Top 10 Exercises To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls. Plus 20 Tips to Gaining Weight

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Most of the Time People Try to Lose Weight But There Exist a Small Minority Population of people who want to Gain Weight Due to the Fact that Their Appearance will Be Thousand Times Better if they Have Little bit More Weight On. So Today For this Particular Reason we are Going to Reveal Top 10 Exercises that You Can Do to Gain Weight. These Exercises are Basically For Skinny Girls

There can be various reasons why you are skinny but it doesn’t mean that you have to stay skinny all your life. With proper training and diet, you too can build muscles but it will require effort

An average woman can gain 0.25 pounds of muscle in a week. So, if you train properly you can gain up to 1 pounds of muscles every month easily

But before you start building muscle and gaining weight

It’s very important for you to understand the difference between gaining healthy weight and fat

Healthy Weight Gain Vs Fat Gain

I understand the struggle of being skinny. I was skinny as a kid. So, I desperately tried to gain weight by increasing calories

Increasing overall calorie intake helped me a lot in gaining weight but before I know it, I was fat and there again I was struggling with how I look

So, Before you start gaining weight by consuming more calories think again. Do you want to be fat or Do you want to be fit?

Gaining weight is not enough, You have to gain the right type of weight

If you truly want to change your appearance in the right way then you should gain weight by building muscles

When you train every day to build muscles, you will not only gain weight but you will become more healthy

Here are a few benefits of building muscles:

  1. You will be strong
  2. You will be more confidence
  3. You will develop good habits
  4. You will understand the importance of training
  5. Your overall appearance will change
  6. You will no longer be skinny
  7. You will be disciplined

Here are 10 exercises you can do in order to gain weight

10 Exercises to Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

Knowing these 10 exercises is not enough. You have to perform them in right form. Moreover, you need to have a workout routine

I have created a workout routine that you can utilize easily to gain weight along with a diet plan at the end. But before you start following it

It’s better you First learn how to perform each of these exercises

So, you avoid injuries and poor gains

man Doing Push-ups

Exercise 1. Push-ups

Push-up is a basic exercise. As a beginner, you will not be able to perform many exercises. As you will lack the necessary strength to perform most exercises. But push-up is one exercise you can count on

Muscle Targeted: Shoulder, Core, Chest, and Triceps

  • This is one of the Most Important Exercise When it Comes to Gaining Upper Body Strength and Bulk.  
  • Most of the Fitness Experts and Trainers recommend this exercise
  • Doing this Exercise Consistently will help you in building shoulder, triceps, chest muscles and core strength
  • You Will Gain Strength Faster.
A Person is Swimming

Exercise 2. Swimming

Swimming is not for gaining muscles rather it is for toning your muscles and to gain muscle definition. You have to swim at least ones a week to gain all its benefits

You Have to Make Sure that You Don’t Overdo this Exercise because swimming burns a lot of calories

Benefits of Swimming:

  • This Cardiovascular exercise is a great way to tone your muscles
  • Swimming Helps to Maintain a Healthy Amount of Weight and Good Posture.
  • You will gain more endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness
A Girl is Squatting

Exercise 3. Lunges and Squats

Lunges and squats are two different exercises but both of these exercises will help you in building leg muscles. As a skinny girl, I am quite sure that you will have skinny legs

Performing lunges and squats will tone your thigh. Moreover, these exercises will also help you in building bubble butt

Muscle Targeted: Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Quads

In the beginning, performing lunges and squats without weight is more than enough but as the time passes by and you become more fit and strong

You will eventually have to utilize weight in order to gain more strength and build more muscles

  • Lunges and squats are more than enough for building leg muscles
  • Great for building bubble butt
A Person is Performing Deadlift

Exercise 4. Deadlift

You have to perform the deadlift in order to gain overall strength. Performing deadlift is a great way to improve your posture.

Your overall core strength will increase. Your legs will no longer be skinny. The deadlift can also act as one exercise you can count on to gain muscles

Muscle Targeted: Hamstrings, Glutes, Hips, Core

  • A deadlift is a great way to build core strength
  • Your overall muscle definition will increase
  • You will be able to tone and build leg muscles
  • Increases your overall muscle mass
A Girl is Performing Yoga Poses

Exercise 5. Yoga

You can lose weight with the help of yoga but you can also build muscles with it. Yoga can help you in improving your overall health and strength

Like Swimming, Yoga can help you in toning your body

Yoga will help you in gaining and maintaining a healthy amount of weight

There are various yoga poses you can perform every day to improve your overall health. You can perform Surya Namaskar every morning to gain the benefits of yoga

Exercise 6. Dips

Dips are a great way to build triceps, shoulders, and chest muscles. As a beginner, it will be a little bit difficult to perform dips for you

Muscle Targeted: Triceps, Shoulders, Chest

Here are a few tips to make the most out of dips:

  • Dips are one of the best exercises to build triceps but only if they are done in the right way
  • A great exercise for increasing overall upper body strength
A Fit girl

Exercise 7. Overhead Press

The overhead press is a great way to gain muscles in the back. Performing this exercise will help you increase your overall muscle mass. But make sure that you start will less weight. Learning the right form is also crucial

