The Ultimate Upper-Body Workout For Women to Burn Fat and Get Toned

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Burning Fat and Toning Your Muscles Require Performing Exercises that results in Muscle Growth Along with Burning of Excess Body Fat. With this Upper-Body Workout, any Woman Can Tone Her Upper Body within a Month and Get Ready For the Summer

So, If You are Ready to Train Smartly then Here’s an Upper-Body Workout Routine For Women to Get Toned within a Month

Aim of this Workout Routine

The Workout Routine Has 7 Main Objectives:

  1. To Help You in Burning Excess Upper Body Fat
  2. To Build Upper Body Strength
  3. To Make Your Upper Body Look More Aesthetic
  4. To Make Sure that Your Upper Body is Toned Perfectly
  5. To Help You in Burning Excess Calories
  6. To Help You in Building Core Strength, Back Muscles and Arm Muscles
  7. In Reducing Lower Back Pain
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What to Do To Make the Most out of this Workout Routine

A Lot of People Will Perform this Workout Routine, But Not Every One Will Get the Same Result, Result will Vary By a Huge Margin

What Type of Result You Will Get Will Depend Upon Your Own Consistency and Commitment. It Will Depend Upon Your own Desire to Change Yourself

In Order to Make The Most of this Workout Routine, I Recommend You To Train Hard and Enjoy Your Hard Work at the Same Time

If You Don’t Enjoy Your Training then It Will Be Difficult to Keep Moving Forward. You Should See the Workout Routine and Each Rep You Perform As Something that is Moving You Forward, One Step at a Time Toward Your Goal of Being in the Best Shape

Perform Each Exercise in the Routine Even If It Means Performing a Single Rep. If You Don’t Have the Strength to Perform the Exercise

Then Replace it With an Easy Exercise!

20 Best Upper Body Exercises to Burn Fat and Tone Your Body

Make Sure that You Learn How to Perform Each Exercise Perfectly Before Adding it To Your Workout Routine

It will Not Matter How Many Reps You Perform Unless Each Rep is Executed Perfectly. Make Sure You are Hydrated Enough Before Working out

Exercises To Tone Back & Shoulder Muscles

Bent-over Row: Bent-over Row Typically Help You in Building the Muscles of the Upper Back which include latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, and trapezius

It works on Several Muscle Groups which helps in Improving overall Muscular Strength and Endurance

Superman: Superman Helps You in Strengthening Your Upper and Lower Back. Moreover, This Exercise Also Works Your Glutes and Hamstrings

Superman will Increase Your overall Core Strength, It also Targets Your erector spinae which Surrounds Your Spine From Your Hip to Your Head

Pilates Breaststrokes: It Helps You in Strengthening Your abdominal and Your Entire Back Muscles Moreover, It’s Quite Easy to Perform

It Also Will Help you in Strengthening Your Deltoids and Glutes and Help you in Toning Your Entire Upper Body

Kettlebell Swing: Kettlebell Swing Targets and Works the Muscles in Your Hip, Hamstrings, Glutes, abs, Shoulder, Lats, grip and Pecs

Kettlebell Swing is the Easiest Way to Burn Ton of Calories as a Single Movement Targets So many Muscle Groups

Moreover, You Can Literally Perform a Complete Upper Body and a Lower Body Workout With Just a Kettlebell

Upper-Body Workout for women will Always Remain Incomplete Without Kettlebell Swing as it is one of the Most Athletic Movement

Lateral Dumbell Raise: Lateral Dumbell Raises Primarily Works Your Deltoids or Your Shoulders. Lateral Dumbell Raise is a Good Way to Strengthen Your Shoulder Muscles and Burn Fat Around Your Arms and Shoulders. Making them Look More Toned

Windmill Toe Touches: Windmill Toe Touches is a Great Way to Strengthen and Stretch Muscles of Your Lower Back and Hamstrings

It Also Boosts Circulation as a Result More Oxygen and Blood get to Your Joint. Perform Windmill Toe Touches Before Kettlebell Swing to Get Most Benefits

Exercises to Tone Arm Muscles

Military Press Dumbell: This Exercise will Help you in toning Deltoid muscles in the Shoulder along with Triceps

Triceps Kickback: Tricep Kickback will Help You in Building Your Shoulder Muscles, Triceps along with Core Muscles

Push-Ups: Push-up is one of the Most Basic and Important exercises that You Can Perform to Keep Yourself in Shape

