How to Avoid a Breakup? 20 ways to Prevent it

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You are here then I am Quite Sure that You Are Facing trouble in Making Your Relationship Stable or Maybe it is at Brink of Breakup So What are You Gonna Do From Know on is Going to Decide the Future of Your Relationship

So, What Should You Do? Should You Avoid Arguing With Your Partner or Should You Give in to Her or Him and Abide by Everything He or She Says

But Before You do anything Kindly Educate Yourself on the Matter of Relationship

How Relationship Should Be Like and What Your Responsibilities are in a Relationship

What is the Main Reason For a Breakup?

There can Be a Lot of Reasons For Breakup But Most of the Time Lack of Passion and Love is the Main Cause of Breakup But What Does Lack of Passion, and Love Means

When We Start Dating Everything is So Right and Shiny Since Because We are Trying to Win Each other Over It’s Like a Game Filled With Danger and Huge Rewards

We Have a Lot of Intimate Moments and Moments that We can Never Forget But as We Start Dating those Highly Intense Intimate Moments Start to Perish

Lack of this Moment is What Causes Lack of Passion and Love

What I Want You To Do Is Make Sure that Every Day You Spend With Your Partner Try to Make as Much Charged with Passion as it is Humanly Possible

Take Risk with Your Partner and See Where Your Relationship Goes

Understand one Thing That There is No Way You Can Become Perfect Couple Until and Unless You Try and Experiment

But If Breakup is Unavoidable then Just Make Sure to Let Your Partner Know That Couple of Moments That You Shared with Him/Her were Really Beautiful and

Hope they Find Someone Better than You!

How To Make My Relationship Stable?

If You Don’t Want to Breakup With Your Partner Cause You Love Him/Her than Making Your Relationship Stable is The Only Way out of It

In Order to Make Your Relationship Stable Make Sure that You Don’t Follow any Particular Pattern i.e Mix things Up Every Day Do Something New With Your Partner

Every Week Go to a New Place For Example In the Movie Yes Man! Jim Carrey Goes to a New Place and Do New Things Everyday and Become Totally Unpredictable

Become Unpredictable in Your Relationship i.e Your Partner Should Have No Way to Predict Your Action But Build Trust in the Same Way

Be There When Your Partner Needs You Emotionally and Be Unpredictable Whenever Your Partner is Trying to Predict You

Know Each other Emotionally But Spice things Up Once in a While

Does My Partner Love Me or Not?

I Don’t Know Whether Your Partner Loves You or Not But I Do Know That You Love Your Partner that’s Why You are Reading this Article So that You Can Avoid Breaking Up with Him/Her

Isn’t It Enough That You Know that You Love Your Partner

Quite Frankly I Have Always Been in a Relationship Where I Loved My Partner with All My Might But Still My Partner Was Just Like Let Me Try All My Options

You Know What Still Life is Good, I Have Food to Eat, Money to Spend on People Who Want to Try Option and I am Like No Worry Darling Try All the Options

I am Used to the Fact that No Matter How much I am Willing to Love Someone It Won’t Make Her Love Me and I Can’t Force Her to Love Me

But what I can do is Let Her Go Cause There is a Limit to How Much I Can Take Similarly If You Love Your Partner and If You Don’t Know Whether Your Partner Love You or Not

Let Me Clear it Out For You, Go Straight to them and Ask them About it Quite Frankly

The Look in their Eyes Will Tell You all About it

I Asked a Girl If She Liked Me or Not She Told Me “Never Mind”

Let Me What Your Girl Says

20 Ways to Prevent Breakup and Make My Relationship Stable

On Order to Prevent Your Relationship From Falling Apart You Need to Increase its Depth. Without Making Your Relationship More Strong Making it Stable is Not Possible

So, Very First thing You Should Do When You are in a Relationship, Is You Should Make Your Emotional and Psychological Bonds More Strong But How

Here are 20 Ways to Make those Bond’s Strong

Communication: What Separates Humans From Any Other Species is the Ability to Communicate the Depth of the Emotions through Words

But Know a Days People are Reluctant to Speak their Heart out. They Think Speaking up What they Feel Will Get them in Trouble or Will Make Their Relationship with their Partner Less Stable

This is What is Wrong with Present Generation, If You Don’t Let Your Partner Know How You Feel About a Particular Situation He or She will Never Know it

It May Hurt You in Small Steps, Speaking Your Heart out But in the Long Run it Will Benefit You

Love: What is Love? I Don’t Know it Neither Do You, But One thing is Very Clear Everything We Do is Directly or Indirectly Related to Love

Every Single Human Wants to Be Loved. Its the Hunger for Love that Makes Angles and Monster out of People. But What If Your Relationship is all Superficial

It’s Not For You To Gain Love But Rather For Just Physical Pleasure then I Guess there is No Hope

Fill Your Relationship and Time with Love and Intimate Moment this is the Only Way For Stability

No More Accusation: The First Thing That Happens When You are in Fight With Your Partner is That You Start Making Accusation, that its His Fault or Her Fault

First, Tell Me Something Does it Matter Whose Fault it is? What Matters is How We are Gone Deal with Situation Together

Its No Longer Me, It is We Know

Resist From Insulting Your Partner: Insulting Your Partner will Never Result in a Breakup But if it Results in a Breakup then your Bond With Your Partner is Not Strong Enough

