30 Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast| 20 Weight Loss Tips

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Losing Stubborn Belly Fat is Tough No Matter How You Look at it. In order to Lose Fat Fast, we Need a Proper Combination of Workout and Diet. In Some Cases, We Get a Faster Result and In Some Cases Performing Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Combined With Proper Diet is Not Sufficient Enough

You May Be thinking What more can a Person Do in Order to Keep His/Her Stubborn Fat in Check then I Must Tell You a Secret of Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a Healthy Weight Involves Certain Healthy Lifestyle Changes, By this, I Mean You Average Day Should Be Composed of Healthy Actions Thorough out the Day

These Actions may Involve Walking to Your Office and Avoiding Junk Food Even at Restaurants

Sticking Just to Organic and Healthy Diet

This Small Healthy Lifestyle Changes Will Result in Good Health and in Phenomenal Weight Loss Naturally without Effort

Moreover, It Won’t Take Much to Maintain an Healthy Weight

What is Belly Fat?


Belly Fat is excess abdominal fat surrounding the organs in your stomach. Belly Fat is also Known as the Visceral Fat. Visceral Fat is Considered the Most Harmful Form of Fat in Your Body. This Type of Fat is Dangerous and Linked with Dangerous Health Problems

There are Three Types of Fat: Subcutaneous Fat, Triglycerides Fat and Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous Fat: Subcutaneous Fat is The Fat that Sits under the Skin as Opposed to the Visceral Fat Which Surrounds the Organs. The Amount of Subcutaneous Fat You Have is Dependent upon Your Diet, Lifestyle, and Genetics. Everyone Has Subcutaneous Fat in Their Body

Triglycerides Fat: Triglycerides are Type of Fat That Circulates in Your Bloodstream. 95% of the Fat in Your Body is Triglycerides Fat. So, How Much Fat You Have in Your Body is Dependent on This. When You Eat, Your Body Converts Food into Calories.

Calories Which Your body Doesn’t Need is Converted Into Triglycerides.

Triglycerides is Stored in Your Fat Cells

Visceral Fat: Visceral Fat is the Fat Which is Stored within Your Abdominal Cavity. It is literally Located Near Several Vital Organs Such as Intestines, Live, and Stomach. It Can Build up in the Arteries and can Result in Various Heart Problems

Here is a Way to Get Rid of Excess Visceral Fat

Why You Should Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat?


Apart From the Fact that Excess Belly Fat Doesn’t Look Good on You Aesthetically. There are Various other Reasons For You To Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat. Stomach Fat not only Gives You Sleep Troubles But it Also Has Huge impact on Your Health and Well Being in the Long Run

Excess Belly Fat is Not Just Extra Layer of Padding Just Below the Skin But It Also Includes Visceral Fat Which is Located Near Several of Your Vital Organs

Excess Belly Fat Can Result in Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Colorectal cancer, and High Blood Pressure

Moreover, Excess Fat Reduces the Quality of Your Life

Think about this in a New Light. If You Were 30-40 Pounds Lighter Then There Would Be More Opportunities and Exciting things For You to Try

You Will Look More Attractive and You Will Also Feel More Good

At the End of The Day How You Feel About Yourself is More Important

Why Is Belly Fat So Much Dangerous?

Excess Belly Fat will Translate into Excess Visceral Fat. Excess Visceral Fat is Dangerous Because it’s Located Near Vital Organs. Visceral Fat is Stored in a Persons Abdominal Cavity. It is also Sometimes Called the ‘Active Fat’ Because of the Fact that It Influence How Hormones Functions in the Body

Having Some amount of Visceral Fat is Perfectly Normal and Healthy But Having too Much Fat is Dangerous

Risk and Diseases Due to Excess Belly Fat and Visceral Fat

  1. Heart Diseases
  2. Strokes
  3. Heart Attack
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Colorectal cancer
  6. Breast Cancer

What Causes Belly Fat?


