How I Changed My Lifestyle and Lost 20 Pounds in a Month

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Losing Weight Require Consuming Fewer Calories then You can Burn in a Day. But Even with this Knowledge Most People Struggle at Losing weight. But Then How Did I Manage to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month?

Before I Tell You About The My Daily Routine, I think You Should Know that Losing weight is Tough and Even If You Lose Weight

Not Keeping a Track of Your Diet and Training can Result in You Gaining weight right back again. Most of the Time People Lose Weight Quite Easily

But Maintaining that Desired Weight is Something Else. Something they Never Even think about

When I Started My Fitness Journey, I Lost Weight Couple of Times Due to Training Every day and Following a Weight Loss Friendly Diet

But Whenever I Stopped Training and Dieting, I Used to Gain the Weight Back within a Month. This was Like a Nightmare

All My Training and Diet was Paying off But All My Hardwork was Worth Nothing after 1 Month of No Gym and Parties

This Was the Time When I Decided to Lose Weight in Such a Way that I Don’t Have any Problem in Maintaining It Even If I Party All Summer

Tell Me Something, What’s The Point of Losing weight and Being in the Best Shape If You can’t Even Party at Least 1 Time in a Week

After Changing My Mindset, I Once again Decided to Lose Weight But This Time My Target was to Lose 25 Pounds in a Month Without Going to The Gym and Be Ready For the Summer

I Lost Around 19.5 Pounds in a Month to Be Exact

I Transformed My Diet into a More Weight Loss Friendly Diet and Changed My Lifestyle, Making it More Athletic So that I Get the Benefits of Working out without Going to the Gym

But How Did I Transform My Lifestyle?

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Lifestyle Alteration

In Order to Lose Weight Without Going to Gym, Altering Your Current Lifestyle is Important. Without Little bit of Physical activity every day, Losing weight is Not Possible

Weight Loss = 30% Physical Activity + 70% Weight loss Friendly Diet

But It Doesn’t Mean that Following Diet Alone is Enough. You Have to Find a Balance Between Physical Activity and Diet

So that You can Maintain Healthy amount of Weight all Year Around

So, Here are Few Lifestyle changes that I Inculcated to Lose Weight without Going to the Gym

Sleep Routine: You May Not Know But Sleeping Less, as Well as Oversleeping Makes You More Prone to gaining Weight

A Study Suggest that Sleeping Less than 7 Hours and More than 8 Hours Will Severely Effect Your Weight and Overall Health

So That’s Why The First Change I Made in My Lifestyle Was to Sleep at the very Least For 7 Hours Every Single Day

I Went to Bed at 9:00 Pm and Woke Up Every Single Day at 5 o’clock

Since I Party a Lot, Sometimes I Break My Sleep Cycle By Going to Bed at 2:00 am or 3:00 am But Still, I make Sure that I Wake up at 5:00 am Every Day So, That Rest of My Schedule is Not affected

Morning Meditation: It’s Very Important that You Include Meditation in Your Daily Routine Because Meditation Alone will Be More than Enough For You to Keep Track of Your Goal

Some Days You Will Have Enough Energy to Go through Your Daily Tasks But There will Be Days When You Just Don’t Want to Go on Any More

Meditation will Help You in Overcoming Mental Obstacles

I Recommend Meditating at Least For 10-15 Minutes Every Day in the Morning after You Wake Up

Jogging For 1-2 Hour: The Best Part of Waking up Early, Is that You will Have a Lot of Time to Work on Yourself and Transform Yourself

Jogging For at Least 1 Hour is More Than Necessary If You Want to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month. I Recommend 2 Hour of Jogging

Make Sure You are Hydrated Enough

Remember, First Few Days will Be Tough, Last Few Days will Be Fun

End Your Jog with Weight Loss Friendly Yoga Poses

Sports: How can You Consider Your Lifestyle to Be Athletic If You Don’t Even Have a Sports Hobby. Practice any Sport You Like It can Be literally any outdoor Sports

I Play Tennis Every Single Day For at Least 1 Hour. This Way I Burn More than Enough Calories Every Single Day

Just Go Out in the Evening and Practice Something. If You Don’t Want to Practice a Sports then You Will Definitely Have Trouble Losing Weight without going to the Gym

It’s More Like You are Trading Gym Time with Hobby Time. But at Least this Way You Don’t Have to Force Yourself to Do Something You Don’t Like

