Full Body Workout Routine For Women to Lose Weight Fast | Beginner’s Guide

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You May Have Tried Couple of Workout Routine Up Until Know In Order to Lose Weight But The Harshness of Diet Plans and Workout That Don’t Produce any Results May Have Made You Believe that It’s Not Possible

The Truth is You Consume More Calorie than You Burn in a Day and Your Workout Routine of Cardio Every day is Not Good Enough

Weight Loss = Proper Diet + Proper Lifestyle + Resistance Training + Cardio

May Be You are Doing Cardio But What about your Sedentary Lifestyle? You are Not Living to Your utmost Potential and it’s Visible in Your Physique

Not only That The Workout Routine You May Be Following is Not Realistic Enough. You Can Skip Meals and Starve Yourself But that Will only Produce Negative Results. So What Should You Do?

You Should Make Your Lifestyle More active, Follow a Much More Realistic Workout Routine and Have a Diet Plan Which Offers Fullness

Here’s an article on How You Can Make Your Lifestyle Much More active and a Workout Routine that You Can Truly Follow Every Day

Is it Possible for Me to Lose Weight within a Week or Month?

With a Proper Workout Routine, you can Expect to Lose over 2 Pound of Weight Every Week Safely. You can Lose up to 10 Pound of weight within a Month

But For a Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss Journey, it Is Very Important For You to Lose Weight in Such a Way that You Don’t Start Gaining Weight Back

As Soon as You Stop Your Diet and Workout Regime

If Your Aim is to Be Fit and Slim For a Long Term it is Best that You only Aim to Lose around 1-2 Pound Every Week and around 8-9 Pounds in a Month

This Way You Will Develop Good Eating Habits and a Workout Routine that You can Perform Everyday Without Compromising Your Day to Day Task

It’s Possible For You to Run 2 Hours to Lose Weight But it’s Not Possible For you to Run Every Day For the Rest of Your Life

In Short, You Can Lose up to 10 Pounds of Weight within a Week But that Weight Will Be Gained Right Back When You Mess up Your Diet and Workout

In a Way You Will Have a Short Term Success But For a Long Term Success it is Better that You aim For 1-2 Pounds a Week

Real Reason on Why You Shouldn’t Try to Lose Weight in a Week?

You Can Lose Up to 10 Pounds in a Week But Losing weight this Way Has Side Effects and Is Not Good For Your Health

The Side Effects to Losing Weight Fast Include:

  1. Slow Down Your Metabolism
  2. May Cause Gallstones
  3. Muscle Cramps
  4. Dizziness
  5. Dehydration
  6. Constipation
  7. Effects Your Immunity
  8. Irresistible Hunger
  9. Nutritional Deficiencies Which Results in Hair Loss, Weak Bones

There is a Proper Way to Lose Weight

I Lost around 10 Pounds of Weight in a Week By Eating Less and Training Vigorously. So, When I Stopped Following the Routine

It Took Me Just 2 Weeks to Gain all the Weight Back But This Time I Had Additional 0.52 Pounds of Fat. My Situation was worse Than When I Started

That’s The Time When I Decided that I Will avoid all the Shortcuts and Workout Properly to Build My Body the Way I Wanted it To Be

I Started Following The keto Diet and started training twices a Day

A Women Pointing Her Finger Towards the Sky

How Many Times I Have to Perform this Workout Routine to Lose Weight Fast?

You Have To Perform this Workout routine Every Day. You will Be Performing Different Exercises on Different Days

Moreover, For Losing Weight it is Very Important For You to Train Consistently and Diligently. It Doesn’t Matter How Many Reps You Perform

What Matters is Your Consistency

Don’t Skip Days, Don’t Skip Exercises. If You Want to Skip Something, Skip Reps and Reduce the Intensity of the Workout

This Way You Will Get Used to Training Every day. You Will Even Get Used to Exercises that You Don’t Even Like. But If You Skip Exercises or Whole Workout and Keep Doing it again and again

You, Will Start to Look at Training as a Punishment. You Should Always think about Training as Something to Transform Yourself into a Better Version of Yourself

How You View Your Training will Determine How Long You Will Stick With it. The Longer You Stick with the Workout Routine and The Diet

