How much water should I drink in a Day? Complete Guide to Hydration

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Water is Precious for a reason. It Saves Life and Without It Nothing is Possible. Drinking Water is What Keep Us Going. Water is One of those things that You Just Can’t Ignore it No Matter What. An Average Human Body is 60% Just Water. So, How Much Water should I Drink in a day In order to Maintain healthy body is Literally Important

Consuming Less amount of Water can Literally Hinder You Performance and Can Result in Serious Health Issues. So to Avoid them You Need to know How Much Water You Should Drink

Various Studies and Experiments have Produced Various Results and Frankly, These Results Vary From Person to Person

How Much Water a Person Should Consume Depends upon a Lot of Factors

Factors Vary and So Does the Need For Water

Let’s Firstly Go Through the Factors So that You Can Be Clear About What You Should Do

At End, We Have Conclusion Part Where We Have Disclosed How Much Water should an Average Person Should Drink

Factors that Influence Water Need

how much water should i drink in a day when i am in a desert

How much Water You Need in a Day is Drastically Effected by Few Factors Which are

  • Environment: In What type of Environment You are also Influence Your Fluid Intake. You May Have Noticed this, For Example, If You are in a Desert Due to Overall temperature Amount of Sweat Produced By Your Body is High. As a Result, The Amount of water You Need to Consume is Also High. Moreover, You Have to Make Sure that You Consume Appropriate Quantity of Water to Avoid Dehydration.
  • Training/Exercise Routine: According to Fitness Guru’s You Should Consider Drinking Small AMount of Water During your Training Routine to Avoid Dehydration. People Who Do a Lot of Physical Work Need a Large quantity of Water as Compared to People Who Perform Less Physical Exertion. Depending Upon Your Workout routine and Training, Amount of Water you Should Consider Drinking Increases.
  • It Depends on Your Overall Health: A Person who is Suffering From a Disease That Results in Loss of Fluid Should Consider Drinking More Fluid or Consume Fluids as Prescribed By The Doctor. A Person Who Suffers From Diarrhea, Vomiting or Fever Should Consume More Fluids to Avoid Dehydration.
  • Pregnancy: Pregnancy affects the Total Amount of Fluid Consumption too. According to Research, Pregnant Women should Consume at Least 2.3 Litre of Fluid which is Roughly around 10 cups.
  • Breast Feeding: Women Who Breast Feed Should Consider Drinking at Least 3.1 Litres of Fluid Which is Roughly 13 Cups.

Summary: Various Factors Effect Your Overall Fluid Intake, Few of them are Training, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Health, Environment

Signs of Dehydration it means You Need to Increase your Water Consumption

There are Few Obvious Sign of Dehydration and Some are Not So Obvious But Most of The Sign of Dehydration is Visible. For Instance, If you are Dehydrated You will not Pee or Have a dark Yellow Pee, Here are Few Signs:

  1. You, Will Feel Thirsty
  2. You will Have No Urge to Pee or You Will Pee Dark Yellow Pee
  3. Feeling Dizzy
  4. Dry Mouth Due to Lack of Fluid
  5. Sunken Eyes
  6. Fainting
  7. Rapid Heartbeat
  8. Rapid Breathing
  9. Sleepiness

If You Wanna Know More On Signs of Dehydration Then You Can Visit webmd.

Signs of Proper Water Consumption

how much water should i drink in a day  (1)

When You Consume Water in Proper Quantity You Body Gets Appropriate Amount of Fluid, as a Result, Your Skin Becomes More Clear You Get Little Acne and Moreover, You Feel More Better. Not Only that You Feel Urge to Pee From Time to Time Throughout the Day

Not only that Your Internal Organs Function More Properly.

What about the advice to drink 8 glasses a day?

A Lot of Health Authorities Recommend an Average of 8 Glasses of Water Everyday which Easily Translates into 2 Liter of water Roughly. But Most of the Time Drinking 8 Glasses a Day of Water is Not Good For Health Their are Several Reasons For that

  1. You May Over hydrate Yourself
  2. It Kills Your Metabolism
  3. You are Throwing off Your Electrolyte Balance
  4. You Are Already Consuming Fluid Through Beverages and Food

How Much Water You Should Consider Drinking?

how much water should i drink in a day and consider drinking

Typically The Amount of Water a Person Consume Should Depend upon Various Factors. But In Brief, the Amount Should Depend Upon Your Thirst. Whenever You Feel Thirsty You Should Drink and Whenever You Don’t Feel Like Drinking You Don’t.

Thirst is There For a Reason, Trust Your Natural Instincts. For Example, How an 8-Year old is Supposed to Drink 2 Litre of Water. Drink When Ever You Feel Like Drinking. But Consume At least 1.2 Litre of Water Every day.

Summary: Consume according to Your Thirst But on Average Consume Around 1.2 Litres of Water Every day.

