5 Steps to Losing 100 Pounds in 6 Months (2020 Guide)

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Losing 100 Pounds is Not a Joke. But If You are Smart Enough to Transform Your Lifestyle then It’s Not That Tough. In order to Lose weight, You Have to Consume Fewer Calories then You are Able to Burn in a Day

You Don’t Need to Starve Yourself. You Just Need to Find a Balance Between Diet and Training that Promotes Weight Loss and Good Health

It Doesn’t Matter How Much Weight you are Trying to Lose. The First Few Weeks of Your Weight Loss Journey Will Be Brutal

When I Started My Weight Loss Journey, I was Overweight So, I Decided to Lose Excess Fat and Get into The Best Shape I can Be

After Going to The Gym For a Whole Year I Managed to Lose a Lot of Weight But Still, It Was Not Up to My Satisfaction

I Wanted to Have that Hollywood Physique and Aesthetic. My Training was Paying off But it Was too Slow. So, I decided to Transform My Lifestyle

Transforming My Lifestyle, Making it More Athletic and Making My Diet Weight Loss Friendly Was the Best Decision I Made

I Lost around 19.5 Lbs in the First Month Gradually Increasing My Progress

Going to The Gym Every day is Not Possible. But If You Manage to Transform Your Lifestyle then You too can Be Fit and Health all Year

Make Your Lifestyle Athletic So, that You Don’t Have to Go to the Gym to Stay Fit and Lose 100 Pounds

5 Steps to Losing 100 Pounds

These 5 Steps will Let You Lose Weight only If You are Willing to Change. Most People Don’t Want to Change, They Just Want to reassure themselves

Willingness to Change is Not Enough, You must Take Actions that are Painful. Remember, Motivation will Get You Started But Habits Will Keep You Moving till You Reach Your Goal

You Must Work For Your Goals with Utmost Priority. Losing 100 Pounds is Not Something that You Desire, It Should Be Something You Work For Every day. Following the Right Diet and Lifestyle Should Be Your Top Priority If You Truly Want to Get in Shape

When I Started My Fitness Journey, It Took Me a Year to Just Get into The Right Mindset and I Spent all The Time Feeling Bad For Myself

If You Really Want to Be Happy, Then Being in the Best Shape will Definitely Make You Happy. Tell Me Something, What are You Willing to Do to Lose 100 Pounds?

Are You Willing to Transform Your Entire Routine? Are You Willing to Train Every Single Day and Follow a Proper Diet?

If Yes, Then Let me Tell You a Secret. Losing Weight is Not That Tough. It took me around 1 Month to Lose 19.5 Pounds after a Year of Depression

Making Your Lifestyle More Athletic and Sticking with a Right Diet is All You Need to Do

Here are 10 Steps By Which You Can Transform your Lifestyle and Lose 100 Pounds in the Process. Remember You Can Either Follow these Steps and Reach Your Goal or You can Just Waste More time Feeling Bad For Yourself


Step 1: The Lifestyle Adjustment

The Very First Step is Targeted Toward Changing Your Lifestyle From Sedentary to Athletic. Most People gain Weight Because of Their Lifestyle

Changing Your Lifestyle is one of the best Thing that You Can Do in Order to Lose Weight and Be healthy

Strict Sleep Cycle: The Very First Lifestyle Change Involves Changing Your Sleep Pattern. A Study Suggest that Sleeping Less can alter Body Metabolism and can Boost Body’s ability to Store Fat

So, To Avoid Gaining Fat Due to Sleep Deprivation or oversleeping You Should Follow a Strict Sleep Cycle. Take No More than 8 Hour of Sleep Every Single Day and No Less than 7 Hours of Sleep

Go To Bed at 9:00 pm Sharp and Wake up Every day at 5 o’clock

2 Hour of Jogging Every Morning: After Waking up Perform Yoga and Then Jog For At Least an Hour. I Would Recommend Two Hours Every day

You Don’t Have to Jog Every Day for Two Hours When You are Just Starting Out. Start by Jogging an Hour Every Day and then Slowly Take it up a Notch

