Complete Guide to Yoga Poses For Weight loss

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Losing Weight is one of the Toughest Thing to Do When it Comes to Improving the Quality of Your life, Cause Directly or Indirectly How We Look Translates to How We Feel. But Losing Weight is Tough and What’s Tougher is Losing Weight Fastly and Easy. What if I Told You that there are Yoga Poses For Weight loss.

You can Actually Lose Weight By Just Doing Yoga.

It Sounds Great! Just Doing a Bunch of Poses and I Can Lose 10-20 Pounds and Get into The Shape I Want. The Reality is You can Lose Weight By Doing a Bunch of Poses But those Poses are Not That Easy to Perform.

But I am Sure You can Perform them with Little Guidance

The Science Behind these Yoga Poses is that They Enhance Your Metabolism and Result in Fat Mobilization.

Moreover, Just to Perform them You Need to Lose Weight.

The Change and the Weight loss will be Slow But Steady

10 Beginner Yoga Poses For Weight loss

Poses Mentioned Below Not only Will Result in weight loss But Will Also Help You In Strengthening your Immune System and Digestive System

As Healthy Digestion Results in Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Life style Results in Better Living

So the First Yoga Pose in the List is

Setu Bandh ( Bridge Pose)

setu Bandh
Setu Bandh

In Order to Perform this Yoga Pose You Have To Firstly Lie Down and the Slowly Raise Your Hip With the Help of Your Arms

Make Sure That While You Raise Your Hip Your Legs are Straight

Moreover, Your Feet should Touch the Ground

Perform this Pose For 5-10 Times, Make Sure that You Don’t Force Yourself into Performing it

Take a Deep Breath after Each Repetition

This Pose is Good For Spine Mobility, Moreover it Enhances Hip Mobility.

If Your Are Overweight, Try to Perform this Pose as Slowly as Possible to Avoid Injuries



This May Not Seem Like a Yoga Pose But Basically it’s a Gift of Yoga as Well This Pose is Performed a Number of times By Top Athletes in order to Get Abs

So You will Be thinking Why Should You Perform it?

The Answer is Simple, For Maximum Fat Mobilization You Have to Perform Yoga Poses that Not Only Accelerates Your Metabolism But Also Results in Growth of Your Muscles

The Growth of Your Muscles Will Play a Crucial Role in Losing Weight and Maintaining a Healthy Look

You Should Perform Plank At Least 10 Times With 1 Minute Rep i.e You Have to Hold The Plank For one Minute it May Sound Simple at First But Trust Me it’s Tough as Hell

Doing Plank will Help You Gain Abdominal Strength as Well as Gain Arm Strength

Bow Pose

bow pose
bow pose

This Pose Looks a Lot Complicated Then it Actually is! Trust me, The Only Thing You Have to Do In Order to Perform this Pose is Lie Down Such That Your Stomach is Facing the Ground

Now You Have to Take a Deep Breath, After that You Have to Slowly Raise Your Legs and Arms

Raise Your Arms Such that You can Catch Your Arms and Legs

Make Sure While You Raise Your Legs Your Raise Your Arms in Coordination So that You Can Grab Your Legs With Arms

The Problem that Most People and Even I Faced was that I Was Unsure of Position of My Legs in the Beginning But Trust Me that’s Just Fine

Just Try it Couple of Time and You will Learn it

faster metabolism

Slowly But Surely Your Will Learn it

Moreover, Hold The Position For Around 30 Seconds to Get the Most out of the Position

This Pose is Best For Spine Flexibility and Fat Mobilization around the Lower Back



This Pose is the Simplest to Perform In this List and You Know What ‘Virabhadrasana’ in Sanskrit Means Warrior Stance This Pose is Performed By the Warrior to Enhance their Quads Strength

In This Pose You Just Have to Bend Your Knee’s and remain in that Position For Few minutes

The Longer You Perform this Pose The More Strength You Gain

Make Sure that You Perform this Pose From Both Sides So that Both of Your Leg Muscles are in Good Shape

This Pose Targets Your Legs, as a Result, this Pose Result in High Amount of Fat Mobilization in the Legs

Make Sure You Hold the Stance For 1 Minute



This Pose is Simple But not the Simplest in the List

You Just Have to Stand and Bend one of Your Knee and Make Sure That Your Other Leg is Straight, Keep Your Both Feet Facing the Same Direction and Your One Arm over your Leg Which is Straight

Don’t try to Push Yourself To Get into the Pose

This Pose Require a High Amount of Flexibility and Balance

The Last thing You Want is an Injury

Make Sure that You Hold this Pose For around 30 Seconds and then Release it

Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose
Cobra Pose

The Name of the Yoga Pose is Cobra, I Don’t Know Why Maybe Because of the Way People Raise their Head But There Can Be other Reasons also

This is one of the Most Effective Pose When it Comes to Weight Loss

This Pose Not only Stretches Your Legs and Spine But Also Helps in Improving Your Digestion

In order to Perform this Pose, You Have to Lie on Your Tummy and Gradually Raise Your Upper Body with the Help of Your Arms, Slowly. While Rising up Make Sure Your Feet are Straight.

Hold this Pose For around 45 Seconds in order to Gain Benefits




Make Sure While Performing this Pose You Keep Your Feet of the Bended Knee Facing the Same Direction as the Knee. Moreover, Let Your Other Feet Rest on the Ground Without any Restrain

In order to Get Most out of the Pose Stretch Your Hands by Clapping them Together and Gently Pushing them Toward Back of Your Head.

Hand Gesture is Not that Important What’s Important is the Stretch

This is Number one Yoga Pose For Weight Loss and Hip Flexibility

Perform this Pose For 30 Second to Get Maximum Benefits

Ardha Navasana

Ardha Navasana

Ardha Navasana

This Pose Seems Simple But Beware of the Balance That is Needed to Perform this Pose

Ardha Navasana Results in Maximum Fat Mobilization Because of the Fact that It Increases the Stress on Your Abdominal Muscles. In the Beginning, it’s Very Hard to Perform this Pose With Straight Legs, So what I Would Recommend is You Keep Your Legs Little Bit Less Straight to Perform it Easily

Over time When this Pose Becomes Easy to Perform, At that Time Increase the Difficulty By Bending the Keeping Your Leg Straight




This is One of the Toughest Pose When it Comes To Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Vasisthasana Require a Huge Amount of Balance and Dedication, Performing it in One Try is Second to Impossible. That’s Why I Would Recommend You to Use this Pose to Increase Your Balance

But I have a Simple Trick to Perform this Pose

Firstly Balance on the Right Half of Your Body or the Left Half, Then Raise Your Leg Other Leg Slowly From the Ground and Use Your Arm to Grab the Toe

Hold the Position For 20-30 Seconds




This Pose Seems Easy and By the Way it is Easy to Perform

You Just Have to Stand Up Straight on one Leg and Do Namaste, Over your head

That’s all

The Tricky Part is Balancing on one Feet

These are all the Top Poses that Increase Fat Mobilization and Result in Weight Loss


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Try them Out and By Trying them Out I mean You Should Perform them at Least 6 Times a Week For Next 8 Week. Trust Me in the 9th Week You Will Be 10-20 lbs Lighter

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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