How to Hunt Small Birds in a Forest to Survive

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When You are in a Survival Situation one of the Very First things that You Need in order to Survive is Food. Let’s Just Say you are in a Forest than Chances are there will be an abundance of birds there. Through this Article we Will Help You Learn How to Hunt Small Birds in a Forest. Hunting Birds Can be a Great Source of Nutrition as Well as Exhaustion. You may try to hunt them all day long.

But Chances are at the end of the day you get to have nothing other than the Exhausted body. If you train yourself well enough then you can hunt birds easily.

First of all, You Should Know how to Find Them

Know Where the Birds Will Be Present on the Basis of Type of Terrain.

Ways to Find Them

Finding Bird is Especially Important Depending Upon the Type of Forest You are in You can Find Birds or You can’t. You can Easily Spot Them if You Remain Quiet and Stop Your Motion. Through Different Sound, They are Making. In a Forest, There Will Be a Lot of Bird Noise if there is a Predator Near By So, Keep a Close Look for Those predators too.

In Brief, Birds Will Make Small amount of Noise Always if they are Present You Have to Spot them on the Basis of Their Sound. After You Find Their Location You Have to Devise a Plan to Hunt Them Down.

Another Way is Finding Their Nest. Depending On the Type of Season Their Will Be nest or Nothing at all.

In Warmer Region Bird Nest throughout the Year But if We Consider Country Like United States Bird Nest From March to August.

Finding Nest Have an Ultimate Importance cause Nest Can Help you Keep Your Hunting Go on Even If You Miss Several Times.

You can Learn Further on How to Find Nest through this  But in Total Finding Nest is Very Difficult.

At the Same time, It Requires a Lot of Patience and Effort.

You can Find Nest as a Hobby But in a Survival Situation Never Exhaust Yourself Trying to Find one.

Rather stick to Hunting Birds For Nutrition.

Let’s Discuss the Two Ways of Hunting Birds.

Two Ways of Hunting Birds

Considering You are in a Survival Situation You can Hunt Birds in these Two Ways only. Most Probably in Survival Situation You Will Not Have a Gun With You So, You can’t Hunt them with a Gun.

1. Hunt them with Stones, or Sticks

This is The Very First thing That Comes to Mind When You Think About Hunting Birds in a Survival Situation Moreover, It Seems Rather Easy too. But in Reality, it’s the Hardest one. Hunting birds By Throwing Stones Require Precision and a Good Amount of Skills.

People are out there Hunting Birds Through Bow and Arrow Moreover, If You can Create one then You Probably can Hunt More than a bird with it.

So You can Create one By Watching this Video, It Will Teach You how to Create Bow in a Forest:

Train Yourself in Throwing Rocks and Sticks with Precision it Will Help You a Lot.

Trust Me, I Know It will Help You Someday.

2. Hunt Them Through a Trap

You Tried Hard But Still Hunting Birds with a Bow and an Arrow is not Your Thing. But Still You are in a Jungle and You Need Food. You Have to Hunt Bird No Matter What. What Should You Do? Give up, No You Can’t Do that If You Give up You will Collapse Before You are Rescued and Probably Die. You Got To Eat No matter What. Do You Know  What You Need to Do?

You need to Hunt the Bird But Know By Using Traps. There is Number of Ways By Which You can Set a Trap to Caught a Bird one of the Cleverest way is Shown in the Video:

In order to Execute a Trap that Works Effectively against a Bird, You Need to Know Type of Food that The Bird will Eat. Most of the Birds Eat Insects. Moreover, You can Find Insects Easily in the Forest.

You Need a Flat Object, an Insect and Sticks, Now You are Good to Go.

Tips to Hunt Small Birds in a Forest

  1. Be calm and Patient: Don’t Go all out Trying to Hunt Prey and In the End, Waste all the Energy and Get all Frustrated over Your Lack of Skill.
  2. Don’t Make Unrequired Noises: Making Noises will Draw Predators and Scare away Birds So Kindly Avoid Making Noise in the Forest.
  3. Don’t Draw Attention By Moving Here and there: If You Keep Moving From one Point to Another You will Scare Away your Prey. Keep Quiet and Hide So that Your Prey Don’t Find Where You are.
  4. Check The Trap for Effectiveness: Just Check Whether it Works or not.
  5. Never Waste Energy in the Forest if You can’t Hunt
  6. Use Stone which is Small


Hunting Bird is Tough it Requires Lot of Patience and Effort. You Can’t Be a Pro Just By Reading this Article You Need to Practice Couple of Time Before Being Sure that You can Hunt Birds Easily. Moreover I Will Suggest Not to Hurt any type of Wildlife During Practice and Also When You are in Serious Survival Situation. Rather Stick to Plants and Insects.

In Survival Situation Every Ounce of Energy is Crucial, Don’t Waste Energy Rather Just Stick to setting up Traps in order to Catch Prey. This Way You Will not Lose Energy and Catch Prey with Little to No Effort.

Moreover, We at Don’t Support any type of Illegal Hunting What So Ever.

P.S Know You Know How to Hunt Small Birds in a Forest, You can Add this into Skills You Have Gained over the Time, Moreover, You can also Use this Skill When Ever You Need to. Just Remember one thing ” Never Hurt any life Form if It’s Not Required For You Survival”.

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