Your Weight is Largely Dependent upon Your Lifestyle. Age and Genetics Play a Role But Mostly it’s Dependent on Your Lifestyle. How Well You are Taking Care of Yourself also Counts. Overall Your Diet, Exercise Routine and Stress are More Important Factors

If You Avoid Exercise Regularly and You Follow a Poor Diet Routine Then Your Belly Fat No Doubt Will Increase

Exercise and Diet are Most Important When it Comes to Weight Loss and Maintaining a Healthy Weight. If You Exercise Regularly No Doubt You Will Lose Excess Fat

Alcohol Consumption is also a Big Reason For Belly Fat

How to Measure Belly Fat at Home?

There are Number of Ways to Measure Belly Fat But If You are Measuring Belly Fat at Home then only Two Ways

  1. Waist Circumference: Firstly Stand Straight and then Ask Someone to Measure Your Waist Circumference. Place the Measuring tape Below Your Last Rib and Above Your Hip Bones. If Your Reading is Below 35 Then You are Good to Go, If Not Then You Have Excess Belly Fat
  2. Waist To Hip Ratio: In this Method, You Have to Measure Your Waist Circumference and Your Hip Circumference and then You Have to Divide Your Waist Circumference With Your Hip Circumference. If The Ratio is Above 0.86 Then You Have Excess Belly Fat

But If You Want Proper Measurement Then You can Try these Methods. These Methods Will Measure Your Belly Fat Perfectly

  1. Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA): DXA uses X-Ray of two Different Energies to Estimate Your Body Fat Percentage. This is One of The Most Accurate Way to Measure Your Body Fat. It takes Around 10 Minutes
  2. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA): In this Method Electrodes are Placed on Your Skin. Some Electrodes Send Current in Your Body in order to Perform Proper Measurement. BIA Devices Detects How Your Body Responds to Small Electrical Currents

Is there any trick to Losing Belly Fat Fast?

If You are Searching For one trick to lose all the Excess Belly Fat then Your Search Will Never Be Over Cause Losing Fat Requires Lifestyle Changes. Yes, You can Use Medicines and Various Machines to Get rid of Excess Fat But After Some time Your Fat will Return

Unless You Make Lifestyle Changes and Unless You Start Exercising Regularly, You Will Never Be Able to Lose Extra Fat

Losing Belly Fat is not The Priority When You Exercise But The Priority is to Get into The Best Shape Possible For You to Be. Change Your Life in a Way that You Feel Happy about Yourself When You Look into the Mirror

Losing Fat is Tough But Staying With Huge Belly is Even More Harder

You Can Either Stay The Same or You Can Change Your Life For Good. But Once You Start Your Journey You Will Change Yourself For Good

You Will Be Proud of Yourself Every Time You Look at the Mirror

Because You are Awesome and This Time You Have Proved Yourself That You are Awesome

20 Tips To Lose Weight Fast and Easy

There are Few things that You Need to Keep in Mind in Order to Make Sure that You Don’t Gain Unnecessary Weight While You are Training. Following these Tips will Make Sure that Your Lifestyle is Perfectly Healthy