Muscle Targeted: Shoulder, Triceps, Back muscles

Here are few tips to make the most out of this exercise:

  • Overhead Press is the Best Way For You To Build Your Back Muscles Along With Your Shoulder Muscles
  • Performing 4-5 sets of Overhead Press is Enough To Enhance Your Posture as Well as For Building Strong Back Muscles
  • Make sure that you Perform this exercise as slow as possible
  • Use Lightweight in the beginning
A Girl is Performing Bench Dumbell Press

Exercise 8. Bench Press

The bench press is a great way to add lean muscle mass in the chest area. But make sure that you perform it in the right form

Muscle Targeted: Chest muscles, Triceps

  • The bench press is a great way to build your chest muscles, shoulder, back, triceps
  • By performing the bench press, your overall upper body muscle will grow exponentially
  • Moreover, make sure that in the beginning, you try to lift as much lightweight as possible to avoid injuries

Exercise 9. Weighted Pull-ups

If you are able to perform pull-ups then you can shift to weighted pull-ups. Weighted pull-ups are a great way to increase muscle size

But if you are Struggling to perform even a simple pull-up then I recommend you to perform bicep curls and triceps kickback

Start by performing simple pull-ups and as you gain strength shift to weighted pull-ups. If you are exercising at home then utilize a pull-up bar to perform pull-ups

  • If Normal Push-ups are Not Working on Your Skinny Arms then Try Weighted Pull-ups
  • Weighted Pull-ups Will Help You In Gaining Weight Faster
  • Make Sure that You Perform Each Pull-up in a Right form

Heres’s a Video on How to Perform Weighted Pull-ups

Exercise 10. Weighted Lunges

If you want to take your muscle gains to the next level then performing weighted lunges is a great way

But make sure that you are capable of performing 5 sets of 20 reps of lunges before you start performing weighted lunges

  • Weighted Lunges are a great way to build thigh muscles and glutes
  • Performing weighted lunges in the right form is the key to muscle definition

Bonus Exercises

If you are unable to perform dips, pull-ups or other upper body exercises then you should perform these exercises

  1. Bicep curls: Bicep curls will help you in building and toning arm muscles especially the bicep
  2. Triceps kickbacks: This exercise will help you in building triceps
  3. Lateral dumbbell raises: Lateral dumbbell raise will help you in building shoulder muscles

In order to perform these exercises, you require a pair of dumbells. Make sure that the dumbbell you utilize is lightweight like this one.

Workout Routine & Diet

You are going to work out 4 days a week

Days: Monday, Friday

  1. Pull-ups & Bicep curls: 5 Sets of 5-20 reps
  2. Tricep kickbacks & Push-ups: 5 Sets of 5-20 reps
  3. Lateral dumbbell raises: 5 Sets of 5-15 reps
  4. Bench Press: 5 Sets of 5 reps with a maximum weight
  5. Yoga asanas: Perform Surya Namaskar in the morning

Days: Wednesday, Saturday

  1. Lunges: 5 Sets of 10-30 reps
  2. Squats: 5 Sets of 20-30 reps
  3. Deadlift: 5 Sets of 5 reps with a maximum weight


Try to consume a balanced diet but make sure that you increase your overall calorie intake and protein intake

Protein is essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. Without consuming an appropriate amount of protein working out is not beneficial

Rather the opposite, Training with improper diet will result in nutrient deficiencies and will adversely affect your overall appearance

Here are a few natural sources of protein:

  1. Chicken Breast
  2. Eggs
  3. Lean Beef
  4. Broccoli
  5. Fish
  6. Peanuts
  7. Brussels Sprouts

If you think that your diet is not a sufficient source of protein then you can also consume supplements. My favorite protein supplement is ISO 100 Dymatize Hydrolized Whey, Gourmet Chocolate because it’s gluten-free

It’s high in protein and tastes like a chocolate

Why You Should Train Your Muscles as a Skinny Girl?

Being Skinny is a Choice. You can train your muscles to gain weight at any time. Consider Fitness Model and Vogue Magazine Models All of these Models are Skinny

But One thing Separate them From Other Skinny Girls. These girls Look fit and aesthetic due to the fact that they have properly developed muscles

You can Change How You Look Right Now But You Have to Decide Whether You Want to Change or Not and take action

Take a Look at this Video of Anllela Sagra, She is Not Just Beautiful, She is Strong as Well

 21 Tips For Gaining Weight

  1. Consume At Least 4 Meals Every Single Day 
  2. Increase Your Calorie Intake by 500-1000 calories
  3. Avoid Fast Food at All costs. Eat organic as much as Possible
  4. Consume High-Calorie Snacks Like Yogurt
  5. Eat Complex Carbohydrates Like Whole Grain Wheat, Brown Rice
  6. Avoid Skipping Your Break Fast
  7. Consume More Dry Fruits like Amnonds, cashews, Peanuts, Pistachio, Walnuts, Pine nuts, etc
  8. Increase your overall Protein intake 
  9. If you are not vegan then consume at least 2 Eggs every day 
  10. Consume food that has a lot of calories like Butter, cheese, cream, avocado, Protein smoothies  
  11. Avoid Drinking Water Before a Meal
  12. Avoid Drinking Water between a meal in Large amount 
  13. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages
  14. Quit Smoking 
  15. 30 Minutes of Resistance Training Every Day 
  16. Avoid Aerobic Exercises 
  17. Sleep at least for 7 Hour Every Day 
  18. Keep Yourself Hydrated at All time 
  19. Avoid Overtraining at All Cost 
  20. Meditate at least for 5 Minute Every Day 
  21. Exercise and Eat to Your Heart content 

Time for a Special Attention

You have been training and eating a balanced diet for a long time still, if you are unable to gain weight then it’s a sign that you need special attention. In such a case, The best thing you can do is consult a dietician.

