How to Tell if a Guy Likes You?

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Let’s be serious, the direction of his feet is not a genuine indicator of attraction. Maybe he is just being nice to you or maybe he likes you a lot and wants to go out with you. But whatever the case is, you have to do your own research to find out the truth. If you think that a guy who likes you will give his 100% clear confession to let you know then you are probably wrong

Moreover, Even if he likes you it doesn’t mean that he will keep liking you forever. If you are oblivion to his every signal chances are he will lose his interest. Nowadays finding a date requires just a few right swipes

Men are simple creatures, you don’t need to be a psychic to know what’s in a man’s heart, you just need to be more attentive

Let’s say you have a crush on john and john likes you too. But dating him is out of the picture until you and him both know that you like each other. I understand that if you have low self-esteem and a lot of general anxieties, it will be quite hard for you to confront him, and waiting for his confrontation can take up an eternity. So, what should you do?

The best possible solution is to determine whether he likes you or not and then take appropriate actions to show your approval if you are interested in him too. Trust me, there is not much you need to do to show your approval and it’s not that tough to know if he likes you or not

Here are 8 signs you need to look for to know if a guy likes you or not



When you like someone, you try to physically and psychologically reduce the distance between you and that person. If I remember my first relationship rightly, I used to make excuses just to hang around with her friends to the point that my boys started helping me in making excuses

If a guy likes you then he will approach you every single time he sees you unless he is really busy. He is approaching you because he wants to know you better. You can never like nor love someone who is not accessible to you

Have you ever noticed this? A guy who was just standing a moment ago at the edge of the room is now suddenly standing right beside you. It’s not a coincidence it’s an unconscious or conscious approach to know you. Don’t you do this yourself? Trying your best to remain in your crush field of vision

So, If a guy is constantly approaching you every time he sees you or if he is making sure that he remains in your field of vision then this is the very first indicator that he like you

The exception to this law are introverts, Introverts don’t approach and if you are falling for an introvert and you want to know whether or not he likes you then start with the second indicator

What to do if you like him?

Just act casual. You don’t need to do anything, make sure that you greet him warmly every time he approaches you. Moreover, don’t speak first. Let him say what he has to say first then proceed


Eye Contact

John started hanging around with your friends. He even approaches you every time he sees you but you are not sure whether he likes you or one of your friends. Now what you need to look for is the second indicator which is strong eye contact.

Someone cracks a joke who is the first person john looks at, is it you? If yes, this is a great sign. Your friends have seen him checking you out multiple times. I know it’s kinda weird but men are visual creatures. Men think a little bit differently than women. Moreover, their approach to these types of situation is also different

Looking at you again and again, even when you are not talking, making strong eye contact with you when you are talking to him, and checking you out are the first few things on men’s crush checklist

Sudden, spontaneous eye contact is a sign that two people should talk

James Redfield

Even if John is an introvert he still will make strong eye contact with you when he is talking to you. A bonus tips: introverts love solitude so, avoid helping him in gaining a social life because he doesn’t want to

What to do if you like him?

John looks at you every time you smile, He even makes strong yet deep eye contact with you from time to time but now what should you do? If you like him, then look straight into his eyes every time he talks to you. Gaze into his eyes as if his eyes hold everything you thirst for

But avoid starring at him for no reason if you know what I mean!



This is where everything gets complex!

But John makes eye contact with every single girl and I have no clue whether he checks me out or not. Then you need the third indicator which is attention. Do you find it difficult to grab his attention or Does he prioritize you and what you say more than all the girls and boys around you? it’s very important that you answer this question honestly

If he likes you then he will pay attention to everything you do when you are with him. Don’t you do this yourself? Whenever you are talking to your crush or someone you like don’t you pay a colossal amount of attention to listen to everything they say

In a room full of art I’d still stare at you

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Remember the first legit sign of love is attention! If you have to constantly fight for his attention then chances are he is not that into you

Moreover, avoid fighting for his attention. I used to get jealous whenever my crush gave others the attention which I crave. Fighting for their attention isn’t worth anything, It will only make your days miserable

Rather spend time with your friends!

What to do if you like him?

John listens to everything I have to say. He even ignores others while talking to me. Then you should also pay attention to him. One of the greatest gifts that you can give to your partner is your time, attention, and your concern



Just because He never starts the conversation doesn’t mean He is not dying to speak to you. You have to talk to him to know how he precisely feels about you. Unlike women, men are terrible at expressing their emotions. True feelings are difficult to express and men are not very good at being open

Only a small proportion of men are in touch with their emotions and are willing to be vulnerable just to express themselves. This is why you have to take a lead. Start a conversation with him about anything and notice how he reacts

His Reaction will help you in understanding how he feels about you. You may find it difficult to decipher his every action. But after talking to him a couple of times, you will have a clear idea of how he feels about you

Most of the time, guys deny their own feelings. You can either wait for them to open up to you which can take some time or you can connect with them yourself. The choice is yours

What to do if you like him?

