Complete Guide on How to Build a Disaster Survival Kit at Home Easily

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Sometimes There is a Situation that Makes Your Survival as a Human Tough and to Survive Those situations You Need Knowledge and a Disaster Survival Kit Cause Without It Your Chances of Survival are Pretty Low. Best Way to Survive a Disaster or Be Prepared For a Disaster is to Have a Proper Disaster and Survival Kit Ready. Not only that You also Need to Learn How to Use that Kit Cause Most of the Times People Don’t Know How to Use It.

I Don’t Get it Why People Pay So Little Attention to this Topic Cause You May Not Accept it But Survival is Tough and It Becomes a Lot More Tougher if You Have No Kit With You and You Just Have to Start Looking For Stuff When the Disaster Hits.

So To Avoid This I Just Created a List For You With this List You Will Be able to Survive Disasters and the Only Thing You Have to Do Literally is:

  • Read this Article
  • Get these Thing
  • Know How to Use Them
  • Practice

Tools in Disaster Survival Kit To Survive Any Situation


These are The Tools Which You Need To Survive a Disaster Moreover, I Gave a Special Attention to the Fact that Tools Should Be Less and Uses Should Be Maximum. So These Tools are Must Have and It Doesn’t Matter How Much is Your Budget Cause Most of These Tools are Cheap.

1. Fire Starter or Fire Starting Equipment

Matches for Starting FIRE

You Should Know By Know How Important is Fire For Survival. If You Don’t Then I Need to Educate you To Check out this Post on How to Survive in the Wilderness with Just a Knife. Know You are Probably Knowing Why Fire Is Important. More Important is The Fact that You Should Have an Equipment to Start a Fire. It Will Be Better If You have at least 3 Types of Fire Starting Fire Equipment.

So is What I Have in My Disaster Survival Kit For Starting Fire:

  • A packet of Regular Matches ( Cause Nothing Can Beat the Classics)
  • A Bic Lighter
  • A Striker

Keep Those Pieces of equipment In Your Kit at All-Time Moreover, Never Forget to Put them or Cover them With a Waterproof Material So That  Water Doesn’t Make Things Tough.

2. Survival Knife

Survival Knife to Survive

Your Chances of Surviving Decreases If You Don’t Have a Knife Cause Without It You Will Not Be Able to Perform Certain Tasks. Tasks that Are Important For Your Survival. This is The Only Tool in Which You Should Invest Without Any Restrictions.

You are Gone Use the Survival Knife in Variety of Ways and Some of the Uses of The Knife are Listed Below:

  • For Hunting
  • For Chopping Wood
  • For Creating Fire ( Only if You Have a Good Quality Survival Knife )
  • For Creating Wooden Weapons For Protection
  • Creating Shelter
  • In Cooking

In My Opinion, Don’t Buy a Cheap Survival Knife. This is one of the Tool Which is Gone Used By You Literally Thousands of time and If It’s Quality is Not Up to Work then It Will Decrease Your Chances of Survival.

Right, Know I Don’t Have an Opinion on Which Knife You Should Buy But If You Need My Help In Selecting the Suitable knife then Just Contact Me, I Will Be More than Happy In Helping You.

3. Map and Compass


Chances Are that In Disaster Survival Situation GPS Won’t Be Working. So You Have To Solely Relay on Maps and Compass. Have a Local Map and a Compass With You in Your Disaster Survival Kit Just In Case. Moreover, Carry a Road Map and Typography Map.

Carrying a Map and Compass is One Thing and Knowing How to Properly Use It is Another thing. So Spend Some Time in Educating Yourself on How to Use the Compass and Read the Map. It’s Not Hard to Learn How to Read a Map Trust Me.

Know How to Read a Map:

Know How to Use Compass:

4. First Aid Kit

first aid Kit

If The Situation Right Know Demands You Go out and Survive in the Wilderness then The Very First Thing That You Should Have With You is a Simple First-aid Kit. It Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive But It Surely Should Have Basic Stuff.

For Starters, You Should Buy It Online on Amazon. Literally on Amazon You Will Find First Aid Kit’s With All You Need in Few Bucks. Moreover, You Don’t Have to Hustle to Find Suitable Medicines and Bandages.

But Make Sure that You Buy a Quality Product and Check it’s Expiry Date So That When You Face a Situation Worth First Aid You Don’t Have to Mess with Expired Medicines.

5. Flash Light/ Torch


If You Don’t Want Yourself in a Position of Complete Darkness in the Middle of The Night Maybe in a Forest or a Deserted Building Then You Should Probably Arrange a Flash Light or Torch. Uses of Flash Light are Immense. Moreover, they are Pretty Cheap.

Don’t Forget to Buy Batteries with them and If You Have a Large Budget Then Buy a Flash Light That Has a Radio Fixed With it. These Types of Flash Lights are Cheap Moreover You can Use the Radio For Good.

Also, these Types of Flash Light have a Wheel Attached to Them Which Can Be Used to Charge the Flash Light and Power the Radio too.

6. Water Filtration/ Water

water filteration

Chances are You Have to Get Water From Not So Good Sources Cause In Times of Disasters Water is Generally Polluted and If You Want To Survive You Need Water. Moreover, You Can’t Go Without Water for Long So it Would Be Better to Buy and Keep a Water Filtration tool in Your Disaster Survival Kit,

These Types of Tools are Cheap and Moreover, You Don’t Have To Risk Getting Infected With The Polluted Water. You Can Also Filter the Water By Yourself By Old Method. This Method Doesn’t Require any Equipment and is Easy to Do.

Check this Out For  More Information on How to Filter the Water Naturally:

7. Signal Gun/Whisle


You May Have Heard those Stories that a Rescue Helicopter Passed By and There Was Nothing I Could Do Rather Than Shouting Empty Stomach. You can Change that Fact By Keeping a Signal Gun or a Whistle With You all Time.

Don’t Take this Item Lightly Cause Sometimes Having a Whistle With You will Mean Life and Death.

For More Information on Survival Check this Out Survival


Surviving a Disaster is Tough But It Get’s Tougher If You Aren’t Prepared So Take Charge and Get Ready. No One Knows What Future Will Reveal But If You are Prepared For The Worse then Minor things Can’t Even Faze you.

If You Have any Query Related to Anything Then Just Contact Me or Comment Below I Will Be More than Happy to Solve Your Problem. Moreover, New Edition of Diet Plan For The Next Month is Coming Out So Subscribe to the Newsletter to Never Miss the Diet Plan For The Month.

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