Remember Jogging is one of the Most Important Exercises when it Comes to Losing Weight. This Exercise Will Keep Your Weight in Check too

Water Before Meals: Third Lifestyle Change You Need to Incorporate is Drinking More Water. A Study Shows that Drinking Water Half Hour Before a Meal Reduces Your Appetite

Hydrate Yourself Before Jogging and After Training. Make Sure that You Consume Proper amount of Fluids to Avoid Dehydration

No More Snack: Fourth Lifestyle Change is all About Avoiding consuming anything that is Not included in Your Diet Plan. If You Want to Lose Weight then You Have to Restrict Your Calorie Intake and Follow a Proper Diet

If you are hungry then try zero-calorie foods but nothing else

Burning Calories Whenever You Get a Chance: It Doesn’t Matter Where You are Going If it is at a Walking Distance From Your house then You are Going to Walk to Reach Your Destination

If There Is Anything You Can Do that Can Let You Burn More Calories Like Playing Tennis Then You are Going to Do it!

Have Fun, Enjoy Your Life and Make Sure to Use Any Opportunity You Get to Burn Calories, To Actually Burn Calories

30-60 Minutes of Swimming Every day: Swimming Burns a Lot of Calories Even If you are Just Having Fun in the Pool. I Highly Recommend You to Swim Every single Day For Half an Hour At the Very Least

If You Don’t Have an Access to the Pool, Then Burn Calories Every Day By Playing Your Favourite Outdoor Sport

It Can Be Tennis, Basketball, etc. Just Make Sure that It Burns calories and Play it For at Least Half Hour Every Single Day

Hiking Every Single Month: The Last Lifestyle Adjustment is Hiking. Hiking ones a Month is More than Enough For You to Start Seeing Visible Results. In 6 Months You can Go For Hiking Trip at Least 6 Times

Trust Me, After First Few Hikes You Will Be able to See Visible Results

Skipping Every Single Day: Skipping Burns around 20 Calories Per Minute. 10-20 Minute of Skipping in the Evening is More than Enough to Burn a total of 200-400 Calories

Treat Yourself By Getting a Jump Rope and Focus on Getting into the Best Shape of Your Life. You Can Get a Jump Rope online.

Moreover, Skipping will Also Help you in maintaining Healthy Weight

Burpees Every Single Day: Decide How Many Reps You are Willing to Perform in a Whole Day and Slowly raise the Number

For Instance, You can Start By Performing 100 Reps of Burpees Every Day, You Don’t Need to Perform all the Reps in a Single Set

Divide the Reps Throughout the Day But Make Sure that You Perform 100 Reps Before The Day Ends

You can Perform 20 Reps in the Morning and Then Perform 20 Reps Before taking a Shower, 20 Reps Before Luch, 20 Reps Before Snacks, 20 Reps Before Dinner

You are simple performing burpees to earn your meals


Step 2: The Diet Adjustment

After the Lifestyle Adjustment, You Have to Adjust Your Diet. Not Following the Right Diet can Be The Number one Reason For You to Stay obese

Following a Strict Diet: Suppose you are able to burn 1000+ calories every day ( which is highly unlikely ) but you end up fueling yourself with more than 2000+ calories. This way you are literally gaining more weight by the day even after putting all the hard work in changing your lifestyle

That’s why a strict diet is very important. Decide what type of diet you are going to follow and stick with it. An average woman needs 2000 calories per day to maintain weight and around 1500 calories to lose 1 pound in a week

So, if you are thinking about cheat meals or big meals every Saturday just because you can’t control your hunger then that will hinder your progress

One possible solution to the problem is zero calorie foods. Zero-calorie foods are low in calorie and consuming them will help you in curbing your hunger without affecting your overall calorie intake

Moreover, they are filled with nutrients that can help you in preventing nutrient deficiencies. Here are a few zero calorie foods you should start eating today

  1. Apples
  2. Broccoli
  3. Watermelon
  4. Strawberries
  5. Raspberries
  6. Lettuce
  7. Green beans
  8. Kale
  9. Cauliflower
  10. Beetroot

