How to Ask a Guy Out? Plus 10 Tips to Avoid Rejection

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If You are Trying to Find the Best Way to Ask a Guy out Getting Rejected then It’s Better You Start Taking Some actions. Asking Him on a Date or Just a Coffee is More than Enough to Know Him

But How Should You ask Him out without Sounding Desperate and Without Getting Rejected? It’s Simple You Ask him Indirectly in a Way that He Can’t Say No

Here’s an Article For You!

Why Don’t Most Girls Ask Guys Out?

If We Consider Society and Relationship as a Whole, It is Normal For a Man to ask a Women, He Desires To Go out With Him But on a Flip Side, Even in the 21st Century

Women Asking a Guy out is Considered Weird and Not Much Appropriate. Media, Fairy Tales and Most Sources of Entertainment Portrait the Fact that When it Comes to Relationship and Sex

Women Should Take a Passive Role and Men Should adopt an Active Role

But this Portrait and Approach to Relationship is Wrong

Men and Women Both Have The Right to Lead in a Relationship and Take Active Part in Decision Making. Asking a Guy out is Perfectly Normal and If You Like Someone,

Going out of Your Way and Asking Him out is Considered Being Awesome

Most Men Would Love to Be with a Women Who is Brave Enough to ask them out. It Shows How Strong-Willed You Are as a Person

Yes, There Will Be Few Men Who Don’t think Women Should ask Men out But Do You Really think in the 21st Century this Kind of Mentality Should Be Adopted

Let Us Know What You Think, Should a Girl ask a Guy out or Not Till Then You Should Equip Yourself With the Best Way to Asking a Guy out Both Direct and Indirect

Best Way to Ask a Guy Out

Coffee with your crush

In order to Perfectly Ask a Guy out, You Need to Play Your Cards Right. You Have to Ask in Such a Way that No Matter The Response You Get, You are Not Affected Emotionally By it

Most of the Time, People Will Say Yes and Sometimes People Will Say No. You Have to Prepare Yourself For Both the Conditions

Preparation: Before You are Going to ask Him Out For a Date or a Movie, Kindly Prepare the data about What You are Going to Say

It Shouldn’t Be Something Complex but Rather Something Simple Like wanna get dinner Friday night? Make Sure You are Clear about What You Say

Moreover, Before You Ask him, Do Some Background Research about When He Has Some Free Time available cause He Will Say No If He has a Job Appointment Next Thing in the Morning

Just Keep What You Say Brief, Clear and Simple. It Doesn’t Matter If You Look Desperate or Flirty Just Be Clear About it

You Maybe Thinking that You Should Drop Few Hints and He will Understand them But You Have to Understand that This is Not a Fairy tale

Dropping Hints and Not Being Clear about it will Make it Difficult For Him To Understand. Trust Me, Men are Simple Either You Be Clear With Them about things or They Will Never Understand it

Execution: When & How You are Going to ask Him Matters a Lot. You can Make Use of Technology But In My Opinion, To Say This in Person and Face to Face. Pick up a Time

Maybe at a Bus Stop, Maybe When He is Hanging out With You and Your Friends, Maybe at Lunch Time. Just Go Up to Him at the Time When You are Most Comfortable to ask

It Can Be as Simple as ‘Would you want to go see that new DC film together on Saturday?'”

Remember that The Best Way will always be Face to Face and You Being Clear about What You Say. It Doesn’t Matter if He Says No cause It’s Better to Regret things that You Did then

The Things That You Never ever Tried

Group Date

10 Ways to Get Him go out With You ( Both Direct & Indirect )

You can Either Be direct with Your Approach or Indirect, Choice is all Yours. Both of the Ways work and Depending upon the Guys some ways will Be Work Better than the Others

1. Ask Him out For a Coffee

This is an indirect way of asking him out. Asking Him out For a coffee is the Most Minimilastic thing when it comes to Rejection

If He’s into You then He will Probably Say Yes and Will Try his Best to Impress you But if He is Not Into You then There is No way He can make a Big Deal out of it

You Can Always Be Like: Jeez. It’s Just Coffee or You can Ask Couple of People out For a Coffee and ask Him to Be Part of the Get-Together

2. Why Not a Group Date

If You don’t Want to Make a Big Deal out Before Knowing Him Properly then it’s Best You Invite Him For a Group Date or Get-Together

