Top 30 Survival Tips Everyone Should Know to Increase their Chances of Survival

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When You are Lost in a Dense Forest or in a Desert Their are Few Things Which You Should Never Do, There Things are Survival Tips and One Should Follow them to Increase their Chances of Survival. These Tips are Not That Complex Rather they are Simple and Easy to Do. In Survival Situation These tips Can Be a Difference Between Life and Death So Keep a Close Attention.

Moreover, These 30 Tips Will Be Require No Material or Goods From Your side, The Only Thing that You Will Need is a Knife. But If You Don’t Have one Then You Should Use Stones that Have Rough Edges.

First Five Tips are Most Important and Shouldn’t Be Ignored. These are:

Tip 1. Create a Fire Signal

When You Know that You are Lost, The Very First thing that You Should Do  In Order to Make it Easy for Search Party to Find You Is By Creating a Fire Signal. It is Not That Hard Enough to Create a Fire Signal. You Just have To Burn a Fresh Pine With Spruce Leaves in order to Create Smoke. or Watch this:

Tip 2. Check Your Stuff

Know After You Have Created a Fire Signal It’s Time to Check out What are the Things That You Have Right Know With You. You Just Have To Check Whether Anything You Have is Useful or Not. Useful Items Like Knife, Compass etc.

Tip 3. Go and Find Water

Water is Precious and In Survival Water Plays the Most Important Role. Depending Upon Your Location Water Can Decide Would it Be Possible For You to Survive. For Example, if You are Lost in a Desert then Without Water You Will Not Last 3 Days. So Finding Water Is Your First Preference.

You Can Know How You can Find Water through this Video:

Tip 4. Finding Something To Eat

You Have Water Know, But It Will Not be Sufficient to Help You Sustain, You Need Food. There are a Lot of Ways to Find Food in a Jungle First One Being Hunting and Second Being Eating Fruits, Plants that Are Edible and Insects.

In Every Part of The World, You can Find Plenty of Insects to Eat In  Order to Survive But Make Sure that They are Dead Before You Start Putting Them In Your Mouth.

Tip 5. Create Shelter

You Have Water, Your Belly is Filled with Nutritious Meal From Obvious Natural Sources. Now is the Time to Create a Shelter. But Before Creating a Shelter Make Sure that it is Little Bit Away From Water Source and Near to Your Fire Signal. Moreover, Make Sure that Your Shelter is Little Bit Higher From the Ground In Order to Avoid Insects and Crawling Beings Like Snakes.

Now Is the Time to Give You Rest or Less Important 25 Tips. But Don’t Underestimate Them.

25 Survival Tips to Keep In Mind

  1. Make Sure that Before You Leave For a Trekking or Any Outdoor Activity in the Wilderness, Your Family Knows about Where You are Going. Cause If They Don’t Know then This Can Get Pretty Dangerous.
  2. Keep Calm, Don’t Get all Worked up, Remember in Survival Situation Only those Survive that Keep Their Emotions in Check. You Have to Keep Faith in Yourself otherwise You will Not Survive.
  3. Know How to Tell Where North, South, East or West Is without any Compass or Navigational Tool Because Most of the Time Compass is Just Not There.
  4. Don’t Throw or Waste thing. Everything You Possess at that Time is of Great Value Wasting one or other can Result in Disaster
  5. Drink Clean Water and Eat Clean Food as Much as Possible. Drinking Contaminated or unclean water Can Result in health Problems.
  6. Tend Your Injuries If You Have Any.
  7. Don’t Use Unclean Water to Wash Your Wound In Order to Avoid Infection.
  8. Know Basic type’s of Knots and Use them If You Have to.
  9. Make Wooden Weapons Like Spear In order to Fight off Small Animals. The Best Way to  Make a Wooden Spear is to Use Knife.
  10. Know How to Create Small Hunting Traps In order to Attain Food Without Any work in the Forest.
  11. Don’t Try to Mess with Large animals Like Bear. Best Option is to Avoid Them
  12. Start Exploring the Jungle If You Have to In order to Minimize Chances of Getting Hunted By Large Beast
  13. Know When to Run. People Don’t Get this Tip Very Well and Most of the time they tell Me Why to Run. This Tip Basically Means that If You Face any Big Animal Like Bear Try to Avoid them and Run As Far Away From them as Possible.
  14. Know How to Tend Small Injuries.
  15. Keep Yourself Occupied In Order to Avoid Feeling or Boredom or Being Lost.
  16. Don’t Over Do things i.e Relax as Much as You can.
  17. At Night Find or Create a Shelter Strong Enough to Protect You From Dangers. Best Option Would Be a Cave.
  18. Keep Yourself Clean The Last Thing You Want is Disease Due to Uncleanness or Bad Hygiene.
  19. Try to Find Your Way Back to Civilization
  20. Follow the River In Order to Find Civilization or Follow the Water Source.
  21. In order to Avoid Bitten By Insect Cover Yourself With Mud.
  22. Avoid Insect that Bite At All Cost. No Matter What Don’t Get Bitten By these Small Creatures.
  23. Don’t Eat Everything That You Find. Eat Only those things Which You Know About.
  24. Since there are a Lot of Poisonous Fruits, Plants Insects and Animals out there So It Would Be Best If You Eat Only few You Know About.
  25. Last, It Comes Down to Knowledge and Your Will To Survive.

I Just Wanted to Say that If You Ever Find Yourself In a Situation Like this Just Do one thing Which is Never Losing Faith. Moreover, Take this Experience as a Challenge For Yourself In Order to Test Your Mettle. Don’t Lose Hope is a Simple Sentence But In times of Survival, It’s Deep Meaning Unfolds in the Front of the Eye.

P.S. Know You Know all the Tips that You Need to Survive In the Wilderness without any Tool. Moreover, If You Have Any Query  Related to the Topic Just Contact Us, We Will Be More than Happy to Help You.

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