How I Lost 10 lbs in a week with these 10 Fat-Burning Exercises?

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When I Started My Fitness Journey, One of the major obstacles in My Way was Fat. I Tried Everything But nothing Seemed to Work. Until I Came Across These Fat Burning Exercises. I Incorporated these Exercises in Such a Way that They Were Like Part of My Lifestyle

A Lifestyle I Still Follow Whenever I Put on Some Weight. The Reason Why Most of us Put on a Lot of Weight is That our Lifestyle is Very Sedentary

This Sedentary LifeStyle Combined with our Inability to Exercise Every day is The Main Reason of Extra Fat

But How about a Lifestyle Which is Filled with a Lot of Activities and Physical Work combined with a Diet that Promotes Weight Loss!

Here’s an article on How I Lost 10 lbs in a Week with Exercises and Diet that I Incorporated in My Life in Such a Way that They are Now the Part of My Lifestyle

Can You Really Lose 10 Lbs in a Week?


Losing 10 Lbs in a Week is Not Impossible and at the Same Time It is Quite Possible But the Price of Losing such a large amount of Weight in Such a Short Interval of Time is Quite High

When I Tried to Lose 10 Lbs in a Week, I Was Able to Lose around 9.2 lbs in a Week But Soon after the Week I Dropped the Diet plan and The Exercises Routine Cause it Was Hard

But Still, at the End of the Month, I Managed to Lose Around 19.5 lbs

I Was Literally Spending Half of my Day in a Swimming Pool or in the Gym. So, I Made Some Diet Changes along with Lifestyle Changes

Moreover, Losing this Much Weight Made Me Feel Kinda Week and in a Desperate Need of More Food

So, It’s Better that You Diet and Training Should Resonate With Each Other SO, that You Keep on Losing Weight But Still Feel Good

Spending All Your Time is Not a Good Choice and You Literally Can’t Keep it Up For a Long Time. Having a Lifestyle More active

A Diet that Promotes Good Health and Weight Loss is the Only Solution

I Feel Like a Different Person as My Weight is in Check and I Kinda Know What Will Result in gaining of Weight and Losing too

When I Started My Fitness Journey I Decided to Experiment With My Physique as Much as I Can and Because of those Experiments I Have Insights on How I Can Lose around 10 Lbs in a Week

But Beware Losing this Much Weight is Gone Be Very Difficult

What are the Consequences of Losing 10 Lbs in a Short time?

There are Various Short Term Consequences of Losing a Large amount of weight in a Short Period of Time. Losing 1-2 Pounds of Weight in a Week is Considered a Healthy Weight Loss Strategy

But Losing Any More than 2 Lbs is Considered too Fast and In this case, We are Trying to Lose around 10 Lbs in a Week. So, It’s Kinda Too Fast

Around 70% of People Who Lose Weight too Fast Gain It Right Back After Few Months unless they Stick with a Proper Diet and Workout Routine

So, It’s Better To Lose Weight Slowly or You Can Aim to Lose a certain amount of Weight in a Month

I Managed to Lose around 19.5 Lbs in a Month Without any Health Consequences Due to My Diet and The Training Schedule Mentioned Below

Losing Weight too Fast Can Result in Loss of Muscles too. It can Slow Down Your Metabolism and Also Can result in Nutritional Deficiencies

Moreover, You Will Constantly Feel Fatigue Due to Low-Calorie Intake unless You Follow a Proper Diet Routine

Is it Safe To Lose 10 Lbs a Week?

I Have Lost a Lot of Weight and Gained it Right Back Multiple Times. My Greatest Weight Loss Journey was about for a Week in Which I Lost Around 9.2 Lbs with a Special Diet Plan Along with Training

There are a Lot of Consequences of Weight Loss and Losing More than 2 Pounds a Week If You Don’t Keep a Close Check on Your Diet

If You Do it Just to Check the Height of your Weight Loss Efficiency then It’s Safe But If You are Trying to Keep it Up then It’s Dangerous

You Should Avoid Doing it at all Cost

Trust me, Losing 10 Lbs in a Week is Easy But Keeping it Up is Impossible

It is Safe only If You Follow a Proper Diet Plan and Follow a Proper Workout Routine. Most of the Time, Newbies Skip Meal thinking it Will Result in Losing Weight Faster But It Has Opposite Effect

If You Really Want to Lose Weight Than You Have to Stick to a Weight Loss Friendly Diet and a Workout Routine That Fits You Perfectly

Do I Need to Cut Down on Calories?

