Complete Upper body workout for Women at Home

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How about an Upper Body Workout For Women? No, They Don’t Need it. Then You are Probably Wrong. a Lot of Ladies Commit this Mistake When They start working on Their Physique. They Try Yoga and then Cardio But they Never Give a Try to Workout That Develops their Upper Body

Developing Your Upper Body is a Crucial Part When it Comes to Your Overall Body Line. In order For You to Gain that Hollywood Appearance I Would Recommend Upper Body Workout

These Workout Routine are Simple But Have Huge Benefits When It comes to overall Looks and Strength

Looking Strong as Well as Feeling Strong are Important

So, Here are Few Exercises That Will Help You In Developing Your Upper Body

Top 10 Exercises to Perform To Develop Your Upper Body Especially For Women

These Exercises are Simple to Perform But it Is Very Important That You Perform them In Proper Form in Order to Get the Full out of Each Rep, Most of the Time People Perform it With Bad Form and Complain about Results


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When it Comes to Building the Upper Body Strength and Building the Upper Body Muscles One Exercise that Every Fitness Athlete Perform Literally Countless times is Push-ups. Push-ups is Easy to Perform But Its Benefits are Limitless

Moreover, It is one of the Basic Exercise when it Comes to Strength Training and Building Triceps. So, You Should Clearly Perform Push-ups In Every Single Workout Routine.


Like Push-ups, Pull-ups are Important and Compulsory For Newbie. In order to Develop Your Biceps and Gain a Well Defined and Lean Arm, I would Advice Every Lady Reading this Article to Perform them. Even If You can Perform only one With Resistance Band

Pull-ups Will Increase Your arm Strength and Also Will Help You in Developing Your Back Muscles. Not Only That Grip Strength will Also Increase With Time.

Ab Crunches

Your Upper Body Workout Routine is Incomplete Without a Proper Set of Ab Crunches With Proper Reps. In order for You to Gain a Flat Stomach and Abs If You are Literally into it. Then I Would Advice You To Perform Ab Crunches

3 Sets of 30 Crunches Will Be Sufficient Enough. I Would Advice You To Perform Leg Raises. But If You are a Newbie then 3 Sets of 20 Reps with Just Simple Crunches Should Do the Job.


Skipping is the Number One Way to Lose Excess Fat in the Body and Gain a Toned Physique. If you are Starting Your Fitness Journey and You are Trying to Know about Various Exercises then I Would Advice You to Add 1 Minute of Skipping to Every Workout Routine or Workout Day

Just Remember One Thing, That You are Gone Do 1 Minute of Skipping Every Day Even If It’s Saturday and You are Not Supposed to Workout.


develop a great personality by learning a fighting art Like Boxing

If you want Strong and Lean Arms then Adding a Small Boxing Session in Your Workout Routine Won’t Effect You. Just Go Jab, Jab, Jab on a Punching Bag For 1 Minute and See the Benefits.

Not Only Your Wrist Will Get Strong But You Will Also be able to Develop Shoulder Muscles.



If You want to Hit Abdominal Muscles along with Triceps, Then 1 Minute of Plank Will Do the Job. Plank is a Yoga Pose and Also Considered a Calisthenics Exercise. Performing Plank Puts Lot of Strain on Abdominal Muscles Which Help it to Develop in a Faster Past

Make Sure that You Perform the Plank Before ab Crunches. 1 Minute of Plank and 3 Reps of 1 Minute Will Really Boost Your Abdominal Strength.


In Order to Develop Your Chest Muscles along with Wings and Triceps, Dips are the Best. Performing a Dip is the Easiest way to Hit all Major Upper Body Muscles. 3 Sets of 10 Reps will Get the Blood Pumping and then I Would Recommend 1 Extra Set of 12 Reps.

Diamond Push-ups

Diamond Push-up is Just Your Regular Push-up, but Your Hands are Joined together in Each Rep to Form a Diamond. Performing Even a Single Rep of this Push-up is Tough. Diamond Push-up Require Huge amount of Strength and Balance.

I would Recommend 3 Sets of 6 Reps to Get Full Benefit.

Hang Down a Bar (Bar Hanging)

Hanging on a Bar Has Shown To Increase Your Grip Strength as Well as Your Shoulder Strength. Hanging Literally Boost Upper Body Strength. If You are Not Strong Enough to Perform Pull-ups, I Would Recommend You to Hang on a Bar to Gain Suitable amount of Strength.

Hang For 30 Seconds and Repeat it 4 Times.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Pose

Yoga Poses are on the List Not Because They Are a Good Way to Develop the Upper Body But Because Performing Yoga Poses can Literally Help You in Developing Your Entire Body. Whether it’s Weight Loss Journey or You Trying to Boost Your Metabolism

Every Single Article Will Recommend You to Perform Yoga Due to Its Huge Implementation and Benefits.

Workout Routine For Upper Body Top 3

So, Here are our Top 3 Workout Routine For Upper Body Especially Designed For Women. I Would Recommend You to Perform Each Routine 3 Times to Get the Maximum out of Each Routine. Routine 1 & 2 is Easy While 3 Is Bit Tough.


1 Minute Skipping + 1 Minute Plank + 30 Sec Bar Hang + 20 Dips


1 Minute Boxing + 1 Minute Plank + 20 Diamond Push-ups + 10 Pull-ups


1 Minute Skipping + 1 Minute Boxing + 1 Minute Plank + 10 Diamond Push-ups + 10 Dips + 20 Pull-ups

Diet Routine to Fuel the Body

I Know Diet is Crucial When it Comes To Training. But For the Newbies, It is Better If You Just Stick to Balanced Diet For First 2 Month. After 2 Month of Regular Training You can Shift to Supplements and Protein Shakes But In the Initial State Keep Everything Simple



These are the Top 4 Precaution You Should Keep in Mind While Performing Upper Body Workout Routine

  1. Perform Each Exercise with a Certified Instructor
  2. Avoid Eating Heavy Meal Before the Workout
  3. Make Sure You Hydrate Yourself Enough
  4. Perform each Exercise in a Proper Form


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Performing Upper Body Exercises on a Regular Basic Can Result in Higher Development of Shoulder and Chest Which in turns Enhances Overall Appearance.

Performing the Workout Routine a Women Can Definitely Level Up Her Appearance as a Well Defined Upper Body Will Result in a Better Body Line.

P.S. That’s all You Need To Know about Upper Body Workout. If You Have any Doubt You Can Contact Me Directly By Commenting Down Below.

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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