Push-up Targets Your Core Muscles, Triceps, Chest Muscles, Shoulder Muscles, and the Wing Muscle ( Serratus anterior )

Barbell Bench Press: It the Best Exercise to Build Muscle Mass in the Chest. It is also one of the Best Exercise to Get Rid of Fallen Breast

Bicep Curls: Toning Your Arm is Incomplete without Bicep Curls. Bicep Curls Mainly target Your Bicep and Help you in Losing Arm fat

Pull-ups: Pull-ups Just Like Push-ups are the Most Basic Exercise and You Need to Perform this Exercise to Tone Your Arm Perfectly

Pull-ups Basically Targets Most of the Muscle in Your Arm and Some Minor Muscles in your Back

Exercises to Tone Abdominal Muscles

Plank: Plank will Help you in Strengthening Your abdominal, Shoulder and Back Muscles. Performing Plank Regularly is a Great Way to Build Abs

Bicycle Crunches: If you want to Lose Belly Fat then Bicycle Crunches are one of the Most Effective Exercise as It Puts enormous Strain on abdominal Muscles, and Thighs

Mountain Climbers: Mountain Climbers are one of the Easiest Abs Exercise that You can Perform to Lose Belly Fat. Just Make Sure that You Perform Appropriate Reps in a Set to Get the Most Benefit out of it

Side-lying Leg Lift: Side-lying Leg Lift will Help you in Toning Muscles in Your Lower Body. Muscle Groups include Thigh, Glutes, Hamstrings, calves

Scissor Kicks: Scissor Kicks are a Great Way to Build Core Strength and Lose Belly Fat Fast. Make Sure that You Perform at Least 20 Reps in a Set

Lying Leg Raises: Lying Leg Raises are By Far the Most Difficult abs Exercise in the List. Performing Even a Single Rep Means that You are Slowly Improving and Losing Extra Fat

Exercises to Tone Lower Back and Reduce Back Pain

Bridge: Bridges are a great way to Strengthen Your Glutes and Tone your Thigh Muscles. Not only that Performing Basic Bridge can Help you with Back Pain

Swimmers: Performing Swimmer Pilates is a Great way to Build Back Strength and Tone Your Entire Body. This Exercise is also Good For Your Lower Back Muscles and Will Help you with Back Pain too

Equipment Required

Having Your own Equipment is Better than Going to The Gym or Borrowing Equipment From Someone Else, only If you are Going to Use them

When I Started Training, I Used to Borrow Equipment From My Neighbour Every Single Morning and Return them Back in the Evening

This was Way too Much Mentally Exhausting and then I Finally Decided to Get a Gym Membership But there was a Problem

The Aim of My Workout Was Not To Get Bulky or Aesthetic But Rather it Was to Get in the Good Shape So, That I Can Enjoy My Life

Moreover, Going to the Gym Resulted in Exertion of Time and Energy. So, I Decided to Get My Own Equipment This Way I Had a Lot of Time

When You Train From Comfort of Your Home, You Have More Time to Relax and Try New Things which Can Result in More Growth

At Home, No One is Gone Judge You or Your Capabilities. A Year Gym Membership is More Expensive than All The Equipment You Need

So, It’s Better to Get Your Own Equipment!

But If You Want to Train under the Influence of a Professional than Going to the Gym is Not a Ba Choice

Pull-up Bar: Pull-up Bar is one of the Most Important Equipment if You Workout at Home. Without it, your Workout will Always be Incomplete

You Can Use it to Perform Pull-ups, Chin-ups, Leg Raises, and Various Other Calisthenics Exercises. I Highly Recommend Having a Pull-ups Bar at Home

You can Get a Pull-ups Bar From Here, Moreover, Here’s a Bonus Tip, Attach the Bar in Your Room and Every Time You Enter the Room Perform 5 Reps

This Way Not only You will Keep Your Arms Tone all Year Around But also this Way to Keep Yourself Fit without Intentionally Pushing Yourself

Kettlebell: You Need Kettlebell To Perform Kettlebell Swing. Not only That You can Perform a Full Body Workout With Just a Kettlebell

You can Get it Here, Make Sure You use Kettlebell with Precautions to Avoid Injuries. Moreover, Swing The Kettlebell with Proper Control

A Pair of Dumbells: You Need a Pair of Dumbells, To Perform Tricep Kickbacks, Bicep Curls and Military Press Dumbells

You can Get it Here, Moreover, Use a Dumbell with Less weight to Avoid Muscle Strain and Injuries. Increase the Weight Slowly!

