How to Make Someone Fall in Love With You?

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Making Someone Fall in Love is about Mutual Understanding. You Can’t Make Someone Fall For You If they Don’t Understand You or Find You Attractive. Making Someone Fall For You Is About Filling their Mind Slowly With Thoughts of you

It Doesn’t Matter If You are Attractive or Not, A Person Will Find You Irresistible If You are What they Want Emotionally

But Beware In Path of Making Others Fall For You, You can Also Develop a Dependency and Love For them. Loving Someone is Like a Battle and You can’t Win a Battle Without Weapons

So, Here’s an article on How to Make People Fall For You

Why You Want Someone to Love You?

There are Variety of Reasons For You To Want Someone to Love You. Love Has its own Benefits and its own Consequences. Reasons You Have are Irrelevant But once in Life

Every Person Should Feel Loved Even If the Other Person is Faking it Cause it Will Help You in Realizing How Awesome it Feels to Be Loved and Adored By Someone Else

But If You want to love or Be Loved then You Have to Bear a Risk of Hatred too

No Matter What Happens in Life Remember one thing, Before a Person Dies He Has To Go Through Endless Battles. War on Love and Hatred is one of them

Is it Matters that He/She Loves You?

At the End of the Day, Every Single Person Wants to Be Loved Even if it Means Just Pretending

But Does it Matters that Someone You Love Should Actually Love You Back? From a Selfish Point of View Yes it Matters as it Will Boosts Your Ego

Love is Not about You Love Me and I Love You Back. It’s about I Love You cause I Love You and It Doesn’t Matter To Me if You Love Me or Not

She Loves You Back or Not is Not in Your Control But You Love Her or Not is In Your Control and Your Love For Her Shouldn’t Diminish Even if She Hates You

But Your Love Shoudn’t Kill Your Ambition

How Long It Will Take For Him/Her to Love You?

It Will Take Eternity If You Don’t Take Action. Taking things in Your Hand is the First thing You Want to Do When You Want Someone to Notice You or Fall For You

You Have to Stand out First. It Tough to Give a Proper Estimation on How Long will It Take as It Depends From Person to Person

There are Some People In this World Who Married a Person Just Because They Had a Moment of Spiritual Understanding and Connection

But There Are Also People Out Their Who Married Their Love after 10 Years of confession

So, You Gotta Have Patience and Stop Thinking about the Time It Will Take For Her/Him to Fall For You Rather You Should Be Out their Hustling to Make Him/Her Fall For You

20 Dating Tips To Help You In Making Him/Her Fall For You


These Dating Tips are Like Bottom Line You Have to Follow them and Avoid Breaking them at All Cost. These Tips are More Like Common Sense

  1. Always Try to Date Someone Who is Out of Your League. There is No Point In Dating Someone or Making Someone Fall in Love With You If They are In Your League
  2. Don’t Commit to Anyone. Committing to Someone is Not Good For Your as it Lowers Your Sexual Appeal. Trust Me, Ladies! I Know All About it
  3. Always Be Unpredictable. Unpredictability is Sexy. Everyone These Days are Doing the Same Things Following the Same Rules. Be Defiant
  4. Take Care of Yourself. If You are Not Taking Care of Yourself then it Means You can’t Take Care of Someone Else Too
  5. Never Follow the Herd. It’s Better to Be a Lone Bear then Being a Beta Male. Trust Me, Taking Care of Sure own Back is Better then Following Someone Else
  6. Read as Much as You Can. I Recommend Reading at Least 25 Pages of Any Book You Like or Any Book Which is a Best Seller
  7. Never Compromise For Anything in a Relationship. Relationships are Not Meant to Make You a Whimp. Follow Your Principles at All Cost
  8. Never Change Yourself Just To Impress Someone. It Never Goes the Right Way. At the End of Day, You are You and I am Me
  9. Blame Yourself For All the Problems in Your Relationship. Cause Even If It’s His Fault, It’s Your Fault To Be Staying with Him
  10. Never Accept Something You Don’t Want to Accept and Be Open About it. Accepting Unnecessary Things Will Result in Bitter Feelings
  11. Take Care of Your Men or Lady. Now a Days People Think That They Should Give Space to Their Lady But It’s a Whimpy Thought. Caring For Someone You Love is Being Gentlemen
  12. Always Try to Make Your Partner Happy cause That’s What it Means To Love Someone. If You Love Someone You Won’t Hurt them In Million Years
  13. Make Sure that You Avoid Hurting The Person You Love At All Cost. We All Know What our Partner Doesn’t like Why Not Avoid Doing things They Don’t Like
  14. Get out of Your Relationship Life Once In a While, Cause Relationship is Not All You Have to Do in Your Life
  15. Give Highest Priority to Your Life Goal then To Your Partner Always. If Your Partner Doesn’t Like You Trying to Reach Your Goal Then You Shouldn’t Be With Him
  16. Make Sure You Smell Nice. Your Natural Body Odor Combined with Fragrance Should Have Positive Result in the Presence of Someone You Want to Date
  17. Compliment Your Partner From Time to Time But Make Sure You are Genuine About it. It Doesn’t Matter If you are Genuine about it But Truth and Trust Has its own Value
  18. Never Date More than One Person at a Time Unless You are Just Dating For Fun Not To Find Your Spiritual Partner
  19. Have Trust In Your Partner Cause If You Don’t No One Will. Trust is the Backbone of a Relationship No Matter How You Look at it
  20. Be Open About Everything. If You Don’t Like Something about Your Partner Let Him/Her Know about it. This is the Simplest thing You Can Do to Keep Your Relationship Safe

