15 Realistic Reasons For Relationship Breakup

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Breakup Happens and Some times, Reasons For Breakup are Not That Fascinating Rather than are Lame Excuses Nourished Due to Your Lack of Attention Toward Your Partner

Looking after Your Partner and Taking Care of His/Her Needs and Want is an Essential Part of a Healthy Relationship

So, If You are at the Verge of Breakup with Someone That You Truly Love then There is a Lot of Chance that You are at Fault

If You Truly Love Someone, You Make Time, You Fight For their affection and You Bend the Unbendable

Is Breakup Painful?

Man Standing Near a Heart

Pain From a Broken Heart is Inevitable. How Much You Will Be Affected By the Breakup Depends Upon Your own Personality and Thinking

Some People Suffer From Heartache Less, Some Suffer More


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Sometimes You Feel Happy After a Breakup Because of the Fact that They are Finally Free From a Toxic Relationship

So, It All Depends on You. Depending upon How Much Love Was Between You & your Partner and Health of Your Relationship the Pain Will Vary

But If You Feel Happy after a Breakup then It’s Probably Because You were in an Unhealthy Relationship

Here’s How You Can Recover From a Breakup

Should You Breakup If You are Not Interested in Your Partner?

Yes, You Should Breakup With Your Partner If You are Not Interested in them Because Sooner or Later You Will Leave them. The Longer You Push this Fake Relationship

The More People Around You Will Be Affected By it Moreover, May Be Your Partner is Really In Love with You. The More Time You Spend With Your Partner The More He/She Will Fall For You

Not Interested Enough in a Person is a Good Enough Reason For Breakup. Life is Short If Something is Not Working Out now Then it’s Better You Move on

15 Reasons For Relationship Breakups

man and Women arguing

There are a Lot of Reasons for Breakup But Most of the Time Misunderstanding and Lack of Communication are the biggest ones. Try to Avoid Misunderstanding at all Cost

Change in Behaviour

At the Beginning of Every Relationship, Our Behaviour Toward our Partner is Perfect as Since We are Trying to Win Each Other over But as the Time Passes By Our Behaviour Changes

It’s Natural that Our Behaviour Toward our Partner Will Change But Sometimes That Change is Extreme. Some People Start Judging their Partner and Being Judgemental is Never a Good thing

You Have to Understand that Your Partner is Your Better Half and How You Will Treat Her For Your Whole Life Will Define You as a Person

Being Abusive and Violent Towards Your Partner is What is called Extreme Change in Behaviour


If Your Partner is Well aware that You are Cheating on Him, Then there is a Lot of Chance That Your Relationship is about to Fall apart. Cheating is one of The Biggest Reason For Breakup

But If you are Cheating on Your Partner then It’s Better to Break Your Relationship then Pushing it and Hurting Each Other

Being Unsupportive

Supporting Each other During the Tough times and Not Turning Your Back is the Essence of Being in a Relationship. How Can Your Partner Trust You?

When you Walk Away every time a Problem Knock at Your Door. Supporting Your Partner during the Tough times is What will Separate Your Relationship With Each other From other Relations You Have

Being Unsupportive During Crisis is Like Not Being Present When Your Partner Needs You the Most

So, Every time Your Partner is in Trouble You Should Atleast Stick By His/Her Side and Let them Know that If They Fall, You are Right Behind them to Catch

Toxic People

Maybe People Around You Don’t Want you Together. Maybe they are Envious of You or Some Other Reason Which I can’t Grasp. The Point is Sometimes People Will Try to Break Your Relationship

I Don’t Know Why But It is Not always Your Fault that Your Relationship is Falling apart Sometimes Toxic People around You Will Fill Your Relationship With Hate

You Have to Make Sure that The People around You are Not able to effect How You Treat Your Partner or How You Feel About Your Better Half

Lack of Communication

Communication is the Most Important Part of Being in Relationship. If you are Not Able to Talk with Your Partner about Everything that Effects You Emotionally, About How You Feel About Him

About What Makes You Happy and What Turns You on then You Have to Work on Your Communication Skills a Little More. For a Healthy Relationship, You Need to Talk to Your Partner

About Anything and Literally Everything

At Least That’s How I Feel


Relationship-Based on Lie Can Never Reach Climax. Avoid Lying to Your Partner at Every Cost. One of the Biggest Reasons For Breakup is that People Start Lying to Each other

Lying makes Relationship unstable and it Also Makes Your Partner and You Less Trustable. Tell Me What a Relationship is Without Trust, Without Truth, Without Love

You Have to Stop Your Habit of Lying to Your Partner and Make Yourself More Trustable For Your partner


Paying Attention to Your Partner’s Needs and Wants is Very Important For Growth of a Healthy Relationship. You Need to Make sure that You take Care of Your Lady/Man