You Don’t Even Have to Invite Him, ask Your Friend or Him Friend To ensure that He is Present in Your Get-Together

This Way you will Know about Him Without Being out of the Line. Moreover, It is a Good way For You to Impress Him with Your Flirting Skills and Talent

But Make Sure that You Avoid Going Overboard. Most Girls Go overboard when it comes to Flirting with Everything They Got

Flirting is a Gentle Process. If You Like Someone Truly, Directly or Indirectly You Will Make Him Know about It. Even If You Try or Not

Just keep calm. Men are Very Intelligent and Sensitive when it comes to Flirting. To a Point that Most of them Will Fall For You, With Just a Right Look or Smile

3. Hang out in Same Places they are

You Don’t Want to Invite Him For a Group Date But You Still Want to Ask Him Out. Then The Best Way to Do that is to Hang out in the Same Place

You Should Spend Some time in Researching about Him If You Truly want to Approach Him and Then Be Present in His Second Most Favourite Place

Go up to Him or Ask Your Friend to Go up to Him and tell Him about You. It can Be Simple as “My Friend over there want to invite you to our table for a Drink. Coming?”

4. Ask His Best Friend to Introduce Him to You

Friend Group

This is one f the Indirect way to ask a guy out. In this scenario, You Kinda Know His Best Friend. You Can ask His Best Friend to Introduce Him to You

Moreover, You can also ask Him Best Friend Whether He Likes You our Not

This is one of the Most Efficient ways as Since Most of the Time His Best Friend Will Let You Know Whether He Likes You or Not

5. Make Him ask You out. Play the “Do you have a Girlfriend?” Game

This is Kinda Difficult For those Who are New at Dating But Since Seduction is a Weapon Perfected By Women’s Trying this out will Let You Test the Depth of the Ocean

After You Have Successfully approached Him. You can ask Him about His Girlfriend and If He has None and He Likes You. Then there is 100% Chance that He Will Ask You out

You Just Have to Be Clear about the Fact that He Is Single and He Knows That You are also Single

That’s it

If He Likes you then He Will ask you out

6. Tell Your Best Friend to Ask him Out For You

You can Ask Your Best Friend to tell Him about You. It Sounds Weird But It Works. Since Your Best Friend is Your Best Chance at Getting Your Date and Your Best Wingwoman

How about utilizing Her Potential. Your Best Friend Can Go up to Him and tell Him about You in Not So Cheezy But Rather a Classy way

A Good Wingwoman can Help You out When it Comes to Dating. You can Either ask Your Friend to Be a Good One or You can Hire a Good one

7. Be bold and take the direct approach to ask him out

Being Bold With Your Crush

It Sounds Dangerous But If You Really Want to Ask a Guy out then Being Bold and Direct with Your approach is the Best Way. Entertainment Industry Has Diluted Its Value but

If You Ask a Guy Out upfront then Most of the Time they Will Let You Know How they Feel about You immediately. If they are Into You they will let You Know

But one thing is For Sure, Your Fear of Rejection is No More. You are Finally Free

8. Go out as friends and come back as boyfriend-girlfriend

You can Always adopt indirect Ways when it comes to Seduction. You can Become His Friend and Know about Him. This Way You Will Know Whether You Truly Like him or Not

Slowly You can Work Your Way Up. Becoming Friends with Your Crush is the Best Way to Becoming His Girlfriend

9. If You are at a Bar, Buy Him a Drink

Most of the Time Men Buy Drinks For their Crush But What Happens When You Do the Same. The First Thing They will Do is Come up to You and Introduce themselves

You Just Have to Ensure that The Introduction Last Long Enough For Him to Realize the Potential in You

10. Attract Him with Your Appearance

If You Know How to Dress to Impress then You can Definitely Make Him Approach You. You Don’t Have to Be Extremely Beautiful to Impress Him

All You Need to do is Play with Appearance. Dress in a Way that Transforms Your Appearance into that of a Goddess or any Character You Like

Remember that Men are Visual Creatures and with a Good Fashion Sense You can Definitely Transform Your Appearance

10 Tips to Avoid Rejection

There are Few Things that You Have to keep in Check in order to ensure that You avoid Looking Needy. These things are Simple and Have Nothing to Do with How You Look

