Complete Guide to The Military Press Plus Ways to Do it Safely

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Back in the 1900s, One Exercise Which Was Performed By Every Bodybuilder was Military Press Due to the Fact that Military Press is One of the Very Few Exercise that targets Most of the Prominient Muscles Like Triceps, Shoulders, Chest etc

But Now a Days only Few People Perform this Exercise

Not Because it’s Not Good Enough But Because very Few People Know About this Exercise

Military Press is one of the Best Way to Hit all Your Major Muscle Groups

Benefits of Military Press

Military Press is Old School When it Comes to Training For Your Shoulder. It Hit’s Most of Your Major Muscles Like Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. Not only that It Increases the Core Strength which is Kinda Important.

Major Benefits are:

  1. Enhances Core Strength
  2. Hits all the Major Muscles
  3. Easy to Perform

Ultimate Way to Perform Military Press

Ultimate Way to Perform Military Press

Basically Performing Military press is Easy But Performing it Correctly is Tough. Here are 5 Steps to Perform it Properly

  1. Firstly Put The Weight on the Squat Rack Rather than on the Ground to Avoid Lifting Weight From the ground Every time You Have to Perform a Set. Make Sure You Put Comfortable Weight on the Bar. Nor too Little Nor too Much
  2. Know You Have to Grab the Bar With a Hook Grip, Depending Upon Your Comfort Choose Your Grip. In My opinion Hook Grip is the Best. Now Bend Your Knees and Take a Deep Breath. Take the Weight From the Rack
  3. Now You Have to Join both of You Feet together and Then Take a Deep Breath. After that Squeeze Your Glutes and Tense Your Abdominal Muscles, In One Hit Push the Weight over Your Head
  4. Make Sure that Your Arms Go to Full Extension, While Maintaining a Good attention Posture. When it’s Time to Pull The Weight, Down Do it Slowly. Make Sure that Your Head is Away from the Bar in order to avoid clip from it
  5. Make Sure Your Elbows are Pointing Forward. That’s all

Here’s a Video of How a Pro Perform this Military Press

Military Press Vs Overhead Press

You Would Be Curious By Know About the Difference Between Military Press and The Overhead Press Because on the Surface Both of them Look Same. But their is a Key Difference Between Military Press and Overhead Press

While Performing the Overhead Press You Keep Your Feet At Comfortable Length Apart But While Performing Military Press You Keep Both of Your Feet Joined together Like a Soldier Who is Standing in Attention

The Difference Makes Each of this Exercise Different

Cause Frankly, Just Due to the Foot Arrangement The Balance of the Entire Body Shifts

Because of The Balance the Amount of Stress on Abdominal Muscles While Performing the Military Press is Enormous

Military Press vs Shoulder Press

Just Like the Overhead Press, Military Press and Shoulder Press Looks Exactly the Same on the Surface. For Example: In Overhead Press You Keep Your Legs at Comfortable Length Apart

The Distance Between the Feet Depends upon Your Comfort

But In the Shoulder Press You Keep Your Feet Strictly at Shoulder Length Apart

In Brief Shoulder Press, Military Press and The Overhead Press are All Same the Difference is Due to the Balance a Person Needs to Maintain Due to Different Foot Placement

Military Press Variation You Should Know

There are Around 5 Variation of the Military Press, In Brief All of them Hit the Major Muscles. But Depending Upon the Variation, Intensity Increases

5 Variation of Military Press

  1. Seated Military Press
  2. The Push Press
  3. The Seated Dumbbell Military Press
  4. The Dumbbell Arnold Press
  5. The Smith Machine Military Press
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How to Warm up Before Military Press?

The Most Common Mistake all the Newbie Make is that They Go Straight into Doing Military Press Without Even Warming up. As a Result, Injuries Happen. In Order to Avoid that I Would Advise You To Do a Little Bit of Warm up Before Doing Heavy Overhead Press

Warm Up is Necessary Because Muscles in the Shoulder are Easy to Injure, So kindly Do Warm up and Avoid Injuries

Warm Up For a Overhead Press Should Contain two Set’s of 20 Push-ups, Followed By 30 Light weight Push Press. Perform 30-40 Shoulder Dislocates with a Broom Handle.

After That Rest For 1 Minute and You are Good to Go.

Common Mistakes with the Military Press

common mistakes with the military press

Most Common Mistakes Made By Newbie’s are:

  1. The Grab the Bar Wrongly
  2. They Overload the Bar, The Important thing in Military Press is Technique. Overloading the bar with a weight that you are not capable of lifting will translate into poor technique and injuries
  3. Relaxing the Abdominal Muscle and Glute in between the Rep
  4. Bending Arms in the Wrong Direction. Remember that You Have to Keep Your Elbows Forward.

Routine For Military Press

In Order to Get Most out of this Exercise You Have to Perform it in a Proper Sets and Repetition, So that Not only You Hit all Your Major Muscles But You Also Hit Em Hard

You Have to Firstly Decide Weight according to Your Strength Level and Bodyweight

Make sure the Weight on the Bar is Enough To Make Your Each Rep Hard

Know we are Gone assume that Weight on the Bar is Heavy Enough that Each Rep You Make Counts. You Have to Perform At least 5 Sets With Minimum of 5 Reps and Maximum of 10 Reps.

If You are Able to Do More than 10 Reps Then Just Add More Weight on the Bar

Cause Otherwise it’s Useless

Every time You Reach Peak of More than 10 Reps You Add Weight To the Bar


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Military Press is one of the Best Way to Increase Your Overall Performance, Strength and Physique. But You Have to Make Sure that You Don’t Hurt Your Self While Performing it. Cause the Last thing You Want is Hurting Yourself.

Take Proper Amount of Rest Between Each Workout Session and You are Good to Go.

P.S Hope You Enjoyed Reading the Article If You Have any Doubt Just Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You.

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Best Wishes

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