How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations?

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You Can Just Sit There Blaming Yourself or You can Move on, Dream and Stay Positive Cause Past maybe Over But Future Still Holds Possibilities. But Being Positive is Not Easy What’s Easy is To Say Be Positive But When the Situation Get Tensed Some Guys Run But Some Stay

So, What are You Gonna Do? What You Will Do Will Describe and Make You

Here’s an article on How to Stay Positive Even in Negative Situation

Why Positivity is Necessary?

It’s Very Easy to Have Negative Mindset about anything and Be Depressed about it But it’s Tough to Stay Positive. Some People are Born with Positive Mindset While Some Have to actively work on it

I consider myself among those Smart and Active People Who Kinda Need to Actively Work on Positivity


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You May Not Accept it But While Writing this Article only One Though Prevail My Mind which is “No One is Gonna Read My useless Blog Why not Stop working on it”

I Understand that it’s Not Negativity it’s deep Down Feeling about the Things that You are Sure About

But No one Understand that every time in our We Tried to Cope with Negativity only Negative Happened

It’s Easy to Say that Be Positive But Tough to Really approach things with Positivity

But At Some Point in My Life, I Discovered one Thing that Being Positive about the thing is all About Having Confidence in Yourself and Your Decision

Without Positivity You Will Have Zero Confidence in Your Decision and Yourself. That’s What I Personally Discovered

Positivity is Like a Blade You Need to Sharpen For Yourself So that You Can Deal with the Problems in Your Life and Deal with Them Without Anyone’s Help

Is it Really Possible to Stay Positive in Every Situation?

At the Beginning of 2018 My Dog Died and Everyone around Me Was Like Be Positive

I Can Stay Positive But about What Exactly, I am Sad Cause I am Supposed to Be Sad. My 4 Year Dog Just Died. There is Nothing Positive about it

At that Day I Discovered one Thing, You can’t Really Stay Positive in Every Situation

In Some Situations, You Have to Be More Acceptable and Understanding and that’s How You are Staying Positive

You May Not Be Positive about Everything But You Surely Can Be Positive about the Future and Trust That Future Holds Possibilities of Happiness

Being Positive is all About Knowing that Then Future Holds Promises

What’s The Difference Between Being Positive and Being Opportunistic?

There is a Lot of Difference Between Being Positive and Being Opportunistic

An Opportunistic Person May or May Not Be Positive in the Same Way A Positive Person May or May Not Be Opportunistic

Being Positive is about Knowing that No Matter What Happens in the Present there is Still Hope in the Future cause Future is Filled with Possibilities

Being Opportunistic is about Knowing that No Matter What Happens Today, I am Going to Make the Best out of it Cause Today is Bad But Tomorrow May Be Worse

That’s all the Difference Between Being Positive and Being Opportunistic

In Order to Deal with Every Situation Effectively, You Can’t Just Be Positive or Be Opportunistic. You Have to Be Positive and Opportunistic

This is How I Changed My Mindset

No Matter What Happens in the Present, Future Still Hold Possibilities and Today Maybe Bad But If I Make the Best out of the Worse than I Would Make Great out of Best in the Future


From Know On Promise Me That You Will Adopt the Same Philosophy in Your Life

You Have to Be out there Making the Best out of Worse and the Confidence You Will Develop in Yourself will Be Make You a Better Person

How Do I Stay Stay Positive?

Basically, When I Face Tough Situation and I Feel Like Quitting or Negative Thoughts Fill My Mind I Do These 9 Things in Order to Keep Myself Calm and Positive

Moreover, I Have Group of 3-4 Friends, We Meet Every Month on 27. What We Do on that Day Discuss our Past Action For that Month and Understand What We Did Wrong

Cause Sometimes Being Positive is Not Enough, Sometimes You Need Proper Guidance and Who Could Give You Proper Guidance than Your Age-old Buddies Who Know You Very Well

Following these 6 Steps Along with Proper Guidance is Enough For Me to Get Back on Track

Breath in Some Air

Breathing is The Simple and Most Effective Thing You Can Do Right Know or anytime When You Feel Stressed out and When Negative Thoughts Fill Your Mind

When We Encounter a Tough Situation our Natural Reaction to the Situation is Resistance and that Resistance Results in Stress and That Stress Builds up Negativity

What You Need to Do is You Need to Relax and Don’t Let Your Natural Instincts Jump In on You

Breathing and Calming Yourself Down is the Best Way to Deal with any Problem

So, When You Face a Problem Just Breath in and out Till You Feel Relaxed or Maybe Just Do Wim Hof Method

Write it Down

This is For All those People Who Literally think That They are Not Positive. What You Need to Do is Write Down the Situation that You are So Negative about

Then Write The Possible outcomes of the Situation and Then Proceed on to Writing How These Outcomes Will Effect You

At the end With Best of Your Abilities Write all The Possible Solutions and Don’t Ask anyone to Help You in Finding Solution But Use Internet If Necessary

