Top 10 Stretches For People Who Sit All Day Long

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If You Sit In the Front of Computer Everyday or You Just Do a Lot of Sitting then This Article is Solemnly Created to Help You Improve Your Health By Providing Stretching Exercises. These are My 10 Stretches For People Who Sit All Day Long. But Before We Jump Into The Topic Let’s Put Some Light on the Importance of Stretching For office Workers.

You May Think That I Go To Gym 5 Days a Week After Doing Work in My office, I Don’t Need to Stretch But You are Wrong. I Myself Do a Lot of Work Sitting and These Stretching Exercises Keep Me Fresh.

Why You Should Do Stretching If You Sit All Day:

  1. It’s Just Great For Stress Relief
  2. Increase Blood Flow to Your Muscles
  3. Increases Your Flexibility
  4. Improves Your Performance In Physical Activities
  5. Reduces The Chances of Muscular and Joint Pain
  6. Improves Your Posture
  7. Helps in Calming Your Mind

 10 Stretches For People Who Sit All Day Long

These Stretches are Simple But Should Be Done In a Proper Manner. For Greater Benefits.  Now Is the Time To Educate you about the type and How to Do them. Moreover, These Stretches are Just Yoga Poses So They will Not Harm Your Physique In Any Way.

1. Standing Toe Touch

There are a Lot of Changes That Will Occur in Your Body If you Spend a Lot of your Time Sitting In Front of the Computer All Day. One of them Will Be Lower Back Pain Which is Due to Strain on Back Bone. One Simple Way to Avoid it is To Do Standing Toe Touch. Standing Toe Touch is Rather Simple But Requires a Lot of Flexibility. So If You are Not able to Touch Your Toe in One Go Avoid Pushing Yourself.

The Best Part about Standing Toe Touch is that You Can Do It Anywhere Even In Your Office. The Best Way to Do it is By Just Relaxing and Trying to Touch the Floor Down Below. Moreover, If You Can’t Do it Then Just Practice and With Time You Will Become Good at it.

Detailed Instruction is Provided In the Video So Watch it.

2.  Mountain Yoga Pose

First, This Pose Seems Useless and Pretty Easy. Yes, It’s Easy and Most of us Can Do it With Ease. But This Pose Isn’t Useless. This is One of the Best Pose a Person Can Do to Improve His/Her Posture and Moreover, Improve Spinal Cord Flexibility and Reduce the Damage on the Spine Due to Continuously Sitting All Day Long.

Right, Know Just Stand Up Follow the Instructions in the Video and Do this Pose. The Only Thing You Have to Do is to Stand Straight So Give it a Try and Do it Couple of Time It Will Make You Feel Good.

3. Chakrasana

This is The Toughest Pose on the List and One of the Most Important. If You are Capable of Doing this Pose then You are In Some Way Fit and The Only Thing You Have to Spend Time on Is to Keep it up. The Best time to Do this Pose Is in the Morning Cause If You try this Pose In the Afternoon After a Meal It Will Hurt Your Stomach.

Just Stand Firm And Allow Yourself To Bend Backward. Hold Your Breath For Split Second and Just Try to Balance In this Inverted Position. This Asan Will Enhance Your Back Flexibility.

4. Seated Cat-Cow Pose

Man/Lady You May Not Accept This But this Pose If Pretty Easy and Great. The Great Thing About this Pose Is that You can Do this Pose Literally Anywhere and Anytime. Best Part is that It Makes You Feel Bit More Relaxed and More Energetic. To Perform this Pose,

You Just Have To To Sit Straight and then Inhale and Exhale Out. When You Exhale Out Try to Rouch Your Nose On the Lap But Don’t Push Yourself and Then Go Back To Normal Straight Sitting Position. But When You Retrace Yourself Breath in.

If You Need More Detailed Instruction Just Watch this Video.

5. Seated Crescent Moon

This is Fantastic and One of My Favourite Pose. Do You Know Why Cause In Some Way I was Doing It Repeatedly After Spending a Lot of time in the Front of The Mac Never Mind, Still I Was Doing It Incorrectly. A few Days Back I Felt Like I Should Find a Proper Solution So that Sitting All Day Long Doesn’t Effect Me and This Is How thArticlecle Came Into Existence.

Out of all The 10 stretches for people who sit all day long This is The Best one. For Instruction Just Watch the Video Cause Text Won’t Convey the Feeling.

6. Cow Face Pose for your upper back

This Pose Can’t Be Done In the Office But You can Do it After a Meal. This is a Simple Pose. You Just Have to Sit in Yokozuwari Position and Perform Some Hand Gesture While Breathing. It Sounds Simple But If You Screw up the Breathing Exercise Along With it then There is No Benefit out of it.

Moreover, People Sit In Yokozuwari Position to Digest Food In My Hometown.

7. Seated Eagle Wrap

This Pose Is Basically For Your Upper Back and Your Arms But It Is Not Limited to that Only. It Also Helps In Good Posture and Helps Your Leg Muscle Get Better. It Is Also Called Garudasana. I Don’t Know How Many Time I am Gone Say this But Do Yoga.

It’s The Best and Easiest Way to Enjoy Your LIfe to Full Potential.

8.  Forearm Stretch

I Personally Don’t Like Forearm Stretches But If You Do a Lot of Typing or Writing Work then Forearm Stretch Can Help You Out to Relieve Stress. It’s Very Simple to Perform them. Follow the Video to Do all type of Stretches.

9. Standing Half Moon

Just Bring your inner feet together. Reach your arms up overhead, clasp your hands into one another, cross your thumbs then extend your index fingers out. Slowly arc your torso to the right. Gently pull with your right and on your left until you feel a stretch along your left side body. Hold for 5 breaths, then repeat to the other side.

This is How You Do it.

10. Standing Forward Bend with Clasped Hands

Guide your feet back to hip width. Clasp your hands behind your low back. If this isn’t accessible, use a belt or a shirt or something to hold at either end. First, It’s Difficult But As the Time Pass, You will Be able to Perform it Just Don’t Lose Hope.

Bend your knees and fold your torso forward onto your legs. Your low belly should stay connected to your upper thighs. Lift your bound hands up toward the ceiling or overhead until you feel a stretch.

PS. These are the Exercises or Stretches I Do Personally to Relieve Myself of the Nasty Back Pain. If You Need More Information on the topic then Comment Down Below. Moreover, This Months Workout Routine is Coming Soon So Subscribe to the Newsletter to Never Miss a Workout Routine.

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