How to Survive in The Wilderness With Just a Knife

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Survival in the Wilderness is Tough It Get’s Even Tougher If You Have Only a Knife. Wanna Know How to Survive in the Wilderness with Just a Knife? It’s Easy You Just Got To Follow Few Basic Steps and Learn Few Skills and You are Good to Go. But I Must Warn You These Skills are Not Easy In Some Way They are Tough But I Will Make Sure that You Get Adequate Information So That It Becomes Piece of Cake.

There are Few Things You that Need to Keep In Mind Because If you are Lost In the Wilderness There is Little to No Chance that Someone Is Coming For You.

10 Out of 9 Times, No People and Your Loved Ones Don’t Know About Your Location and You Have to Sustain Yourself In the Forest or Desert or Where Ever You are It Doesn’t Matter.  The Only Thing That Matter is Survival That You Get out of the Situation alive.

Let’s Take It Step By Step:

The Most Important Things That You Need in The Wilderness are:

  1. Shelter
  2. Water ( Clean Water )
  3. Food
  4. Weapon ( For Protection )

Since this Article is About How to Survive In the Wilderness With Just a Knife, I Don’t Think So We Need to Worry about The Weapon. It is Basically the Knife.

The Best thing that You Can Have To Survive in the Wilderness is a Knife Cause If You Have a Knife then You Can Use It in a Number of Ways.

Survive in The Wilderness With Just a Knife

You Can Use a Knife For:

  1. Use It For Protection
  2. If You Have a Good Knife Then You can Use it To Start a Fire
  3. Moreover, You  can Also Use it To Create Weapons
  4. Use It In Hunting
  5. Use It to Create a Shelter
  6. Use It For Cutting Wood

Steps To Survive In The Wilderness with Just a Knife

Try To Follow these Steps and If You Need any Particular Type of Skill to Complete the Step Then Just Go at the Bottom of the Post. At the Bottom, I Have Discussed Completely on How You can Gain Those Skills Easily.

Step 1. Find Water

Survive in The Wilderness With Just a Knife

Finding Water Should Be Your First Priority Cause Without Water You Will Not Survive that Long. Moreover, Finding Water Is One of the Most Difficult Thing to Do in the Survival Scenario.

There are Few Tricks to Find Water and Let Me Disclose those Tricks So that You are Able to Find Water In the Wilderness With Ease.

The Trick is Water Obeys the Laws of Gravity, as a Result, No Matter the Terrain Water will Be Found Strictly at The Lowest Point of the Terrain, For Example, If You are on a Hill Top then There is 90 % Chance that Water Can Be Found at the Bottom of the Hill.

The Other Trick is that Water is Found in Those Part of The Forest Which is Densely Populated with Vegetation. So this Can Also Be Used to Figure out Where is Water. More Detailed Article Related to Finding Water Will Be Published in Few Days So Keep Check on the Website.

Step 2. Go Mudding Literally

soldiers in mud

Now Let’s Suppose You Found Water and You are Know Ready For Next Step Cause this Step is Basically Dependent upon the First One. If You are Unable to Find Water then You can’t Procede Further Finding Water Should Be Your First Priority.

Because Many a Time You will Be able to Find People Near the Water Source along With Other Animals or May Be the Tracks of Humans. So Finding Water is Tough But it’s a Job Needed to Be Done In Order to Survive Cause Without Water You will Not Survive Morethan 3 Days.

When You are Near a Water Source then You Should Do Few Things You Should Probably Cover Your Whole Body With Mud, Just Go For It Cause If You Avoid It then There is a Lot of Chance That You will Get Infected.

Moreover, If You Have any Injury on Any Part of Your Body Just Do a Quick First aid To Avoid any Infection. Many a Times People Lose Their Life Due to Infection on Open Injuries. If You apply Mud on Your Whole Body then You can Avoid all those Nasty Insects and Infection They bring with themselves.

You can Avoid Black Flies, Deer Flier and Ticks Easily this Way.

Step 3. Find Shelter

tipi tent

This is Kind of Easy Step You Just Have to Figure out Where You Will Have the Stay For The Night. Try To Find a Place Which is Little Bit Away From the Water Source Cause the Water  Source Is Gone Invite Some Not So Good Animals of All Type Including Predators and Snakes.

So Try to Avoid Location Like those. Moreover, Create a Shaft For Yourself Little Bit Above the Ground In Order to Prevent Ants and other Insects From Finding You.

Make Sure to Cover Your Top By a Branch or Leaf In order to Prevent Yourself From the Rain Water. You can Also Collect the Rainwater If Your Source of Water is Little Bit Contaminated or Not Near You.

Step 4. Find Food and Start Fire

fire along side the sea

You Have Shelter and You Have Water Now is the time To Find Food and Start a Fire. You can Find Food Easily By Making Simple Traps Near the Water Source or By Doing Fishing. Most of the Time the Water will Be Filled with all Sort of animals to Kill and Eat.

Moreover, Don’t Try to Start Fire If Your Knife Is Not Well Equipped For that Job. Cause If Your Knife is Not Made in Such a Way that It will Help You to Start Fire then 9 out of 10 times. You, Will, Have to Start Fire By Traditional Method and It Will Take up all Your Energy.

For Once In Your Life, You Should Try to Have Little Bit of Meal without Fire.

Know You will Be thinking How am I Gone Use the Knife. You, Will, Be Using It For Creating The Shelter. For Hinting and For Protection too.

Brief Explanation on How to Start a Fire with Sticks?

Reality Strikes

Surviving in the Wild is Lot tougher than You Think. Try to Avoid Situation Like these But If You Find Yourself In a Situation Where You are all alone then Just Stick with the Basics Don’t Try to Go all Fancy

Just Find Water, Create Shelter, Go Mudding, Do Bit of Food Hunting and Start a Fire. That’s all There is to Know about Surviving. Moreover, You Can Find The Way to Civilization Just By Following Water and It also Will Provide You with Food.

If You Have any Doubt Related to anything Then Just Contact Me, I will Be More than Happy to Solve Your Problem. Moreover, Subscribe to our Newsletter to Recieve Latest Diet Plan For The Month.

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