Weight Bench: You Need a Weight Bench to Perform Bench Press and Various Arm Exercises Like Sitting Bicep Curls. You can Get it Here

Upper-Body Workout Routine For Women

You Have to Train 3 Days a Week on Your Upper Body to Get Maximum Results. Upper Body Workout Routine Includes Training Your Arm Muscles, Back Muscles, and Your Core


  1. Military Press Dumbell: 5 Sets of 10-20 Reps
  2. Triceps Kickback: 5 Sets of 15-25 Reps
  3. Push-Ups: 5 Sets of 10-20 Reps
  4. Barbell Bench Press: 5 Sets of 10 Reps
  5. Bicep Curls: 5 Sets of 10-20 Reps
  6. Pull-ups: 5 Sets of Maximum Pull-ups
  7. Bridge: 5 Sets of 20-60 Second Hold
  8. Swimmers: 5 Sets of 30-40 Reps


  1. Plank: 5 Sets of 30-60 Second Hold
  2. Bicycle Crunches: 5 Sets of 40-60 Reps
  3. Mountain Climbers: 5 Sets of 30-60 Reps
  4. Side-lying Leg Lift: 5 Sets of 20-60 Reps
  5. Scissor Kicks: 5 Sets of 30-60 Reps
  6. Lying Leg Raises: 5 Sets of 10-60 Reps


  1. Bent-over Row: 5 Sets of 30 Reps From Each Side of Appropriate Weight
  2. Superman: 5 Sets of 30-60 Reps
  3. Pilates Breaststrokes: 5 Sets of 30-60 Reps
  4. Kettlebell Swing: 5 Sets of 20-30 Reps
  5. Lateral Dumbell Raise: 5 Sets of 20-60 Reps
  6. Windmill Toe Touches: 5 Sets of 50 Reps

If the Workout Routine is too Easy For You, The Increase the Reps in a Set or Increase the Weight You are Using to Get the Most Results


4 Most Important Nutrition Tips

These Nutrition Tips will Help you in Reaching Your Summer Goal in Time

Drinking More Water: Drinking water is one of the best ways to Reduce your overall Appetite and Enhance Your Health

Water is Life Itself. Drinking half a Liter of water Half Hour Before a Meal will Reduce Your Overall Appetite

If You are Not Sure About How Much Water You Should Drink in a Day. Here’s a Complete Guide on Hydration

Say No to Junk Food: If are Trying to Lose Weight then Junk Food is Something to dread. Junk Food Not only will increase Your overall Calorie Intake But it will also result in loss of your Interest for Healthier Diet

Harmful Effects of Junk Food Include:

  1. Consuming Junk Food on a Regular Basis Results to Digestive Disorders
  2. Kill Your Appetite for Healthier Diet
  3. Fueling Yourself by an Unhealthy Diet Can Result in Acute Depression
  4. Makes Your Skin Look Life Less and Dull
  5. Lead to Heart Diseases and Respiratory Problems
  6. Increase Your Overall Calorie Intake and Results in Obesity

Proper Amount of Protein: Eating a Diet moderate on Protein will Help you in reducing your craving for food. Moreover, It will help you in Building Muscles along with Losing weight

Here are a Few Reasons Why You Should Get a Healthy Dose of Protein:

  1. Will Help you in Increasing Your Muscle Mass and Strength
  2. Reduces Your overall Appetite
  3. Increase Your Overall Metabolism and Fat Burning
  4. Help You in Maintaining Healthy Weight
  5. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Weight Loss Friendly Diet

When I Started My Fitness Journey, one of the Major Obstacle was Overweight. I was around 170 lbs and I Wanted to Lose around 20 lbs

Summer was on the Way and I Wanted to Look aesthetic

So, I Decided to Train Hard. I Started Training Twice Every Single Day

But Even After I Trained Twice a Day the Results Were Negligible. The Problem was in My Nutrition not in My Workout Routine

Even After Training Hard My Nutrition was Just The Same. As a result, I Consumed More Calories Every day then I Could Possibly Burn

I Tried Different Types of Diet Plan and Got Some Minimilastc Results Until I Tried Keto Diet. I Came to know about Keto Diet Through my Sister

Keto Diet is Basically Low on Carbs, Moderate on Protein and High on Fat. The Diet Works By Depleting the Body of it’s Sugar Reserves Which Results in Breakdown of Fat For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed

