Is Keto Diet Safe for me?

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You want to drop a few pounds but exercise is not your thing. So, with enough searching you came across this amazing diet called the ketogenic diet. But know you are not sure whether this keto diet is safe or not

Keto is controversial, there’s no denying that. Celebs like Halle Berry, Mama June swear on it which makes it a great idea to try but many health experts still worry about the side effects of the diet

A lot of studies prove the effectiveness of the keto diet. One study even suggests that people on the keto diet can lose up to 2.2 times more weight than people on low-calorie and a low-fat diet, This makes the keto diet better in comparison to other diets

But the reason why the keto diet is dangerous is that unlike other diets, you have to be really careful and strict while following keto. You can get away with mistakes while following other diets but while following the keto diet, you have to make sure you do it right

I have spent at least two months on the keto diet ( Following it wasn’t mandatory, it was just to lose weight ). I won’t deny that it’s very restrictive and difficult to follow But I managed to get some amazing results from it

I lost around 19.5 pounds in 2 months. There are a lot of side effects of the keto diet. So, before you decide to follow the diet, I would recommend you to know all the complication

I did everything I could to protect myself from the side effects. Here are 4 dangers of following the keto diet and How you can avoid them

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1. Avoid obsession

Following the keto diet properly can produce some insane results quickly. Every week you will feel slimmer & your weight loss goals will be reached in no time if you stay consistent enough but the real problem is Obsession

As you start losing weight, chances are you will overdo things assuming that maybe skipping breakfast or lunch will help you in losing more weight

This type of mentality results in side effects

Skipping meals or overdoing things by going beyond your diet plan will only make you nutrient deficient and prone to health problems. You need to be restrictive & consistent while following the diet but the extra effort is not required

Moreover, If you want to maintain weight loss over time, I would advise you to lose no more than 1-3 pounds per week

In brief, follow your diet routine and avoid overdoing things. I know you want to lose more weight but it would be a lot safer for you to avoid this tempting trap of extra results

2. Keto Diarrhea & Keto Flu

For me Keto Flu lasted for 2 days, The fact that I didn’t quit is a miracle in itself. But I didn’t get a chance to experience Keto Diarrhea maybe because I supplemented myself with enough fiber-rich foods like vegetables

Keto Flu is inevitable, the transition to ketosis involves energy drain due to carbs withdrawal. It’s a sign that your body is slowly adapting to the ketogenic diet. Symptoms of keto flu will begin in the very first day or the second day and, can last up to a week

Keto Flue is unavoidable but you can still relieve these symptoms of keto flu by drinking more water, supplementing your diet with sodium, potassium, magnesium or by performing low-intensity exercises in the morning

Keto Diarrhea, on the other hand, is caused due to lack of fiber in the diet. Since I supplemented myself with enough fiber-rich foods like vegetables, I was able to avoid Keto Diarrhea

Pro Tip: For success with the keto diet, make sure that you tailor your diet plan with more vegetables & lean sources of animal protein

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3. Nutrient Deficiencies

The thing about keto is that you have to do it right and the only right way to do keto is by fueling yourself with lots of vegetables

Most people utilize keto as an excuse to overload their diet with bacon which is potentially harmful. Keto is restrictive and on top of it, it’s a high-fat diet, which makes it quite different

But similarly to Paleo or Mediterranean Diet, if you want to lose weight with keto diet & avoid side effects, you have to make sure that your diet contains enough nutrients

Even if you manage to lose weight in the beginning, Lack of nutrients will make it impossible for you to stay consistent. By not taking care of nutrients, you will inevitably make yourself more prone to diseases like diabetes, or you may even raise your cholesterol levels

That’s why most health experts are against the keto diet, as it’s too difficult to manage. Even So, Most people try the keto diet without the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist which makes it worse. Health experts are especially concerned about the side effects of keto due to nutrient deficiencies most people develop

Keto diet can produce some amazing results but it’s still a medical diet. Unless it’s mandatory for you, utilizing it for losing weight can put you in the risk of many diseases if you don’t do it right

For Better results with the keto diet, I would recommend you to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to help you with keto diet or If you are like me and you consider visiting a nutritionist an unnecessary hassle then you can get a custom keto diet plan form here

This is a much safer approach. This custom diet plan will respect your food preferences and will be created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs. So, you don’t need to worry about nutrient deficiencies

But if you are still going to do it by yourself then make sure that your keto diet plan consists of lots of herbs, spices, vegetables, and plant-based sources of fat and protein. It’s better to be safe than sorry

4. Not for Long Term

You have to avoid following the Keto diet for more than 3 months because it’s unnecessary, restrictive & will have a negative impact on your body. Use it for 30-90 days, lose some weight and then slowly shift to a more sustainable diet plan

That’s what I did and If your diet plan is tailored enough, you will manage to lose an insane amount of weight within 30 days only

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