You can also use weight gainers to fast-track your progress. However, Nothing can compare to eating a healthy diet. So, here are 10 healthy foods you can consume every day to gain weight.

Reasons why you are not able to gain weight

There can be a lot of reason why you are unable to gain weight but we will discuss the reason that is due to your own inability to take action

  1. Your Diet is insufficient: You think that you are consuming a balanced diet but in reality, your diet is insufficient. Without consuming an appropriate amount of calories every day, gaining weight and muscle is not possible
  2. You have Nutrient Deficiencies: Maybe you are consuming an appropriate amount of calories but your diet is lacking in essential nutrients and vitamins which are required to maintain a healthy weight
  3. You don’t work out often:  In order for you to gain muscles and maintain them you have to work out properly and consistently
  4. Stress: You are too much stressed out which is effecting your performance and health. You should consider meditating on a regular basis to have a positive mindset. Here’s how you can stay positive

Bonus Tip

Relax and Take it Lightly. You will gain weight if you stay consistent. Stressing yourself out is not going to cut it

Good Bye And If You Have any Query on any Exercise then Just comment down below

R, Peace

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  1. Hi – i need to gain weight. i’m 71 yrs old, 5’2″ and weigh 81 lbs. i have lost weight due to microscopic colitis, ibs, have also COPD due to smoking and have osteosporosis. I do eat but i guess i am not getting enough calories in a day. What should i eat to gain weight? I can’t eat big meals anymore, not like i use to. better off with more smaller meals in a day.

    • Thank You For Contacting Us, In our Opinion, You Should Consult a Professional Nutritionist Cause At Your Age Trying Different Meals and Diet Plan is Not a Good Choice. You Should Train Properly Everyday and Eat Healthy too. Moreover, avoid Smoking and Other Drugs at All Cost
      Best Wishes, R

  2. Hi, im just 19 year nd my weight is 43kg and my height is 5’4″
    Im not feeling hungry so much..
    And i really want to gain weight..
    So please tell me which exercise is gud for me nd what should i have to eat…???
    Im have very skinny body..
    Since many year.. And now i really want to gain weight

    • Thank You For Contacting Me, Simran Along With the Exercises I Would Recommend You To Eat At Least 2 Bananas, 2 Eggs and Drink a Glass of Milk Everyday. Moreover, Train Everyday. You are Young and the Only thing You Need to Do is Train and Eat. Make Sure You Avoid Stress. People Your Age are Prone to Stress Which Also Decrease Their Ability to Gain Weight!

      Best Wishes

  3. I have a question I’m 29yrs old female I weigh 122lbs and have been small my whole life even after my 18month old son. I had a c-section and now I want to gain weight and muscle. I never ate big meals unless I exceeded. Is this possible at my age? Can I lose my c-section pouch? Please help.

    • Yes, You can Gain Weight and Muscle But only If You Train Properly. You Don’t Need to Eat Big Meals. Just Eat Healthy and Organic. Make Sure You Do Strength Training More than 3 Times Per Week Plus Light Cardio Every Single Day. If You Really Want to Gain The Beach Body Then I Recommend Yoga Too.

      Start Your Day With Yoga and Little Bit of Cardio End Your Day with Intense Strength Training. This is the Only Way. Unless You Want to Use Supplements Which I Would Not Recommend.

      Changes Will Be Slow. The Only Thing You Need to Do is Be Consistent With Your Training!

      Best Wishes

  4. I’m 17 turning 18, and I’m 5’1”, weighing in about 107 llbs. I want to flatten my stomach and gain more muscle and weight to improve my figure. What exercises should I do, including sets/reps and weights?

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  6. Hi, m just 15 years old and I am 42 kg and my height is 5’3 and m really skinny from many years. My friends n family always tell that m skinny n need to gain weight. All thought i eat a lot I don’t look fat but I do look skinny …Can u pls help me by telling that is there any possibility to look healthy(gain weight).

    • The best way to gain weight is by increasing your overall calorie intake and building muscles. Consume 2000+ calories every day and follow the workout routine mentioned in the article
      Till then Stay Strong

  7. Hi, I’m just 17 years old and my weight is 42.2 and my height is 5’4. Im very skinny and sometimes i don’t feel that im hungry. Sometimes i eat twice a day. I want to do workouts but i think it won’t help.. What should i eat? And what should i do? For me to gain weight and have a change in my body.

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