What are the Calisthetics Exercises to Gain Endurance? Guide to Gain Endurance at Home

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Most Important Question of the day Can Calisthetics Exercises can Be Used to Gain Endurance? When You Start Your Training for Gaining Strength Most Probably You will Introduce Calisthetics in Your Workout Routine Without a Doubt Cause Calisthetics offer you raw Strength and The Only Tool You Need to Start your Calisthetics Training is Floor and Your Own Body Which You Have. But When You Decide Your Workout Routine For Gaining Endurance You Never Introduce Calisthetics as Most of The People Out There think that Endurance Can’t Be Gained through Calisthetics Training. But Calisthetics Can Be Utilized to Gain Endurance too.

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But Most of You Probably Don’t Know that Calisthetics Training offers Much More than You Think If You Tap into the Hidden Potential of the Training. Before We Jump into Explaining all about Gaining Endurance through Calisthetics It Would Be Better If I Explain You What Calisthetics Training is Realy Is!

What is Calisthetics?

In Simple Word If I define Calisthetics, I Would Say it’s a Mode of training in which You Use Your Own Body Weight as Resistance In Order to Gain Strength. So Most of the Body Weight Exercises are Considered to Be Calisthetics. But There are Exceptions For Instance: Jogging is a Body Weight Exercise Still it’s Not Considered Calisthetics by Experts.

Wikipedia Defines Calisthetics as:

Calisthenics is exercise consisting of a variety of gross motor movements—running, standing, grasping, pushing, etc. — often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment, so essentially, bodyweight exercises. They are intended to increase body strength, body fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging, using only one’s body weight for resistance.

This Definition, In My opinion, is Rather Complicated.
So In a Way When You Start Developing Endurance, Most Probably You will not Include Calisthetics in Your Workout Routine For Gaining Endurance.

Reasons Why You Should Include Calisthetics in Your Workout Routine:

  1.  Doing Calisthetics Exercises Require Literally No Equipment.
  2.  Calisthetics Helps You Develop Your Endurance, Strength to Full Potential.
  3.  Fitness Gained through Calisthetics Lasts Long.
  4.  It’s Fun To Know What You Can Do With Your Body.

Tools Require to Perform Calisthetics Exercises to Gain Endurance:

  1.  Floor ( Rather Smooth ): It’s The Surface on Which You are Going to Perform Calisthetics Exercises. It Should Be Smooth So that You Should Have No Problem in Performing Various Moves and Exercises.
  2. Pull up Rod: This is the Only Real too You Need to Gain Endurance. Literally, You Can Have Asses to a Pull-Up rod in a Park Near Your House. Moreover, It Will Not Cost You More than 50 Bucks.
  3.  Tree: You are Gone Perform Some Climbing Exercises So Find a Tree Near Your House. The Tree Should Be Strong Enough to Support Your Pressure. Moreover, Make Sure that Your Climbing doesn’t cause any Damage to the Tree.
  4.  Rope: This is The Tool Which You Need to Develop the Strength and the Endurance You Desire. Make Sure that the Rope is Strong Enough to Withstand Your Weight and Long Enough So that You can Climb it. You Would Not Like a Rope only 7 Feet Long. But a Rope 20-25 Feet Will Be Sufficient.

Calisthetics Exercises to Gain Endurance:

These Exercises Can help you Gain a Lot of Endurance if You Increase The Repetition For Instance When I started My Fitness Journey I Used to Perform Only 10- 20 Pushups In Order to Check My Triceps Endurance But Now I am Able to Perform More than 200+ Pushups. This Is Extraordinary if You Consider Me as I am Lazy all the Time But Calisthetics Exercises Made My Day and Helped Me to Gain Endurance. So in Brief, You can Gradually Increase the Repetition and Enhance your Endurance to a Super Human Level.

  1. Push-up: It is the one of Exercise that You Got To Do, Push-ups are Not Only Good For the Triceps, Chest and the Shoulders but Are also Good For The Overall Physique. Moreover, This Exercise Builds Strength, Speed, and Endurance. The Perfect Posture For Performing this Exercise is to Keep Your Back Straight and Your Arms Should Be Your Shoulder Width Apart.
    Proper Set: Perform 3-4 Set With at Least 10 Repetition.
    Moreover, Make Sure that You Take Proper Rest In Between.
    Rest Time Between Sets Should Last From 90 Sec to 100 Sec. Make Sure that The Rest Period Doesn’t Exceed It Cause If It Does Then There Will Be No Point In Exercising.
  2. Pull-ups: When You think of Increasing Your Endurance Related to Arms Then this Exercise is One to Do Every Single Day. Pull-ups Not Only Build Your Arm Strength But Also Build Speed and Endurance in Arm Muscles. Most of the People Out there only think about Endurance as How Much distance a Person can Cover in a Particular Time Interval But they are Wrong. Endurance is Much More Complex then that It’s More About How Many times a Particular Action You can Perform and in this Case, It’s About How many Times You can Pull Yourself Up the Bar.
    Proper Set: Perform 3- 4 Set with Maximum Repetition
    Moreover, Make Sure that You Take Proper Rest Between Each Set.
    Rest Time Between Sets Should Last From 90 Sec to 150 Sec.
  3. Burpees: Burpees are Easy to Perform But Takes The Most Energy out of You. Due to Usage of Both Legs and Arm Muscles Burpees take to much energy. But the Main upside is that Endurance gained by Performing these Exercises Periodically Increase Oxygen Concentration in Your Muscles.
    Proper Set: Perform 2-3 Set With At least 5 Repetition and Gradually Increase them as You Gain More Endurance. Moreover, it’s Natural For You To Feel Tired after Performing Burpees as they take too much energy to Perform.
    Rest Time: It should Be Between 1- 3 minute Between Each Set.
  4. Tree Climbing: It’s More about Climbing a Tree That Requires Effort as Many Times As Possible Without Hurting the Tree. For Instance, In Order to Boast Endurance of My Fingers, I climb tree 5-10 Times.
    Proper Set: Climb Tree As Many times as You Wish.
    Rest Time: Take Your Time To Relax Your Muscles.
  5. Rope Climbing: You Know When it comes to Rope Climbing Only those People Introduce it In Their Fitness Routine Who are Sure that They are Destined to Reach the Next Level of Endurance. If You Think You Have What it Takes then Here is the Routine:
    Proper Set: Climb Rope 10 Times
    Rest Time: 2-3 Minute of Rest Between Each Repetition.

Additional Exercises Which You Can Perform to Gain Endurance at Home are:

  • Muscle-Ups
  • Squats
  • Sit-ups
  • Dips
  • Lot of Yogging

Contact Us If You Have Query Related to Any of the Exercise of Related to Routine We will be More than Happy to Solve it.

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