If he is showing all of the above signs and still he is not talking to you Then chances are he is bad at talking. Most guys avoid talking and play it cool not because they don’t like to talk but rather because they are bad at expressing themselves. This is your chance. Either you can build a solid relationship or you can let it fade away

He may be your ideal boyfriend so, try. It may not be easier to understand him but it surely will be worth it. Here’s a video by James Bauer explaining the secret obsession & men’s psyche and how you can utilize it to connect with your partner on a deeper level

open arms

Open Body Language

Need more confirmation before talking? Then the next indicator you need to look for is his body language. Does he act defensive, dominant, or caring while you are with him? the only way to know this is by decoding his body language. Trust me, it’s simple and the good part is that you will instantly know whether someone like you or not

The easiest way to learn about body language is by comparing the body language of your good friends with people you barely know. Have you ever noticed that your friends always appear relaxed, comfortable, confident, and open when they are with you? This is what is called open body language

While people who you barely know try to maintain a certain amount of distance from you, they may cross their arms, try to cover vulnerable physical areas ( crossed legs, arms across the face, knees together, or chin down ) all because they don’t feel comfortable around you and why would they feel comfortable, they barely know you. This is called defensive body language

Now tell me, does john ( the man you are trying to understand ) act defensive or comfortable around you? does he flex his muscle whenever he sees you? Personally I used to feel a little bit uncomfortable around my crush and flexing, oh my god! my hands were shaking

I don’t know why this happens, you spend your whole day thinking about meeting them and when you meet them you try your best to act as cool as you can. Like you didn’t even notice them

So, if a guy likes you then he will act a little bit uncomfortable yet he will try his best to look more masculine and cool. But as you spend more time with him, He will become comfortable with you around But the flexing part will still remain

What to do if you like him?

He is open to you. So, You should also act less defensive and more open. No more defensiveness, No more Hesitation when he approaches you

laughing couples


John is a charismatic guy and he cracks jokes all the time. He has a very bright personality. Everyone loves him. So, I think maybe he is just being nice to me. Maybe he is but maybe he is into you. There is a fine line between cracking a joke and trying to put a smile on your face

When you have a crush on someone, you just want them to smile. Whenever he is with you if he tries to crack jokes just to make you smile or if he smiles at your every joke no matter how lame the joke was then it’s a clear indicator that he is interested in you

He is in your friend group and every time you smile, he looks at you. Not once but repeatedly then it’s a clear sign of attraction again. Even if your crush is an introvert, then also smile is a strong indicator

Moreover, If you are meeting someone for the first time and they constantly look at you while smiling then its an indicator of attraction

Look for at least 4-5 indicators along with humor before making up your mind. Don’t jump into conclusion too fast. Do your research!

What to do if you like him?

He is smiling at your great jokes and is constantly making eye contact with you. Now what you do is help him in extending the conversation by asking questions and if he says something funny. Just smile back

That’s all you need to do!



Touch is a sign of romance and there are few things a man will do when he is close to a girl he likes. Here are few positive signs

  1. He will grab your hand for too long or tousle your hair
  2. He will sit next to you and try his best to sit as close to you as possible. So close that your legs might start touching each other accidentally
  3. If he hugs you for too long
  4. Fixing your fallen hair strand. A friend will never do this
  5. Gently touching your arm
  6. Touching or Grabbing your waist
  7. When he caresses your face

There are many more signs but these are the legit ones

What to do if you like him?

Trust me, there is no accident! If he is caressing your face he likes you and that’s it. If you like him avoid hesitation and be relax unless you think he is going beyond your comfort zone which is highly unlikely

You can also touch his hand or his arms to show your affection



Being extra nice is a sign of affection. He listens to everything you say, pays more attention to you than anyone else, approaches you every time he sees you, laughs at your fine jokes, uses every opportunity to touch you, fights for you, makes sure that you are smiling, helps you out for no reason, makes deep eye contact with you from time to time

You deserve someone who is terrified to lose you


If a guy does all these things then he loves you, let alone like you. Chances are you are the one who is unaware of the fact that he likes you. Moreover, he is not that good at expressing himself

A little bravery now can help both of you avoid days of pain

What to do if you like him?

If you like him then how about more action. Life is short, don’t waste your time sitting here deciding whether he likes you or not. Rather go out utilize all these indicators and find it out yourself. Approach him even if you think he does not like you. Do you know why? because you still have a choice

Giving up without even trying ones is kinda lame! If you like him at least try ones otherwise you will have regret all your life that you didn’t. Don’t think just feel and do what you want to do

Improve yourself if you have too, Thinking that it’s bad to change yourself for someone else is not going to get you anywhere. Respect yourself and Go for what you want. One way or other change is inevitable

Trying your best to look good, learning how male psychology works or changing your personality to be more attractive and desirable is not bad a choice.

You are just going after what you desire and change is a part of it. You are just rising to meet the challenge. Having the courage to go after what you like is true happiness

I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done

Lucille Ball

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