The Better Results You Will Get

Those Results Will Help You in Creating a New Lifestyle, Lifestyle where You are able to Unleash Your Complete Potential

Exercises to Perform to Lose Weight

These Exercises are Divided Based on Muscle Groups So That You Can Perform them Periodically to Target Muscle Group of Your Choice

Exercises For Overall Fat Burn:

A Women Jogging

Jogging: You Can Burn Up to 500+ Calories Per Hour. Not Only that Jogging Regularly will Improve Your Cardiovascular System. Moreover, Regular Jogging Can Help You in Maintaining Healthy Weight

Skipping: Skipping Can Help You in Burning around 10 Calories Per Minute as Well as Skipping is a Good Exercise to Strengthen Your Leg Muscles

Your overall Agility, Coordination, Bone Strength, Stamina, and Balance will Improve. The Only Con is that You Need a Jump Rope to Do Skipping.

Swimming: How Many Calories You Burn in an Hour Dependent upon Your Weight. A 150+ Pound Person can Burn up to 700+ Calories Swimming Freestyle. Swimming Can Help You in Maintaining Your Weight

Swimming is one of the best ways to Lose Weight. It Not Only Builds Strength, Builds Endurance But also Tones Your Body

Cycling: A 175 Pounds Person can Burn Up to 800+ Calories in an Hour pedaling at a pace of 14 to 16 mph. Moreover, Cycling Can Help you with Stress, Coordination, Balance and Cardiovascular Fitness

Hiking: A 200 Pounds Person Can Burn Up to 550+ Calories in an Hour. Hiking Improves Your Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Level, Boost Your Bone Density, Strengthen Your Core and Helps in Building Leg Muscles

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training Can Help you in Burning 220+ Extra Calories Over the Course of the Day ( It’s Calories Burned After Exercise )

Recent Studies Indicates that HIIT Burns 25-30% More Calories

Burpees: Burpees Can Help You in Burning around 10-15 Calories Per Minute. Moreover, Burpees can Help You in Improving Your Endurance

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat:

  1. Bicycle Abdominal Crunches: Perform Total of 10 Sets with Each Set of 10 Reps at the Very Least
  2. Plank: 10 Reps of Plank with Each Rep of 1 Minute at Least
  3. Vertical Leg Lifts: Perform a Total of 20 Sets with Each Set of 5 Reps at the Very Least. Overall 100 Reps are Needed
  4. Mountain Climbers: For Mountain Climbers You Should Perform 10 Sets with each set of 10 Reps at the Very Least
  5. Toe Touch: Perform 10 Sets with Each Set of 10 Reps at the Very Least
  6. Sitting Crunches: Perform 200 Crunches in total. Divided them into Sets according to Your own Strength

This is What You Need to Do at Least to Start Burning the Abdominal Fat. Moreover, If this is Too Much than Start By Performing only One Exercise

It Doesn’t Matter How Much Training You are Going Through to Lose Weight, What Matters is Whether or Not You are Working out or Not

Just Try to Workout Everyday Even If it Means Performing 10 Reps of Each Exercise. Cause Slowly But Surely You Will Get Good at It

Exercises to Burn Arms Fat:

  1. Pull-ups: Perform Total of 60 Pull-ups Even If it Means You Need to Perform a Single Rep and Take Rest
  2. Push-ups: Total of 60 Pull-ups Divide them into 10 Sets of 6 Reps Each
  3. Bench Press: For Bench Press I Recommend You to Start with an Empty Rod and Then Go Up. Perform 10 Set of 10 Reps Each
  4. Tricep Kickback: For Tricep Kickback Use Light Weight as Much as Possible to Avoid Injury. Perform 10 Set of 10 Reps Each
  5. Biceps Curls: To Perform Bicep Curls Use Light Weight Dumbell. Perform 10 sets of 10 Reps Each

You May Be thinking Why Each Set Have So Many Reps? You are Using Light Weight it is Better You Accommodate For it in Reps

Exercises to Burn Thigh Fat:

