How to breakup with someone respectfully?

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There are Times When a Man Has to Move Forward in His Journey and Doing this Sometimes Results in Breakup and Sore Heart. But What a Man Needs to Do is What He Has to Do. Maybe You are in a Situation Where You have to Move away From a Relationship

Maybe the Relationship is Toxic and You Want to Get Rid of it Cause It’s Killing You From Inside. Then What Should You Do? Should You Breakup or Not

But Whatever You Do Be Sure about it Cause Once You Walk away There is No Turning Back

Breakup is a Way to Move on with Your Life, You Have to Make Sure that You are Emotionally and Psychological Prepared For it

Your Ex Will Show a New Side to You after the Breakup, You Have to Be Prepared For it

With the Help of this Article, You Will Surely Be able to Make the Right Decision

Why is Breakup so Painful?


I know You Know Why Break up is so Painful cause, In Reality, You Don’t Want to Just Break up But You Wish Your Situation were little Bit Different then My Friend How about Changing You Situations

Tell me a Single Reason Why you think that You Should Break up with the Person when Breaking up Hurts You or that Person. If it Hurts then It’s Not the Right Time


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If Breaking up with that Person Hurts You then You Should Better Prepare Yourself To Fight against the Fate that is Making you Lose the one thing in the World You Love

But If the Break up is Not Painful then Move on and Be Respectable to Your Ex

Break up is Painful When You Don’t Want to Let that Person Go but the Fate is Against You. If You Give up to Fate Now You Will Do it Again and in Every Field of Life

So Don’t Give up Now Fight against the Fate and Claim Your Love Even if it Means Sacrifice

What is the meaning of Being in a Relationship?

There Can Be a Variety of Reasons Why You Want to Be in a Relationship with Someone But The Meaning of the Relationship Remains Constant

A True Relationship is About Love and the Meaning of Being in a Relationship is about Loving the Other Person as Much as You Love Yourself

You can Never Be in a Relationship If You Don’t Love Yourself. In order to Be Truly in Relationship, You Have to Love Yourself as Much as You Love the Other Person

Being Loved By the Other Person and Loving the Other Person is what Relationship is all about

Is Being Single Good Enough?

I Have Spent More Time Being Single then Being in Relationship and Trust Me, I Choose Being Single Every Single Time But Sometimes You Fall in Love and Everything Just Becomes Better For Worse

Love is a Double-Edged Sword, My Friends Sometimes It’s Useful and Sometimes It Becomes a Burden. You Try Your Best to Get Rid of it But Nothing Happens

Trust Me, I Used to Fool Around a Lot But Then I Meet Someone, Someone Special

That Special Person Was the Light in My Darkest Days. I Used to Spend My Whole Day Just Waiting to Meet Her and Talk With Her For a Small Brief Moment

But Now Every Night I Think About Her and Every Morning I Try to Think about What Went Wrong. It’s been a Hell and I Don’t Know How to Get out of it

I Know One thing Clearly. If You are Falling For Someone, Make Sure they also Love You Back Cause It Hurts When You Love Someone and the Other Person Doesn’t Give a Penny about You

Being Single is Better If You Are Emotionally Weak But If You Want Adventure Try Being in a Toxic Relationship. It Will Never Leave You and Your Mind Alone

Reasons to Reconsider Before Breaking up

There are Number of Reason Why You Should Reconsider Before Breaking Up Cause Once it’s Done it’s Done and You Can’t Go Back the Same old Town Road

Here’s an article on How to Avoid a Breakup

The Very First Reason Being The Past, Why Did You Fall For Him or Her in First Place

Cause Most of the Time, We Rethink about Those Happy Moments and Those Happy Moments Fills out Heart with Regret and Rage. After My First Breakup, I Was Remembering My First Kiss

How I Was Holding Her and How She Was in My Arms. How I Felt and How She Felt

Then I Started Thinking about Our First Date in the Noon, Near that Old Bridge. the Bridge Was Very Old to Be Called a Bridge. then Our Long Walks in the Park

Then our First Vacation and then the List Goes on and On

I Used to Fool around and I Think, I Think I Paid the Price By Losing the Love of My Life

The Second Reason Being The Regret of Not Fixing Things Up. I Think If I Tried a Little Harder maybe The Situation Would Have Been Different

I Think about Her and I Keep Thinking About Her Cause I Want to think about Her and I Know, She Will Never Be Mine and It Hurts Me

I Regret My Inaction and Inability to Judge and See things as they are

At that time I Was Not Knowing Much About Me as Well as Her But Know I Know that I Don’t Like Giving Up on People

You Have to Try to Change the Situation So that Your Relationship Can Exist with Best of Your Abilities. If You Don’t Do this then You Will Surely Regret Your Inaction Like Us

The Third Reason Will Be Your Own Emotions. If Your Relationship is Like Two Week-Long then it Doesn’t Matter. If Your Relationship is 90 Days long then It Will Effect You a Little Bit

Suppose Your Relationship Was Two Years Long Like Me, You Will Cry, Cry and Scream For Months Before Getting Over Her