  1. Drink as Much Water As You can. Drinking Water Not only Promotes Weight Loss But is also Very Good For Your Overall Health.
  2. Avoid Unnatural Sources of Sugar. Added Sugar is Not Good For Your Health Overall. Moreover, It Will Add Up Unnecessary Calories in Your Diet
  3. Make Sure You Wake Up Early in the Morning. Waking up Early Will Make You More Productive and Moreover, Exercising in the Morning is More Beneficial
  4. Count Every Bit of Calories You Consume
  5. Cut Down on Fast Food. Junk Food is Not Good For Health. Consumption of Junk Food Will Make it More Difficult For You to Maintain Healthy Weight
  6. Exercise Every day No Matter What. If You Want Yourself To Be Fit Forever Then You Have to Exercise Every Day
  7. Consume Weight Loss Friendly Food
  8. Consume More Fruits and Vegetable. In Short, Follow a Strict Organic Diet
  9. Avoid Alcohol Consumption. Consuming Red Wine in Small Dosages is Good For Health But that’s it.
  10. Make Sure You Lift Weight At least 3 Times in a Week. Lifting Weight is a Good Weight to Gain Healthy Fat-Free Mass
  11. Make Sure You Eat a High Protein-Rich Breakfast
  12. Make Sure that You Take Proper Sleep. Good Night Sleep is Crucial For your Overall Health
  13. Weight Yourself Regularly Because of This You will Be able to Keep Track. Measuring Your Weight every day will Help You in Knowing What Works For You and What Doesn’t In this Way Each Day You will Be able to Improve Your Weight Loss Strategy
  14. Drink Coffee and Tea. Studies Have Shown that Drinking Coffee can Boost Your Metabolism and can Also Result in Fat Burning
  15. You Should Consider Trying Intermittent Fasting
  16. Perform Aerobic Exercises
  17. Do Meditation Every Day. Meditation Will Help You in Connecting With Your True Self
  18. While Eating Make Sure that You Chew Your Food Slowly and Properly. Chewing Food Properly Will Result in Faster and Better Digestion
  19. Avoid Dieting and Sticking to a Diet Plan Rather Count Your Calorie Intake. Reality is Cruel and So is Sticking To Your Diet Plan. I Recommend You on Counting Your Calories Instead
  20. Eat Light Dinner

These Tips are Kinda Difficult to Follow But If Your Resolve is Strong Enough You Will Be able to Follow through Everything. In My Opinion, Exercising little Bit Harder and Burning More Calories is The True Key to Weight Loss

30 Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

When it Comes to Losing Weight these Exercises are Best of the Best. These 30 Exercises will Help You Get a Flat Belly Along with an Aesthetic Physique to Show off this Summer.


Walking it One of the Easiest Way to Lose Weight No Matter How You Look at It. Just Walking 30 Minutes a Day Will Burn Around 90 to 200 Calories Typically

I Will Recommend Walking at least 60 Minutes a Day to Maintain a Healthy Weight and to Lose Excess Belly Fat


Running For around 30 Minutes at 5 mph Pace will Burn Typically 300 Calories if You Have Weight of Around 155-pounds. The More Your Weight, The More Calories You Will Burn, Just Make Sure that You Job Properly and With Right Pair of Jogging Shoes

I Would Recommend You to Jog Everyday in the Morning For 60 Minutes to Burn those Excess Calories. Without a Doubt, Running is the Number one Exercise For Losing Belly Fat

Moreover, Running Has Other Health Benefits Like Improved Cardiovascular Fitness etc


Crunches are Good When it Comes to Losing Excess Belly Fat. Crunches Will Help You in Gaining Six Packs Along with Losing Fat, it’s a Win-Win Situation

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps


When it Comes to Swimming it is Great Workout For Your Whole Body Because You Need to Move Your Whole Body Against the Resistance of the Water

Sets & Reps: You Should Swim For at Least 30 Minutes Every day


Burpees are the Best Way to Burn those Extra Pounds Easily. Trust Me, Nothing is More Tiresome then 5 Sets of Burpees

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 5-15 Reps


Plank Will Help You in Building the Abdominal Strength along with The Balance

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform Plank For At Least 5 Times While Holding it For 30 Seconds in Each Rep


Sit-ups are Easy to Perform But Make Sure You Do it In a Proper Form to Yield Benefits

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 30 Reps

Flutter Kicks

Futter Kicks Helps Burn Excess Fat Along with Building the Hip Strength

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 4 Sets of Around 35 Reps

Russian Twist

Russina is By Far The Easiest Exercise on the List. It won’t Take Much To Perform But Make Sure that You Keep Your Back Straight a Little

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 30 Reps

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks will Help You in Losing Belly Fat Along with Losing Leg Fat at the Same Time

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps

Legs In and out

Legs in and Out Will Hit at the Extra Fat in Your Hips along with Your Legs

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20-30 Reps Depending Upon Your Comfort Level