5 Ways to Make Him/Her Feel Loved

fall in love

You Love Your Partner But Its Not Enough. You Kinda Have to Let Him/Her Know about Your Bottomless ocean of Love Every day. We, Humans, are Social Creatures and We Crave Love and Affection on a Regular Basis

  1. Cooking a Dish Which Your Partner Like Very Much. Cooking Food For Someone When You Don’t Need to is Showing How Important is that Person to You
  2. Buying Things Which Your Partner Crave. I Tried this Once and it Didn’t Work out Very Well. But A Lot of Dating Gurus Recommend Buying Expensive Things For Your Partner
  3. Avoiding Hurting Your Partner cause You Don’t Hurt the People You Love
  4. Telling them Every day that You Love Them Even If they Don’t Love You Back
  5. Taking Care of them, Their Needs and Freedom

How Not To Fall in Love?

There are Situation Where You are Falling in Love with Someone and You Don’t Want to Fall in Love with the Person (Sounds to me that You are Wimping out)

But It’s Out of Your Control then Let Me tell You Ways By Which You Can Avoid Falling in Love

This is the Only Way You Can Avoid Falling in Love and I Never Utilized it So, If it Works For You Let Me Now By Commenting Down Below

Focus on One of Her Negative Qualities

Thinking about is Inevitable, How about thinking about Her Negative Trait all the Time

This Will Help You in Avoiding Falling in Love

Moreover, Avoid Social Get together Where She is Present

Sign That He/She is In Love With You

If a Person Loves You Whether a Man or a Lady, She/He will Show Subtle Sign that She is in Love With You. She will Flirt with You a Lot More than You Think But Most of the People Have no Clue

So, Here’s a List of Signs

  1. She/He will Laugh at Your Jokes Even If they are Not that Much Funny. For others, You are Not That Much Funny But For Her, You are Funny Definitely
  2. She will Look Into Your Eyes. You May Not Know But Looking Someone in the Eye is the First Sign of Attraction
  3. She Will Have an Open Body Language in Your Presence or With You. She is Not Intimidated By You in any Way Cause She Wants To Know You.
  4. Lady will try to Touch You in Subtle and Not So Subtle Ways. Touch is a Window to the Soul
  5. She Will Shower You With Praises and Attention. Attention is a Sign of Interest. If She is Interested in You She Will always Pay Attention to You

10 Ways To Make Him/Her Fall in Love with You

fall in love

Making Someone Fall in Love with You is About Gaining Their Attention and then Showing Qualities and Behaviour Traits That Makes You Different and Dominant

Ways To Make People Fall in Love are:

  1. You Can’t Make People Love You If You Have a Poor Physique and Bad Odour. Overall If you Have Bad Hygenic and Physique You Will Face Difficulty in Making People Fall for You
  2. Grab Their Attention By Being Awesome or Being Different. By Being Awesome I Mean You Have a Special Talent or Skill That Make You Different Like Singing
  3. Don’t Be a Beta Male No Matter What. It’s better to Be Lone Wolf then Being a Beta Male. If You are Beta Male Leave Your Group as Soon a Possible
  4. Don’t Change Yourself Just To Make Her/Him to Love You. If She Wants You to Change Yourself then She Probably isn’t Worth it
  5. Make Sure that You are Like a Good Person In Front of Her Friends. Being Bad Boy Doesn’t Get You Love It Gets Attraction only
  6. Never Compromise Your Principle For Her and Let Her Know about it. Principles are Attractive. A Person Who Doesn’t Bend Himself or His Principle is Sign of a Great Partner
  7. This is a Simple Way to Make People Fall For You. Go and tell Them That You Love or Like them and You Want them to Go Out With You. Your Bravery Will Make Them Fall For You
  8. Be Yourself and Let them See Your True Beauty and Trust Me Being Yourself is Being Different. Everyone Know a Days Pretend to Be Someone they are Not
  9. Show Her that You Can Do Anything For Her and Prove it. Action is Stronger than Words. Your Action Should Show Your Love For Her
  10. Make Sure that You are Loyal and Loyalty is the Most Attractive trait any Men or Women Can Have

Mass Media Has Shown Being Loyal to Someone as Negative or Something Funny or Wrong. But it’s Mass Media Which is Wrong

Betraying Someone For Selfish Reasons is Never Righ and Can Never Be Right

Don’t Trust Everything You See


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A Word From FitnessGained

Love is the One and Only True Desire Known to Everyman in Existence and is the Most Potent of Cure and Most Lethal Poison To a Man. Mass Media Has Transformed The Image of Someone Falling in Love as a Call For Higher Purpose and Destiny

If You Love Someone Truly then You Should Go and Tell Them Right Away and If They Don’t Want any Part of You Then It’s Just Fine cause Life is a Serious of Endless Battles

You Better Be Alive to Win another War Rather then Die Trying Win a Battle Which is Long Over

P.S. Love is a Bottom Less Pit If You are Not Careful Enough. So Take Care of Yourself Before it’s too late. The Last thing You Want is Falling For Someone Who Doesn’t Care For You!

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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