How to Walk to Lose Weight? 20 Walking Tips to Lose Weight Faster

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When You are Trying to Lose Weight Every Step You Take Counts Even a Small Walk to The Kitchen. Walking is Just Going From One Place to another and If You are Able to Lose Weight While Doing it Then It’s a Win-Win Situation However You Look at it. Now is the Time You Incorporate a Walk to Lose Weight in Your Routine

No Matter How Much Exhausted You Feel a Walk Back to Your House Will Not Hurt. These Small Steps will Literally Result in Loss of Extra Fat in Your Body

With Proper Diet Control and Everyday Walking Fat Loss is Gone Be Fun

In Order To Remain Fit and Healthy a Person Needs To Exercise Regularly But Exercising Everyday is Kinda Harsh and it Takes a Lot of Effort

Instead of Exercising You Can Do Something That You Literally Do Everyday

Which is Walking Hence the Problem of Daily Workout Solved

In This Article, We Will Provide You With the Tips and Ways You Can Incorporate Walking In Your Routine So that You Lose Weight as Well as Remain Healthy

How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight?

When it Comes to Losing Weight it Is Well Known Fact that In Order For You To Lose Weight You Kinda Have to Burn More Calories that The Number of Calories You Consume.

Losing Calories Require Proper Diet Combined With Proper Workout. Working out Every day is Hard and It Requires a Lot of Resources in Action

But on the Other Hand, Walking is Free and Fun. It’s one of the Most Common Ways of Travelling From Point A to Point B

On Average a Person Can Burn 100 Calories Walking a Mile

One Study Has Shown that the number of calories burned by non-athletes who walked at a brisk pace of 3.2 miles (5 km) per hour burned an average of 90 calories per mile

Running Burns More Calories than Walking But it Only Burns 23 More Calories on Average

So, Walking at a Brisk Pace of 3.2 Miles Per Hour is one Burn around 90 Calories Per Mile

Walking can Help You Lose Weight But You Have to Walk at Least 1 Hour Every day. Not Only that Losing Weight Through Walking Requires Little Bit More time than Average

Benefits of Walking


Without Proper Exercises, Humans are More Prone to Sickness and Weakness. Sedentary lifestyle Promote and Contribute to Weight Gain and Various Health Problems

Walking is One of the Best and Easiest Way to Train Your Body. So, Here are Couple of Benefits of Walking Everyday

  1. Walking 30 Minutes or More Everyday is the Best Way to Maintain Good Health
  2. Increased Cardiovascular Performance
  3. Increased Pulmonary Fitness
  4. Walking Promotes Weight Loss
  5. Helps in Reducing Tension and Stress
  6. Good Way to Improve Your Overall Mood
  7. Easiest Way to Train Your Mind and Body
  8. Best Way to Know Your Partner ( Morning Walks With Him or Her )

How Much Should You Walk to Lose Weight?

Walking at 3.5 Miles Per Hour i.e at a Brisk Pace will Burn around 300 Calories Every 60 Minutes. Depending Upon Your Weight You Have to Accommodate the Time You Spend Walking

Normally You Should Walk Around 1 Hour Everyday in The Morning Before Your Breakfast to Lose Excess Fat in Your Body and Maintain a Healthy Weight

But Since You are Trying to Lose Weight Through Walking I Would Recommend Walking At Least 120 Minutes or 2 Hour Everyday at Brisk Pace

This Will Result in Loss of Excess Fat In Your Body as Well as It Will Boast Your Overall Health

You Should Combine Little Bit of Resistance Training along with Walking Everyday to Get Most out of Your Walking

20 Walking Tips to Get Most Out of Your Daily Walk

walk to lose weight

So, Here are Few Simple Tips that You Should Keep In Mind In Order to Get the Most out of Your Walking Routine. These Tips are Simple and Don’t Think too Much about them. They are Just there To Make Your Walk a Little Bit More Interesting then Usual

So, The Tips For Awesome Walking Experience are

  1. Buy a New Pair of Shoes that Fits Perfectly
  2. Make Sure You Wear a Proper Pair of Super Comfortable Socks
  3. Avoid Dehydration By Keeping a Water Bottle With You
  4. If Not Water, Make Sure You Have an Awesome Electrolyte With You
  5. Avoid Eating Before Your Morning Walk Routine
  6. Make Sure You Have Proper Clothing to Battle the Weather Condition
  7. If You Want You Can Wear a Nice Pair of Sunglasses
  8. Make Sure You Have Good Music to Complement Your Journey
  9. If Not Music Then a Walking Partner
  10. Maybe a Dog By Your Side Would Be Amazing ( I Basically Use this Tip)
  11. Make Sure You Have Planned the Whole Route Before You Start a Walk
  12. Walking up Hill Will Be More Beneficial
  13. Walking in Areas with Dense Vegetation is Better than Walking on Streets
  14. After a Walk Make Sure You Consume the Proper Amount of Calories
  15. Walk in Your Natural Pace
  16. If You Want to Boast Fat Lost Walk Briskly
  17. Avoid Using Hand Weights
  18. Pair Your Walking with Some Resistance Training
  19. Don’t Consume More Calories than You Have Burned While Walking
  20. Make Walking a Part of Your Daily Routine

Best Way to Incorporate More Walking Into Your Daily Routine

You May Be thinking about ways You Can Increase Your Total Distance You Cover Every day So, that You can Lose More Weight. How about Walking to Your Office Rather Than Through a Vehicle

Just Avoid Unnecessary Transportation to Go From Point A to Point B. If The Place You Want to Reach is Under 4 Km From Your Current Location then Use those Legs

That’s All Instead of Transportation Use Your Own Legs

Things You Should Do Before Walking For Weight Loss

walk to lose weight

There are Few Things You Must Keep In Mind Before Walking For Weight Loss, Losing Weight Wouldn’t Be Possible If You Don’t Keep these Things in Mind

  1. Make Sure You Have the Proper Walking Routine Which Facilitates Weight Loss
  2. Make Sure You Don’t Starve Yourself In Order to Promote Weight Loss
  3. A Proper Medical Check-up, So, that You Have No Problem Walking an Hour a Day
  4. A Nice Diet Plan

Walking Routine For Weight Loss

  1. 60 Minute Walk in the Morning Combined with Some Resistance Training
  2. 60 Minutes Walk in the Evening Before the Dinner

Walking Briskly Will Have it’s Own Advantages But in the Beginning I Would Suggest Taking it Easy


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A Word From FitnessGained

Walking is a Moderate Intensity Exercise If You Combine Walking with Proper Diet Plan and a Sport Losing Weight Will Be More than Easy For You. Make Sure You Don’t Overdo it

Best Wishes

Stay Strong, Stay Hungry

R, Peace

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