7 ways to Stay Positive When Negative People Drain Your Energy

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If You are Surrounded By Negative People It’s Tough to Stay Positive But It’s Not Impossible. Being Positive is a Matter of Choice and You Always will Have one But What matters is Whether or Not You Seek Hope or Not

Most People When Confronted By an Impossible Situation Forget all About Negativity

Being Surrounded By Negative People is The First Step toward Hopelessness

So, Here’s How You Should Deal with them

How to Avoid Negative People?

Before We Learn How to Avoid Negative People It’s Better We Understand First What Makes a Person Negative as Without Knowing it We May offend the Wrong Person

A Person Who Tells You About Your own Weakness and How You Can Improve Yourself is Not a Negative Person rather The Person is Your Faithful Companion


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In Order For You to understand yourself More Properly and For You to Keep Yourself Safe From Negative People It’s Very Important for You to First Understand What Makes a Person Negative

A Person Can Be Consider Negative For You if He/She Hinders Your Emotional, Psychological and Financial Development. It May Be a Person Who Wants to Restrict You

Out of their own Fear of Greatness, they Try to Stop You From Doing things that in their own Eyes is Impossible. They May Tell You that They are Protecting You

But The Only Thing They are Protecting is their Own Fear

Forcing their Fear onto You is the First Sign of Their Negativity and If You Stay Close to Them then Sooner or Later You Will Also Develop the Same Fear that they Posses

What Will Happen then Is Your Growth will Be Compromised. You May Be thinking that You can Help Them In Getting Rid of Their Fear But You Are Wrong

Their Fear Has Taken Roots in their Subconscious and the Only Person that Can Help Them is Themselves Not You

Then Only thing You can Do is Stay Away From them

The Only Way You Can Avoid Negative People is Stay Away From Them and Don’t Listen to a Single Word they Say to You

Avoiding them is the Only Way and If They are in the Same Class or Office as You are in then Don’t Listen to a Single Word they Say

Best Way to Conserve Your Energy in the Presence of Negative People?

May Be You are in a Condition Where You are Forced to Cooperate With a Negative Person But You Don’t Want to Get Affected By His/Her Negativity What Should You Then

How Should You conserve Your Energy in the Presence of a Negative Person? You can Do Just One thing You can Avoid Listening to Whatever they Say

It Doesn’t Matter What they Say Cause they Have a Negative Opinion toward Life No matter How Close they are To You they Will Never Be Able to Provide You with the Good Will to Take Risk

To Take Action and Become what You were Born to Be cause Quite Frankly they Have Given Up on Life and They are Approaching Life With Fear in their Heart

But You, My Friend, are Born For Greatness and The only thing that Can Stop You is Completion of Your Goal

Conserve Your Energy in the Presence of Negative People By Focusing Your Entire Energy on Your Goal and Your Dream

Once in a While, You Will Have to Stay in the Company of the Negative People the Best thing You can Do is Focus on Your Goal and Avoid Listening to What they Have to Say

Should You Avoid Crossing Path with People Who Drain You of Your Energy?

At All Cost, You Should Avoid Crossing Path with the Negative People But Sometimes Situation will Ask you to Cross Path with them

The Best Thing You Can Do in that Situation is Focus on Your Goal and Conserve Your Energy With the Best of Your Ability

Don’t Try to Change their Mindset Cause Once the Fear Grabs a Person it’s Difficult to Stay Positive and If you Try to Change their Though Processing They Will Start to Resent You

You Can’t Help Them Cause the Only Person Who Can Help them is Themselves Alone and If You Try to Help Them, Your Own Life Will Turn Miserable

Trust Me, I Know All About Negativity and Let Me Tell You Something, Negative People are Not Just Negative They are also Filled With Fear and Hate

They Hate Everything and What they Don’t Hate they Fear and If You Want to Live Your Life with Happiness and Fearlessness then You Should Definitely Avoid Them

You Should Avoid Crossing Path with the Negative People But Sometimes You will Be Surrounded By Negative People and Best thing You can Do is Avoid what they Say

Why It’s Important That You avoid the Unlucky Friend?

If You Have an Unlucky Friend or a Friend Who is Always Telling You About How Bad His Life is and How is Unable to Do anything about it that Friend is One You Should Start Avoiding

I Know He is Your Friend and You Don’t Want to Avoid Your Friend But If You Stay with Him Your Life Will Sooner or Later Become Miserable and You won’t Be able to do anything about it

He will Show You How Weak and Incompetent You are and There is No Way You Can Do anything Great in the World

Living with People Who are Negative will Affect You Mentally cause Sooner or Later Your Mindset Will Change Because of the People Around You

You Will Start To Understand their point of View and Sooner or Later You Will Adopt it

They are in Some Way Right! Life is Hard and Humans are Fragile

But along With Weakness, Human also Posses Strength of Will and a Mind That Can Come up with Solution For Any Problem

Looking at only the Negative or The Positive Half of the Spectrum Makes You a Negative Person

Look at Both The Side and Then Choose The Side Which Best Suits Your Goal

7 Ways to Stay Positive When Negative People are Draining Your Energy

Now I Think is the Right Time to Tell You about 7 Ways Which Will Help You in Staying Positive Even when the Negative People are Draining Your Energy