After Reaching a Certain Stage in Your Relationship, You Will Come to a Point Where You Will Know What Will Hurt Your Partner and What will Just Make Him Think about Improving

But Till You Reach that Stage Its Better To Avoid Insulting Your Partner

Know When to Avoid Arguing: Arguing is the Best Way to Break any Emotional or Psychological Bond other than arguing about what type of Dress or Shirt You Wear Everything is Pointless

When you are in a Relationships, it’s Not About You it’s About us. So Start Acting that Way Avoid arguing over the decision about a Matter which Effects both of You

Rather Make The Decision Together

Tell Your Partner What You Want: Without Telling Your Partner About What You Want He/She Will Never Know about it This is Kinda Commonsense

You, Partner, Should Know About Your Feeling Very Well But Give Him/Her Some time To Understand You First Without Knowing You How Can She/He Know What You Want

Avoiding Forcing Your Decision on Your Partner: If Their is Something That Effects Both of You then the Decision about it also Should Be Made By Both of You

If You are Making Decision about it Alone then You are Just Making Your Relationship Weak No Matter How You Look at it

Some of My Friend tell Me that They Don’t Want to Disturb The Mental Peace of their Ladies By Making them Think about Difficulties But They are Wrong

Letting Your Partner Know What type of Problem You are Facing is also a Form of Love and Respect

Share Happiness and Pain: Why Share Just Happiness With Your Partner Why Not Share Your Bitter Memories too Sharing Making Your Bond Strong

Sharing Just a Single Part of You will Also Result in Breakup, I Recommend Sharing Every single Part of You with Your Partner

I Know There Will Betimes When You will Be Judged But The People Who Judge You Know Nothing About Life and Death

No Matter What You Do You are Beautiful and Your Heart is Pure

Just Make Sure that You Don’t Little Opinion of Narrow Minded People Effect Your Peace

Be Supportive: If You can’t Be Supportive to Your Partner then there is No Point in the Relationship. Better Break it Up then Keeping Something which has No Emotional Part in it

Avoid Solving Problem Alone: Some People out there think that it is Better to Solve the Problems alone and They are Right But What about the Problems that Effect Both of You and Your Partner

If You Solve these types of Problems Alone then You are Not Respecting Your Partner Enough

Moreover, You are Not Trusting Your Partner Either

Never Solve Problems When You are Angry: If You Decide To Solve a Problem Make Sure are Relaxed and in Your Proper Mind

Cause If You are Not then Solving that Problem Will Create More of it

By Solving the Problem When You are Angry, You will Disturb Your Mental Peace and What it Will Do is it Will Make Your Partner More Anxious about the Problem too

So, Be in Control of Your Emotions Before Dealing with Something

Have Some Time For Only Your Partner: I Know You are Busy and Maybe Your Partner is Busy But Don’t You Think Everyday You Should Take at Least a Moment to Tell Eachother How Your Day Went

If Not Then Why are You in Relationship For?

Know What Love Is: Love is Not about You Doing Something For Your Partner Because He Did Something For You it is About You Doing Something For Your Partner

Cause You Want to But You Don’t Except Nothing in Return

Make Sure You Meet With Each Other Family: Most of the Time You Won’t Have Enough Time to Spend With Each other Let Alone With Each other Family

But Meeting Each Other Family is a Crucial Milestone For Your Relationship It Will Let You See a Side of Your partner Which You Weren’t Aware of at All

Avoid Lying to Your Partner: You Lie, Lie that’s What You Do? You Know How I Know Cause Your Mouth is Moving! You Can Lie to Your Partner For One thing

But If you Want a Stable Relationship With Your Partner Then Kindly Avoid Lying Even in the Minor Matters

Don’t Hide Your Past or Present Form Your Partner: Let you Partner Know about Your Past about Your Ex and How You Broke up with Him and Don’t Forget to Know about His Breakup and Past

Never Be Dependent on Each other: Being Emotionally Dependent on Each other is Crucial For a Healthy Relationship But Being Financial Dependent on Your Partner is Kinda Weird

I Don’t Mind If My Lady is Dependent on Me Financially But Their Will Be Few Ladies and Man Who Won’t Allow it

Don’t Neglect Your Feelings: Neglecting Your Own Feeling and Doing Whatever Your Partner Insist on Doing is Being Weak Relationship is all about Strength and Power

In a Relationship, You Should Feel Empowered to Do Whatever You Wish or Want to Do

Make Sure You Have At Least 2 Intimate Moment With Your Partner Every day: Having Intimate Moments every day is a Great Way to Keep Your Relationship Alive and Healthy

It Will Also Lighten Your Mood and Make You Feel More Alive

Connect With Your Partner Both Spiritually and Emotionally: Connecting With Your Partner Physically or Emotionally is Not Enough, It’s Very Important that You Connect With Your Partner

On a Spiritual Level So that You Both Can Help Each other Attain the Highest Level of Conscious You are Supposed to Attain


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If You can Prevent Your Relationship From Falling Apart Even After Following All the Tips then Maybe the Fault is Not in You, Maybe both of You aren’t Supposed to Be together

But You Know What Their is Still a Pretty Girl or a Handsome Man Out There For You Waiting For You to Open up to Them

P.S. If You Need any Help Related to The Article or Any Article You Can Just Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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