How to Start Exercising When You are Already Overweight?

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Exercising Every Day is Quite Good For Your Body But It’s Difficult to Build a Habit of Exercising Every day. Starting Exercising when You are Overweight is Tougher than Building Muscles But What If You Have a Habit of Exercising Every day

Developing a Habit is Quite Easy and If You Have a Habit of Exercising Everyday then Building Muscles and Losing Fat is The Easy Part

But How Do You Build the Habit of Exercising Every day

Habits are Quite Easy to Form the Only thing that is Needed To Form Habits are Repetition

Here’s an article on How You Can Start Exercising Every Day Even If You are Over Weight and Have Zero Motivation to Change Yourself

You Just think You Have Zero Motivation, You Have Motivation that’s Why You are Reading this article

Why Exercising is Difficult?


Good things in Life Never Happen By Mere Coincidence, For Example, If You Want to Make More Money or Have a Better Physique then You Will Notice one thing For Sure

That You Will Never Have it Out of Mere Coincidence, You Will Have to Work For it and Discipline Yourself in a Way that You Become Worthy Enough to Have it

Without the Hard Work, You Can’t Have the Physique and In Order to Build Amazing Body You Have to Exercise and As a Result Exercise is Difficult

But All Exercises Don’t have the Same Difficulty

For Instance, Doing a Planche For 1 Minute is Difficult But Doing Jumping Jacks For 1 Minute is Fun

So Why Not You Just Perform Exercise that is Easy to Perform as Compared to the Tough ones and Gain the Physique You so Desire

It Doesn’t Matter What You are Doing But If You are Smart Enough You can Getaway With a Lot of Hard work By Doing Smart Work

Its True Exercising is Difficult But It’s also True that If You are Smart Enough then You Don’t have to Train as Hard as Other People To Get the Same Results as Them

Is there any Way to Make it Easy For Me to Workout Every day?

The Only Way to Make it Easy For You to Workout Every day is By Forming the Habit of Exercising Every day. But I must warn you, Forming Habit is Not Easy

When I Started Exercising I Was around 12 and I Literally Had No Clue on What I Should Do

So, I Literally Tried Everything and Out of Everything, Few Things Worked Well and Few things Didn’t Work out But Along the Line I Made One Fatal Mistake

I Stopped working out Before I Knew it I Had Few Extra Pounds on Me and a Lifestyle that Made me Feel Like I am Just Born to Eat Potato Chips and Hamburgers

I Still Eat Hamburgers But Back then 2-3 Hamburgers a Day was Just a Starter Before a Meal

Here’s an article on How You Can Lose Weight without Exercises By Changing Your Lifestyle and Diet

So, I decided to workout Every day But it Was Hard to Perform Exercises When You are Already Overweight

When You are overweight completing your entire workout routine is impossible but what we can surely do is perform exercises every day even it means performing a single rep

By Just Performing a Single Rep Every Day I Was able to Form the Habit of Working out Every day

As a result, after around 17 Days it was Kinda easy For Me to Workout

I Didn’t lose any Weight in First Two Weeks But it Took Me two Weeks of Regular Trying to Workout to Make Me Finally Start Working out

Most of the Weight I Lost Was Due to The Diet Change rather than By Exercising. I Started Exercising less and Paid More Attention to My Diet

How to Start Exercising without any Motivation and Extra Pounds?

Best Way to Start is Starting Slow, It’s Not Like You are Going to Lose Weight Starting Your First Week unless you Make Changes in Your Diet and Incorporate Keto Diet

But in the first week, you can lay the foundation of a Habit

If You Have Zero Motivation

Then You Need to Form Habits Cause Without Motivation Exercising is Impossible but Habits Don’t Require Motivation

If you have a habit of waking up every day and Doing 10 Push-ups

No Matter How Low Your Motivation is of Waking up. But When You Wake Up, You Will Perform 10 Push-ups That’s the power of a Habit

Building Habit is Tough But Not Impossible, In order to Build the Habit of Working out Every Day, Start Slow. For Example, Ask Yourself Every day to Walk for say 5 Minutes and Perform 5 Push-ups only

Within a Week, You Will Notice that 5 Push-ups aren’t Enough

You Will Automatically Start Doing 5 Sets of 5 Push-ups

As The Time Will Pass on You Will Notice that only Push-ups are not Enough

You will Start Doing Legs Exercises and Abdominal Exercises and So on Your Journey Will Begin, But it Will Only Start with a small number

Don’t Scare Your Brain By Saying, I am Going to Do 100 Reps today

Rather Say I am Going to Do 1 Rep Today and then You Will Hit Your Target

As you Keep Hitting Your Target Your Brain Will Be Like I Need a Bigger Target, That’s How You Start Exercising Without Any motivation

Can I Literally Lose More than 50 Lbs within a Year?

Yes, You can Definitely Lose More than 50 Lbs within a Year. There are people out there in the world who have Lost More than 100 lbs in a Year

I Lost around 19.5 Lbs of Weight in a Month By Following a Certain Diet

You Just Have to change Your Mindset From “Can I” to “I Will”. That’s all it Will Take For You to Lose Weight

One More thing You Have to Do in order to Make Sure that you are able to Lose Weight within a Year and Which is You Have to Stick With Your Diet and Workout Plan

That is Ones You Get a Workout Plan Which is Good Enough For You, Then You Have to Stick With it Through Out the Year

Consistency is the Key to Weight loss and If You are Consistent Enough with your Diet and Workout Plan Then You Will Surely Lose Weight

Make a Decision to Change Yourself and Follow the Workout Routine with All Your Heart and You Will Surely Lose Weight

How to Form a Habit of Exercising Every day?

