How to Know if you are in love? 30 Signs That You’re Falling in Love

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For Some People Falling in Love is Great But For Some Love Paves the Path To Pain So They Try to Avoid it. But How to Know If You are in Love Cause Most of the Time We Don’t Even Know We are in Love Unless it’s Too Late

But Love is one of the Most Beautiful and Blissful Experience You can Feel in Your Entire Life

Love can Heal You as Well as Break You But No Matter the Result Every Single Person Should Fall in Love at Least ones in Life to Know Everything That Life Has To Offer

Here’s an Article That Will Help You in Understanding Your Feeling Much More Clearly

30 Signs to Know If you are in Love

I Know You Want to Know Quickly about Your Feelings For Your Crush But I Want You to Know that It’s All Right to Have Feeling For Someone

People Hate the Fact that they are in Love with Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Them and as a result, They Try to Neglect their Feelings Which is Quite Painful. I Know It Because I Have Done it

Accepting Your Emotions and Feelings is the Best thing You can Do cause They are Going to Stay, Either You can Accept those Emotions and Live With it or Constantly Fight with Those Feelings and Feel Sad about it All the Time

You Should Know that At the End of the Day Everything Will Work out So, Smile and Keep Smiling

1. You Think About Them Before Sleeping

“I Think about Her Sometimes, Sometimes More” If You are Thinking about Her Before Falling asleep Every Night, From the Day You First Meet Her than My Friend You are in Love

Tell Me Something Why Would You Think about Her Before Going to Sleep? It’s Not Normal For a Man or a Woman to Think about Someone Again and Again Before Falling asleep

Thinking About Her Once is Coincidence But Thinking About Her Most of the Nights Before Going to Sleep is a Pure Indicator That You are Slowly My Friend, Falling In Love

2. Romantic Songs Reminds You of them

I Still Remember the First Time, When I was in Love, Songs were My Best Mate. I Normally Listen to Rock Music But at that Time I Shifted to Love Songs and I Literally Started Enjoying them

Those Songs Just Started to Make Much More Sense (I Still Didn’t Stop Listening to Rock Music) and Truth Be told, After My Breakup, I was Hooked on Romantic Songs Like Crazy

But Then I Came to Realise that If I Didn’t Stop Listening to These Romantic Song then There is a Huge Possibility that I May Fall in For Depression

When You Start Falling in Love all these Romantic Songs Will Start To Make Sense. These Songs Will Be Relatable For You Even If You Never Liked them Before

So, If You are Falling in Love than Romantic Songs Can Really Help You out Trust Me and Try Them all

3. You Want Your Friends to Like That Person

You Like that Person But above it all You Respect Him/Her. You Respect the Way they act or Admire Something about them that Makes them Unique and You Want others to See their Uniqueness

But Unfortunately, Not Everyone is Trying as Hard as You to Look For the Clues. The Fact that only You can See How awesome that Person Is Makes You More Attracted to that Person

So, You Want to Confirm that Whether they are Really Special or It Just in Your Mind. As a result, You Want Your Friends and Family to Notice How Awesome She/He is

You want them to Like Him/Her to Ensure that You are Not Being Paranoid about them

4. Talking to Them is Very Interesting


You Spend Your Whole Day Waiting For a Chance to Get them to Talk to You Cause Talking to Them is So Enjoyable and Interesting. This is one of the First Sign of Love, Overrated Talks

You Just Enjoy Being with Them, Talking about things that You Usually Never Talk about and Thinking about things That You Usually Never Ponder about

But this is What makes them Interesting

5. Always try to Be Near them

When You Like Somone, You Try to be Near them. Near means always trying to Be in their Field of Vision. Not only that You Try Your Best to Keep them in Your Field of Vision

If This Sounds Ridiculous then You are Probably Not Doing it or Maybe You Didn’t Notice it Yet. Keeping People who You Like Close to You is Something Everyone tries to Do

Tell Me Something, Why Do You Hang out With Your Friends? The Simple answer Will Be Because You Like them and this is True in Love too

You Try to Keep Someone Who You Find Attractive Closer to You. You Always try to Be Near them and You Want them to Be Near You

6. You Spend Your Whole Day Thinking about them

Man Thinking

There is 90% Chance that You Keep Thinking about Them and That’s Why You Decided to Search For Signs of Love. To Understand Your Feeling for them Properly.