Spending Some time With Your Partner, Discussing Important Issues that affect Both of You

Moreover, Enjoying a Movie Together is a Must

If You are Not Giving Enough Attention to Your Partner then You Should Understand that It can Break Your Relation

No More Love

At the Beginning of Every Relation, Intimacy is at it’s Peak But as the Time Passes By It Slowly Decreases. Remember that Spending Time With Each Other

Paying attention to Each other Needs and Physical Pleasures are All Part of a Healthy Relationship

Financial Issues

If You and Your Partner are Facing Financial Issues then You Should Better Sort them out Before they Start Affecting Your Relationship

Sometimes Money Problems Result in Fights which inadvertently Paves a Way to Breakup

Lack of Intimacy

Heat up Your Relationship, Become Unpredictable, Embrace Your Partner Completely and Express Every Part of Yourself

If you are Looking For Intimacy then Travel, Visit Places You always Wanted to Visit cause Lack of Intimacy is Dangerous For Your Relationship

Less Time For Each Other

Spend Time with Your Partner cause If You Don’t Then it Will Sooner Break Your Relationship apart. It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Love Your Partner If You can’t Figure out a Way

To Spend Time with Him/Her then Most Likely You Don’t Love them Enough Cause People Make Time For things they Love


The Truth is out! Long-Distance Relationship Don’t Work Unless Your Partner is Too Busy to Pursue a Real Relationship

In that Case Only Long Distance Relationship Works. You Have to Face the Reality and Start Living in it. If You are Trying to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship then It Would Be Better

If You Visit Your Partner Ones in a While

Lack of Interest

Lack of Interest Due to Predictability is one of The Biggest Reason for Breakups. Keep Your Relationship Alive By Doing Interesting Things Ones in a While

Change in Desires

At Some Point, in Your Relationship, Your Desires and Need will Change and this is Perfectly Normal. But If Your Partner is Not able to adapt to the New Needs and Desires

Or If You are Not able to Cope with the Change in the Needs of Your Partner Then It can Become a Potential Reason For a Breakup

My advice would Be Go See a Therapist Seeing a Therapist For Some People is a GameChanger

Lack of Adventure

A Spicy, Intimate Relationship is Incomplete Without Adventure. Trust Me, Even If You and Your Partner Don’t Like to Travel That Much

A Little Adventure Together Will Be Like a Goldmine of Happy Memories

15 Reasons to Breakup with Someone You Still Care About

If You are Thinking About Breakup then there is a Huge Possibility that You are not able to Get what You Wanted From the Relationship But You Care About Him/Her that’s Why You are With Him

Some People Desire Love From their Partner, Some Want Passion and Some Just Want to Have Someone Dangerous Around them

So If You are Not Getting What You Want From the Relationship then It’s Better to Move On

Life is Short Waiting at a Wrong Place is Not Gonna Give You Anything

Just Make Sure that You have More than One Reason to Breakup

You are Simply Not Happy With Your Relationship

Happiness is Subjective and it also Varies From Person to Person. Some People are Happy if they are In Relationship with a Person Who Makes Them Feel Good about themselves and Love them

Some People are Feel Happier If Their Partner is Kinda Dangerous. It Keeps them on there and Makes them Feel Alive

Some People Like Their Partner to Be Submissive

If Your Partner is Not What Your Preference is then Most Likely You are Not Happy and If You are Not Happy You Should Better Move on

There is No Trust

Having Trust in Your Partner and His/Her Decision is Very Important For a Healthy Relationship. If You Don’t Trust Your Partner than Your Relationship is a Mere Miraz

You Have to Understand that If You Don’t Trust Your Partner Then it means Breakup is on its Way

The Longer You Push it The More Painful it Will Be

Trust is Earned it can’t Be Bought or Sold, Your Partner Has To Earn Your Trust Similarly You Have to Earn Your Partners Trust

You Don’t Care About Break-up

If You Don’t Mind Breaking up then It’s Better You Breakup with that Person cause Not Caring about Breakup is Similar to Not Caring About Your Partner

If You Don’t Care About Your Partner Then Why are You in a Relationship?

