How to Flirt with a Girl|16 Tips to be better at it | According to Science

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Entertainment Industry Has Made Men Wimp and Totally Incompetent that They Don’t Even Know How to Flirt with a Girl But Worry no More With our Tips Flirting will be a Piece of Cake. What You Need is Wits and Little Bit of Courage and You are Good to Go

Flirting is an art of Filling Someone’s Mind with the Thoughts of You. So, that They Think about You and Want to Know You Further

You can Flirt With People to Make Them Fall in Love with You or Just For the Sake of Entertainment

Whatever Your Reason May Be But We Will assume that You are Trying to Learn Flirting to Impress Your Crush at Your Office or High School

So, Let’s Start the Article on How to Flirt with a Girl But First Some General Purpose Question For My Newly High School Students

Can You Flirt Even If You are an Introvert?

how to flirt with a girl

You May Be thinking By Know that there is No Scope For an Introvert to Charm a Girl of His Dream But that is Not True at All. When it Comes to Flirting the Introverts Have a Special Power Which Even an Extrovert Doesn’t Possess, Which is Power of Silence and Mystery

The Mystery is Sexy and Silence is Charismatic, No Matter How You Look at it. A Well Dressed Man with His Mouth Shut is Lot More Sexier than a Man Screaming at top of his Lungs to Get attention

As an Introvert, I am Pretty Sure that You are Good with the Listening and Examining the Situation. Moreover, You Should Be Capable of Explaining Yourself in one of two Words

As these are the Basic Requirement for Being a Introvert

Girls Want a Man to Listen to What They Have to Say that’s all. A Friend of Mine Told Me that all they Want in a Guy is to Listen to What They Have to Say

So, As an Introvert You Can Get a Girl Even If You are an Introvert as Well as You can Flirt too

You May Not Know But Introverts are Considered Most Romantic People on the Planet

What is Seduction?


Before You Start Seducing Your Dream Girl, Let Me Explain You a bit about What Seduction is? In Simple Terms, Seduction is Based on the Principle that Every Human Being Wants to Be Loved and Cared By Someone Else Even if it’s a Way of Boosting their Ego

Everyone Wants to Be Loved and Cared and Seduction is a Way of Letting Your Dream Girl Know that You care For them and You can Do anything For them

You Just Have to Let Them Know That You Love Them in the Most Awesome and Romantic Way Possible. Make Sure that the Path is the Least Creepy too

Once Your Target Know that You Like them, Slowly But Surely They Will Develop Feelings For You Based on Your Action

Actions are Also Important, What You Say and Let them Know Constitutes 20% But What Your Actions are Constitutes 70%. So, Your Action Should Support Words

Otherwise You will Be Just a Weirdo

How Tough is it to make a Girlfriend?

Hollywood Has Crushed the Spirits of Man with Low Self Esteem That’s For Sure. Making a Girlfriend is Not Tough, The Tough Part is Choosing a Right Girl and Sticking with Her Like a Gentleman. Literally, You can Be a Nerd and Still Have a Girlfriend

Having a Girlfriend is a Piece of Cake Even If You are an Introvert. The Only Reason that Prevents You From Getting a Girl is Your Mentality and Openness to a Girl

Whenever You See a Potential Girl that You Like, You Kinda Have to Stop Treating Her Like Your Best Friend and Moreover, Let Her Know that You Want Her to Be More than Your Friend

Their is No Point in Running in Circles with a Girl You Like as it Will Degrade Your Value as a Person

If You Like a Girl You Just Go Straight Up to Her and Tell Her that

9 out of 10 Times She will Give You Her Number So that You can Know Each Other Before You Start Dating and this is a Good Sign

Even If a Girl is Not Interested in You, Still She will Help You out With Your Feeling of Rejection

If She Doesn’t Help You with the Feeling and if She Starts Making Fun of You then That Means that She is Not a Keeper

Trust Me, I Know it

How can I Be More Interesting For My Mate?

Most of the Times, New Couples Face Crises Because they Feel Like they Know Everything about Each other. They Kinda Feel that there is No Depth in the Personality of their Mate Which can Potentially Lead to Failure of their Relationship

In order to Avoid it, You Have to Keep Improving Yourself Time and time again Without Stopping. You Have to Work on Yourself Physically as well as Mentally

Even if there is No Need For You to Improve, Still You Should Work on Improving Yourself without Hesitation cause Even If a Sword is Not Cared upon Even For Day

It Looses it’s Sharpness

So, Keep Improving Yourself without Stopping Until Death

What If She Doesn’t Like Me?

This is a Great Question and Every Single Person Who Has Ever Loved Someone, Once in there Life Asked them Whether they are Sufficient. I Just Want to Say one thing, You are Capable of More than What You Think You can Achieve and If You think that She Won’t Like You

Then You are Wrong. Inside the Heart of Everyman, there is a Noble Warrior Who Won’t Settle For Anything Less than Perfection. She Will Like You Depend upon You and You only

Let the Noble Warrior Take Over and Let Her Know How Ferocious You are, If She Still Doesn’t Like You then There is Something Wrong with Her

Or You Simply aren’t of Her type and this Doesn’t Mean That You are Not Sufficient But It Means You Have to Keep Looking For one Girl Who Understands You

Stop Being a Wimp and Let Yourself Get Hurt By One Single Non-Compatible Girl Rejection. You are a Noble Warrior You Have to Keep Moving

If She Doesn’t Like You then It’s Something Wrong With Her Not You

You Just Have to Find Someone Who Can See How Awesome You are

What to Do if She Has Friend zoned Me?