Forming a Habit is Tough But Not as Tough as Keeping the Habit Going. If You Have a Habit of Exercising Every day then-No Matter What Happens You Will Exercise

When I Started Exercising the Very First thing I Did was I Tried to Make Exercising Every day as a Part of a Ritual that I Need to Follow Every day to Keep My Mind Well Focused

As a result, If I Didn’t Exercise Even Just For One Day I Felt Like I Wasn’t in My Right Mindset

But Soon I Transformed into a Person who Doesn’t Need to Be in a Proper Mindset to Go throughout his Day

That’s When I Realized that the Way I Tried to Make Exercising My Habit was Not The Best Way and Quite Literally I Can Do Better

So, This is How I Made Exercising My Habit Truly

I Decided to Exercise Every Day Even If It means Me Performing Just one Set of Every Exercise and Literally I Just Performed Just one Set of Every Single Exercise I Did For one Straight Month

This is What I Noticed in the Second Month

In The Second Month, Deep Down I Knew that I Will Perform Exercise Even If it Means a Single Set and then When I Decided to Perform Enough Sets For Proper Growth

At that Point of My Fitness Journey, My Desire to Exercise was More than My Desire to Do Literally Anything

The Important Point is You Keep Moving. It Doesn’t Matter How Many Steps You Take. Even If You take One Step a Day Trust Me, Sooner or Later that one Step Will Cover

Half of the Distance to Your Fitness Goal

This is How I Did it! Plain and Simple

Should I Exercise Even If I am Sick?

Suppose You Have Decided to Workout Every day and at the End of Very First Week You are Challenged with a Flu. Now What Should You Do

Should You Just avoid Exercising on that Day or Should You Perform the Exercise While Reducing the Intensity of Your Training or Should You Quit Training For Good

Quitting Training Forever is Not in the Options that’s For Sure and If You Listen to the Experts then Reducing the Efficiency of Your Training or Avoiding Training at that Day is the Best Choice

But in Our Opinion, this is What You Should Do If the Symptoms of Your Sickness are Above Your Necks Like Sneezing and Sore Throat then Perform the Workout

But Lower the Intensity and If the Symptoms Include body Aches and Fever avoid Workout at All Cost

I understand Consistency is the Key But Sometimes Your Body Needs More Rest then it Needs Exercise and You Have to Understand when it Needs What!

Keto Diet For Results

I Trained Every Single Day and Still at the End of Every Month, One Thing Never Changed which Was My Weight and a Feeling to Quit

I Know It’s Not Possible to Keep on Doing a Certain Thing when You Get No Result. But Quitting was Not the option

So, I Researched about Various Things I can Change to Gain the Physique I Desired and I Decided to Change My Diet along with Training Everyday

After a Month, I Got Some Minimalistic Results But they were Not Something That Could make Be Proud of Myself

I Was Training Everyday For a Year Now and My Body Still Wasn’t What I Desired. People Post their 1 Year Transformation on Youtube All the Time

But In 1 Year I Lost around 20 lbs only

Then My Sister Told Me about the Keto Diet. Since I Was at the End of My Ropes I couldn’t Care Less and Tried it

I Decided to Get a Custom Made Keto Diet Because I Can Either Follow a Random Keto Diet or a Well Tailored Diet Plan Which Meets My Need

Whenever I Give a Try to a Diet Plan, I Always Make Sure it is Tailored to my needs. Diet Plans Never Work

Unless they are Tailored Specifically For You

I Think Most of the Time, Results Lies in Doing the Same Thing in Certain Order or in My Case Eating Certain Things in Quantity That My Body Really Needs

In One Month, I Lost around 19.5 lbs and I Just Couldn’t Believe When I Looked at Myself. I Was Suddenly Lean and Attractive

So, If You Want to Change Yourself Start By Exercising But Exercising is not The Solution But the Start, Combine it with the Keto Diet

I highly recommend you to contact a dietician to help you in preparing meals, balancing calories, and micronutrient. This way you will be able to avoid the side effects of the keto diet caused due to unbalanced macronutrients. If you are like me and don’t have the time due to your busy schedule then you can get a custom made keto diet plan from here. With this plan, you will Have no Trouble in Counting calories and preparing meals

Why Should I Exercise Every day?


I Literally Recommend Every Single Student of Mine To Train Every day But If We Make The Decision Based on Science then 3 Days of Vigorous Training is More than Enough

You Can Just Train For One Day and Take Rest For One Day to Get to Your Best Shape Possible

Training Every day is Kinda Counter-Productive If You are Going to Train Every Day Vigorously

If You are Going to Train With Utmost Dedication then Training 3 Days a Week is More than Enough But If You are Still Just Trying to Know Your Limits or You are Just Starting Training

Then Exercising Every day is Crucial to Build Habits

Quite Frankly If You are Not Training Every day at the Beginning of Your Fitness Journey Then Forming a Habit of Training Every day is Impossible

You Have to Understand that If You are Overweight and You Want to Change Yourself then You won’t Be Able to Change Yourself Following the Same Daily Routine

The Routine that Made You Put on Extra Pounds Rather than Just Following that Same Routine Why Not Change it For Good this Time

At the End of the Day, the Decision Lies on Your Shoulders


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A Word From Fitnessgained

If You Have any Difficulty in Exercising Everyday then You Should Understand that That Difficulty is an Opportunity For Growth, It’s Your Decision to Accept the Opportunity or Not

Life Will Always Give You opportunities in the Form of Hurdles but it will Always be Your Choice to accept those Opportunities or not

Losing Weight is a Piece of Cake if You Really Put Your Mind into It

Remember Train Every day and Follow a Good Diet Plan

P.S. Comment Down Below If You Have a Problem You Want to Discuss with Me. I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

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