How to Develop a Great Personality

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Nowadays Not Many People Devote Much of their Time in Themselves. As a Result, There Personalities are Fragile and Will is Weak. But Few Handful People Spend their Time to Develop a Great Personality. You Know Them I Know them Too. These are Those People who are

Brimming with Confidence and Authority. These are Those People Who Do What They Say. Moreover, Everyone Seem To Believe in them

Everyone Follows them

They have a Large Friend Circle than a Normal Person and Literally Everyone Likes or Loves them

In their Presence, Everything is Heightened and No Matter the Situation They are in Control and are Full of Confidence

Admit It You want to Be one of them Cause these People Get the Best of Whatever The World Can Offer. But Path to Have a Personality Like this is Not that Easy

Not Many People Can Dedicate Time in Developing a Personality Like this

If You Think You Have the Time Then Go through the List of 10 Things You Need to Do Everyday to Develop Your Personality and Be Whatever You want to Be

10 Things You Need to Do In order to Develop Your Personality

There are Some Things or Habits That You Need to Inculcate in Yourself in order to Enhance Your Character or Make Yourself More Intelligent or Better. For Example, If You Need to Be Smart You Kinda Have to Read Books There is No Option 2

So The Things are

Reading 1 Hour Every day

develop a great personality by reading books

Not Many People Out there Read and this is By Far the One and only Reason Why They Don’t Develop Good Personality or Achieve their Goal. The Bottom Line For Us is that We Don’t Know Everything. Normal Humans Are Gifted with Brilliance

But one Thing Every single Person can Do is Read. Reading Not only Will Make You Smart But Will Also Help You Learn New Things every day.

Trust Me, Readers are the Leaders

If You are Starting out and You Want a Recommendation on Book to Read First I Would Recommend Reading ” 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”

Exercising Everyday

A Healthy Body Finds a Way to Healthy and Productive Life. In the 21st Century, Netflix and Chill is the Trend and as a Result, People Have Poor Physique. Poor Physique Translates into Lower Confidence.

For Example: When I was in High School I Way too Skinny to Be Considered to Be Alive. As a Result, the Amount of Confidence I Had in Me Was Literally Negligible

But Now Things are Pretty Different I Train Everyday and This Training is Like Fire in My Soul

Without Training Hard Everyday I Feel Like the Day was a Waste

Go Out Train in Your Own Unique Way

Create Goals and Crush Them, Blow People Out of Water By Your True Self

Eating Healthy Food Everyday

develop a great personality by eating healthy

What You Eat Defines You. No Matter How Much Training You Do or How Many Books You Read If You Fuel Yourself with Trash then The Net Result will Be Depressingly Low. Start Your Day With a Glass of Water and Enjoy Your Day By Eating Healthy as much as Possible.

Eating Healthy Involves Just Few Lifestyle Changes Like Keeping Yourself Away From Junk Food and Drinks or Beverages Filled with Caffeine

Eat Fruits and Veggies and Enjoy The Nature

Eating Vegan is also a Good Way to Clean Yourself from Negative Energy. But I Would Recommend Eating a Balanced Diet with Everything Natural

If You Train Regularly then Being Vegan is Not a Good Choice In My Opinion

Avoiding Addictive Products Like Alcohol, Smoking or Weed

When we are Young we Do it For Fun But as the Time Pass By We Slowly Realize that Drinking and Partying all Night is Not Good For a Good Career. But What We Don’t Realize is The Fact that The Time We Spend Wasting on Alcohol and Hangover can Be Utilized In Developing a Good Personality

Alcohol is Considered a Curse on the Society.

I am Fortunate Enough to Realize Ill Effect of Drugs Early on in My Life. When I was Young I was Surrounded by a Lot of People Who Used To Drink and Do a Lot of other Stuff

To Get a Temporary High

That Temporary High of those People Around Me, Was Like a Rock over My Shoulder

Slowly Crushing Me

Avoid any Drug at All Cost

If You Do it Ones, You will Do it Twice

Truth about Weak Will


develop a great personality by meditation

Meditation is Good For Health and Literally, there is No Substitute to It other than Wim Hof Method Which also Involves Breathing and Concentration.

If You are Really into Changing Your Life Then Meditation is Like the one and Only Path. You Have to Perform it No Matter How Small Time You Spend in Improving Yourself

You Can Meditate for 2 Minutes OR 20 Minutes it’s all on You

But Meditate It Will Help You In Knowing Who You are as a Person

Moreover, Meditation has other Benefits too.


Like Me Perform Yoga Before You Take a Shower and Before Going to Bed. Trust Me, Shower Will Be Much More Exciting and Sleep Will Be Much Deeper

You Don’t Have to Disturb Your Normal Workout Pattern Rather Add it Like a Habit

This Little Habit will pay Way More Returns

Talking To Your Loved Ones

develop a great personality by being with your loved ones

If You Don’t visit Your Loved Ones Periodically or You Don’t Stay Connected with Them Then There is No Point in Developing Your Personality

In Life Three things are Crucial

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Family

Losing Contact with Family is Like Wasting 33% of all things that Make Your Life Beautiful

A Hobby

Hobby Defines You at a Much More Deeper Level than other Things in Life. What You Do For Fun Plays a Tremendous Role in Defining You. For example: If You Like to Collect Coins as a Hobby then it’s Just Fine

But What If You Like to Shoot and You Do Shooting as a Hobby

Think about it

What Do You Wanna Be a Badass or an Old Man

Practicing a Fighting Art

develop a great personality by learning a fighting art

A Man Sometimes Need to Defend Himself and While Doing it He Should Look Cool The Last thing You Want is Looking Like a Shrimp In Front of Your Girlfriend

In My Opinion You Should Train at

  1. Krav Maga
  2. MuayThai
  3. MMA
  4. Boxing

Having a Dream

A Dream is Compulsory In order For You to Reach Your Full Potential. If You Don’t Have a Dream then What can You Do or What Should You Do is Pointless. You Should Do Whatever That Makes You Closer To Your Destiny

Sometimes Destiny is Just Your Dream and Desire


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In Brief, Your Personality is Whatever You Want it To Be. But the Problem is What Kind of Personality You Should Have. The to this Problem is Simple. Your Personality Should Be According to Your Dream

Just Ask Yourself What I Need to Be Like In order to Achieve My Goal

P.S. Your Personality is Whatever You Want it to Be, Trust Me and Just Chill. You Don’t Have all the Problems and If You Have Just Talk it out. Connect with me Maybe?

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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