  1. Lunges: Perform a Total of 10 Sets with Each Set of 10 Reps. You can also Use Weight in Order to Increase there Intensity
  2. Jumping Jacks: Jumping Jack is a Good Way to Warm Yourself Up and Tone your Entire Body. Perform 4 sets of 50 Reps Each
  3. Squats: You Should Start with Simple Squats and Then Slowly Use Weight to Increase their Intensity. Perform 10 sets of 10 Reps Each
  4. Deadlift: Deadlifts are a Good Way to Build Your Hamstrings, Butt, Bac Muscles, Legs, Grip Strength. Deadlift Engages Most of the Major Muscles in the Body
  5. Skipping: Perform 10-15 Sets of Skipping with Each Set of around a Minute to Start Burning Some Fat

Workout Routine

When I Was Trying to Lose Weight after My First Attempt I Decided to Try again But this Time I Gave More Attention to My Diet and Workout

I Followed a Strict Diet Plan and My Workout Regime Consisted of Training Two Times in a Day. I Spent Total of 2-3 Hours Every day to Train

So, If You are Not Willing to Put in Effort to Train Your Body and Restrict Your Diet and Do Something That You Never Have Done Before

Then it is Impossible For You To Lose Weight

Morning Routine

  • Monday: 30 – 60 Minutes of Jogging + 50 Burpees
  • Tuesday: 20 – 30 Minutes of Skipping ( 20-30 Sets of 1 Minute )
  • Wednesday: 30 – 60 Minutes of Cycling + 20 Minutes of Skipping
  • Thursday: 30 – 60 Minutes of Jogging + 50 Burpees
  • Friday: 100 Burpees + 20 Minutes of Skipping ( 20-30 Sets of 1 Minute )
  • Saturday: Yoga Poses and 1 Hour of Walking
  • Sunday: 1 Hour of Swimming or 1 Hour of Cycling

Evening Routine

  • Monday: Bench Press, Tricep Kickback, Deadlift, Weighted Squats, Biceps Curls, 30 Minutes of Swimming
  • Tuesday: Bicycle Abdominal Crunches, Plank, Vertical Leg Lifts, Mountain Climbers, Toe Touch, Sitting Crunches, Pull-ups, Push-ups
  • Wednesday: Lunges, Jumping Jacks, Squats, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Swimming For 1 Hour
  • Thursday: Bench Press, Tricep Kickback, Deadlift, Weighted Squats, Biceps Curls
  • Friday: Bicycle Abdominal Crunches, Plank, Vertical Leg Lifts, Mountain Climbers, Toe Touch, Sitting Crunches,
  • Saturday: Bench Press, Tricep Kickback, Deadlift, Weighted Squats, Biceps Curls, 30 Minutes of Swimming
  • Sunday: Rest

Follow this Workout Routine and You Will Lose Weight. Results Will Start To Appear Within a Month. You Can Lose Up to 20 Pounds of Weight Per Month

But Workout is Useless Unless You Keep a Close Check on the Diet

A Pair of Dumbells

Equipment Required

To Perform This Workout Routine You Need

Pull-up Bar: You Need a Pull-up Bar to Perform Pull-ups and Hanging Knee Raises. You can attach it on Your Doorway and Perform 2 Pull-ups Every Time You Leave The Room

This is a Clever way to workout without Putting Stress on yourself and also a Good way to Keep Yourself Fit. You can Get a Pull-up Bar From Here

A Pair of Dumbell: You Need Dumbells to Perform Bicep Curls, Weighted Lunges, and Triceps Kickbacks

Having a Pair of Dumbell can Help You in a Long Run. There are 100s of Exercises You can Perform Just From a Pair of Dumbells

A Simple 3-10 Pounds Dumbells are Enough For Beginners. You can get Them From Here

Bench Press: You Need To Perform Bench Press at Least Three Times a Week. Bench Press is a Core Fundamental Exercise

If You Want to Develop Upper Body than You Can’t Avoid Bench Press. You Can’t Develop the Same Upper Body With any other Exercise

You Can Get a Bench Press From Here

Weight Lifting Belt: Weight Lifting Belt is Utilized to Ensure that Your Form While Lifting is Right. Lifting Weight Without Weight Lifting Belt Can Injure Your Back Due to Improper Form

Newbie Lifters Should Always Use a Weight Lifting Belt to Avoid Injuries. Here’s an Article on 7 Key Benefits of Weightlifting Belts

If You are a Beginner than Weight Lifting Belt is Not an Option, You can Get a Weight Lifting Belt From Here