It’s Obvious By Now that You Need to Cut Down on the Calories. In Order to Have a Successful Weight Loss Transformation. Without Cutting Down on Calories Losing Weight Won’t Be Possible

Weight Loss is all about Consuming Lesser Calories then Calories Burned in a Day By Cutting Down on Diet or By Exercising Vigorously

Without Cutting Down on Calories Losing Weight is Near to Impossible. But Cutting Down on Calories or Consuming Lesser Calories then Calories Burned in a Day Doesn’t Mean that You Have To workout

You Can Go on without Working out too. A Recent Study Has Shown that it is Possible to Lose Weight Without Exercising and It is Probably More Efficient. But It Includes Following Keto Diet

It’s all about Performing activity Throughout the day that will Help You In Burning Fat and Following a Diet that Complements It Perfectly

Regular Workout Play only a Little Role in Losing Weight

10 Fat-Burning Exercises That Will Help Me in Losing 10 Lbs in a Week

When I Decided to Lose Extra Pounds I Faced a Difficult Problem. I Literally Didn’t Have any Clue For How I am Going to Lose Extra Pound Within a Month and Get Ready For the Summer

I Had to Lose 20+ lbs in a Month So, That I Rock the Perfect Physique this Summer

But Losing 20 lbs is Not Easy

I Decided to Cut Down on Calories as Much as I Can and Avoid any Sugar From Unnatural Sources

Moreover, I Topped it With Fat-Burning Exercises

I Searched Google For Exercises that Burns Most amount of Calories and I Did Literally Every Single Exercise Every Single Day without Compromising

It was Gruesome But at the End of The First Week, I Lost 9.2 lbs. But the Fatigue From the First Week Was Insane and I Knew I can’t Handle it

So, I Did What I Did. I Started Training Less and Focused More on Diet

At The End of the Month, I Lost 19.5 Lbs, I Was in the Best Shape Ever

So, Here’s a List of Fat Burning Exercises and How I Performed them In order to Lose 10 Lbs in a Week


Burpees are My Favourite as Well as Most Avoided Exercise in My Whole Transformation. We all Love Burpees and Hate Burpee cause They Yield Great Results

But at the Same Time Require a Lot of Energy to Perform Even a Single Rep

I Performed around 100 Burpees in the Noontime. There is No Proper Reason Why I Performed Burpee in the Noon

But I Thought If I Perform Exercise outside While Wearing a Lot of Clothing and When the Sun is Shining Bright It May Result in Burning of More Calories

Moreover, It Feels So Good to Tell You that It Really Worked. After Every Burpee Session, I Would Literally Feel Exhausted

After That, I Would Just Go Inside make a Banana shake For Myself With Banana and Milk only No Sugar or any Flavor. Everything Natural

After Relaxing For a Bit, I Would Prepare For My Swimming Session



Jogging is the Best Way to Burn Extra Calories and Start Your Day in a Proper Manner. A 155 Pound Burns Roughly Around 298 Calories after Jogging For 30 Minutes and That’s Great News

I usually Jog For About 30 Minutes and Then Take 30 More Minutes to Walk at a Steady Comfortable Pace While Admiring Nature. It was So Relaxing

Make Sure at Your First Few Jogging Session, You Have an Electrolyte with You as Dehydration is Dangerous



Swimming is a Great Way to Relax and Burn Extra Calories. A 130-Pound Person Will Burn Around 400 Calories in One Hour of Swimming

Swim For Atleast 1 Hour Every day to Burn Extra Calories Faster

Weight Training


Recent Study Has Shown that Weight Training at Least 3 Times a Week Results in Much Higher Muscle Gain With Higher Fat Loss

I Incorporated Weight Training in My Routine, In Order to Make Sure that I Don’t Lose Muscle Mass While Losing Weight

Rather Gain Muscles as I Lose Weight

Abs Crunches

Losing Belly Fat is The Toughest When it Comes to Weight Loss. You Can Lose Weight From Other Parts of the Body

But Losing Belly Fat is Tough, So tough that I Literally Had To Perform around 200 Ab Crunches Every day to Make Sure that I Lose Belly Fat

I Performed around 100 Abs Crunches in the Morning after the Jogging Session and 100 Abs Crunches after the Swimming Session

So, That I Burn the Most Amount of Belly Fat Possible

Jump Rope

jump rope

Jump Rope is a Great Way to Lose Fat in Your Legs. 15 Minutes of Jump Rope Burns around 200-300 Calories. But Performing Jump Rope For 15 Minute Straight is Near to Impossible

So, I Performed 5 Sets of Jump Rope of Around 2 Minutes

I Used to Jump Rope in the Night-Time one Hour Before the Night Meal



Cycling is another great way to Burn Fat Fast. An Average Person Burns Around 450 to 750 Calories Per Hour of Cycling. I used to Go to the Gym on My Bike

It Took Me Half Hour To Reach the Gym and Half Hour Back

Avoid Using Car Whenever Possible

You Have to Be an Opportunist and Use every Single Situation Where You Can Burn Calories to your Advantage


hand stand

The Calisthenics Was Something I Admired always. Calisthenics is about Using Your Body Weight to Build Muscles. I Performed Calisthenics at the Gym along with Weight Training

It’s a Great way to Warm Your Body Up and Burn Few Extra Calories

Moreover, Even After the Weight Transformation I Still Do Calisthenics Every day as Its a Good Way to Keep Your Body In Shape

You Don’t Need to Perform those Difficult Calisthenics Moves to Burn Calories Simple Moves are as Effective as of the Complex One

Remember in Calisthenics it’s All About Controlling Your Body Weight and as You Get Good at it You can Perform Difficult Moves too

Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a Great Way to Burn Calories Fast. In Simple Words, Circuit Training Consists of Several Exercises Which Form a Circuit

You Perform One Exercise After Another Until You Finish the Circuit. You Repeat the Circuit to Build More Endurance and Burn More Calories

I Included Exercises that Build Muscle in My Circuit Training Rather then Exercises that Burn Extra Fat But It’s Your Choice

I only Trained in the Gym 3 Days a Week and In those Three Days I Trained For Building Muscles Rather than on Burning More Fat



Hiking is the Best Way to Burn Calories. How Many Calories You Will Burn Depend Upon the Mountain Terrain and the Duration of the Hike

Moreover, It’s a Good Way to Explore Nature as Well as Lose Extra Pounds

Obviously, You can’t Hike Every day But Hiking Once a Month or a Week is Quite Possible

I Started Hiking to Burn More Calories Every Week.