Benefits of Drinking Water

I Never thought That Just By Drinking Water You can Avoid Various Diseases and Get Rid of all the toxic too. Here are Few Benefits of Drinking Water:

  1. It Increases Brain Power and Provides Energy
  2. Helps You In Getting Rid of Toxic
  3. Helps in Losing Weight and Also in Maintaining Healthy Weight
  4. Boost Immune System
  5. Helps In Reducing Acne
  6. Prevents Headache
  7. Helps in Maintaining Healthy Body Temperature
  8. Prevents Bad Breath

Hydration During Exercise

how much water should i drink in a day if you exercise

Exercising Results in Sweating and a Lot of Water Loss. So in Order to Avoid Dehydration, Health Experts Advice Drinking Water While Training or Exercise in Order to Avoid Dehydration.

You Just Have to Sip Little Bit of Water or other Electrolyte Whenever You Feel Thirsty

By Doing that You Will Replenish Lost Water Quickly

Summary: While Training You Should Sip Little Bit of Water Periodically to Avoid Dehydration

How much water should you drink based on your weight?

You can Also Calculate How much Water You Need to Consume Based on Your Weight. Weight Plays a Crucial Role in Determining How Much Water You Need to Drink in a Day. You Just Have to Multiply Your Weight By 2/3 in Order to Find out How Much Water You Need.

For Example, Your Weight is 130 lbs You then Need To Consume Around 87 Ounces. It’s Simple Math. Wanna Know More About It

Summary: To Find how much Water You Need to Drink Based on Your Weight. Simply Multiply Your Weight in Pounds By 2/3 or Drink 67% of Your Weight in Ounces. Remember 33.814 ounces Make 1 Litre.

How much Water Should I Drink Based on age?

how much water should i drink in a day if you are a kid

How Much Water Should You Consume Depends Upon Age too? For Adults Drinking Around 2 Litres is Sufficient. Adult Male Should Consume Around 131 ounces of Water and an Adult Female Should Consume Around 95 ounces of Water.

For Children: Health Experts Recommend Consuming around 40 ounces for Age Group of 4-8 Years. For Children in Age group, 9-13 Years Health Experts Recommend Around 56-66 ounces of Water

For Teens in Age Group of 14-18, Health Experts Recommend around 64-88 ounces of Water.

Summary: Adults 95-131 ounces, Children’s 4-8 years – 40 ounces, Childrens 9-13 Years – 56-66 ounces, For Teens 14-18 years 64-88 ounces of Fluid

How Much Water Should I Drink If I am Pregnant?

how much water should i drink in a day if you are pregnant

A Lady Who is Pregnant Should Consume at least 2.3 liters of Fluid Everyday in order to Avoid Dehydration. Consuming the appropriate amount of fluid when you are pregnant is crucial cause dehydration can result in a complication. Not only that Dehydration can result in a number of diseases that can Weaken Your Body.

Summary: Pregnant women Should Consume Around 2.3 Liters of Fluid At least

Does My Diet Play a Role in Water Consumption?

Yes, Diet Plays a Crucial Role in Water Consumption. Eating Watery Fruits like Watermelon can Drastically decrease your water consumption. If You Eat a Lot of Spicy or Dry Food or You Consume a Lot of Liquid Juices The Amount of Water You consume will Be Affected.

But Still You Should Consume 1.2 Liters of Water Everyday to Prevent Dehydration

Summary: What You Eat Throughout the Day Effect How Much Thirsty You Will Be Which in Turns Effect Your Water Consumption.

How Much is Too Much?

how much water should i drink in a day and avoid overdose

Consuming Too Much Water is Rare But the Possibility is Still Pretty Much. Drinking Too Much Water Can Effect Your Body in Sever Ways. Drinking over 2.4 Litres if You are Just 150 lbs is Getting Overboard.

Don’t Force Yourself To Drink 2 Glass of Water Every 2 Hour. Rather Drink Whenever You Feel Thirsty.

Is their any Simple Rule on Drinking Water?

Leading Health Expert Recommend 8×8 Rule Which Means You Should Consume around 8 Glasses of Water Everyday or Around 64 Ounces of Water every day. This Rule is Simple and is For Average Lifestyle. For Example, If You Train Everyday Then You Have To Add Additional Fluid to Meet The Needs and Prevent Dehydration.

Summary: 8×8 Rule Consume 8 Glasses of Water Everyday

Trusting Your Thirst

how much water should i drink in a day while trusting your thirst

The Bottom Line is You Gotta Trust Your Thirst. It’s There For a Reason. Every Single Information is Useless in the Article If You Don’t Trust Your Thirst. Drink Whenever you feel Like It. But Make Sure You Don’t Drop Down Below 1.2 Litre.

Summary: Trust Your Thirst

Can Water Make Me Fat?

No, It Can’t. Drinking Water in Appropriate Quantity Boost Metabolism Bit Converse is Also True, Drinking too Much Fluid Can Slow Down Your Metabolism Which Can Result in Gaining Few Pounds.


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Conclusion: How Much Water Should an Average Person Drink?

how much water should i drink in a day for average man

An Average Person Should Drink around 1.5-2 Litre of Water Every day. This Much Fluid Will Keep Him Hydrated Enough Throughout the Day and Also Will Keep His Health in Check.

P.S. Hope, You Find this Article Useful and If You Have any Doubt You Can Contact me By Commenting Down Below.

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