Wrist Support For Deadlift: Wrist Support Will Not only Prevent You From Injuring Your Wrist But it Will Also Get You in the Right Mindset

I Use Wrist Support to Avoid Injuries as My Job Includes a Lot of Typing. Injuring My Wrist is Not an Option

Performing Deadlift is Difficult and at The Same Time Dangerous, Being in the Right Mindset is Important. You can Get a Wrist Support From Here

You Can Go to a Gym or You Can Arrange Equipment By Borrowing them From a Friend, I Used to Borrow Equipment From My Neighbour

Every Morning I Used to Borrow the Equipment and Then Return them The Same Day So, That He can use them. This Was Way too Exhausting!

I Decided to Arrange My Own Equipment So, That I Don’t Need to Waste Time Going to Places Just to Train

You May Be Thinking Why I Didn’t Just Get a Gym Membership. There are a Couple of Reasons including the Fact that Gym Membership is Expensive

A 3 Month Gym Membership is Much More Expensive than I The Equipment I Need to Workout Properly

Moreover, I Like Privacy When I Train and Improve Myself

Women Jumping

10 Habits to Inculcate to Keep Yourself Fit & Your Lifestyle Active

Healthy and Active Lifestyle is One of the Key Requirements When It Comes to Keeping Yourself Fit. Here are Few Lifestyle Changes You Should Adopt:

Sleeping for at least 7 Hours: I Know You are Busy But Nothing is More Important than a Good Night Sleep. Sleeping 7 Hours Every day is Good For Your Body and For Your Mind too

Poor Sleep can Result in Multiple Changes to Your Body Which Can Result Ultimately in You Gaining Weight

Avoiding the use of Transportation: The Use of Transportation is one of the Primary Reason For Bad Health. People Know a Days Use Transportation Even If They Need to Go to Their Neighbour House

Avoid Using a Car Rather Use a Cycle or Walk to Your Destination if it is Near You. This Way You Will Burn Fat Even When You are Going to Office

20-30 Minutes of Swimming Every Day: Swimming Everyday Will Tone Your Body and Keep You Healthy Even When You Stop Working out

Mountain Climbing/ Marathon Ones a Month: Pushing Your Limit Ones a Month is a great way to Keep a Track of Your Health and Fitness

4-5 Small Meals: Eating Small Meals Throughout the Day Will Keep Your Metabolism Up Along With Your Feeling of Fullness

Starting Your Morning With Yoga & Meditation: What You Do in the Morning Time Will Decide How You are Going to Go Through the Day

Start Your Morning My Meditating and Visualizing What You Want. Then Perform Yoga Every day to Keep Yourself Fit and Strong

Healthy Snacks are the Only Snacks: Your Snacks Should Be Free From anything that Can Make Your Calorie Consumption Count up

30-40 Minutes of Cardio/ 15 Minutes of Skipping: Cardio or Skipping Every day Will Help You In Burning Stored Fat So, that You are Never out of Shape

Evening Workout Every Single Day: Try Your best to Workout in the Evening Even If it Means 20 Minutes. Evening Workouts are a Great Way to Keep a Check on Your Muscle Gains

Cheat Meals ones a Month: Let’s Be Serious, After a Whole Month of Workout and Diet Restriction. You Deserve one Cheat Meal. Just Don’t Go Overboard. Make Sure You Burn Extra Calories the Next Day


Nutrition For Weight Loss

It Doesn’t Matter How Many Calories You Burn in a Day If at The End of the Day You are Consuming More Calories than You Have Burned

To Ensure That You Lose Weight Every Single Day, You Have to Consume Fewer Calories than You Burn in a Day through the Workout Routine

Most People Follow two Types of Diet

First Type of Diet Include Consuming Few Calories Sometime Even Less than 1000 Calories in a Day

This Type of Diet Strategy results in Nutrition Deficiency Not only That You are Left with Hunger and Unsatisfaction Which Produces Zero Results

As Soon as You Stop Your Diet of Consuming Less Calories You are Back to Your Original Weight But With a Shear Defeat

Your Suffering Results in Nothing

Second Type of Diet Which People Follow is They Consume Food to Their Heart Content and They Complain about How it’s Impossible For them

