How to Stay Positive During a Survival Situation?

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Most People Who Face Survival Situation Collapse Not Because they Don’t Have Resources to Survive But Because They are Unable to Stay Positive in Face of Adversity. Being Calm and Positive in the Adversity is the First Step to Survival

But You can Learn How to Stay Positive in the Face of Adversity By Understanding Your Limits and How You Can Push Past Them

But In Order For You To Understand Your Limits, You Have to Push Yourself Past Your Normal Limits

Surviving the Adversity is Only Possible If You Commit to Never Stop

Before You Move Forward in The Quest of Conquoring Yourself Let’s First Understand About How out Human Brain Works

Does Your Brain Affect Your Survival Chances in the Wilderness?

In a Survival Situation What Mentality You Have Plays a Vital Role in Your Chances of Surviving the Worse. Your Approach To Your Harsh Environment is Dependent on Your Mindset

If You can Avoid Panicking all Day Long, You Will Discover Something that Everything You Need as an Animal To Survive in the Wilderness is Found in Aubandance If You are Smart Enough to Utilize it

The Real Difficulty is in Accepting the Shift in the Environment and Understanding that Cursing Yourself or other People For the Situation Won’t Make it any Better

You Must Accept the Circumstances as they are and Make the Most out of them

Accepting Your Condition and Your Circumstances is the First Step to Successful Survival

Now all You Need to Do is Utilize Your Mind and Find a Way to Get Back To Civilization Before You Run Out of Water and Food

The Mind Which Let You Solve Complex Mathematical Problem Will Surely Be Strong Enough to Help You in Finding Path

Moreover, You Have to Understand and Accept the Fact that There are Chances that No One Will Come to Your Rescue

Taking Initiative and Not Panicking is all About Your Mental Stiffness

What Mindset You Have in the Face of Adversity Determines the Chances You Have in Surviving the Adversity. In Survival Situation You Mind is Your Strongest Weapon. Better Keep it Sharp

Can Survival Situation Effect Your Sanity?

Some Times Survival Situation Breaks Even the Strong-Willed People cause When a Person Experience a Traumatic Event His Brain Doesn’t Function as it Functions Normally

For a Person Who Has Been Trained to Endure Harsh Circumstances, Survival Situations are Nothing More than a Walk in the Park

But For an Average Person Survival Situation Put’s Their Brain in a Defensive Position Where It only Focuses on Survival and Not on Learning

It Seems Right at First But Being in a Defensive Position Generates a Lot of Stress and Literally Zero Solution For the Person Who is Stuck In Between Life and Death

What May Seem Right Decision For You In Normal Situation May Seem a Poor Judgement in the Survival Situation

Moreover, The Sanity of a Person is also Effected. We Live a Relatively Comfortable Life and When We Face a Threat Beyond Our Control We Freak Out

Similarly, in Survival Situation Most of the things are out of our Hands and Some People Freak out Because of the Fact that Nothing is in their Control

Lack of Control over Your Surrounding Effect Sanity of Some People and Delude them into Making Wrong Decision

Understanding the Fact that Even If the Surrounding Is not In Your Control But Your Own action toward these adverse conditions will change the Course of Your Survival

From a Defensive Viewpoint, You will Immediately Gain an Upper Hand

The Attitude of Mind For Survival

What Type Attitude Toward Adversity Will Let a Normal Person Survive? What type of Though Processing Will Let an Average Person Survive War Possibly World War 3?

An Opportunistic Mindset! A Person Who Thinks and is Willing to Utilizes Even a Smallest Motion of the Adversity For Expansion and Protection of Himself and His Family

There are Part of Your Whole Mindsets that Will Enable You to Survive the Worse But You Have to Understand and Expand Your Potential By Yourself All We can Do is Provide You with a Way

But the Walk Needs to Be Done By You Cause in Survival Situation No One is Gone Help You. Better You Prepare For Everything By Yourself

Out of Everything You Need To Survive a Catastrophe Your Mindset is The Greatest Tool Cause If You Have a Right Mindset then Surviving Impossible is Nothing More than A Sequence of Steps

Way to Develop the Right Attitude For Survival

Opportunistic: In Face of Adversity You Need to Be Opportunistic Which Means That You are More than Willing to Utilize Any Resource Available to You to Survive

You Understand Completely that Your Situation is Worse Now and If You Didn’t Take Action Future May Even Bring Much More Worse Situation Better to Deal with Situation Right Know

Fearless: You Understand That You Need to Take action But You Also Need to Be Fearless at Every Step. Hesitation will Result to Doubt, Doubt Will Result in Overthinking

Overthinking Will Result in Inaction. The Last thing You Want is Inaction in the Face of Adversity. So What You Need to Do is Be Decisive and Take Action Fearlessly

Learning: In Survival Situations our Mind Shuts Down along with all the Positivity, Thinking and Learning. Our Mind Will Never Adapt to New Circumstances unless we are Ready to Learn

Learn about the New Situation and Surrounding We are In. What Learning Will Do is It Will Help Us in Understanding and Dominating our New Situation

Just Explore the New Survival Situation. I Know it is Survival But It Doesn’t Mean that You Can’t Have Fun and Increase Your Knowledge

Refusal: This is One of the Most Important Step to Staying Positive, Which is Refusal to Accept the Condition You are in and Willingness to Work in order to Gain a Better Situation and Better Life

If You Refuse to Quit and Refuse to Give Up Sooner or Later You Will Win. Even If You Don’t Think You Have Enough Will To Continue then Still Take One Step

It is a Thousand Mile Road It Doesn’t Matter You cover it on Bike or On Foot What Matters is You Moving Forward

I Don’t Want You To Just Survive The Situation I Want You to Move Forward Toward Infinity

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude?

Maintaining Positive Attitude in Face of Adversity is Impossible But What’s Possible is For You to Understand that No Matter What Happens in the Present Their is Still Hope in The Future

Just Have Faith in the God and Move Forward Until You Succeed and Don’t Look Back. Most People Start Complaining to God About Why it Happened to Them Only

Understand this Completely No Amount of Complaining is Going to Do any Good only Action can Help You. It Doesn’t Matter If You Have Faith in Yourself or Not

What Matters is Your Action

Your Action Define You in Adversity as Your Patience Define You in Angre

So Don’t Lose Hope Keep Moving Forward, Have Faith in Yourself and You Will Do Just Fine

The Art of Staying Positive

The Art of Staying Positive is the Art of Continuous Action with Calm Spirit. Maintain a Calm Spirit at All-time By Keeping Your Body and Mind Relax

Focus on One Task at a Time and Leave the Past and The Future Aside

Understand That Your Situation is Not Gonna Change Unless You Take Initiative at Changing it So, Focus all Your Strength in Changing Your Circumstances

Even If You Don’t Have Control over the Surrounding, You Still Have Control Over Yourself

Use Yourself To Dominate the Surrounding

If You are Opportunistic Enough No Amount of Problem will Be Able to Break You!


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Nothing Matters other than Your Action. Your Action Will, Define You in Adversity as They Define You in Prosperity. Quitting will Not Provide You with Peace

The Only Peace and Happiness Available to You in Adversity is When You are Taking Action

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Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

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