Complete Guide to Abs Workout For Men at Home

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Building Muscles is Not that Tough But Building Abdominal Muscles is Tough. Most People Now a Days Do a Variety of Exercises to Get those Chiseled Abs But Most of the Times they Fail Miserably Cause a Proper abs Workout for Men at Home Should Focus on Intensity Rather than Variety.

Intensity Matters More Than Variety and You Know What No Matter What type of Exercise You Perform For Your Abdominal Muscles It Will Not Work

Until You Increase the Amount of Stress While Performing that Exercises

Raising the Stress or Making Sure More and More of Your Muscles React or Are Activated When You Train is Dependent on Your Amount of Reps Rather than Variety

Here’s a Complete Guide To Train Your Abs and Get a Six Pack Within a Month

How Many Exercises Should I Perform to Get a Six Pack abs in a Month?

abs workout for men at home

I am Right to Know Trying to Gain Eight Packs and I am Literally Doing Just 5 Exercises. Don’t Worry I Will Definitely Mention all of those 5 Best Abs Exercises. But the Point is Gaining Abs in a Month is Quite Easy But Is Dependent Upon a Number of Factors.

Factors Like

  1. What’s Your Diet?
  2. What is Your Age?
  3. Your Weight
  4. Your Height

And the List Goes on..

But This all is Making It Tough For You to Get What You Really Wanted. But Here’s a Catch

No Matter What Weight You Have Right Know, You Still Can Gain Abs

But First You Have to Gain Average Weight or Go through a Program to Lose Weight

Now I Will Assume That You Have Lost Weight and Know You Have Average Weight as Compared to Your Dimensions

So, For an Average Joe Performing 5-6 Abs Exercises 5 Times, a Week with Around 60-90 Reps is Enough. Cause When It Comes to Building Abdominal Muscles Intensity is More Important then Variety

I Know that You Have to Hit Every Abdominal Muscle But Trust Me 5 Right Exercises

At Right Intensity will Do More Good than 100 Exercises With 5 Reps

Summary: Performing 5 Exercises 5 Times a Week With Around 60-90 Reps is Better than Doing 100 Exercises with 5 Reps.

Top 5 Ab Exercises to Get Six Packs

There are a Lot of Exercises But Trust Me Intensity is More Important Than Variety Here. Moreover, These 5 Exercises are Most Recommended By the Experts and I Personally Perform 2 of them Everyday to Keep My Abs in Best Shape

First one is

Leg Raises

Leg Raises on the Bar or on the Ground is the Best Exercise in Terms of Stress it Puts on the Abdominal Muscles. Doing 2 Set of 50 Leg Raises is a Proof that You Have a Solid Core and a Nice Six Pack Abs. But at the Beginning, Doing this Many Reps Won’t Be Possible

In the Beginning Stages, I Would Recommend Doing 4 Sets of Max Reps. Trust Me Max Reps is the Key to Growing Your Muscles Here.



Performing Plank Has Many Health Benefits, Out of All the Benefits Building a Solid Core is the Speciality. No Matter the Workout Session or Training Program I am Following I Make Sure that I Inculcate Plank in it

Doing Plank For 2 Minutes Should Be the Aim. But If You are Able to Perform Plank For 1 Minute Then It’s Good Enough

Ab Wheel Rollout

Most People Who Perform Workout at Home Don’t Recommend it But I Bough Especially an Ab Wheel Just to Perform these Exercises. This is One of the Best Exercise When it Comes to Building Balance. Your Core Strength with Drastically Increase By Doing it

Make Sure You Perform Ab Wheel Rollout Under a Trained Specialist or Just Watch the Video Down Below. Frankly, This is What I Did

Russian Twist

This Exercise Bring Back Memories, When I Started Training I Was In I Guess 6th Grade and This is the Very First Exercises Which I Did to Build a Solid Core. If My Memory is Right, I Used to Do Around 100 of them in One Set and I Literally Performed One Single Set

That’s All I Did. But For an Average Joe, I Would Recommend Doing 2 Sets of 50 Reps to Really Get the Blood Flowing.

Here’s a Video Explaining How to Perform them in a Proper Way

Mountain Climbers

This is the Last Exercise in the Abs Workout For Men, This Exercise is Focused on Burning the Extra Fat in the Body. Performing this Exercise will Burn the Extra Fact Easily and Quickly.

Here’s a Quick Tip Perform them as Many as You can Like One Set Max

Abs Workout Routine

In Order to Make Sure that Even a Newbie or an Elite Athlete is able to Gain Something From this Routine I Will Transform This Routine or Categorize this Routine in Three Stages Easy, Advanced and Elite. Choose the Routine Type Depending Upon Your Efficiency or Comfort Level

Easy Stage 1

In Order To Make Sure that You Hit Every Single Muscle Fibre in Your Abdominal While Training I Would Recommend You to Perform all Five Exercises. Best Abs Workout For Men at Home is all ours

  • Leg Raises 3 Sets of 10 Reps
  • Plank 3 Sets of 30 Seconds or More
  • Ab Wheel Rollout 4 Sets of 5 Reps
  • Russian Twist 5 Sets of 50 Reps
  • Mountain Climbers 5 Sets of 40 Reps
  • You Can Also Do Little Bit of Yoga

Advanced Stage 2

  • Leg Raises 4 Sets of 30 Reps
  • Plank 4 Sets of 60 Seconds or More
  • Ab Wheel Rollout 4 Sets of 15 Reps
  • Russian Twist 4 Sets of 70 Reps
  • Mountain Climbers 4 Sets of 60 Reps

Elite Stage 3

  • Leg Raises 5 Sets of 50 Reps
  • Plank 5 Sets of 50 Seconds or More
  • Ab Wheel Rollout 5 Sets of 20 Reps
  • Russian Twist 5 Sets of 50 Reps
  • Mountain Climbers 5 Sets of 50 Reps

Kindly Take At Least 4 Day Rest After Each Elite Level Ab Workout Routine In Order to Avoid Over Exhaustion

Quick Abs Workout at Home

Suppose You Just Want to Train Your Abdominal Muscles and You Just Have 10 Minutes. Under Ten Minutes You Want Your Abs To Get the Best Training Possible at Home Without Equipment. In this Case, I Would Recommend Doing

  • Leg Raises 1 Set Until Failure
  • Russian Twist 1 Set Until Failure

Nutrition For Six Pack Abs ( Beginner Special)

abs workout for men at home

This May Not Be the Most Detailed Nutrition Guide But it Will Be Good Enough For Newbies Cause as a Newbie, I only Focused on these things and You Also Should to

You Should Consume a Balanced Diet with Proper Amount of Fluids

I Know You Know this But You Should Also Consume Little Bit More Nutrition

Like You Should Consider Adding 2-4 Eggs and Little Bit of Milk in Your Diet

In Order To Make Sure You Get Enough Protein


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Under one Month, Building abs Is Tough But is Not Impossible, If You Follow the Proper Training Routine and Do All the 5 Exercises at Appropriate Intensity Then You Will Definitely Have Strong Abdominal Muscles Before the month Ends

Remember One thing Intensity Matters More than The Amount of Sets You Perform

P.S. If You Have any Doubt Related to anything Kindly Contact Me, I will Be More than Happy to Help You. Moreover, I am Thinking about Creating a Group of People to Train If You Want In Just Comment Down Below I Will Be Training You Free of Charge

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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