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are The Best Exercises When it Comes to Losing Belly Fat Fast. Perform as Many Rep as Possible

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 40 Reps

Rolling Plank Exercises

Rolling Plank Exercise Will Help You Lose Fat in the Hips and Thigh Easily

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps

Turkish Get-up

Turkish Get-Up is Best Exercise to Build Fighting Endurance and Lose Excess Fat

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 10-20 Reps

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams

Overhead Medicine Ball Slams Will Not only Build Your Arms and Legs But they Will Also Help You in Losing Excess Body Fat

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 25 Reps

Side to Side Medicine Ball

Just Like the Overhead Medicine Ball Slam, Side to Side Medicine Ball Will Help You Burn Excess Belly Fat

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps


HIIT has Several Advantages along with Fat Loss. It Improves the Cardiovascular System along with the Respiratory System

Sets & Reps: Do it For At Least 5 Minutes

Bicycle Crunches

When it Comes to Losing Excess Fat Bicycle Crunches Makes the Top of the List Because of How Easy it is to Perform these Exercises and How Much Fat You Can Lose Performing it

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 25 Reps

Leg Raises

Leg Raises are Difficult to Perform But Legs Raises are the Best Exercises When it Comes to Weight Loss and Building Abdominal Muscles

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 10-20 Reps


Jackknife Hits All Your Abdominal Muscles at the Same Time So, Excess Fat is Burned the Most in this Exercise

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 10-15 Reps

Tuck and Crunch

Tuck and Crunch is the Best Way to Lose Excess Belly Fat Fast. Performing it is Easy as Your Weight Goes Down

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps


Performing a V-Sit is Difficult But it’s Not Impossible. You Should Train For the V-sit as Training For it Will Burn the Excess Belly Fat

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 1 Reps But in Early Stages Just Try to Learn How to V-sit

Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises is Difficult to Perform But the Overall Result is Pretty Insane. Your Abdominal Muscles will Get More Stronger in the Least Period of time Through this Exercise

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 5-15 Reps

Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises is the Easiest Way to Lose Belly Fat Along With Training Your Abdominal Muscles

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 25 Reps

Hanging Leg Raises Twist

This Exercise Will Help You Get that V cut in the Abs in No Time Just Make Sure You Are Preforming it In Proper Form

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 15-20 Reps

Ab Wheel Rollout

Ab Wheel Rollout is Difficult to Perform I Recommend You to Start Performing on Your Knees and then Shifting to Feet as You Gain the Appropriate Strength

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 5 Reps Each

Barbell Russian Twist

Barbell Russian Twist Exercise Difficulty Level Depends Upon the Weight You Use. Choose Weight According to Your Strength Level

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 15-20 Reps

Dips-Leg Lift Combo

Dips-Leg Lift is Tough as it Requires You to Perform a Dip Along with Leg Lift. Balance Required in this Exercises is Little Bit More than the Usual

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 10 Reps

Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers

Medicine Ball Mountain Climber is the Easiest Way to Hit Abdominal Muscles Along with Improving the Balance of Your Whole Body But Make Sure You Don’t Injure Your Wrist

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps

Static Pull-up Knee Raises

Static Pull-up Knee Raises is Quite Tough to Perform as it Requires Grip Strength as Well as Balance

Sets & Reps: You Should Perform at Least 5 Sets of Around 20 Reps


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A Word From FitnessGained

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat is Through Proper Workout Routine and Sticking to It. Consistency is the Key to Weight Lost No Matter How You Look at It. You Need to Train Every Day to Lose Weight. Training For One Day in a Week or Two Day is Not Sufficient

Train For at Least 5 Days Every Week with Proper Diet Every Day and Trust Me, Losing Weight and Maintaining a Healthy Weight Will Be a Piece of Cake

P.S. If You Need More Support With the Workout Routine or If there is Something You are Not able to Understand the Comment Down Below

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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