Best Arm Wrestling Drills For Woman

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With Growth in the Number of Female Competitors in The World of Arm wrestling. This Sport Has taken a Big Turn. Nowadays Ladies also Love Strength. So, Here We are With Top Arm Wrestling Drills For Woman or Female Competitors.

In the 21st Century, The Participation of the Women’s in the Arm Wrestling Tournament is Increasing Day By Day. But The Amount of Information on Arm Wrestling Drills For Women is Not That Much.

So Here We are To Help You to Cross the Bridge and Win Your First Arm Wrestling Match By Practicing These Drills.

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These Drills are Simple But Their Effectiveness is of Another Level.

8 Arm Wrestling Drills For Women

  1. Simple Push-ups: 100-200 Simple Push-ups are Adequate
  2. Finger Push-ups: 50-60 Finger Push-ups are Adequate
  3. Pull-ups: 20-30 Will Be a Good Number
  4. One Arm Hang: Do it For 30-40 Seconds
  5. Bicep Curls: You Know the Drill
  6. Hand Stand: Do At Least 5 Hand Stand Push-ups
  7. Squats: I Know You Know What to Do
  8. Rope Climbing: Do 5 Set of 12 Feet of 2 Repetition

These 8 Exercises When Done Properly Can Help a Newbie Lady Become Professional.
Best Result Will Be When You Do these Drills in the Order Mentioned.

  1. Simple Push-ups:
    Best Exercise For Women to Gain Strength is Push-ups. No Matter On What Level You Are Doing Couple of Push-ups is always a Great Thing.
    In order for a Women to Gain Strength. She Should do atleast 30-50 Push-ups in a row.
    3-5 Sets of 50-60 Push-ups is Consider Good For Gaining Strength.
    Just Make Sure That While Doing Push-up You Are Maintaining a Good Posture.
  2. Finger Push-ups:
    The Amount of Force a Person Can Exert is Heavily Dependent on His/Her Fingre Strength. So it is Considered a Good Drill to Do Few Fingre Push-ups
    Arm Wrestling Drills for Women Should Enable a Lady to Do Arm Wrestling as Well as Help Her to Win it.
    Doing 20-30 Fingre Push-ups in a Row and About 2-3 Sets Will Be Considered Adequate.
  3. Pull-ups:
    Pull-ups is a Must Exercise No Matter Which Sport You Are in. Pull-ups Not Only Build Back But also Help in Building Monstrous Arm Strength.
    Pull-ups Should Definitely Be adopted If You Want Fast Results.
    Doing around 10-15 Pull-ups in a Row and About 3-4 Set will Be Adequate.
    Still Make Sure that You Perform them in a Proper Way.
  4. One Arm Hang:
    Training Your Grip is Very Crucial when it Comes to Arm Wrestling. A Person Can’t Win Even a Single Match If He/She Has a Weak Grip.
    Best Exercise For Grip Training is One Arm Hang. In this Particular Exercise You Hang From the Bar WIth One Arm.
    You SHould Hang For Atleast 10-20 Seconds and Perform at Least 5-10 Reps.
  5. Bicep Curls:
    Bicep Curls are Must When it Comes to Training For Arm Wrestling. Bicep Curls Will Not only help You By Building Great Strength But it Will Also Help You By Increasing Your Tendon Strength.
    Do at Least 5 Sets of 10-15 Reps of Maximum Weight You can Lift.
  6. Hand Stand:
    Maybe You can Perform a Hand Stand or Maybe You can’t But You Should Definitely Lear How to Do a Hand Stand.
    Performing Hand Stand Will Help You By Increasing Your Bone Density. Moreover Hand Stands are the Best Way to Develop Your Shoulder Muscles.
  7. Squats:
    I Know You Think in Arm Wrestling Squats are Not Needed But Trust Me, Squats are the Best thing when it Comes to Training for Momentum.
    Yes, Momentum. When You Will Arm Wrestle You Will Understand The Need and the Use of Legs.
    Perform at least 20 reps of 20 + kg. Do at least 3 Sets.
  8. Rope Climbing:
    Rope Climbing is one of the Best Way to build Robust Strength and Explosive Strength. Rope Climbing will Help You By
    Increasing Your Grip Strength
    Improving Your Tendons and Ligaments
    Improving Your Explosive Power.
    What More can a Lady ask.

That’s All Ladies. Go out and Get The Dice Rolling. Hope You Win Your First Arm Wrestling Competition. If You want to Know About the Beginners Drills to Gain Strength Then Click Here

In Order to Win at a Arm Wrestling Competition You Need Three Things:

  1. Power: After Going through the Whole Training Procedure You are More than Good Enough. Make Sure to Check How Strong You are From time to Time. By Doing this You will Be Well Aware of Your Limits and also of the Ways to Break em
  2. Technique: Technique also Play a Crucial role in Helping You in Winning Your Next Tournament. Make Sure you Master Technique Too. Strength is Must But Technique is important. Both of them Go Hand in Hand Like Sword With Sharp Edges
  3. Confidence: Trust Me Confidence Plays a Major Role in Helping you in Winning the Competition. Most of the Time Player Lose Confidence, as a Result, Lose Focus.

So Make Sure You Fuel Your Self With Enough Power, Technique and Confidence That You can Beat Anyone. No Matter Who is My Opponent I am Gone Win

There are Few Things that You Need to Avoid During the Tournament

These Things are:

  1. Losing Focus: Most of the Players Lose Focus in the End, You Gotta Remain Contained and Focused otherwise Winning is Impossible. It May Sound Absurd But Without Focus You Will Lose So, Stay Focused
  2. Losing Confidence: It Doesn’t Matter How Big Your Opponent is The Only Thing That Matters is Focus and I Know You are Focused So, Goes Out Win the Tournament and take Down the Strongest Person to Reclaim the Throne
  3. Taking a Proper Diet: If You are Training Like a Beast it Would Be Better If You Eat Like a Beast. The Last Thing You want is Messing your Diet up. Make Sure You Eat Proper Amount of Calories.
  4. Not Warming Up Before Your Match: You Need To Warm Your Muscles Before the Match in order to Win it. But Warming Up Doesn’t Means Doing 100 Pull-ups in a Row It Means Small Exercises that Gets the Blood Flowing.

Diet is a Crucial Part of Your Overall Efficiency

Till Then
Stay Strong, Stay Hungry

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