For a Perfect Weight Loss Journey to Complete

You Need to Avoid Unnecessary Calories

Consume a Diet That Offers You Few Calories But a Lot of Nutrition and a Feeling of Satisfaction. Few things You Need to Include in Your Diet Plan

More Protein: Every Meal You Consume Should Include Protein Source. If You are Performing Resistance Training then After Each Workout

You Need to Consume a Meal Filled with Protein and Low Carb Vegetables. Otherwise, Building Muscles and Losing Weight is Not Possible

According to a Study, Diet Rich in Protein Will Reduce Your Food Craving Moreover, You Need to Consume around 20-50 gram of Carbs Per Day

In Brief, Construct Your Meal with High Protein Sources and Low Carb Vegetables So, That You Have Enough Energy Throughout the Day

Low Carb Vegetables Include Lettuce, Cucumber, Cabbage, Kale, Tomatoes, Spinach, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Much More

Protein Sources Include Chicken, Beef, Pork, Salmon, Shrimp, Eggs, Lamb

Avoiding Sugar Intake: Sugar is Packed with a Lot of Calories. Due to It’s Calorie Dense Nature, Sugary Food and Sugar-Sweetened Beverages are Avoided While Losing Weight

25 grams of Sugar is Safe For a Woman to Consume Every Day If She is Fit and Trains Every Single Day

But Your Case Is Much More Different, You are Trying to Lose Weight. So, It’s Better that You Avoid Sugary Food overall

Drink Water Before Meal: Drinking Water Half Hour Before a Meal Will Lower Your Hunger. Moreover, A Study Shows that Drinking Water Before Meal Increase Your Weightloss By 44% over 3 Months

Consume Food that is Weight Loss Friendly: Having a Meal which is Filled with Low Carb Vegetables, a Protein Source and Lots of Fibre is Considered Great For Weight Loss as It Will Help You in Feeling Full

Weight Loss Friendly Foods are Eggs, Leafy Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes, Salmon, Lean Beef, Soups, Cottage Cheese, Nuts, Fruits and Many More

Try Paleo Diet: Paleo Diet Consist of Eating What Human Hunter-Gatherer ate Thousands of Year Ago.

There are Many Benefits of Paleo Diet Including the Fact that It Promotes Muscle Growth along with Increased Metabolism

  1. Better Sleep
  2. Improves Your Overall Mood and Attitude
  3. Sustained Weight Loss
  4. Reduces the Risk of Allergies
  5. Muscle Growth
  6. Promotes Weight Loss
  7. Clearer Skin
  8. Better Hair

Combining Paleo Diet with an Active Lifestyle is a Good Way to Lose Weight and Tone Your Body. But there are a Lot of Side Effects of Paleo Diet too

Through Paleo Diet, A Person Try to Eat only Food Presumed to Be Available to Humans During the Paleolithic era

Paleo Diet Consists of Fish, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs, Spices, Eggs, Meat and Avoiding Everything Else

Processed Foods, Dairy Products, Sugary Food, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages, Trans Fat, Grains are Avoided. Anything That is Made in Factory is Avoided

Many Studies Have Been Done on Paleo Diet and Its Effectiveness. I Personally used The Workout Routine Mentioned above along with Paleo Diet to Lose Weight and Transform Myself

But Then I Started Following Keto Diet as it produced more results for me

Keto Diet If You Want Results!

I Tried Different Types of Diets and Got Some Minimalistic Results and When I Was at the End of the Ropes, I Tried Keto For a Month

Trying Keto Diet, Was More Like My Excuse to Start Eating without Worrying about Calories. I was Really Depressed and Conscious

About What I Should Try because Even After Training Twice Every Day I Was not Able to Lose Weight Weight and Get The Results I Desired

I was Still Overweight and Then My Sister Told Me to Try Keto Diet. In One Month I Lost around 19.5 lbs But I Wasn’t Even Training Twice a Day!

