How to Get Rid of Visceral fat For Good? Complete Guide

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Not many People are Aware of Fat Which is Stored inside the Abdominal Cavity Known as Visceral Fat. Since it is Stored inside the Abdominal Cavity it Poses a Higher Degree of Danger when it Comes to Health of an Individual. Higher the Amount of Visceral Fat Inside the Body Higher is the Chance of Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Diseases.

It is In The Abdominal Cavity it is Near to Very Important Internal Organs Like Pancreas, Liver, etc

So, In Order to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle It is Very Important to Get Ride of Visceral Fat

Getting Rid of It is Quite Easy

Following a Proper Routine and Diet Plan Can Significantly Reduce the Level of Visceral Fat

But Before that You Should Know all There is To Know about Visceral Fat

Summary: Visceral Fat is Stored Inside the Abdominal Cavity, as a Result, it is Very Close to Very Vital Internal Organs Like Liver. So, Getting Rid of It is Must.

What is Visceral Fat?

what is visceral fat

Visceral Fat also Known as Active Fat, It is Body Fat Stored within the Abdominal Cavity Near Vital Internal Organs, as a Result, It Affects How our Hormones Function. A Person with a High amount of Visceral Fat is Prone to Various Heart Diseases and Type 2 Diabetes.

You May Not Know this But there are Broadly Two type of Fat, Subcutaneous Fat and another one is Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous Fat is Fat under the Skin

Fat in the Arms, Legs Which a Person Can Feel By Just Touching it

But Visceral Fat is Stored Within the Abdominal Cavity So, You May Not Know about Whether You Have Higher Level of Visceral Fat or Not

A Person with Lower Subcutaneous Fat May Have Higher Level of Visceral Fat

So, It’s Very Important For You to Keep it In Check

Why is Visceral Fat Dangerous For Your Health?

precaution to avoid danger

It’s Natural to Have Some Amount of Visceral Fat But there Will Be Quite a Few People With Huge Amount of Visceral Fat. As a Result, they are Exposed to Some Dangers or Risks which are Associated with High Amount of Visceral Fat:

  1. Type 2 diabetes
  2. Heart disease
  3. Breast cancer
  4. Colorectal cancer
  5. Alzheimer’s disease
  6. Strokes
  7. Heart Attacks

How Can Someone Tell If He/She Has Too much Visceral Fat?

There is a Relative Simple Ways to Tell Whether a Person is Storing Higher Amount of Visceral Fat or Not. One Way is To Go through MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imagining ) Scan. But MRI Scan is Quite Expensive and You Have to Put a Lot of Effort.

So, Another Way is to Take a Waistline Measurement. According to Harvard University Note, 10% of Our Total Fat is Stored as Visceral Fat and If You Have Higher Amount of Body Fat than the Recommended than it’s Likely You are Storing More Visceral Fat than What is Considered Healthy.

Summary: Simplest Way is Waistline Measurement. Women With Waist More than 35 Inches is Likely to Have Excess of Visceral Fat. Similarly, Men with Waistline More than 40 Inches is More Likely to Have Excess of Visceral Fat.

How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat?

get rid of visceral fat

In order to Get Rid of Visceral Fat, You Just Have to Keep a Check on Your Diet and Your Workout Routine and You are Good to Go. Visceral Fat is Literally Very Receptive to Life Style and Diet. So Here are Few things to Keep in Mind to Get Rid of Visceral Fat

Perform Aerobic Exercises Regularly

Performing Aerobic Exercises Regularly Like Swimming, Jogging, Cycling or Circuit Training Can Reduce the Total Fat Stored in Your Body Which in Turn Burns out the Excess of Visceral Fat. I Would Recommend Doing 30 Minutes of Jogging For Higher Results.

Consume More Protein

Consuming Protein Boost Metabolism Which, In turn, Promotes Weight Loss. Moreover, Protein is the Most Important Nutrient For Weight Loss.

So, Consume Diet With Higher Level of Protein

Limit Sugar In take

When it Comes to list of Unhealthy Things to Consume Added Sugar Occupy Ist Position. Added Sugar is Literally Very Unhealthy For Your Body.

Sugar Doesn’t Contain any Vitamin or Nutrient and Only Result in Weight Gain

So, I Would Recommend Avoiding It

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol Consumption especially When Consumed in Smaller Quantity is Good For Health

But Consuming too Much Alcohol Affects Waistline and Also Increase the Visceral Fat in Your Body.

Stress Free Lifestyle

According to Latest Studies, Stress Plays an Important Factor in Deciding Where Fat Will Be Stored But their Not So Many Proofs Supporting the Context.

Perform Strength Training

Strength Training 3 Times a Week will Boost Your Metabolism and Also Promote Weight loss. Weight Loss will Result in Reduction of Excess Fat which in turn Will Reduce the Amount of Visceral Fat

How to Prevent Creation of Visceral Fat?

The Best Way to Prevent Creation of Visceral Fat is To Follow a Lifestyle Which Promotes Good Health. Visceral Fat is Created Due to Over Eating and not Exercising Regularly. So, If You Want to Prevent The Creation of Visceral Fat You Just Have to Train Every Day and Consume a Balanced Diet.

Keep a Hold on Your Sleeping Pattern and You are Good to Go.

Why Does the Body Store Fat Around the Organs?

There is No proper Evidence or Theory on Why our Body Store Fat Around the organs in the Form of Visceral Fat. But According to Leading Research Stress Has a Major Role in Creation of Visceral Fat and it’s Storage.


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Conclusion: What Should You Do?

Visceral Fat is Very Dangerous For Your Health No Doubt But With Proper Lifestyle and Regular Training, You Can Reduce the amount of Visceral Fat Stored in the Body. Just Train Every Day. Do a Bit of Cardio and Perform Strength Training 3 Times a Week

Don’t Forget To Eat Healthy Along with Lower Sugar Intake.

P.S. If You Have any Doubt about Feel Free to Contact Me, I Will be more than Happy to Help You.

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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