Then You Will Again Scream in Jealousy When You Will See Her With Someone

After Some time You Will Try to Make Her Regret By Being with a More Attractive Lady and By Being More Successful But Nothing Will Get to Her

You Will Just Keep Trying to Be in Her Mind and It Will Drain You of Your Potential

You Have to Remember that There are Things out of Your Control, The only thing in Your Control is Your own Self. Your Ability to Control Yourself Will Define You

You Don’t Need to Respond to Every Thing that is Happening in Your Surrounding Which is Out of Your Control with Hostility

You Can Just Ignore

You Have to Gain the Ability to Let things that Don’t Matter Truly Slide

5 Things To Remember While Breaking Up

Before You Break up with Your Girlfriend I Would Like You to Think about Few things so that after the Break up You Don’t Regret anything. Most of the Time People Don’t Think it through Properly

Thinking about these Few things can Break as Well as Cure Your Relationship

Special Moments You Had Together: Think about all the Special Moments You Two Had Together and How You Liked spending time With Her

How Much Her Presence was So important for you. How do those Moments Make You Feel? Are those Moment Making You Yearn For More or Are those Moments are Something Precious

Maybe If You could take the Fight Part out of the Scenery would You Like to Stay With Her?

If Yes then You Should Not Break up at Least Not Without Trying Couple of time Fixing Your relationship Should Be Your Priority

Mutual Caring For Each Other: Try Remembering the Time You Both cared For Each Other Genuinely. Most People Forget What Caring Truly Means

When Someone is Willing to Sacrifice Just To Keep You Safe and Happy then That Person Truly Cares for You. What Makes Love Precious is the Essence of Self Sacrifice

Caring For someone to the point that You can Sacrifice Yourself is Considered Stupid in the Western World But if the Love and Care is Mutual then it’s the Most Precious thing

But it Hurts if the Love is one Sided, You Start Getting the Feeling that You are Willing to Sacrifice for that Person But that one person doesn’t Care and then You start thinking about Your own Worth

It All Goes on and On But Never Ends till the time, The Time Truly Ends

If You Feel like that For Someone then My Friend Don’t Let them Go. I Committed a Mistake and I Will Pay Forever But You Have a Choice

The Choice to Claim all You Want and Wish. Be Smart and Don’t Lose the Most Precious thing You Have

Passion and Thrill: Maybe You Couldn’t Prevent Your Relationship From Falling apart But Still You can Remember those Great Moments You Shared With Your Love

The Passion You Felt While Being With Her and The Love You Started to Feel. The Thrill That Made You Skip a Beat. It Doesn’t Matter that You Breakup But What Matters is the Fact

You Will Always Cherish and Remember those Great Moments You Spend Together

Love & Emotions: Some People After the Breakup Start Bulling the Other Persons Emotions, Which is Wrong. I Know You are Angry But Bulling Will only Make it Worse

Stop Complaining and Move on Cause it’s the Best thing You can Possibly Do

You Had a Moment Together and Know it’s Time For You to Move on. I Know it’s Painful to Move on and You Don’t Want to Move on But If You Stay Where You are It’s Gonna Hurt More

The Best Thing You Can Do Right Know is Move on and Find Someone Else To Love and Cherish But this time Be Little Bit Smart and Make the Right Choice

The Pleasures & Mutual Respect: Remember The Pleasure You Both Had in the Company of Each Other, Remember the Lust and Love. Respect Your Partner For That At least

Respecting Each Other after the Breakup is a Great Way to Minimize the Impact of Breakup Cause Because of the Respect You Will Avoid Hurting Your Ex For No Reason

Moreover, It Will Also Help You Understand Your Ex in a New Way

How to Break up Like a Gentleman/Lady

A Gentleman/Lady Does What He/She Needs to Do. He Knows that His Life is a Long Journey and In Order to Complete it Successfully He Can’t Stop in Between

So, There Will Be Times in His Long Journey Where He will Be Fortunate To Have a Beautiful and Gorgeous Companion But There will Be Time When He Has to Start His Journey Once again Alone

A Gentleman Understands that Women is a Part of His Life Not The End Goal. Achieving The Love of His Life is not the only thing He is Supposed to Do

He Has Responsibilities Related to His Nation, His Family, His Friends too

So He Never Rests and Stops Himself in the Middle of a Journey

When He Has to Face a Breakup

He Let’s His Companion Understand Gently Why He Wants to Move on, His Will is Strong Enough to Break All the attachment

But He Never Breakup His Relationship in anger or Under the Influence of any Emotion

Moreover, Remember one Thing, Past is Not Your Concern and She is In the Past!


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A Word From Fitnessgained

If You are Breaking Up With Someone Because of Minor Reasons then You Should Think it Through First Cause Being With Someone Who Loves You Is a Blessing

But If Your Relationship is Toxic then You Should Definitely Breakup Without any Hesitation

Be Aggressive and Alert About Your Actions!

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Best Wishes

R, Peace

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