The Great Thing about Following Keto Diet is that You Don’t Need to Train that Hard Every Single Day. Right Know I Train 3 Times a Week

Moreover, I Do Cardio 4 Times a Week with Little Bit of Yoga

Keto Diet Has a Lot of Benefits Including

  1. It Reduces Your Appetite
  2. It Increases Level of Good HDL Cholesterol
  3. It Results in Rapid Weight Loss
  4. It Reduces Blood Sugar and Insulin Level
  5. Keto Diet Lowers Blood Pressure
  6. Improves Acne

There are Tons of Benefits, Keto Diet is Low in Carbs (under 50 gm Per Day), High in Fats and Moderate in Protein

With Light Workout Routine, Mentioned Above, You Can Lose up to 25-30 Lbs of Weight Within a Month

When Ever I Give a Try to a New Diet Plan, I Always Make Sure it is Tailored to My Needs Cause this Way I Can Verify the Results

Moreover, If The Diet Plan is Not Tailored Specifically For You then Their is a Lot of Chance that It Will Not Work

I Think Most of the Time, Results Lies in Doing the Same Thing in Certain Order or in My Case Eating Certain Things in Quantity That My Body Really Needs

It’s Better that You Follow a Custom Made Keto Diet Which is According to Your Needs Rather than Following Randow Diet Plans

You can Get a Custom Made Keto Diet From Here. Think about it In this way, You are What You Put in the Body

I Myself Follow Keto Diet and If You Want Results than It’s Better that You Follow it Too. You can Either Follow Nutrition Based on Fluke or Get a Custom Made Keto Diet Tailored to Your Needs

Keto Diet works by Depleting the Sugar Reserves in the Body Which Results in the Break Down of Fat. The Body Produces Ketones as Fuel

The Break Down of Fat Results in Weight Loss

If You Want Results then I Highly Recommend Keto Diet as I Followed it too

I was Ready For The Summer only Because of Keto Diet

10 Tips to Lose Weight Fast

There are Few Things You Can Do That Can Really Help in Losing Extra Fat along with the Workout and Nutrition

Resistance Training is the Key to Quick Weight Loss: Training With Weight 3-4 Times a Week result in More Fat Mobilization

You can Follow Intense Cardio Routine But the Best Results Will Be Produced When You Combine Cardio with Resistance Training

Drink More Water: Drinking Water Half Hour Before a Meal Will Decrease Your Food Craving Not only that Water is 100% Calorie-Free

Maximize Your Protein Intake: High Protein Diet will Help you in Suppressing Your Appetite Along with Helping You in Building Muscles

The Importance of Cardio: If You Truly Want to Lose Weight than You Have to Do Cardio. Cardio Exercises Makes Your Heart Strong and increases Your Lung Capacity. Moreover, It Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

Eat Healthy as Much as Possible: You Can Either Fuel Your Body with Healthy Diet or You Can Fuel Yourself with Junk Food. Your Choice Will Define Your Physique, So If You Want to Be Fit Eat Healthy

No More Fast Food: Fast Food is Number one Reason For Obesity in Teenagers. It Can Result in Health Problems. Moreover, If You are Trying to Lose Weight than Avoiding Fast Food it the Only Choice

Eat a Balanced Diet: If You are Trying to Lose Weight than Try Your Best to Consume a Balanced Diet Everyday Filled Will All Essential Vitamins and Nutrients. But Still, Make Sure Your Calorie Count is in Check

Active Lifestyle: You May Have Lost a Lot of Weight Due to Following a Strict Workout Routine and Diet But If You Don’t Have an Active Lifestyle than You Will Gain it Back. Keep Your Lifestyle as Much Active as You can

Keep a Food Journal: Keeping a Food Journal is a Great Way to Keep Track of the Calories You Consume in a Day along with Your Progress

Avoid Skipping Meals: Most of the Newbies Try to Skip Meals When they Start Their Fitness Journey. Skipping Meal is a Wrong Approach.

Consume a Well Balanced Diet Throughout the Day, Burn Extra Fat in your Body By Working out, Rather than By Starving Yourself


Anyone Can Lose Weight If they Follow a Strict Workout Regime along with Proper Diet. It May Take Some Time For You to Lose Weight But If You Stick with the Routine and The Diet, You Will Definitely Reach Your Goal

For Ladies who Don’t Want to Train Hard, I Recommend 30 Mins of Cardio and 30 Mins of Yoga along with a Custom made Keto Diet

P.S If You Have any Question Related to Workout Routine or the Diet You can Comment Down Below Till Then

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Stay Strong, R

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