Ketones are Used By the Body For Energy. Burning of Fat Results in Weightloss. So, I Decided to Get a Custom Made Keto Diet Because

This Way I Can Check the Efficiency of the Diet. When I Try a Diet, I Always Ensure that the Diet is Tailored to My Needs and Desires

Moreover, Diet Plans Never Work unless They are Specifically Tailored to You. This is the Main Reason For the Ineffectiveness of the Diet Plans

Most of the Times Result Lies in Doing the same thing in a Different Order, or in My Case Eating The Same Thing But in Different Quantities

With Keto Diet, I Lost Around 19.5 lbs of Weight in one Month. I was Finally in the Best Shape. When I looked at the Mirror I Couldn’t Believe Myself

I Was Suddenly Aesthetic. So, I Highly Recommend You to Try Keto Diet

You can hire a Dietician to help you in preparing meals, counting calories, and managing macronutrients So, that you can gain all the benefits of the keto diet while avoiding its side effects

If you are Like me You and you don’t have time due to your work schedule you can get a custom keto diet plan from here. With this diet plan, you will have no trouble in counting calories and preparing meals

Moreover, you will also be able to prevent nutrient deficiencies caused due to insufficient keto diet with a well tailored diet

With a Proper Workout routine and a Diet Plan You Will Be Summer Ready

Why Should I Keep a Track on my Diet?

You are Training Hard, Every Single Day and Know You Follow a Proper Balanced Lifestyle That Has Enough of Everything

You Eat a Balanced Diet or a Diet that Meets Your Need and You Train Your Body and Push it Beyond its Limits Then Why Should You Keep a Track?

Tracking Your Diet and Your Health has Its own Importance and Worth. You are Not Tracking Your Diet and Health Just to Lose Weight

But You are Keeping Tabs on Your Health So that You can Live a Long, Healthy and Happy Life. By Neglecting Your Health & Diet Once You Reach Your Goals is The Simplest Way You Can Sink Back to Your Previous Lifestyle and Lose Everything You Have worked So Hard to Gain

Keep Track of Your Lifestyle and Everything You Do. This Way You Can Avoid Losing Focus of What You Truly Desire

Moreover, this is a Brilliant Way to Keep Yourself away From Distractions

You Don’t Need to Count Every Single Calorie Ones You Transform Your Lifestyle Rather Create a Journal Where You Write Everything You Do To Keep Yourself on the Right Track and Your Daily Achievements


10 Lifestyle Tips to Tone Your Body Fast

You can Workout Every Single Day But Still, If Your Lifestyle is Not Balanced and Productive then You can inhibit Your Gross Performance

Make Your Lifestyle So Productive That You Don’t Need to Workout Every Single Day To Keep Yourself Fit and In a Good Shape

Here are Some Lifestyle Tips You Can Follow:

Training When Ever You Consume Excess Calories

Make Your Lifestyle So Athletic that You Don’t Need Workout to Sweat Every day. Your Hobbies Should be Enough to Burn Couple of Calories

But If You Eat Something which is Beyond Your Usual Routine then You Can Train that Day to Burn those Extra Calories

This Way Not only You can Eat Anything You Want But Also You Will Keep Your Health in Check. Make Sure You Still Avoid Consuming junk Food

Jogging Everyday

There are a Lot of Benefits of Jogging Everyday

  1. Jogging Will help You in Burning Fat
  2. Help You in Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  3. Jogging Will Improve your Cardiovascular Fitness
  4. Help You in Building Strong Bones
  5. Strengthen Your Leg Muscles
  6. Improves Your Overall Mood

You Wake up and Go Out For a Jog, You Automatically Push Yourself For a More Productive and Happy Day

Most of the Billionaires Start Their Day with Some Type of Exercise. They Engage themselves in Weight Lifting or anaerobic Exercise

This Way They Align Themselves Toward Their Goal and Passion

Hiking ones a Month

Active Lifestyle Means Doing things that Help You Burn Calories Throughout the Day Without Investing Your Time Directly in The Gym

You Can Jog Every Single Day But One More thing is Necessary to Make Your Lifestyle Balanced which is Exposure to Nature

By Hiking ever Single Month, You can Getaway From Your Problems and Enjoy Nature and Utilize it To Heal Yourself Both Physically and Mentally

Hiking Has Tons of Benefits Including:

