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There is a small percentage of men who invest their time and energy to take care of themselves. These men spend hours to find out what looks good on them, hours in taking their style game to the next level, hours in maintaining their health & fitness.

And they do it cause they know that being simple is not going to get them anywhere. They know, It’s tough out there, and if they dress like the average man, they are not going to reach their full potential, let alone impress their crush.

Now the question is, What are you going to do? Are you going to step out of line, into the style, or are you going to stay in line and remain where you are? If you are reading this article, chances are you are trying to step into style, trying to improve yourself.

The first step to manifest your style is all about accessories. These are the simple things that every man needs to own. These are the weapons of modern men, helping them in expressing themselves.

Moreover, Accessories are the easiest way to take your style game to the next level, even with the most basic outfits. Whatever you have in your closet will look better on you once you accessorize yourself properly.

In this article, you will find out 6 accessories that you need right now. These accessories will boost your style point instantly by making you one of the few people in your circle who actually use accessories.

How to Accessorize?

You can accessorize yourself by matching your accessories with your outfit, pairing bold accessories with simple outfits, pairing simple accessories with bold outfits.

However, the best & most effective way to accessorize yourself is by playing a character.

Archetypes and characters are very important when it comes to style. When you accessorize yourself, try to play a character. Pair your outfits and accessories in such a way that you insinuate a character or a fantasy.

For instance, dress or accessorize like James Bond, not only you will insinuate style, you will also look classy and exciting.

There are many different archetypes or characters you can choose from while accessorizing yourself. However, avoid accessorizing or dressing by putting random things together. That’s how the average guy does.

Go through your wardrobe, match your outfits with accessories and try to add them up to a particular character/fantasy. You literally have a choice to be whatever you want to be using style.

Editor’s note: While choosing accessories, be anything but boring. Being simple, staying in line will get you nowhere.

Here are 6 accessories every man must own:

1. Rings


Rings are one of few accessories you can style with any outfit. Rings look good with formal, casual, or anything you can come up with. However, depending upon your outfit, some rings may be too bold. For instance, These ones:

No doubt rings like these feel good, but they are not your best bet while wearing anything formal. Moreover, If you have never used a ring before, you should start with something simple and see how it goes, how it makes you feel.

Experiment with different types of rings, try rings on different fingers, try wearing multiple rings, and then stick with the style that suits your taste. (My recommendation)

2. Watch

Even if you have a phone, it’s still for the best to have at least one timepiece.

It’s not for keeping track of the time. It’s for the sake of style. Since, in most cases, If you are wearing one, a watch will be the first thing that people notice about you, making it the most important tool in your fashion arsenal.

To make matters worse, there are thousands of options to choose from.

So, before buying one, to make the best pick, think about the main use of the watch. For instance, If you are going to wear it to the office, it’s better to stick with something professional like a watch with a leather strap & an uncluttered, clean dial.

Regardless of type, one thing is sure, it will help you in staying punctual and maintaining a high level of professionalism and style. Moreover, you don’t have to buy an expensive watch to make it count. A watch under 100 bucks counts, as long as it complements your outfit. (My recommendation)

3. Sunglasses

man wearing sunglasses

It doesn’t matter whether you are blessed with 20/20 vision or not, sunglasses are something you need to add to your wardrobe. Since there is no better way to show your style and personality than with sunglasses.

Moreover, depending upon the type you are wearing, you can make yourself look more professional and stylish. However, make sure that you invest in a high-quality pair cause if you find a pair that suits your face shape, you will probably wear it for a longer duration of time, and wearing sunglasses of poor quality is only going to affect your vision.

If you have an oval face shape, most styles will look good on you; If you have a heart face shape, go for a round pair or a sports shape; For square and round face shape, go for a pair with curved edges like an aviator; (My recommendation)

4. Backpack

man carrying a backpack

A backpack is not something you will normally use. However, having a stylish backpack is essential for every man. Depending upon the type of activity you are involved in, your backpack will vary. For instance, you need a compact backpack for urban activities and everyday use, but using the same backpack for hiking will be impractical.

You can start with a backpack that fits your immediate use since everyday style matters the most (Get yourself something you are proud of carrying around).

If you are in a college or high school, getting yourself a stylish backpack can boost your style game instantly, as not many people in college/high school take care of their style. (My recommendation)

5. Wallet

What type of wallet you keep is up to you. It drops down to your need.

However, you are going to use a wallet more than any other accessory on this list. It’s for the best if you keep a fashionable wallet by your side. This way, it will add points to your style.

I carry a cardholder. Luckily it has space for some cash. It looks elegant, and since it’s slim, it’s perfect for me. If you don’t carry a wallet, you should. It’s a necessary accessory that every man should own.

And if you do, try to change it to a type that is minimal, functional, and stylish. (My recommendation)

6. Bracelets

Bracelets can improve your style significantly. Bracelets look good with formal and casual outfits and can be used to showcase your style and personality.

There are various types of bracelets, from beaded bracelets to solid metal. There is a type for every choice. However, you should avoid overly bold bracelets.

I had a silver bracelet when I was young. I was very fond of it but now, thinking about how proudly I wore it every day makes me cringe. There was nothing wrong with that bracelet, it just didn’t suit my outfit and personality.

So, even though bracelets are one of the most wanted men’s accessories, you still need to be cautious of your choice. (My recommendation)


Accessories can make your average outfit into a work of art. However, you should keep tabs on the number of accessories you are wearing. You can wear too many accessories, and it will not work in your favor.

Yes, there are guys out there who can pull that look, However, If you are just starting out, trying to discover your style, trying to take your appearance to the next level, trying to look a certain way, start by doing the bare minimum.

Start by wearing a ring or sunglasses and evaluate how it affects your appearance, and if you think more accessories will help you even further, then go for it.

So, start slow, try things, and stick with the style that suits your personality or can help you in manifesting the aura, character, and appearance you are trying to create.

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