Rather these Things are All Centered Around Your Personality

1. Be Confident: I Know Being in His Presence is Enough to Make to Stutter But You Have to Exhibit Confidence. Without Confidence, Your Looks will Diminish

You Just Need to Be Confident Enough to Be Clear About What You Say Without Sounding Desperate

Confident Women

2. Smile: Most Women Underestimate the Power of Smile but Trust Me, Smile is the Ultimate Weapon that a Woman Possess, Right Use of this Weapon Can Literally Help You in Breaking the Coldest Heart

Here’s a Quote on a Woman’s Smile “And In Her Smile I See Something More Beautiful than the Stars”

Here’s a Study that Proves Importance of Smile

3. Open Body Language: How can he know that His Presence is Important? Body Language is the Answer. Your Body Language Tells More about You than You can Ever Speak

Being open to Him Consciously and Showing an Open Body Language is a Great Way. Flirting Begins with an open Body Language

4. Give Him Some Time: If You are Interested in Him and You Have Decided to Ask Him out But don’t rush into things. You Can Talk to Him a Little Bit More Before Asking Him out

Suppose He Likes You too But You Have to Make sure that You Play Your Cards Right. Give Him Some time to Think too.

5. Be Playful: Don’t Be Just Tensed all the Time around Him about What You Should Say But Rather Play Around. Listen to What He Has to Say

Try to Understand Him too. Try to Enjoy the Little Time Both of You Spend Together

6. Flirt the Right Way: Flirting is all About Shifts in Moods. You Have to Master the Art of Flirting and the Only way to Do that is By Practicing.

If You Really want to Impress Someone than Learning how to Flirt is a Good way to Break the Ice. There are a Lot of Youtube Videos With Proper Guidance on How to Flirt

Here’s one of them

Matthew Hussey

7. Be Yourself: You Don’t Have to Change Yourself Remember. You Just Have to Be You. Being with Him is Kinda Nerve Racking But Still, You are Going to Be Yourself Even in Front of Your Crush

What’s the Benefit of Having Your Crush if You Can’t Be Yourself with Him. Remember that Being Yourself is the Best Version of You So Don’t Avoid Being Yourself

8. Work on Your Looks: A Lot of People Say that True Love is Independent of Looks But No One Will Tell You that Men are Visual Creatures. So Looks are Important

How can Someone Fall in Love with You if He is Not Interested enough to Hang out with You

So, Before You take Your Relationship to the Point that Looks Don’t Matter, Work on Your Looks

Here’s a Study that Proves that Looks Matter For Men

9. Avoid Talking About Your Ex: This is a Golden Rule, Avoid Talking About Your Ex on Your First Date or Get Together. Talking About Your Ex on Text is Also Forbidden

If You Really Want to Talk about Your Ex then Tell Him after Some Time. Don’t Be Just Open to Every Question He Puts in Front of You

10. Be Mysterious: Being Mysterious is More than Enough to Keep Him Hooked Not only that Being Mysterious is Enough to Grab His Attention So Be Mysterious

Best Way to Ask a Guy out in Person

If You Want to Ask Him out in Person then it’s Probably Best that You Dress to Impress cause at the End of the Day, Men are Visual Creatures

Go up to Him with Confidence and Ask Him out. Make Sure that You Ask him out For Something Simple, Like a Coffee so that You Both Get Some time to Understand Each other

Make Sure You Avoid Looking Desperate cause Desperation will Destroy Your Confidence and Your Appeal. Rather Be Cool about any Response You Get From Him

Best way to Ask a Guy out via Text


I Don’t Recommend Asking a Guy out via Text. Think about It, He is angry about Something and Suddenly Your Text Pops out, “Wanna Go out For a Coffee?”

What Type of Respond You Think You Will Get But If You Really Want to ask Him out only on the text then You Have to Ensure that He is in a Good Mood

How to Check that? Having a Long Conversation with Him about Something that You Both are Interested in and Then You can Invite Him For a Coffee


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Rejection is a Part of the Process. Being Rejected Doesn’t Mean That You are Not Good Enough. It Just Means That You Still Haven’t Found Someone Who can Understand Your True Value

What’s Beautiful and Important For You can Be Something Ignored By Others. So, You Just Have to Search For The Mr. Right

P.S If You Have any Doubt Related to The Article Feel Free to Contact Me anytime. Moreover, Happy New Year!

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