Lower Level of Motivation

Every Moment You Spend With Your Partner Should Be Highly Charged and Intimate. If You are with Your Partner and You Have No Energy or Love What So Ever then It’s Time to End it

Lower Level of Intimacy and Motivation is a Clear Sign of No Affection

Suppose You Love and Like Your Partner. Tell Me Truly Can There be a Moment When You are Just Minding Your Own Bussiness If Your Partner is Sitting in Front of You With Desperate Looks

Unless You Have Been in a Relationship For More than 1 Year

You Don’t Feel Good About Yourself

Being With Your Partner Doesn’t Make You Feel Good About You then the Relationship is 100% Toxic. It Doesn’t Matter How You Look at It

Trust Me, I Know a Lot about Toxic Relationship and I Must Warn You Toxic Relationship Looks Good From Every Angle It Just Doesn’t Make You Feel Good

Your Friends Think that You Should Move On

Trust Your Friends are Always Right If they think You Should Move on then You Should Probably Think about Moving on. I Know That Your Friends Can Truly Understand How You Feel

But ain’t That the Point If Your Friends are Looking at the Situation From an Analytical Point of View then They are Right If your Friends think that You Breakup then it Just Means

They Understand the Fact that The Relationship is Not Making You Happy and The Relationship is Toxic overall

Advice From a Good Friend is Worth More than Your Feeling No Matter How You Look at it

Your partner is abusive

You Care About Your Partner or Maybe You Love Your Partner But if Your Partner is Abusive then Their is No Point in Being with Him

Abusive Relationship, Toxic Relationship Should Be Put to End No Matter How it Affects You. Maybe the Breakup Will Break you But at least it won’t Kill You

Being in Toxic and Abusive Emotions is Like Being Hooked on a Deadly Drug. You want a Temporary High But the Price is Too High

Abusive Relationship at the End of the Day is Unhealthy No Matter How You Look at It

Your Partner’s Emotional Health is a Suspect

If Your Partner is Emotionally Unstable then It’s Better to Keep a Distance From them. If You Care About them and You, Then You should Move on in such a Way

You can Look Back and Be Happy about the Time You Both Spend Together

Being in Relationship with a Psychotic Person never Ends Well

There are plenty of other Reasons For Breakup if You are Dealing with Someone who is Emotionally Unstable

You Have Different Set of Values

It’s said that Opposite Attract. But If you and Your Partner Have Different Set of Values then it is Better that You Should Move on

At Beginning Opposite View Point Will make Your Conversations Interesting But Sooner or Later Those conversations will Transform in Raw Battles

You will Get Hurt and You Will Try to Hurt Your Partner Back Better to Be with Someone Who Understands Your Point then Be With Someone Who Will Fight You For Your Opinion

Lack of Intimacy

There are a Lot of Reasons For Breakup, You Can Work on Every Single One of Them But If Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy then There is No Point in Being in the Relationship

Intimacy is Crucial in a Relationship without it Tell Me What is the Point of Being With Your Partner

Lack of Communication

Suppose You are Busy or You are Pursuing a Long Distance Relationship, Even If You Don’t Have Time to Take Rest If You Truly Love Your Partner then You Will Have time For Him/Her

A Message Telling Him/Her to Take care or a Small Message From Him Reminding You to Take Your Pills, When You are Sick Isn’t It Beautiful

Lack of Communication is the First Sign that You Should Think about Moving on

Talk is Overrated But Communication is Not Just about Talk It’s About Connection

When You Hold Hands or Have a Walk, Maybe a Kiss. If you are Missing that Connection then What’s the Point of Being in the Relationship

You are Lying to Yourself

Sometimes Out of Circumstances, We start Lying to Ourself that Things will Be Different we Just Have to Give it Some time. You are Just Lying to Yourself

It Would Be Better If You Become Realistic and Stop Lying to Yourself. If Your Partner is Not What You Want Him/Her to Be then You Should Move on

Forcing Him/Her to Change themselves or Asking them To Change is Wrong

Things Will Never Get Better If You Don’t Take Action

Take action, Pursue Someone Else and Don’t Wait

You are Lying to Your Partner

You can Lie to Yourself and You can also Lie to Your Partner. Suppose You are Lying to Your Partner About Important Matter That affects Both of You Then their is a Big Chance that You are Not into Him

Lying to Your Partner is a Clear Sign that You Don’t Want Him to Know Certain Things. It’s Fine Until You Have to Lie about Everything

In a Healthy and Productive Relationship, People Share Everything With Each Other and Avoid Lying at All Cost

You are Interested in Someone Else

Maybe You are Interested in Someone Else But You Don’t Want to Break Your Boyfriends Heart then It’s Better That, You Break it Faster cause the Longer You Take The More Trouble it Brings

It’s Better that You Be With Someone that You Like cause Life is Short

You Can’t Find a Way to Work it Out

You Like Him/Her But Not anymore and You are with Him/Her Just Because You Don’t Want to Hurt Him. But You Still Can’t Find a Way to Work it Out

Then Stop Looking for a Way to Work this Empty Relationship out instead Go out their Look For Someone Who Can Make You Fall in Love Ones again

These are all the Good Reasons For Breakup

But If You Want to be With Your Ex then


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