Can you lose weight by just doing burpee? Plus 5 Benefits of Doing Burpees

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Losing Weight By Doing a Single Exercise Again and Again Is Considered to Be Impossible till Know But What If I Told You To Lose Weight By Just Doing Burpee all Month Long. It Seems Bit Weird and Useless Right. But this Is Not the Case Doing Burpee For 30 Days Straight In Proper Sets With Raised Repetition Peridocally  Will Definitely Result In Weight Loss.

If You Wanna Know How then Just Get Ready to Read this Complete Article. Let Me Tell You One thing Burpee is a Powerful Body Weight Exercise and Has Many Benefits.

Let’s First Start With Benefits of Burpees So that You are Motivated Enough to Include It In Your Workout.

  1. It Will Help You In Gaining Endurance
  2. It Will Improves Your Posture
  3. It Will Increases Your Abdominal Strength
  4. It Will Help You In Losing Weight
  5. Doing Burpee Is the Best way to Complete Your Workout

Proper Way of Doing Burpee

A Lot of People Start Doing the Burpee Without Understanding the Proper Way of Doing Them. Knowing the Proper Form is Crucial When It Comes To Bodyweight Exercises, Even a Slight Deviation From the Right Form or Technique Can Hurt Your Overall Growth.

So I would Suggest You Should Better Educate Yourself on the Right Technique Before Attempting to Do it. The Right Technique For Doing Burpee is Quite Simple. You Just Have To  Jump and them When You Land on the Ground Do a Push-up.

After that From Push-up Position Give a Jumping Squat and Repeat the Process.

Since Words Have No Meaning If You Can’t Imagine it. So Here is a Video Explaining How to Do a Burpee:

Know You are Good to Go.

How Many Reps You Should Perform?

lose weight by just doing burpee

After Knowing How To Perform a Burpee The Second Thought that Comes to the Mind is How Many Reps to Do Actually? This is Quite a Complicated Question Because Depending upon Your Age, Sex, Health Condition this Number Can Vary Easily.

But We Have a Way to Figure out How Many You Should Do Actually? First thing First:

After You Know How to Perform a Burpee Correctly Perform them As Many of them as You can In One Minute. After You are Done Note It Down. You Just Have to Do 5 Set of these Many Burpees.

For Example: If You are Able to Do 7 Burpees then, Do 5 Set of 7 Burpee.

Can You Actually Lose Weight By Just Doing Burpee?

Most of You Will Be thinking By Know Will I Be able to Lose Weight By Doing Burpee the Answer is Yes. You May Not Know this But Burpee is One of the Few Exercise that Demands Coordinative work of Literally all the Muscle Fibres Along with That It Require Great Amount of Endurance to Even Do one of them.

For Losing Weight By Just Doing Burpee, You Should  Do around 10 Sets With as Many Repetition as You can.

Ideal Sets and Repetition For Losing Weight Fast

Jumping Back to the Solution. I know You are Interested in Losing Weight. So I will Make Sure to Explain Everything Quickly and With Great Depth. Ideal Sets are Repetition are Dependent From Person to Person on Various Factor. But One thing is Sure. For Losing Weight By Doing a Burpee, You Need to Sweat a Lot.

The only Way You Sweat By Doing Burpee is When You Push Yourself To the Absolute Limit While Doing it. So Here’s a Brief Workout Routine With Ideal Sets and Repetition:

#1. Do Burpee Every single Day.

#2. Do At least 10 Sets

#3. In one Set Do as Many As Burpee, You Can Do.

Bonus: In order to Know How Many Burpee You can Do in a Set. Just Use a Stop Watch and Set a timer For 1 Minute. In Under,  one Minute tries to Do as Many Burpee as You can. After that Note that Number. With Each Set Try to Beat that Number By one Burpee at a Time.

How To Build Up the Endurance For Doing a Burpee?

lose weight by just doing burpee build endurance

You Know May Be Thinking Like ” I Can’t Do Even 5 Burpee in a Minute, So these Sets are Useless For Me”. You are Wrong the thing is You Just Have to Do at Least 70 Burpees a Day to Lose Weight. If You are Able to Do only 5 Burpees than Do around 14 Sets. You, Will, Reach this Mark.

And You Will Lose Weight. The Real Problem with Burpee is Not the Technique, Posture, Endurance But rather is Commitment. The Thing is It’s Hard to Do a Burpee. So there are a Lot of Chance You Will Quit In Between.

Make Sure that You Stick with The Workout Routine No Matter What Happens. Failing to Stick With the Routine Will Result in Failure in losing weight.

How Long It Will Take?

It Will Takes Around 3 Months or 90 Days For You to Lose around 10 kg Without a Doubt. But For Losing More Weight than 10 Kg You Should Incorporate other Endurance Exercises. The Goal When You are Trying to Lose Weight Should Be In Building Endurance.

You Need to Commit To Yourself that You Will Not Quit No Matter What.

Other Things Apart From this

You will Not Lose Weight Just By Doing Burpee, You Need to Keep a Check on Your Diet too. You Have To Eat Healthy As Much as Possible. Avoid Food With High-Calorie Intake or High Amount of Fat. Another tip Would Be to keep Everything Natural and Organic.

Avoid Junk Food, Beer, or any Fatty Food. Don’t Overdo it.


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Conclusion: Aim For The Star

lose weight by just doing burpee

The Solution For Losing Weight Though Bupree Would Be By Doing around 10-15 Sets with around 10 Repetition. Along with this, You Have to Eat Healthily. No Matter the Situation You Have to Avoid Junk Food. Overall You Have to Take Charge of Your Life Completely. This is Gone Be tough Cause it’s Supposed to Be So Don’t Quit No Matter What Happens.

Keep Faith in Yourself

P.S. Keep Moving Forward and Do a ton of Burpee. If You Face any Kind of Difficulty then Just Contact Me. Moreover, Feel Free to Ask Any Question Which You Have. If You Need a Complete Workout Plan the Subscribe to Our Newsletter We Provide Monthly Workout  Plan According to the Season and the Month.

Stay Strong, Stay Hungry.


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