Is Keto Effective After 40 For Weight Loss?

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Keto has changed the lives of millions of people across the world.

People from all age categories benefitted from this amazing diet. But lately, there have been rumors about its effectiveness and usage, suggesting that keto over 40 doesn’t work.

The truth is keto is for everyone.

Just because you are above 40 doesn’t mean that this fantastic diet will not work for you. On the flip side, You may be surprised to know that keto is considered one of the best diets for adults and seniors due to its unique health benefits.

Let’s first discuss what keto is before jumping into benefits that make it great for weight loss over 40.

So, What is Ketogenic Diet?

It’s a diet plan that focuses on consuming food that contains a lot of fats, an adequate amount of protein, and very few carbohydrates. The goal is to get more calories from fat by reducing carb intake.

The reduction in carb intake puts the body into ketosis. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which your body will become efficient in burning fat for energy.

Once you are in ketosis, your body will start burning fat as it doesn’t have enough glucose to fuel itself. Molecules called ketones are formed in the body as fuel.

When the body burns fat, it results in weight loss. Multiple studies prove its effectiveness. Millions of people have shared their keto journey on Instagram, with photos showing their unbelievable transformation.

People have lost more than 100 lbs in a year with the help of the keto diet. Even I managed to lose 24.5 lbs in 47 days with the help of the keto diet.

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Benefits of Keto After 40

Keto is one of the healthiest diets for adults over 40 despite the constant criticism it receives. Here are several reasons that make keto great for adults over 40 for weight loss:

1. Metabolic Rate

As we get older, our metabolic rate decreases (Each decade by 10% after age 20). As a result, it gets harder to survive on over-processed food/junk unlike, in the twenties.

To boost metabolic rate, consuming food rich in nutrients is essential. One fundamental benefit of keto is that it provides more nutrition per calorie, making it perfect for maintaining health as you get older.

2. Menopausal Transition

The menopausal transition begins between ages 45-55 and usually lasts for 7-14 years. During this time, estrogen levels drop. As a result, many women struggle with sudden weight gain.

In one study, researchers followed women through the menopausal transition and found that despite consuming fewer calories on average, women gained fat as they entered menopause, especially in the midsection.

Moreover, total energy expenditure also decreased. The study concluded that menopause by itself causes women to gain fat.

On the flip side, Multiple studies and anecdotal evidence verify the effectiveness of a low-carb and ketogenic diet for fat loss, particularly in the abdominal section, making it perfect for women over 40.  

Plus, a study (more than 90,000 participants) on postmenopausal women (aged 49-81 years) where researchers assessed the macronutrient composition of their diets even suggest that women on the lowest quintile of carbs intake were the least likely to gain weight over the study period (8 years) compared to women who consumed a low-fat diet or a standard diet.

3. Hunger

The primary reason why keto is so popular is that it reduces appetite despite weight loss.

Moreover, the transition to keto will impact your energy levels. On keto, you will have high energy levels despite consuming fewer calories, which will help you in staying active

As we get older, energy expenditure and caloric needs tend to decrease. A diet that makes it easier and satisfying to consume fewer calories is much better than a standard unsatiable diet.

4. Insulin Sensitivity 

As we age, Insulin resistance increases, which results in weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and increased fat storage.

On the other hand, Ketogenic diets are low-insulin-producing, low-glycemic, and can boost insulin sensitivity. Insulin resistance also improves for most people who follow keto.

That’s why people with type 2 diabetes are recommended to follow keto as it helps them lower their blood sugar levels and lose weight.

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How to Start Keto Diet If You are Over 40?

To start the keto diet, all you need to do is divide your calories in such a way that you consume:

  1. Carbs: 5-10% calories
  2. Protein: 20-30% calories
  3. Fat: 60-70% calories

The success of the keto diet pretty much depends upon carb intake. Here’s a sample 10-day keto diet meal plan you can utilize.

After you start following the keto diet, it will take 2-4 days for your body to enter ketosis unless your diet contains hidden carbs. If you are unable to enter ketosis even after the first week, Just lower your carb intake to 20-30 grams/day. 

I followed the keto diet last year for 47 days, and I managed to lose 24.5 lbs. To ensure that I stay in ketosis, I reduced my carb intake to about 20 grams/day.

If you are in your 40s, you need to stay extra vigilant and avoid errors at all costs. Your metabolism is not as robust as it used to be (Metabolism tends to slow down with age, and the rate at which we break down food decreases each decade by 10% after age 20).

Keto is highly satiable. So, even with low calories, You will be full of energy.

If this is your first time following the keto diet, avoid random keto meals. Create a proper meal plan for yourself or seek professional help. Unlike other diets, random consumption does not produce results.

If you are serious about following the keto diet, I recommend you consult a nutritionist to help you with the diet.

During all my times of following the keto diet, I only followed a custom meal plan rather than creating a meal plan myself and picking food & meals randomly. When it comes to nutrition, Balance is the key, and I believe nutritionists know more about it.

(If you consider visiting a nutritionist an unnecessary hassle like me, then you can get a custom keto diet plan from here.

This diet plan will be tailored to your weight loss goal. Moreover, It will help you in avoiding nutrient deficiencies, maintaining ketosis, and preparing healthy meals to the exact amount of calories you need. 

This custom diet plan will also respect your food preferences and will be created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs)

Remember, The Keto diet is a medical diet. Utilizing it for losing weight without the proper guidance of a health expert can lower your results

If you are going to create your own meal plan, make sure that you consume a varied diet, including raw vegetables, leafy greens, pastured chicken, pork, wild-caught fish, eggs to ensure that you get the full spectrum of B vitamins needed to avoid side effects, maintain energy, and nutrient deficiencies.

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