Keep Track of Your Goal

Keeping a Mental or Physical Track of Your Goal Will Not Only Help You avoid the Human Pettyness But will Also Provide You with Open View on Matters You Deal With

Tracking Your Goal Will Help You Understand What Matters For You and What Don’t and In a Way, You will be able to Do a Sharp Judgement in Every Situation

Similarly, Negative People Will Mean Nothing to You cause They Don’t add anything to Your Goal Rather they take Away Everything

Meditate Everyday

If You Don’t Meditate Then Their is a Lot of Chance that You Think that Doing Meditation is Kinda Lame and It Has No Benefits. You Maybe Right But You Can Also Be Very Well Wrong

Benefits of Meditation are Limitless But those Benefits will mean Nothing to You If You Don’t Try Sitting at a Place and Meditate

It’s Nothing Complex Even a Child Can Do it!

You Just Have to Sit at a Quite Place or a Noise One and Concentrate on Your Breathing Until You Feel Relaxed. You Can Talk to Yourself or Think about Your Future

When You Should Do it? You can Literally Do Anything at that Time. That Couple of Minutes are Solemly Going to Be For You and Your Goal, Happiness, and Peace

Throughout the day, A Man Has to Focus on a number of Problems and Find Solution

Solutions and Problems are Nothing But Means to an End But What a Man Doesn’t Get is a Moment of Certainty and Rest

By Doing Mediation You Get that Moment

Wake up Early

Every Rich Man and Successful Man Either Wakes Up at 5:00 AM or Goes to the Bed at 5:00 AM

Everyone Knows it But only a Few accept it and Embrace it. The Thing about waking up Early is that it’s Tough to Wake up Early Even with all it’s Benefits It Still Hurts

To Get up in an Uncomfortable time in the Morning and Do Some Push-ups

Why Can’t I Just Do them in the Afternoon or the Evening

In My Own Experience Waking up Early Doesn’t Give You any Special Powers or Will to Fight But What it Helps You with is Mastery

You Master the Art of Controlling Your Emotions and Do What Needs to Be Done

In the Morning Your Mind is as Sharp as It Can Be

Everything You Do in the Morning is all Productive Even If You Don’t Like to Exercise, You May Start Liking it in the Morning time

Doing Something Like Waking Up in the Morning Can Help You Stay Positive Throughout the Day

Eat Good Food

What We Eat Defines us, Eating Junk Food all the Time Fills our Mind and Body with Negativity Whereas Eating Healthy organic Food Fill our Heart and Body With Happiness

But Usually, We Fill our Body with the Mix of Both Types

A Recent Study Has Shown that Junk Food Can Increase the Risk of Depression and Can Effect the Brain Chemistry

So, What We Eat is Not Something to Be Taken Lightly

Eating a Balanced Diet, Full of Veggies and Little Bit of Meat is a Great Way to Keep your Health, Body, and Mind in Proper Harmony

You can Never Stay Positive If You are Filling Your Body With Negativity

Have Few Positive Realistic Friends

Having Positive Friends Who Truly Love You and Care about You is Beautiful. In this Modern Era, Love is Something People Don’t Even take a Shot at

But Nothing in this World is As Expensive as Love. Love is Something a Person Desires His Whole Life and Having Wonderful Friends Who Care For You is Just Beautiful in its own Way

Make Sure To Keep Few Friends all along Your Life Who Love and Care For You. Friends Who are Willing to Tell You the Difference Between Right and Wrong

Friends Who are as Loyal to You and Will Never Hurt You

If You Have Good Friend Then They Will Definitely Help You in Staying Positive

Avoid Arguing with Negative People

Avoid Arguing with Negative People Even If You are Right cause You Will Never Be able to Prove Your Reason. You, Will Make Yourself Look Desperate That’s all

Everybody Has a Different Point of View About Life and your Will Never Match with a Negative Person If You Search For Positivity and Hope

Never Relate Yourself with the Negative People

Relating Yourself with Another Person is not a Positive Thing to Do. You Can have a Same Situation as the Other Person But You can Never Be Same as the Other Person

You Have to Understand this Properly, That You are Different and Every Situation You Face is Different and No Matter What You Do You Will Remain Different From Others

Being Different is Not a Curse But a Blessing

What No One Can Do, Can Be Done By You!

Is It Possible to Change People With Negative Thinking?

Negative People are Very Difficult to Change. If You Spend Your Whole Year in Changing them You Still Won’t Be able to. I Know it Sound Negative From My Side But Truth is Truth

The Only Thing You Should Focus on is People Who Truly Want to Change themselves and Help Them Change Themselves

But It is Also Your Responsibility that While Trying to Change Them You Shouldn’t Deviate From Your Own Path Cause If You Do Deviate then We Will Have One More Negative Person To Change

What Should I Do When I am Feeling Like I Have No More Energy?

You are Feeling Wrong Unless You are a Middle Age Dude with 3 Nights of No Sleep at All It’s Not Possible For You to Have No Energy

Fact that You Feel Like You Have No Energy at All is Just You Being Negative


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Being Positive is Not a Gift it’s a Choice, You Choose to Be Positive When Hell Breaks Loose, You Choose to Be Positive When You are Confronted By Misfortune

You Choose To Be One When You Have No Choice But to Search For Hope!

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Stay Strong, Stay Hungry

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