7 Key Benefits of Weightlifting Belts and Reason Why You Should Use One

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Should You Be Using Weightlifting Belts or Should You Go Raw? The Question is Quite Difficult to Answer But there are Some Benefits of Weightlifting Belts That Make them One of the Best Items to Be Used To Enhance Your Gains and Security While Training. The Thing is Pretty Simple Back in the Days Majority of Trainers and Fitness Experts Were Using Weightlifting Belts While Training Due To Reason Explained Further on.

But Know Only a Few of Them Recommend Using Belts and This is Making People Who are Starting their Fitness Journey Quite Confused Due to the Fact that they are Not able to Make Decision.

Whether to Use it or Not.

Let’s First Discuss the Benefits of the Weightlifting Belts

Benefits of Weightlifting Belts:

benefits of weightlifting belt

Weightlifting Belts Have Few Benefits In Total But their Use Was Started In Order to Prevent People From Damaging their Spine In total. Most of the time When People Start Training and Doing Deadlift Their Form is Pretty Bad Which Can Result in Injury to the Spine.

1. Great For Trainee With Weak Core

When Newbie Start Doing Dead-lift and All Those Heavy Movements, At that Time their Body is Basically Trying to Adapt to the Changing Motions and Due to the Heavy Load of the Weight Most of the Time Newbie Injure Their Spine. In order to Prevent this From Happening, Professional Trainers Recommend Trannie to Wear Belt to Support Their Weak Core.

Wearing Belt, Their Safety is Ensured. Moreover, It Provides Trannie With Additional Support They Need.

So If You are a Newbie Trying to Learn the Technique then You Should Probably Wear Belt in order to Avoid Injuries and Prevent Your Back From Getting Hurt.

2. Belt Brings Most Out of the Leg

In Simple Word, Wearing Belt Helps You Stabilize the Weight Properly While Lifting It Most Stress Is Exerted on Legs Which is What You Want. Thus It Prevents You From Staining You Back.

3. Belt Result in Better Performance

benefits of weightlifting belt

Wearing Belt Improves Your Technique, Stabilizes Your Core Moreover Prevent You From Hurting Your Back In Total Your Total Output After Each Workout Session Will Be Greatly Improved.

You, Will, See a Great Deal of Improvement in Your Performance When You Wear a Belt Moreover, You will Be able to Lift at least 10-15% More than What You averagely Lift If You Wear a Belt.

4. Belt Reduces Spinal Flexion

Before I Mention the Benefit Let Me Firstly Explain What is Spinal Flexion,

When a Person Lift Weight Improperly, Lack of Balance Results In Bending of the Spine in the Forward Direction Which Results In Damage of the Spine and Whole Body Posture.

In Order to Prevent This Proper Form or Technique Must Be Used. For a Trannie Belt offers Additional Support It Reduces Spinal Flexion.

So Wearing Belt Will Help Your Spine In this Way too.

5. Wearing Belt Improves Lifter’s Explosive Power

In a Recent Study in the Department of Kinesiology, California State University, Northridge 91330, USA They Discovered That Wearing Belt may improve a lifter’s explosive power by increasing the speed of the movement without compromising the joint range of motion or overall lifting technique.

6. It Will Reduce Chance of Injuries

benefits of weightlifting belt

The Number one Reason Why Newbie Should Wear Belt is Due to the Fact that Wearing Belt Will Reduce The Chances of Injuries. Injuries Can Be Fatal When You try to Lift Heavy With Improper Form and No Belt to Protect Your Spine.

I Think When You are Starting Lifting You Should Avoid Heavy Weight and Lift Low While Learning How To use Belt Along With Learning the Technique.

7. You can Let them Go When You are Over With the Technique

It’s Not Like You Have to use Belt Forever Once You are Done with the Technique You can Stop Using the Belt. You Should use the Belt in the Learning Stage and only When You are Gone Lift Heavy.

Belt Will Be a Precious Item in Your Gym Bag So I Will Ask you to Buy Good One.

Now Let’s Discuss How to Use the Belt

How to Wear Weightlifting Belt Properly?

benefits of weightlifting belt and how to wear it properly

Weightlifting Belt is Not Your Average Belt Which You can Simply Put on. There is a Proper Way to Use it. Moreover it Will Not Magically Protect Your Spine. It All Comes Down to How You will Wear it. So Follow These Steps While Using Your Belt

  1. Firstly You have to Choose Your Belt, Choosing Belt is Dependent on Your Size Too. Very First Thing You Need to Look at While Choosing Your Belt is Its Width. I will Recommend You to Start with 9-12 cm (width) Belt.
  2. Now You have to Choose Latches, You Have Few Option In this Too: One is Prong Type other Is Levers. I Recommend Levers.
  3. Now Put on the Belt and Your Belt Should Be Covering Your Belly Button, Moreover Brace Your Core and Put Figure in Between The Belt and Your Belly to Check Whether it is On Properly.

Most of the Time Text Doesn’t Helps Much So Here’s a Video on How to Wear a Belt Properly.

My Personal Opinion:

In My Opinion, You Should Wear Belt only In Your Starting Days, When You are Learning the Technique. Avoid Using the Belt When It is Not Necessary. Use it or Wear it only When You Have to Lift Heavy. Moreover, Don’t Depend on the Belt that Much. You Need to Learn the Technique as Quickly as Possible As You can Become Independent Don’t be Dependent on it.

I do a Lot of Lifting But My Weight is Basically Large Rocks and Trees Trunk So I Can’t Depend on theses Belts For Support. Depend Upon Your Shear Will and Strength For Lifting Weight. For More Detailed Information on the Topic Click Here.


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