Plus Write all the Possible Positive things that can Happen

Example of How You Should Write it Down

  • Problem: I am Gone Quit the College
  • Outcomes: No Job, No Money, No Home.
  • After Effect: I Will Have Nothing to Eat, Wear and Nowhere To call Home
  • Solution: I Avoid Quitting or Maybe open My own Company
  • Positive things: I Can Become a Millionaire

Go Outside

After You Have Realistically Evaluated the Situation, It’s Time For Going Outside and Take a Short Walk. In That Short Walk

I Would Like to Recommend You to Focus on Solution and Positive things only

Focusing on the Problem will Only Stress You Out But Focusing on the Solution will Help You Grasp the Situation Positively

Moreover, Pay More Focus to Nature Like You Want Nature to Suggest You with a Direction

I Always Climb a Tree When I am Feeling Stressed out and When I Don’t Know What to Do and Nature always Tell Me One thing

Just Climb Up the Problem With Proper Force and Balance So that You Don’t Fall Down But You Get to See the View

In any Way, I Don’t Recommend Climbing a Tress Without Experts

Understanding the Natural Flow

Now What You Need to Do is Understand that Everything that Happens In Your Life Happens For a Reason. So For the Love of God Stop Judging the Situation as Positive or Negative

Just Flow with The Situation and Be Like Water

Don’t Let Small Problems Disrupt Your Natural Flow

Go with The Flow and When Time is Appropriate, Dominate the Flow

Everything Has a Natural Pace and If You Force Your Way in or Out Most of the Time You Will Face Resistance But What Flows Naturally Doesn’t Face Resistance

Become One With Nature and Keep on Moving When You Get to Move

Being Opportunistic

Now You Know What the Situation Really is and You Know what The Possibilities are. Know is the Time to Hit For the Target

Focus on the Positive Side of the Situation and Take Efforts to Redeem the Positive Half of the Situation. Keep Working and Trying till you Make the Best Happen

Remember If you Work and Do Your Best Then The Worst Won’t Happen

Letting Go

Now You Need to Let Go of Every thought in Your Mind and Move on. There is No Benefit if You Keep Holding on to the Things That are in the Past

Remember that Past Should Not Be Your Concern

Move on Because You Have Other Problems to Deal with. Don’t Just Sit There Thinking About It. The Only Thing that Can Happen Now Thinking about it is You Lose Focus

Don’t Just Sit There Blaming Yourself

Take Action

Luck, Wisdom, Courage It All Begins When You Take Action

How to Stay Positive in Negative Situation

Is it Just In the Mind?

How You Perceive Things Depends Totaly Upon You. Nothing is Bad and Nothing is Good. What may Be Bad For You is Good For Someone Else

I Donated $100 to Someone Whom I Don’t Even Know But that $100 Helped Her in Feeding Her Kids

Remember that Whatever Happens in the World Happens For a Reason and If You Start Judging Everything than You Will Lose Valuable time

Time in Which You Could Take Action and Make a Difference

Most of the Times it’s Never Just in the Mind

Negative Situations are Negative Because these Situations are Filled with Possibilities that can Effect Your Life in a Negative Way

But Staying Positive in a Negative Situation is all About Focusing on the Future and Looking at the Better Half of Every Situation

How Staying Positive will Help Me in My Life?

No One Wants to Be Around a Person Who is Negative about Everything

Being Positive and Staying Positive Makes You Instantly Likeable and Much More Appealing to other People. It Also Shows Your Strength as a Person

Positivity Will Help You In Developing Yourself Beyond Your Meger Limits and Let You See the World in a New Light

You Will Start Knowing Your Strength and Weakness as a Person

Understand one Thing Clearly, The World is Not all Sunshine and Rainbows But If You Keep Looking at the World as Its All Filled with Negativity and Hopelessness

Then Hopelessness is What You Will Get Cause You Will Attract What You Seek

Our Mind Has the Capability to Attract anything and Everything

Seeking Negativity Will Only Get You Closer to Negative Results But What if You are Positive About Everything No Matter How dire the Situation was

You Know What Will Happen, You Will Start Looking at the Possibilities and Positivity

Seeking Positivity Will Get You Closer to Positive Results

If You Have Food, Shelter and Clean Water. Then Trust Me, Being Positive is Kinda Easy

There are People out there Who Don’t Have Food But Have Hopes and Dreams

Don’t Waste Your Time Being All Negative Rather Be Positive and Seek Possibilities


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A Word From FitnessGained

Positive Mindset is All about Letting Go of the Past and Focusing on the Future. Past May Be Over But the Present Still Holds Possibilities and Future Holds Hopes

So, Stop Wasting Your Time Being Negative and Start Hoping and Dreaming Cause You Have a Long Life Filled With Excitement waiting For You To Redeem

P.S. If You Have any Doubt about the Article You Can Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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