  1. Boosts Your Overall Confidence
  2. Let You Experience Nature in Its True Form
  3. Escape From the Real World and Problems
  4. A Spectacular View Waiting For You after the Hike
  5. Helps You in Making New Friends Who Share Same Habits
  6. Healthy Dose of Vitamin D
  7. Building Muscles
  8. A Great Cardio Workout
  9. You will Get to Challenge Yourself

If You are Still Not Sure about a Hike then, I Would Like You to Try it Ones Before Deciding If You are Gonna Do It Every Month

At Least This Way Your Decision will Be even-handed

Avoid Sugar and Sugary Beverages

If You Want to Be Fit and Healthy Then avoid Sugar at All Cost

You Don’t Need to Stop Eating Sugar at all, Rather You Should Consume it in an Appropriate Quantity that Doesn’t Effect Your Overall Health

You Need to Understand What Your Body Need then What Your Heart Desires. If You Keep Following Your Heart when it Comes to Your Diet

Then, Getting in Your Best Shape Will Always Remain a Dream

Keeping a Track of Your Progress

When You Train For a Long Period of Time, You Start to Realise the Importance of Keeping Notes about What Works For you and What Doesn’t

This Way You Can Train to Improve Rather then Train to Sustain Your Strength. With Time Your Goals Will Start to Change

At First, You Just Wanted to Have Six-Pack abs But Know You Want Your Whole Body to Be Aesthetic

Tracking Your Progress has Several Benefits:

  1. Your Start to Understand What Works For You
  2. Your Overall Focus increases over a Period of time
  3. You Understand the Importance of Consistency
  4. Your Progress is Steady
  5. You Start to Understand the Real Reason Behind Training

Training Everyday is Not Just about Keeping Your Body Fit, It is to Keep Your Mind and Body Connected to Each other

Transforming Your Goals

Once You Reach Your Goal, What Matters at that Point is Whats Your Next Goal? Losing More Weight or Building well Toned Muscles

You Have to Keep Targeting a New Difficult Goal. If You Think You Can Just Stop Training after Losing Couple of Pounds then Think again

Keep Transforming Your Goal and Work Slowly But Consistently Toward Reaching those Goals cause this is the Only Way forward

Stopping Your Training once You Reach Your Goal is a Direct Route to Failure. You Eat Everyday So, You Have to Train Everyday

That’s The Only Reason Why I Tell People to Convert Their Lifestyle Rather than Spending two Hours in a Gym

Meditation & Visualization

Meditate Every Single Day if You Want to Keep Yourself Happy, Satisfied, and Fit. The mind is Directly Connected to the Body

It’s Very Important For You to Keep Positive Thoughts in Your Mind. Positive Thoughts will motivate You to Take Positive action

Positive Actions Will Result in Positive Results. You Have to Keep Yourself away From Negativity and Mediocrity

Visualize Your Goal of Gaining the Perfect Upper Body and Then Train Every Day to Reach Your Goal

Rewarding Your Success

If You Don’t Reward Your Success then Sooner or Later Reaching Your Goal will Not Make You Happy. Reaching Your Goal is a Source of Happyness

Whenever You Reach Your Goals Reward Yourself according to Your Choice. It Can Be Going out with Friends to Eating Something of Your Choice

Keep Rewarding Yourself and Your Progress will Never Plummet

Adopting a More Active Lifestyle

You Can Follow a Proper Diet Plan that offers weight loss only For a Limited period of Time. When You Lose the Weight You always wanted to Lose

You Have to Sustain it By Eating a Well Balanced Diet and Following a Vigorous Training Regime or a More Active Lifestyle

Diet Plans are For Losing Weight But If You Want to Sustain the Weight then You Should Go For a Balanced Diet and Stick with Athletic Lifestyle

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle that offers true Happyness!

Being Happy

Life is Tough, No Doubt about it But How You Perceive a Particular Situation is up to You. In the Face of Adversity, You Can Either Cry or Laugh

The Point is That You Can Either Be Happy While You Train or You can See Your Training as Something to Dread

How Long You Will Stick to Your Training and Workout Routine is a matter of How You Look at it. So, I will recommend You to Always Look at Your hard work as Something to Enjoy and Embrace


With this Upper-Body Workout, You are Finally Ready to Build Your Upper Body While Burning Excess Fat

Just Make Sure that You Perform Each Exercise Properly to Avoid Injuries

P.S: If You Have Any Doubt Then You Can Comment Down Below, I Will Make Sure to Get Back to You as Soon as Possible

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Stay Strong, R

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