Have a strict diet routine and avoid consuming excess calories by curbing your hunger with zero-calorie foods

Diet Ideas

You can maintain weight by following a balanced diet but losing 100 pounds requires a diet that promotes weight loss

I work at a desk job for me gaining weight is always one donut away but still, whenever I gain weight I quickly shift to a strict diet. I managed to lose 19.5 pounds last summer ( 2018 ) with the help of the keto diet

Keto Diet Focuses on Consuming fewer Carbs, Moderate Amount of Protein, and a High Amount of Fats. A study on ketogenic diet suggested that people who followed the ketogenic diet lost 2.2 times more weight than people on low-calorie and a low-fat diet. Moreover, tons of studies verify its effectiveness

Keto Diet Works By Depleting the Body of It’s Sugar Reserves which Results in Break Down of Fats For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed in the Body For Fuel. When The Body Burns Fat, It Leads to Weight loss

Keto diet contains around 5% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 80% fat. The only problem with the keto diet is that its very difficult to prepare meals since you have to manage calories and macronutrients at the same time

Without a proper combination of carbs and fats, getting into ketosis is impossible. So, I highly recommend you to consult a dietician to help you in creating meals & balance calories. So, that you can avoid the side effects of the keto diet which include headache, fatigue caused due to mismanagement of macronutrients

If you are like me and you don’t have time to consult a dietician then you can get a keto diet plan from here. The diet will be specifically tailored to your goals and will prevent you from nutrient deficiencies most people face while trying to lose weight

Step 3: The Mentality Adjustment

You will Be able to Follow the Diet and the Lifestyle For Few Days But Without the Right Mindset You Won’t Be able to Stick Until You Get the Results

How to Stick with the Lifestyle: The Diet and The Lifestyle has Helped Me to Lose a Lot of Weight and it Still Helps me in Keeping a Track of My health

You will Start Losing weight within a month. The only thing You Need is to Stay Consistent with the Lifestyle and The Diet

Every Day When You Wake Up Prioritise Your Diet and your Lifestyle More than Anything. Being in the Bed is Not Comfortable For You unless You Reach Your Goal of The Fitness You Desire

Every day Motivate Yourself By Realising Your Goal. If You Want to Lose 100 Pounds in 6 Months, It’s Better You Keep Yourself Motivated

You Have to Consciously Choose Health over Momentary Pleasures If You Want Result. After a Month, Your Results Will Provide You with Motivation You Need to Go on


Step 4: The Progress Track

Make Sure that You Keep a Track of Your Progress. You Can Create a Fitness Journal if You Want. Track Your Every Mistake and Every Victory

Even If You Have Spent Your Whole Day Doing Everything against Your Lifestyle and Diet. Still, Keep a Track of It

Remember Bad Days Will Motivate You For the Best Days

Step 5: Victory

Sooner or Later You Will Reach Your Goal. But It will Be Worth Nothing If You are Not able to Realise Your True Potential

Understanding Your True Potential: Losing a Couple of Pounds is Not Enough. You Must Aim at Living a Long Healthy Life Filled with Happyness

You Must Make Your Life More Athletic to Improve Your Overall Health

Now You are Fit. But How Much Fit are You? Are You capable of Running a Full-Marathon? If Not Why Not Start Training For Good Things

Girl Kissing Boxing Gloves

What Should I Do After Losing 100 Pounds?

After Losing 100 Pounds You Should aim For Higher Level of Fitness and Keep on Aiming Until You Reach the Pinnacle of Your Potential

You Need to Aim Higher and Keep on Improving Yourself because If You Don’t, Sooner or Later Your Lifestyle will Be Disrupted


If You Really Want to Lose 100 Pounds in 6 Months, Then Making Your Lifestyle More Athletic and Following a Proper Diet is the Best Way

Just Make Sure You Avoid Skipping meals and Morning Jog If You Want Results. Losing weight is Not Tough If You Put Your Mind into it

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