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I spent my entire high school years wearing the same type of shoe for every occasion, and I didn’t even bat an eye. Even in my college years, shoes were not much of a priority.

I bought only two types of shoes; training shoes and military boots. As you have guessed, I wore military boots everywhere I went. The style was not important.

However, now after my college days are long behind me, I have started to cringe, recalling my weird college habits and choices, where I took pride in not caring about my appearance.

It’s good to not care about appearance. But there is a limit to it, and no one told me that.

So, here I am writing an article on shoes for those who haven’t built their wardrobe. These five types of shoes are more or less a necessity. You need them to go through your everyday life without occasionally lacking the essentials required for most occasions.

You need them to ensure that you don’t put yourself in an awkward situation by wearing something you regret for years.

Without further delay, here are five shoes every man needs in his closet at all times:

1. The Loafers

Two words to define loafers: convenient and comfortable

The first pair of shoes that I bought with the intention to take my style game to the next level was a pair of loafers (There was a promise of comfort with them, which intrigued my curiosity).

Loafers were designed as a shoe to relax and loaf around in, hence the name loafers. Moreover, there are several variations to choose from, So I am quite sure that you will find a pair that suits your taste.

You can wear loafers with almost anything, and most of the time, you don’t have to compensate style for comfort. They are easy to put on and easy to take off.


If you have just started building your wardrobe, I would recommend starting with a pair of loafers, Since you can wear Loafers with almost any casual outfit; Think of them as dress boots but more comfortable and less formal.

Loafers you can start with: Penny Loafers, Driving Moccasins, Boat Shoes, etc

2. The Boots

Every man needs a pair of boots to do practical jobs.

With all those loafers lying around your closet for fashion, you need something that can also be used to go off-trail, something tough for harsh weather. This is where boots come in.

Boots are tough and tall. They will prevent you from turning or spraining your ankle, keep your feet warm in cold weather, and will prevent water from seeping in during rain.

I regret not keeping my style up to the latest trends, but I don’t regret wearing boots all the time.


Apart from being practical and comfortable, there are many variations of boots. Some are even stylish; You can wear them with casual and semi-formal outfits.

It’s more the wholesome feeling that I feel while wearing them that I chase. I think you will also find that one type of shoe or a specific shoe, which you will love wholeheartedly and try to wear it everywhere you go.

In my opinion, boots occupy the pinnacle of men’s footwear, and having a few pairs of boots at your disposal is a necessity.

Boots to try: Timberland Earthkeepers boots, Clarks Desert Chukka Boots, Bruno Marc Suede Chelsea Boots, etc

3. Training Shoes

A good pair of shoes can motivate you to get out of your bed and hit the road. This usually happens when you have a new pair of shoes and are thinking of testing the waters.

However, having a comfortable stylish training shoe is another way to motivate yourself to train and maintain your fitness.

You look good, you feel good, so you go out and train. And once you repeat this process a few times, you start looking and feeling even better.

sport shoes

To complete your wardrobe, you must have at least one pair of training shoes. So that if you are going to spend your weekend improving yourself physically, you have the necessary footwear to make it happen.

Training shoes to try: Nike Metcon, Reebok Nano 11 Froning, Innov8 F-lite 260 v2, etc

4. Dress Shoes

I like dress shoes, cause the moment I wear them, I feel more sophisticated than I am. And someone like me who is from an IT background is helped with every bit of air of sophistication.

Moreover, there is a weird feeling of being more like a gentleman that any man can get addicted to. Of course, It is the action that counts, but dress shoes does add a bit of style to your appearance.

Out of all the five shoes, think of a dress shoe as something you keep for a formal event. However, depending upon your lifestyle, you may need more than just one pair.

Dress Shoes to try: Bruno Marc Classic Oxfords, Klay Monk Strap, Fenwick Cap Toe Monk Strap, etc

5. White Sneakers

White sneakers look good with almost anything. You will find it difficult to decide what to wear, since most of the time, white sneakers will look better than most shoes in your wardrobe.

Think of white sneakers as a last resort for every outfit. If you can’t find footwear that suits the occasion, you can always just wear white sneakers. At least that’s what I do.

White sneakers to try: Nike Air force 1, Adidas Stan Smith, etc


With these five shoes, you are prepared for most occasions, as long as footwear is concerned. The other important thing is comfort.

No matter what type/brand of shoes you are wearing, if you aren’t comfortable wearing them, there is no point in having them.

Showing up at an event looking your best self, only to get distracted by moments of discomfort due to your shoes, is a horrible way to pass time.

So, stick with the shoes that suit your personality and style. But always make sure that you are comfortable wearing them!

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