid is opened But This Doesn’t Happen With Charcoal Grill.

When the Lid is Opened Extra Oxygen is Feed to the Coal As a Result Coals Get Hotter and It Up the Potential For Burning Food.

7. Being in Hurry Adding Food too Soon

Grilling is Not For those Who Lacks Patience. Let the Grill Heat up. Adding Food while the Grill is Still Heating Results in Destruction of Flavor and a Shear Waste of Meat. The Logical Path is to Let the Grill Heat up and then Add The Meat. If You are Choosing Charcoal Grill then Wait For Approximately 15 Minutes top.

Moreover, It Also Depends Upon the Type of Grill You are Using

8. Choose the Perfect Grill

Your Grilled Steak Depends Upon the Type of Grill You Choose Too. Depending upon Your Use Choose the Steak Perfect For You. Moreover, Make Sure that You Clean it Periodically. In My Opinion, The Best Grill Would Be Charcoal Kettle Grill. I Use one of those too.

9. Salt is Gold

Salt is one of those Ingredients that You Just Can’t Ignore. Steak Flavor is Dependent on the Salt More than You think. Use Salt that Has Bigger Grains. So Kosher Salt is the Best. It Bigger Grains Make for the Superior Crust. Moreover, Don’t Forget to Add a Bit of Pepper.

10. Use The Real Charcoal

Don’t use briquettes Rather Use Hardwood Lumps. You want Your Steak to Taste Faintly of Smoke, Not Chemicals. Most People Don’t Pay Attention to the Type of Wood They are Using But You are Not Like them You are Gone Use Real Wood. No Matter What.

PS. These are All the Secrets that I Use to Grill a Perfect Steak. Use them Wisely Cause You Know With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. In Your Case, It’s Your Responsibility to Grill the Perfect Steak. If You Need More Information on the topic then Comment Down Below. Moreover, This Months Workout Routine is Coming Soon So Subscribe to the Newsletter to Never Miss a Workout Routine.

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