Yes, Thinking about them is a Sign of Love and Yes, If You Keep Thinking about them Slowly But Surely You Will Fall in Love and There is Not Much You Can Do about it

Either You can Fall in Love with them If That’s What You Want or You Can Move away From them But in Any Case Attraction For them will Not Diminish

7. You Literally Have awesome Memories With them

When You Think about them, You Think about those Awesome Moment You Both Shared Together and You Try Your Best to Preserve those Memories

You Think about Spending Time with them Again and Make More Memories together. Memories with them are Filled with Excitement, Compassion, Love, and Sometimes Even Sadness

But Still, You Want to Keep Those Memories Close to Your Heart and Every day those Memories Remind You of them and their Uniqueness

8. Being With them is What Your Current Desire is

Every Time You Meet them Whether, at a Restaurant or an Office, You want them to Be With you all the Time So that You can Learn More about them

You May Have Realised That You Want to Be with Them or Maybe You Just Want to Know More about them. But one thing is Clear, You Find them Unique That’s For Sure

You May Not Realize That You are Slowly Falling in Love But Attraction is a Different Concept

Tell Me Something, Do You Find Him/Her attractive? If Yes then You can Fall in Love with Them or Maybe You are in Love with Them

Think about it, If You want to Spend More time With them Everyday than How Else You can Define this Situation

9. Seeing them Happy Makes You Happy

girl smiling

It May Seem Insane But It’s Kinda True. If You Love Someone then a Smile From them Means a World For You. Seeing them Happy and Cheerful Makes You Cheerful and Satisfied

Have You Ever Tried Your Best to Make them Cheer Up When they are Feeling Down? If Yes, Then Why Did You Cheer Them up?

Because She was Feeling Depressed and You Don’t Want Her to Feel that Way But Why

Be True to Yourself and You Won’t Need an Article. People Most of the Times are Not True with Themselves only Because they are Afraid of their own Emotions

Be Fearless and Live Your Life with the Person You Want to Live With and Do Things You Want to Do otherwise When You will Think about the Possibilities of What You Could Be in Your 60s

Thinking of What You Could Be, Should Be in Your 60s, That’s Something to Be Afraid of

10. You Miss them Quite Frankly Everyday

Everyday You Wake Up, Check Your Phone, Have Your Breakfast and Go through the Day Waiting to Meet them Once More. Have Luch and then Dinner But You Couldn’t actually Meet them

What? So Next Day Your Top Priority is Meeting them Cause You Miss them. But It’s Only Been a Single Day You Couldn’t Get to See them

Yeah, It’s Been a Single Day But I Understand For You It Means Eternity

You Just Want to Meet them Every Day For Rest of Your Life

11. You Get Jealous When They are With Someone Else

How Do You Feel When Your Crush is Around other Pretty Girls? Do You Feel Happy or Jealous? Feeling Jealous is Completely Fine. Since You Like Him and You Want Him to Be with You only

This is one of the Signs of Love. When You Start Liking Someone You can’t Accept the Fact that They Are With Someone. Though of them Being With Someone is Unacceptable

Their Will Be Not a Single Person For Who You Will Feel Overprotective other than Your Better Half

So, If You Have Feelings For Him, Why Not Tell Him. Let Him Know How You Feel or Are You too Scared to Go For Someone You Like

12. You are Addicted to Them

You Want to Talk to Him, Spend time with Him and Go Out For Parties with Him. There is Not a Single Thing You Can Imagine Doing Without Him But Still You Think You are Not in Love

You are Addicted to Him, You Can’t Even Fall Asleep Without Checking on Him Sometimes

Think about a Situation, An Imaginary Scenario in Which You can’t Meet Them on a Regular Basis But Rather Sometimes only on Special Occasion Would You Accept this Scenario?

If No, Then You are Addicted to Him and You Will Slowly Fall in Love With Him Unless You are in Love with Him

13. You Are Willing to Do anything to Make them Happy

If You are Willing to Take Action to Ensure that They are Happy then You are Probably Falling For them. Most of the Time If You are in Love with Someone or If You are Falling in Love with them

The First Change that You Will Notice in Yourself will Be Your Desire to Keep them Happy. Keeping them Happy will Be Very Important For You

14. You Try to Gather their Attention

Have You Ever Struggled to Gather their Attention and You Find it Irritating If They Don’t Pay Enough Attention to You? Attention is the Most Basic Form of Displaying Likeness

If You Like Something, You Pay Close Attention to it. So, If You are trying to Gather their Attention then it Means that You are Paying a Close Attention to What They are Focusing on

Moreover, You Don’t Like the Fact that They are Not Paying Enough Attention to You. I Have a Quote on This Specific Feeling Here is Goes

It’s Like I Want You to Look at me But I Turn My Head Every Time You Do

15. Your Future is Incomplete Without Them

You can’t Just See Yourself Going on with Your Life without Them. You Just Want them to Be With You and Share their Feeling with You

You Want them to Like You and Pay Attention to You as You Like them and Pay Attention to Them. You Can’t See Your Future Without Them Being in It

16. You Can’t Imagine Yourself Without them

You are in a Desperate Situation cause You can’t Even Imagine Yourself Living Your Life Without Them Being in it. What More Signs Do You Need to Confirm Your Love For Him?