Suppose You Like Basketball, Then Playing Basket Ball Every Day For One Hour will Help You in Relaxing as well as Burning Extra Calories

Moreover, This Way You can Remain Fit Forever without Going to the Gym

Man Jumping

Skipping For 10-20 Minutes: Just 2 Hour Before the Dinner I Do Skipping Every Day for 10-20 Minutes. This Way I Burn Few More Calories Before the Day Ends

I Recommend Doing Skipping Before or After You are Done with the Sports. Skipping will Also Help you in Maintaining weight

This is the only Exercise You Need to Do. Moreover, If You Don’t Want to Spend Time Playing Tennis Then You Should Better Start Skipping

Skipping for 10-20 Minutes Will Burn Around 200-400 Calories. If You Don’t Have a Jump Rope You Can Check it on amazon

100 Burpees: You Don’t Need to Do 100 Burpees Every Single Day. 100 Burpees are For the Cheat Days

Hiking ones a Month: Hiking ones a Month is the Last Thing I Did to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month. Quite Frankly Losing Weight This Way was Much More Fun then The Traditional Gym Way

At Least, By Transforming my Lifestyle I don’t Have to Force myself to do things I Don’t Like. Hiking is Fun and If You Do it Long Enough, You Will Get Addicted to Pushing Yourself Not only Physically But Mentally too

These are All the Lifestyle Changes I Made to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month. If You Make All These Lifestyle Changes Your 30% Journey is Over

Summary: I Changed My Sleeping Pattern to 9:00 pm – 5:00 am. Not Only that I Started Meditating, Jogging For 2 Hours, Skipping For 10-20 Minutes, Playing Tennis for 1 Hour, Hiking ones a Month


Nutrition Alteration

Most Important Part of my Weight Loss Journey was Diet. My Normal Diet was Too Much Unhealthy and in order for me to Lose Weight I have to Burn More Calories then I Consume in a Day

I am a Foodie and I have Weird Liking to Things that are Not Good For My Body. As a result, I Always Put on Weight Whenever I stop Going to the Gym

Moreover, This Time I Stopped Completely Going to the Gym

So, A Strick Diet was Not Just Important But For Me, it Was a Necessity

I Decided to Follow a Weight Loss Friendly Diet and When it Comes to Diet that Promotes Weight Loss Nothing Beats Keto Diet

Keto Diet is Basically Low in Carbs, Moderate in Protein and Hight in Fats. The Diet Works By Burning the Sugar Reserves of the Body Which Results in Break Down of Fat For Energy. Molecules Called Ketones are Formed in the Body as Fuel. When the Body Burn Fats It Results in Weight Loss

Keto diet contains around 5% carbohydrates, 20% protein, and 75% fat

I Decided to Get a Keto Diet Plan Tailored to My Needs because I was unable to prepare my meals, balance calories and macronutrients

Keto Diet Combined With The Lifestyle Let me Lose 20 Pounds in a Month. Moreover, Whenever I Put on Extra Weight or I mess Up my Eating Habits I Start Keto Diet Again

There are many Health Benefits of Keto Diet:

  1. Improves Heart Health
  2. Improves Brain Functions
  3. Promotes Weight Loss
  4. Improves Acne
  5. Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers

If You are Still Unsure of What to Eat or What to avoid. Then Hire a Dietician and get a keto diet plan that works for you and avoid side effects of the keto diet

But if you are like me and you don’t have time to consult a dietician then you can get a custom keto diet plan from here. With This Diet Plan, You will Have no Problem in Counting Calories as Well as in Preparing Meals

The diet will be specifically tailored to your needs and goals

Moreover, the Diet will also help you prevent nutrient deficiencies people develop when they try to lose weight.

The Only Reason Why I Wasn’t able to Lose Weight Even When I Trained For Whole Year was Due to Inappropriate Diet

Proper Nutrition is Crucial For Losing Weight. I Followed Keto Diet, as a result, I am Quite Sure of Its Effectiveness


Losing Weight By Transforming my Lifestyle and Incorporating the Keto Diet was the Best Decision. At First, It was Kinda Difficult to Wake Up Every day and Go out For a Jog

But Know I Enjoy It. Moreover, This way I Get More time to Work on Myself and Become Even Better. It will Seem Difficult at First But After Few Days You Will Understand the True Worth of Utilizing Your True Potential

Better Lifestyle, Better Health, and Finally Better Mindset

Taking one Step at a Time!

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Stay Strong, R

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