20 Things Every Runner Should Do on Race Day

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If Today is the Day When You are Gone Run For Your Nation as Well as Your Pride Then These are the Tips That Every Runner Should Do on Race Day No Matter What Happens. These Subtle Things Decides Whether You will Win the Thing or Not  Because by doing these Things You are Trying to Get into The Proper Mindset.

I Know Before the Running Day, Everyone Get’s Excited and Just in Excitement Most of the Time Newbie Runner Say Bye to Their Chance to Shine.

I Don’t Want You To Do that Rather I want you To Be Prepared

These 20 Things Will Help You with the Proper Mind Set and Energy to Give Your Best

20 Things You Need to Do

1. Before the Run take a Bath

This is the Basic thing that Every Runner Should Do Before the Race, At the Beginning of the Day I Will Recommend You to Take a Bath. No Matter How Cold is the Climate, A Good Bath Won’t Harm You In any Way. While taking a Bath Clean Yourself Properly.

I would Recommend You to Listen to Your Favourite Track While Taking Shower. It will Surely Boast Confidence and Make You Feel Fresh.

At the Beginning of the Race You Will Definitely Feel More Confident.

2. Meditate

After You Are Down with the Shower I Would Recommend You to Relax a Bit Through Meditation. Doing Meditation Will Not Only Clear Your Mind But Will Also Help You to Get into The Proper Mindset. Take a Deep Breath and Meditate For Around 10 -15 Minutes Top

3. Fuel Your Body

You Should Never Ignore a Meal Before Your Race. A meal is an Essential Fuel that Your Body will Utilize During the Run. I would Suggest You Consume Few Energy Bar it Will Provide You with Instantaneous Energy. Moreover, Take a Proper Meal in Order to Last Longer on the Track.

4. Get Motivated

Motivate Yourself Before the Run. Tell Your Self Properly Why You Decided to Run and Explain Yourself Why You Have to Complete the Run No Matter What. If you Don’t Motivate Yourself Properly then Chances are You will Quite Before You Reach the Finish Line.

5. Take a Good Night Sleep

I Know You are Excited About the Run. I Know You Wanna tell Everyone about it. But You Gotta Relax. The Last thing You want is Being Exhausted before The Race. Keep Yourself Calm and Conserve Bit of Energy.

6. Make Sure to Grab an Energy Bar

No Matter Who You are Proper Amount of Energy is Crucial For You to Complete the Run and Win it. I would Recommend You to Grab an Energy bar and Have it to Avoid Feeling Weak During the Run.

7. Prepare Your Running Uniform

Most of The Newbies Commit this Mistake Quite Frankly Every Newbie Makes this Mistake. Night Before the Run You Get Yourself Ready But You Forget about the Clothing You are Gone Wear During the Run. It is Probably In Your Interest to Pack Everything and Gets Everything Ready the Night Before the Race.

So That in the Morning You Don’t Have to Find things To Get Ready.

8. Check Your Shoes

Make Sure To Check Your Shoes. Most of the Times People Don’t Get a New Pair. I will Recommend You to Get a Pair of New Shoes and the Use it For At least 10 Training Session Before Using it in the Actual Run. It Will Makes You Comfortable During the Run.

9. Don’t Waste Energy

Night Before the Race I Want You to Stay at Home. Avoid Going Out and Wasting Every Ounce of Energy. In Race, The Most Important thing is Crucial Usage of Energy. Just Don’t Party All Night Before the Race.

It Will Definitely Show it’s Color During the Race.

10. Avoid Alcohol

People Who Race Don’t Consume Alcohol Ever. But If You are Like One time, Just Avoid Alcohol a For At least 1 Week Before the Race. Moreover, Resist the Temptation For Alcohol Night Before the Race too.

The Last thing You Want is Consuming Alcohol Night Before the Race.

11. Don’t Smoke

Just Don’t Smoke a Week Before the Race and Do the Same Before the Race. The Winner is Not Made on the Racetrack. The Winner is Made During the Training Session.

Just Quit Smoking It’s For Your Own Good.

12. Get Hydrated

Make Sure to Hydrate Yourself Properly. Drinking an appropriate amount of Water is Crucial. Cause During the Race You will Lose a Lot Amount of Water. In My Opinion Drink At Least 200 ml of Water Before 1 Hour to Race.

13. Warm Yourself up

Depending Upon the Type of Race I Will Recommend You to Warm Yourself Up. Warming Yourself Up will Reduce the Chances of Injuries.

14. Avoid Stretching

Don’t Stretch Too Much Before the Race. Stretching Tears the Muscle Fibres. Moreover, Stretching Before the Race Will Result in Lowering of Your Performance.

15. Check Your Running Diary

If You are a Runner, I would Recommend You to Check on to Your Running Diary to Choose in Which Way You are Gone Run. If You are Beginner then I Would Recommend You to Use this Race as Experiment For Future Wins.

16. Don’t Try to Change Your Technique

I Know You Have a Technique Just Stick With it. Avoid Changing it at the Last Moment. Changing Your Technique At Last Moment Will Result in Lower Confidence.

17. Take Your Medicine

If you Take Any Medication, Just Take it Don’t Avoid it Just Because You are Gone Run.

18. Conserve Your Adrenaline

I Know You are Excited about the Race. Don’t Waste that Adrenaline Inside You Informing People. Use it Tomorrow on the Race Track and Win the God Damn Thing.

19. Wake Up Early

Best Way to Do Everything and Be in Proper Mindset Before the Race is to Wake up Early. If You Sleep Late at Night Then You will Not Be able to Rise up Early. Waking Early Ha it’s Own Benefits too.

20. Jump into a Good Mood

Do Everything Perfectly and If You are Not able to Do So, Just Remain in Good Mood and Have Confidence In Yourself. In Your Training. You will Win the Thing Cause You Know Your Training.

Bonus Thing Every Runner Should Do on Race Day

21. Avoid Distractions

Just Avoid Everything that Makes You Feel Fatigue Before the Race.

P.S I Know You will Win the Thing Cause You Have Faith in Yourself. If You Don’t Have Faith in Yourself The Have Faith in Me. Yes Me, I Have Faith in You That You will Win.

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