Think about it With a Calm Mind. Can You Spend Your Life Happily Even If They are Not in It?

17. You Think She/He is Beautiful

You can Fall in Love with a Person Who is Not Physically Attractive But Has a Good Personality. But Not Everyone Can Fall in Love unless their Partner is Physically Moderate Attractive

A Study Shows that Your Partner Needs to be At least Moderate Attractive In Order For You to Be interested in His Personality

Unless He has Average Looks You Won’t Even Care about Looking For His Personality

18. You Want to Touch them and Be Touched By Them

Have You Ever Felt Like Touching them Not only Physically But also Emotionally? Have You Ever Felt Like Being Close to Them

You May Not Know that But Touch is one of the Fundamental Human Needs. A Positive Touch From Your Crush Can Literally Light up Your Day

Not only That, People Who are in Love often Desire Physical Intimacy. Physical Intimacy is Not Always about Sex Their is Much More to It

19. You Truly Value their Opinion

The Fact that You Respect their Opinion and Value it Doesn’t Mean That You are In Love with Them But It Kinda Reassures it

You Will Never Value opinion of Someone Whom You Don’t Like That’s Just Common Sense But What about Truly Valuing their Opinion

20. You Want to Be a Better Person For them

books and coffee

Every time You Meet them, You Just tell Yourself that You Want to Change Yourself Just To Be Worthy Enough To Be With them

It’s More of a Feeling That Fills Your Heart, You Just Want to Be More than What You Could Be and You Want to Let them Know that You are a Better Person Know. You Want to Change For Them

21. Even their Worst Flaws Doesn’t Effect You

Your Friends Keep Telling You about His Flaws But those Flaws Seems too Shallow to Even Affect You cause You can See the Big Picture Clearly

The Big Picture is Their Potential Which only You can See cause No one Around You Try as Hard as You to Understand Them

22. You Want to Know More about them

Every Time Someone Starts Talking about Them, You are All Ears! You Just Want To Know Everything about them

Stalking them on The Social Media is one of Few Things You Purposely Do Every Single Day to Ensure that You Don’t Miss Anything

23. You Like Helping them

He Just Needs to Ask You one Time, For You To Complete His Assignment. You are always Free For Him and You are Willing to Go to Great Lengths

It’s Just You Have Free time For Him Cause His Needs Matter to You and You are Willing to Put in Work to Ensure that He is Happy with Your Work Even If You Get Nothing in Return other Than a Simple Compliment

A Simple Compliment is Worth a Lot to You From Him

24. You Can’t Stop Looking at Him

You May Not Accept it But You Keep Looking at Him. It’s Just You Do it Subconsciously and You are Sometimes Not Even aware of it

Your Friends Keep Telling You about it and You Have No Solution to This Problem. Moreover, You Don’t Even Care about it

25. You Feel Like You are High

Every time You are Around Them You Feel Good. A Strange Feeling Covers Your Mind and Body and You Just Want to Keep Talking with them

You Want to Be Around them and Listen to What they Have to Say. Moreover, You Want them to Know about You as Well

26. You Don’t Feel Pain So Much Know

It’s Kinda Scientific, A Study at Stanford University School of Medicine had participants stare at a photo of someone they loved and found that act could reduce moderate pain by up to 40%

27. Thought about Losing them is Painful

Sometimes You Think about Future and The Though about Living without them in Your Life is Painful

Even If You Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship with them, Even If They Don’t Love You Back, The Though about Losing them is Painful

The Fact That You are okay with Them Just Being Around You is The Biggest Sign that You are in Love with Him

28. You Just want to Be with Them, Look at them and Adore them

It’s Time For You To Accept Your Feelings For Him. If You Have Read all the Signs and You think Most of Them Associate With You

Then Most Probably You are in Love with Them. You Just Want to Be them and You Want them to Love You

The Only Reason, You are Denying this is Because You Think You, Will Hurt Yourself But You Should Know it’s Fine

29. Everything about them is Awesome

Everything and Anything about them is Awesome, Even their Flaws are No Longer Flaws For You Cause You are in Love

Thinking Technically is Out of the Picture Know

30. Being with them is What Makes You Happy

You Think about What Will Make and Keep You Happy. But Nowadays Being around them is What Makes You Happy

Your Happyness Nowadays is Much More Dependent on them and Their Response and Feeling Rather than Your Own

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A Word From Fitnessgained

It’s Fine to Be in Love. Don’t Fight this Feeling Cause Nothing Will Be Accomplished if You Do So. Feel the Flow and Join it

Now You Know Your True Feelings it’s Time to Accept them Totally or Reject them, Choice is Yours. Let Us Know What Your Decision is!

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Best Wishes

R, Peace

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