Complete Arm Wrestling Workout Guide, Beginners to Advanced

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Anyone Who is Able to Complete Beginners Drills is more than Capable of Doing Arm Wrestling Drills for Advanced Training. But I Must Warn You This is Not Going to Be Easy.

Moreover, The Drills are Chosen In Such a Way That a Person can Perform them at Home
These 9 Drills are Simple and at the Same Time Tough to Perform

9 Arm Wrestling Drills for Advanced Training

  1. One Arm Pull-ups
  2. High-Intensity Bicep Curls
  3. One Arm Push-ups
  4. Hand Stand Push-ups
  5. Squats
  6. Ab Crunches
  7. Weighted Rope Climbing
  8. Weighted Pull-ups
  9. Weighted Push-up

1. One Arm Pull-ups

When It Comes to Doing Exercises For Arm Wrestling Advanced Training One Arm Pull-ups is a Must. Not Because of Its Toughness But Because of Boast It Gives it to a Person

Doing One Arm Pull-ups will Increase Your Endurance and Explosive Strength So It Will Be In Your Best Interest to Do Them

Doing them is Important But Doing them Properly is Most Important So, Kindly Dedicate a Little Bit of Your Time in Learning how to Do Them

So For The Repetition I would Advice You to Do Around 5-10 Repetition Each Arm

Moreover, Make Sure To Do around 3 Sets

2. High-Intensity Bicep Curls


Bicep Curls are Important I Know You Know that Because this Is the Very First Exercise a Person Trains in When He Starts His Arm Wrestling Career

So, Doing Bicep Curls are Important But Doing High Intensity Bicep Curls is More Important

High Intensity Means That You Have to Increase The Duration of Each Rep So that it Puts More Strain on Your Muscles

It Will Increases in Muscle Tear and When Your Muscles Heal Back You Will Be Stronger than Before

I Would Advice You to Increase Duration of Each Curl By About 20 Second

By Increasing the Duration of Each Curl Your Strength will Increase Consistently

Make Sure You Do Appropriate Amount of Sets too

Doing around 5 Sets of 10 Rep will Be Sufficient

3. One Arm Push-ups

One arm Push-ups are Easy to Perform But They Have Huge Impact on Your Balance and Strength

Doing them Periodically will Increase Your Speed and Power Too

For Best Arm Wrestling Drills For Advanced Training I Will Consider One Arm Push-ups to Be The Best Choice

Doing One Arm Push-ups Have Multiple Benefits as It Targets Back Muscles, Shoulders and Also Abs too So Make Sure You Integrate Them In Your Exercise Routine

So around 30-40 Rep in Order to Build Strength

Make Sure You Do at Least 5 Sets

I Know The Training Regime is Getting Tougher By the Minute But Kindly Stick to it If You Want to Grow Strong

4. Hand Stand Push-ups


When it Comes to Push-ups, Hand Stand Push-up is on the Top of the Chain

They are Tough to Perform and Require a Great Deal of Strength So Integrating them in Your Workout will Be a Smart Choice as they Will Help you

By Boasting Your Confident and Also Your Balance

Moreover, I Would Advice You to Learn Hand Stand Push-ups If You Don’t Know How To Perform them Cause You Gotta Perform them

You Have To Do at Least 15-25 Reps With Around 5-7 Sets

Make Sure You Perform Them With Good Posture

5. Squats

I Know You Think Their is No Need to Train the Legs But I Must Warn You On this

Cause Your Total Power Will Be Directly Proportional to Momentum You Will Be able to Generate

In Order to Generate Momentum You Gotta Use Your Legs too

Moreover, Your Legs Will Play a Crucial Role In all This

Just Make Sure You Train Your Legs Periodically In Order to Avoid this Fatal Mistake

Best Way to Train Legs is To Do Squats

Do Squats As Often You Can Cause They Will Make The Difference Between You and Your Opponent

I Would Advice You to Do around 5-10 Sets With Rep according to Your Capabilities

Integrate Dead lifts too

6. Abs Crunches


Abs Crunches are Important to Develop the Core Strength

Basically You Will Perform Abs Crunches In Order to Look Good along With Being Strong

You Don’t Have to Perform too Many Abs Crunches in Order to Develop a Solid Core

You Just Need to Do Around 100-200 Ab Crunches on a Regular Basic

Make Sure You Perform Each Crunch Properly in Order to Gain Maximum Benefit

The Last Thing You Want is to Perform Each Crunch In a Wrong Way

7. Weighted Rope Climbing

You May Be Thinking By Now that Rope Climbing is on the List But Why?

Let Me Tell You One thing Straight Rope Climbing is the Number 1 Way to Develop the Explosive Strength

You Gotta Perform them and Integrate them In Your Workout

You Need to Perform At Least 5 Reps on a 15-20 Feet Long Rope

8. Weighted Pull-ups

Pull-ups are Good But Weighted Pull-ups are Must

Weighted Pull-ups is the Number one Way For You to Develop the Strength You Need

Think about Doing 5 Reps with 100 kg On

Wouldn’t That Be Great

The Problem With Weighted Pull-ups is that it’s Too Difficult to Increase Weight

But I Have a Video of a Person Who is able to Do 3-4 Reps on 100 Kg

In this Video He is Also Teaching How You Can Do It

Weighted Calisthenics

9. Weighted Push-up

Like Weighted Pull-ups, Weighted Push-ups is Important They Will Have all the Benefits of Simple Push-ups

Plus Will Help You to Increase Your Strength in Huge Amount

You Will Be Amazed How Much Strong You are Getting Just Because of These Weighted Push-ups


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A Word of Caution


Some People Just Train in All These Exercises and Become Pretty Strong

But Still, Lose at the Competition Not Because They are Not Good Enough But Because They Forget to Master any Real Technique To Win

For Winning You Need Power and Technique So Kindly Focus on it too

These Exercises are More than Simple to Perform
Moreover, They will Give Great Results

If You Have any Doubt You can Comment Down Below I Will Be More than Happy to Help You

Till then Stay Strong, Stay Hungry

Best Wishes

R, Peace

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