But Make Sure that Your Hiking Should Last For Around at Least 2-3 Hours and You Should Avoid Hiking For Few Days Straight after one Adventure


I am Going to Provide You the Schedule the Way I Followed it

This Schedule Doesn’t Contain Few Exercises That I Have Mentioned above But It Incudes Roughly Everything You Need to Do to Lose Weight Fast

Wake up at 6:00 am: Jogging For Next 1-2 Hour

Before Taking Shower after the Jogging I Did 50 Burpees

Then Swimming Session at 2:00 pm: Swimming till 3:00 pm

Performing 50 Burpees Before the Shower after Swimming

Went to the Gym at 6:00 Pm: Circuit Training Combined with Calisthenics

Before Night Meal: 5 Set of Jump Rope

After the Dinner: A Small Walk to Make Sure that I Digest the Dinner

Make Sure You Follow the Proper Nutrition too, Otherwise Losing Weight Fast is Difficult, Proper Weight Loss = 30% Training + 70% Diet

Nutrition For Weight Loss

I was Too Focused on Losing weight in a Week But Losing weight in a Week Has a Lot of Consequences and Side Effects

Losing Weight Fast Makes Your Body Weak. Moreover, You Gain Weight Right Back When You Stop Following Your Diet and Workout Regime

Then How Did I End Up Losing around 19.5 lbs in a Month?

When I Gained Weight Back I Decided to Try Everything and Anything

I Got Results But Those Results Were too Minimalistic and I was at the End of my Ropes cause Time was Running out

An average woman needs 2000 calories every single day to maintain weight and around 1500 calories to burn 1 pound a week. So, a strict diet is a necessity

My Sister Told Me about Her Diet and asked me to Try the Keto Diet

Keto Diet is Basically Diet With Low Carbs ( Less than 50 gm Per Day ), Moderate Protein and Maximum Fat

As compared to Low calorie and Low carb diet, You can Lose twice as Much Weight with the Help of the Keto Diet. Moreover, there are a number of studies that prove the effectiveness of the Keto Diet

The Goal of the Keto Diet is To Get More Calories From Fat Than From Carbs

The Diet Works By Depleting the Body of it’s Sugar Reserves which Results in Break Down of Fats For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed

These Ketones are Used as Fuel. When the Body Burns Fat, It Results in Weightloss. I Decided to Get a Custom Made Keto Diet For Myself

If I am Going to Follow a Diet Plan and Test Its Efficiency it’s Better I Try Diet Plan that is Tailored to My Needs and Desires. This way I can avoid nutrient deficiencies and side effects

Moreover, Diet Plans Never Work Unless they are Tailored Specifically to You. So, What’s the Point of Trying it?

You can hire a dietician to help you in preparing meals, balancing calories, and macronutrients so that you can get into ketosis faster. Unbalanced macronutrients and calories can result in the development of side effects of the keto diet such as headache, feeling of weakness

If you are like me and you don’t have time to consult a dietician then you can get a custom made keto diet from here. The diet will help you in preparing meals, counting calories, and managing macronutrients

The diet will also help you prevent nutrient deficiencies most people face when they follow the keto diet

I Think Most of the Time, Results Lies in Doing the Same Thing in Certain Order or In My Case Eating Certain Things in Quantity That My Body Requires

In One Month, I Lost 19.5 Lbs of Body Weight and I was Suddenly More Aesthetic and To This Day I Follow the Same Diet Whenever I Need to Lose Couple of Pounds in a Short Period of time

When I looked at the Mirror, I was in the Best Shape of My Life

You can’t Change yourself Unless You Change Your Normal Routine

So, If You Want Change, Train Hard But at the Same time Keep a Close Check on What You Put in the Body Because What You Eat is also Important

Your Diet Will Define Your Body

Keto Diet is Weight Loss Friendly Moreover, It Will resonate With these Fat Burning Exercises Quite Perfectly

A Word From Fitness Gained

I Know How it Feels When You are Not in Your Best Shape and How It Feel When You Look into the Mirror. But If You Are Not Willing to Take Action then No One Will

The Key to Your Physique Lie In Your Hands, With These Fat Burning Exercises and a Keto Diet Plan Losing Few Extra Pound is Easy

P.S. If You are Facing Difficulty in Losing Weight then You Can Connect with Me. Comment Down Below Question You Want to be Answered Till Then

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Stay Strong, R

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