How to Fix a Patchy Beard Fast?

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Nothing is more saddening than when you decide to grow a beard, and it doesn’t go as planned. Your beard is full of patches where there should be hair.

However, patches are normal, and most men face them in their quest to grow a beard.

Not every man who wants a beard has beard growth like Jon Hamm. Most men have patchy beard growth, and they work on it, groom it, and style it to perfection.

This may take a little extra work. But it’s worth it.

Since beard, if grown and maintained right, can add an extra layer of identity to your personality. It’s tough to put in words, however, the simplest way to explain it is beard makes you look more manly.

When I started growing a beard, patches were the primary reason why I started hating my genetics even more. But there were a few things I did that helped me in moving past these problems. I have been rocking a beard ever since (The last 3 years).

If you have a patchy beard and are willing to go the extra mile to fix it, here are four ways you can make it happen:

4 Ways to Fix a Patchy Beard

Keep in mind, If you can grow a beard, even a patchy beard, you are fortunate enough. There are literally tens of millions of men who can’t grow even a patchy beard.

You have a patchy beard because of your genetics, poor grooming, nutrition, and possibly due to lack of patience, however, there is still something you can do to reach your peak beard growth potential and beard style:

Man with an amazing beard

1. Let it Grow For at Least 90-120 Days

Your beard needs time to grow, one month is just not enough. You need to grow your beard for at least 90 days before deciding whether keeping a beard is a good enough option.

The truth is most patches you see at the one-month mark will probably vanish by the end of the second month. Don’t judge your beard after just 30 days. That’s too little time.

Moreover, if you are under 25, you still haven’t reached your peak beard-growing capability.

Men begin to develop facial hair by the age of 13, however, the most abundant and fastest growth occurs between 25 and 35. So, if you are under 25, have patience and give your beard some time to grow and mature.

This is how I experienced it. On alpha m’s suggestion (I watched an Alpha m video), I started growing my beard. In the first 10 days, only a few mustache whiskers showed up. By the end of the first month, I had grown a beard with a few patches on my left cheek and both sides of my mustache.

I was frustrated. I hated the look. Since I came this far, I decided to stick it out for one more month. For the whole month, I checked my beard every single day, and I was heartbroken over the fact that I couldn’t even grow a decent beard.

By the start of the third month, I started hating my genetics even more than before. I decided to trim down my beard forever. However, when I started timing it down, I realized that there are a few beard styles that may look good on me.

I tried a few styles over the months and finally settled on 5 o’clock shadow. I have been rocking that beard style ever since. I have even gotten compliments from people on the fullness of my beard. Ain’t that a joke?

So, grow it out even if it’s patchy. If your beard is long and dense enough, it will cover up the patchiness seen at the one-month mark.

2. Embrace Your Patchy Beard With a Unique Beard Style

You have three options here:

  1. Rock a patchy beard that you know doesn’t look good.
  2. Trim it all down and return to a clean shave which is obviously worse than a patchy beard.
  3. Rock a beard style that complements your patchy beard.

The third option is the best option.

By following the third option, you may find yourself rocking a unique beard style, but that’s for the best. Being different is going to help you more and give you an edge over your competitors in every domain.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable, but with time, you will feel more confident because of it. Moreover, ladies love a guy with an edge.

Try Chin Strap, Goatee, or just a mustache.

Chin Strap Beard Style
Chin Strap | Credit: TheTrendSpotter
Goatee | Credit:

3. Take Care of Your Beard

Man comb his beard

If you don’t take care of your beard, no matter how thick it is, it will not look good. Grooming may add to your workload, however, proper grooming is an important part of keeping & growing a beard.

Even if your beard is patchy, it will look good on you with proper grooming. Here’s a basic routine you can follow to take care of your beard:

  1. Use Beard Oil: You can use beard oil like King C. Gillette Beard Oil, Beard Oil by Percy Nobleman, etc daily to moisturize your beard. Beard oil will help you soften and strengthen your beard hair, help you get rid of beard itch, protect the skin beneath the beard, nourish the beard with vitamins and minerals, and help keep the beard clean and smelling great.
  2. Shampoo and Conditioner: You can’t expect your beard to clean itself. Just like the hair on the top of your head, you need to clean the hair on your face. You need to use shampoo and conditioner regularly to keep your beard clean, get rid of itchiness, and keep it smelling great. You can use shampoo and conditioner like Bulldog Original Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, King C. Gillette Beard and Face Wash, etc.

4. Boost Your Beard Growth!

Man exercising

Your beard growth depends upon your genetics. However, this doesn’t mean that you will hit your peak beard-growing capability even if you are doing things that sabotage beard growth.

The lifestyle of modern man is littered with things that sabotage beard growth. These things mentioned below will help you in living a healthy lifestyle that will boost your beard growth:

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: To keep your beard healthy, you need to keep your lifestyle healthy. To grow and keep your beard healthy, you should: Avoid smoking, alcohol, and caffeine, get plenty of sleep daily, avoid junk food, reduce stress, etc.
  • Exercise: Strength training and weightlifting can help you temporarily boost your testosterone levels. Moreover, exercise improves blood flow, a prerequisite for healthy beard growth.
  • Diet: You need to make sure that you are consuming a balanced diet filled with vitamins and nutrients your body needs. A healthy diet won’t change your genetics, but it will help you in reaching your peak potential.
  • Biotin: Biotin supplement has been shown to improve hair growth and help strengthen hair and fingernails. Most people are unable to get enough biotin from their diet. As a result, it affects their beard growth.


Most of the time, the patchy beard is due to a lack of patience. You just haven’t given it enough time to grow. However, some men lack decent beard growth due to genetics.

If you can’t grow a full beard or have a patchy beard even after months of growing it, try styles that may work with your beard growth. If you can’t find a beard style that looks good on you, go back to clean shave. That’s your best bet.

However, if you want to keep a beard even if you can’t grow one, try a beard transplant.

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