If She is Not into You Then there is only One Potential thing You Can Do Which is Look For a New Girl. I Know it’s tough to Understand and Accept But if a Girl is Not Into You then She is Not Into You, No Matter What You Do It Won’t Change The Fact

You May be thinking that I can Get Rich and Then She Will Surely Start to Like Me. Yeah, She Will Try to Get Close to You When You Get Rich But For What?

For Your Money Not You! You Have to Understand this Properly. Let People Who Stick With You During Your Failure to Enjoy Your Victory Rather Gold Diggers

But in the End It’s All Depend Upon You

It’s Your Choice

Is There any Way to Let Her Know that I Like Her?

There are Two Ways to Let Her Know that You Like Her. First One Being Direct Approach or Warrior Approach Where You Just Go Straight to Her and Tell Her that You Like Her and If She Doesn’t Like You, She Will Let You Know. This Way is the Best Way For Men Not Kids or Boys

Second Way is For Kids and Boys, This Way is Indirect. You Spend Your Time With Her and Bring Things She Like and All that Boy Stuff

Slowly You Let Her Know That You Can Do Anything For Her. Through this Way is The Safest But What’s the Benefit out of a Game Played For Thrill and Danger

Understand this Properly, It May Helps You in Your Transition From Boyhood to Manhood, Love is War and War is Love, You Have to Be a Fearless Warrior to Win it

Being a Wimp Won’t Get You Far

What is the Best Way to Know If She is Flirting With me?

There are Few Scientific Things to Look For in Order to Know Whether Someone is Flirting With You or Not. Moreover, You Can Use these Facts to Flirt With them

  1. Eye Contact: If the Girl You are Into Makes Strong Eye Contact with You, Every time You are With Her then She is Potentially into You
  2. Humor: Another Way to Check Whether a Girl is into You or Not. If She Laughs at Your Trash Like Jokes
  3. Attention: If a Girl is Giving You all of Her Attention Rather than He Friends then She is Potentially into You
  4. Open Body Language: If She Has Open Body Language in Your Presence then it is also a Sign of She Liking and Flirting With You
  5. Touch: Tough is Very Crucial in Seduction and If She is Trying to Tough You in Every way Possible then there is a Chance that She Like You
  6. Proximity: Proximity is When a Girl Tries to Talk with you and Get Closer to You. Suppose You are Far Away From Her But Suddenly She is Standing Closer to You

These are The Signs of She Liking You and These can Also The Ways You can Flirt with Her

How to Flirt With a Girl? Explained

There are Variety of Ways to Flirt with a Girl But Most Prominent of them is Through Strong Eye Contact and Open Body Language. Eye Contact is the Key, If You Like a Girl and You are Afraid of Making an Eye Contact with Her then Things are Not Gone Go any Further

Make Sure You Make a Strong Eye Contact and Humor Her. Give Her all Your Attention For a While and Then Take it Away. The Thing about Flirting is it’s about

Giving Your Attention to Someone For a Short Period of Time and Then Taking Your Attention Away So, That Your Victim Desperately Fights For Your Attention

30 Tips to Improve Your Flirting Game Based on Science

In Order For You to Get Better at Flirting, I Have Created a List Based on Actual Scientific Fact and These Tips Will Help You in Improving Your Flirting Game. Some of these Tips are Easy While Some of them are Difficult to Understand an Implement But I am Sure You can

So, the Tips are

  1. You Need to Have an Open Body Language When You are Near Her
  2. When You are Talking with Her, Make Sure that Listening to what She Has to Say is Your Top Priority. Attention is Crucial When it Comes to Flirting
  3. Break The Touch Barrier With Her as Fast As You can, Trust Me Touch Has the Ultimate Power. You Need to Learn How to Touch Someone
  4. Remain Calm and Cool. Don’t Fidget as they are the Sign of Low-Status People. You Need to Make Sure that In Front of Her You are a High-Status People
  5. Make a Solid Eye Contact and Make it Strong Enough that She Feels Little Bit Awkward But Make Sure that Your Eye Contact is not Too Strong or Aggressive
  6. Smile When You Talk with Her. Nothing Will Make your Face More Lovable then Smiling. So Smile
  7. Appear Little Bit Mysteries
  8. Most of the Dating Gurus Consider Clothing and Fashion Something Not that Important But In Order to Have a Lasting Impression, Dress to Impress
  9. Flirting is a Game of Wits. You Need to Take One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward. For Example, If You Give Her Your Attention then Do Something That Irritates Her too
  10. Wear a Proper Cologne, If you are New to This Flirting World Then Let me Explain You the Benefits of a Fine Cologne. the Fragrance of a Cologne turn Women Wild
  11. Build an Aesthetic Physique. If You Look Like a Greek God Not Many Girls Will Be able to Avoid You
  12. Keep Your Hygenic and Health in Check
  13. Make Sure You Hang out with Beautiful Girls or Appear to Be Desired By other Girls in Front of Her.
  14. It’s Human Nature that We Want What We Can’t Have. So, Even with All the Flirting and Attention Stay Independent and Less Sticky With Her
  15. Make Sure You Treat Her Friends With Respect. Most People Don’t Understand that What Her Friends think of You is Also Important
  16. Humor Her, Crack Jokes that Make Her Laugh


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A Word From Fitness gained

You were Born For Greatness. Remember that and If Someone Tells You that You are Not Enough then they are Wrong You are More than Enough. Trust Your Capabilities cause If You Don’t No one Will

This World is Cruel and If You Want to Survive Then You Have to Be Willing to Take the Hits

P.S. If You Need any Help With the Article Just Let Me Know, I Will be more than Happy To Help You. Moreover, All the Best

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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